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The Skateboard Heroes: People happen to record things at the perfect moment.

In November 2009, a video was uploaded to Youtube of two Skateboarders in the UK witnessing

an apartment becoming engulfed in flames.

They rushed over and started banging on the windows to see if anyone was there.

It soon became clear a woman and her children were trapped inside.

With the smoke getting thicker, everyone knew every second counted.

The boarders and other bystanders directed the family to the far end of the apartment

building, where there was a window they could open and escape from.

The boys stood at the window and caught each person, plus their cat, before things became


After everyone was safe and first responders arrived, the skaters went back to shooting

their skate video.

Thanks to their efforts and of the other bystanders, none of the family was seriously injured,

and were able to walk away unharmed


Officer saves drowning women: First responders of all kinds have to deal with all sorts of


Deputy Keven Rowen from Rockwall, Texas, came across a car sinking in the middle of a lake,

so he pulled over to help.

His dash cam shows him and several onlookers shouting to the two women inside, seeing if

they're able to open their door.

When it becomes clear the women are trapped and the car is sinking fast, Rowen tosses his

radio and belt down, then rushes into the water.

Upon reaching the car, he used a punch tool to break open a window, and successfully managed

to bring the two women out.

Both women suffered only minor injuries, and thanks to the quick action of Rowen they survived.

The dash cam footage has been circulated and Rowen is being hailed a hero nationwide, a

title he certainly deserves.

In a similar incident in Boston, a woman fell into the fridged waters of Boston Harbour.

Boston officer Edward Norton dove into the water and swam

quickly over to the woman, life preserver in hand.

Norton grabbed the woman and managed to reach a raft nearby for the two to hold onto.

Firefighters got Norton and the woman out of the water, and they were treated for hypothermia.

Luckily, thanks to Norton's quick reflexes and lack of hesitation, neither he nor the

woman suffered long term disabilities.


The Heroic Act of Jeremy and Johnny: Heroes have no set race, religion, gender or age,

the latter having been proven by this next act.

Children of Milton, Washington were riding the bus to school, but it turned out to be

an abnormal day for all on board.

The bus driver suddenly slumped over in his seat while still having his foot on the gas


13 year old Jeremy Wutschick [What-shick] heard the driver was making rasping noises

and his eyes were wide.

Wutschick sprang up and grabbed the wheel to steer it off the road to safety, then turned

off the engine and removed the keys from the ignition; this allowed the bus to slow down

and stop.

Johnny Wood then ran up to help, by starting CPR on the driver.

The two boys shouted for someone to call 9-1-1 and another student quickly dialed from a

cell phone.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Wutschick, nobody was seriously injured.

He and Wood continued to attempt to help the driver until emergency personnel arrived.

The entire incident was captured on the bus's CCTV, giving a full view of the boys valiant

efforts to save the driver.

Sadly, the driver, identified as Ryan Callis, passed away from what was revealed to be a

heart attack.

Despite this, the boys saved 15 others from what could have been a disastrous situation,

which could have resulted in serious injuries or worse.


Saved: It's tragic how someone can get to the point of taking their own life.

However, these people sometimes find their guardian angel right before they step beyond

the point of no return.

Several videos online have emerged showing ordinary citizens and first responders talking

people out of taking their own lives, and in some cases rushed to grab them before it's

too late.

Officer Roman morales was on patrol in Richmond, Texas when he was flagged down by residents,

saying a woman was seated on the railroad tracks.

The warning lights went on and the barriers came down, but the woman continued to sit


Knowing he didn't have long, Morales leapt from his car and dragged the woman to safety

in front of his car, then held her down as the train passed and the woman sobbed.

One of the most heartwarming save caught on video happened in Raleigh, North Carolina,

when Officer Dan Hicks was headed home from a long shift.

On his way, he spotted someone sitting over the edge of a highway overpass, so he pulled

over and slowly approached.

The officer and man spoke for a short time, and then the man stepped back over the ledge

and onto the bridge.

Furthermore, Hicks hugged the man in what could be assumed an emotional act for both


Hicks hasn't stated what he said to the man, other than it relating to him as a person,

and said he hugged the man both to comfort him and to prevent the man from going back

over the edge.

Hicks brought light back into someones life just in the nick of time, and the man is now

receiving the proper mental health treatment.


The Westgate Mall Rescue: Citizens around the world became gripped in melancholy when

gunmen opened fire in Kenya's Westgate Mall.

On September 21, 2013, members of the group Al-Shabaab entered the mall and began sporadically

shooting patrons at random.

By the end of the siege, 67 people had their lives taken and 175 were injured.

Journalists and citizens trapped inside managed to capture some of the most emotional photos

ever taken.

A notable photograph depicts a woman acting unconscious with her two children, but not

many know the happy ending of this story.

An off duty police officer came across them and attempted to communicate with the mother,

but she lay still in fear.

Eventually, he moved around and identified himself, begging the woman to come with him.

After much talk, she finally stood with her children.

The officer picked one of the children up, then used himself as a human shield, having

the mother run ahead as she held her other child.

All four made it out of the mall safely, uninjured.

Because of the selfless act of this brave police officer, the mother is able to watch

her children grow up, saved from the evil the gunmen did on that fateful autumn day.


Prisoners Redemption: In many cases, prisoners will break free of their confines in order

to escape to the outside world; this was not the case for several inmates Texas.

While awaiting transfer to their cells, several prisoners were in the Parker County Jail holding

cell, when the guard watching them slumped over in his chair.

The prisoners became concerned after noticing his stance, and began calling for help.

When none came, they broke out of the cell and continued to shout.

A couple of the men checked the guard's vitals, and discovered he was not breathing.

They even tried calling for help on the radio, but also banged on doors and walls in order

to get the attention of other guards above them.

Eventually, guards showed up and saw the situation, and medics were called.

The guard survived and made a full recovery from what was revealed to be a heart attack.

Since the incident, the guards and warden have praised the men's action, which they

credit to the guard's survival.

He was able to return to work several weeks later, due to the efforts of his unexpected

guardian angels.


From Gang Leader to Hero: Redemption is something many people seek, and most of the time they

gain it when they least expect it.

Charles Alexander was a former Crips gang leader now homeless on the streets of Dallas.

One day as he was hanging around a local homeless shelter, Alexander heard a commotion nearby

and decided to investigate.

He stumbled upon officer Billy Taylor confronting a man high on PCP and violently lashing out

on passersby.

Taylor was clearly bewildered and hurt, having thrown everything he could at the violent

man, and it was nearing the point when lethal force may have been necessary.

However, Alexander refused to stand by and watch, and he ran across the street, positioning

himself between Taylor and the drugged-up man.

He pulled the man off the officer and threw him to the ground, then subdued him with the

help of Taylor and other bystanders.

Because of his intervention, Alexander may have very well saved both the lives of Taylor

and the offender, and the Dallas City Council honoured him at one of the meetings as a hero.

The Dallas Police also thanked and congratulated Alexander for his heroism.

Alexander continues to live a modest life in Dallas, and he has no doubt obtained absolution

for his previous life of crime.


Hugh Jackman, True Hero: Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor best know for his portrayal

of Xmen's Wolverine.

However, he is now known to be a hero off screen.

In March of 2016, Jackman and his family were enjoying a day at the beach in Sydney.

Retired Rugby player Daniel Conn was having a friendly chat with Jackman, when Jackman's

son, Oscar, was caught in a riptide.

Jackman went out to help Oscar, but Oscar became trapped in a stronger riptide.

Jackman rushed into the water and was able to bring Oscar to safety, before any serious

injury occurred.

Jackman stayed in the water and was filmed beckoning swimmers to return to shore, and

was even seen helping several other people from the water, including a father and son.

The beach patrol also sprang into action, and helped several swimmers out of the water,

ensuring everyone got out.

After news broke of the rescue, people swarmed social media to congratulate Jackman and the

Bondi Beach Patrol for their efforts to save everyone.

However, Jackman played down his role, saying it looked more dramatic than it actually was,

and giving full credit to the beach patrol.

Regardless, Jackman has proved he is more than just a superhero on the big screen, but

a modest hero in the real world.


Officer's Ehrenberg's and Ferriola's Courage: Commonly, police officers either come across

or are called to the scene of an accident, as it occurs frequently across the world.

Officers Mark Ehrenberg and Ricky Ferriola of Kinnelon, New Jersey.

In the evening of April 16, 2015, the officers responded to a car crash scene, and found

a woman trapped within the wreckage of her vehicle.

After attempts to communicate with her, it was discovered she was unconscious, and that

the car was becoming engulfed in flames.

Despite the car being close to exploding, both officers frantically rushed to free the

woman from her car.

Using a knife, the officers cut the seatbelt, then dragged the woman from her car to a safe


The whole situation took seconds, and a few minutes later, a small explosion occurred,

which could have easily taken the womans life.

Dashcam was able to clearly show the entire rescue, and the officers gained national recognition

for their heroic deed.

The driver was rushed to a hospital, and fully recovered from the incident.

In an act of modesty, the Officers also credited the witnesses for reporting the accident so

quickly, allowing ample time for responders to arrive and save the woman's life.


Into the Line of Fire: First responders will be dispatched to a variety of severe and unpredictable


In late July of 2016, Deputy Justin Ferrari of the Volusia County Sheriff's Department

in Florida responded to a domestic dispute.

Upon arriving at the scene, gunshots were heard from inside the home and Ferrari and

another officer took cover.

Inside, Emanuel Rosado was enraged and acting violent towards his ex, Victoria and their

three children; as officers arrived on scene, Rosado fired several shots, with one hitting

Victoria in the leg.

Ferrari saw Victoria laying there, and ran into the line of fire, then dragged her towards


The entire time, Victoria was screaming that her children were still inside, as further

shots are heard.

Rosado fired more shots as officers returned fire.

Ferrari made his way to the back of the home and found Victoria's three children, whom

had escaped out the back door.

With the house surrounded, Rosado surrendered and was taken into custody.

Because of Ferrari's quick acting, Victoria and her three children survived, and it was

clear Rosado intended on taking the lives of Victoria and several officers.

Rosado is facing multiple charges.

Victoria is recovering in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery soon.


Senna's Heroic Moment: To fans of the racing community, Ayrton Senna is a household name.

Born in Brazil, Senna's career spanned from 1984 to 1994, won a total of three championships

and 41 races altogether.

While competing in the qualifying Belgian Grand Prix, fellow driver Erik Comas made

a hard turn at the Blanchimont corner and crashed hard, rendering him unconscious.

Senna was not far behind, and when he came across the accident, he pulled over and rushed

to Comas's car, dodging other racers as he rushed across the track.

Senna shut off the engine, preventing any potential fire from starting.

He then steadied Comas's head in a stable position in case of spinal injury until medical

personnel arrived.

Senna managed to finish the race in fifth place, despite the delay.

Afterwards, Senna and Comas shared a cordial friendship and respect for one another, not

seeing each other as rivals, but as equals.

Two years later, both men were participating in the San Marino Grand Prix; during the race,

Senna took a hard turn and crashed head on into the sideline; he later passed from head


Comas was so shocked, he decided to withdraw from the race before the restart, and retired

from racing completely.


The Pulitzer Rescue: Rafting is a popular past time amongst people, whether on the ocean,

lakes or down rivers.

Unfortunately, there are both natural and artificial dangers that lie around the bends.

In July 2009, married couple Patricia and Alan Neely were rafting in Des Moines, Iowa

when disaster struck.

The couple drifted too close to a dam, and the two plummeted down a small waterfall.

Alan was washed down stream and drowned, while Patricia became trapped in the current of

the falls and she began to drown.

Construction workers nearby witnessed the ordeal and raced to the platform above the


After seeing the rescue boat fail to reach Patricia, the workers knew they had to do


Worker Jason Oglesbee fastened a makeshift safety harness to himself and his colleagues

lowered him from rope towards Patricia.

Oglesbee dangled inches above the water and desperately attempted to grab Patricia's arm.

However, Patricia was exhausted by this point and kept slipping.

Just as it seemed hope was lost, Oglesbee managed to grip Patricia's arm tight and pull

her up.

The men above were able to move the two over calmer waters, allowing a rescue boat to venture

over and pick Patricia up, while Oglesbee was hoisted back up to the platform.

Several videos and photographs of the incident were taken, with one photo winning the Pulitzer

Prize for Breaking News Photography.

Amazingly, Oglesbee and his crew immediately went back to work after the rescue, and Oglesbee

has given the credit to his fellow workers to this day.


Lenny Skutnik's Icy Dive: It was a cold day on January 13, 1982 in Washington, DC, and

passengers filed onto Air Florida Flight 90 en route to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, with

people hoping to escape the bitter cold.

Shortly after take off, disaster struck when the plane crashed into the Potomac river.

Of the entire crew and passengers, only 6 survived the crash, and they now found themselves

in the icy waters of the frozen river.

Bystanders quickly attempted to reach the survivors with ropes and even by jumping into

the river, but not much progress was made.

As emergency crews descended onto the scene, a helicopter began flying close to the water

and picking up survivors via a rappel rope and life preserver.

One by one, the survivors were plucked from the river and brought to shore where medics

immediately transferred them to hospital.

During the rescue, Arland D Williams became too weak to grab the rope, and instead kept

passing it to others in the water instead.

This selfless act cost him his life, but he managed to allow all the others to be rescued.

Eventually, only one person remained, Priscilla Tirado, but she was too weak to grab the life

preserver and was succumbing to hypothermia.

A witness from the shore, Lenny Skutnik, knew she would pass away if nobody did anything,

so he threw off his coat and mittens, then dived into the river; he swam over to Tirado

and then helped her back to shore, while the helicopter picked up someone who had fallen

back into the river.

Because of Skutnick's bravery, he became a household name, and even was present at the

State of the Union address.

It has since become a tradition for everyday heroes to be invited to attend the State of

the Union, all thanks to Lenny Skutnick and his icy dive.


The Courageous Student: On June 5, 2014, Aaron Ybarra walked onto Seattle Pacific University,

and took the life of one student and injured two others with a double-barrel shotgun.

After wounding the second student, he paused to reload in the Otto Miller Hall.

That's when student Jon Meis saw his chance, and he charged at Ybarra.

Meis sprayed pepper spray into the gunman's face, then tackled him to the ground.

Meis then disarms Ybarra and brings the shotgun to another room, a way from the suspect.

Ybarra then reached for a knife, by which point Meis returned and again subdued Ybarra.

Another student descended the stairs and helped to restrain Ybarra until police arrived and

took him into custody.

Ybarra was carrying a lot of ammunition, leading investigators to believe he intended on continuing

his shooting and taking many lives.

Meis's actions ended Ybarra's rampage before it turned into an even bigger tragedy, and

the entire act was caught on CCTV.

For his bravery, Meis was honoured by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, selected

as one of the Citizen Honors Program honorees in 2015.

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The Brave René Jalbert: For decades, the Canadian province of Quebec has had a secessionist

movement advocating for an independent Quebec, due to disagreements with the federal government.

While succession was largely popular amongst the francophone community, not all were supportive

of an independent Quebec.

On May 8, 1984, Canadian soldier Denis Lortie [lore-tea] walked into the Quebec National

Assembly with the intent of assassinating Premier René Lévesque [Lay-veck] and several

other members of the nationalist Parti Quebecois.

Fortunately, Lortie entered the chamber early, with only aides present and no politicians.

Lortie opened fire, taking the lives of three people, and injuring a further 13.

He sat on the speaker's chair and a standoff ensued as members of the police surrounded

the building.

Sargent-at-Arms René Jalbert was informed of the situation, and he calmly made his way

to the chamber.

When he entered, and enraged Lortie fired his weapon only several feet from his head.

Jalbert didn't flinch, and stated he was once a member of Lortie's regiment, the Van Doos.

He calmly talked to Lortie, and eventually convinced him to negotiate at his office and

let the remaining hostages go.

Lortie agreed, and after four hours, he surrendered peacefully to police.

Lortie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was placed in psychiatric care.

Jalbert was awarded the Cross of Valor, Canada's highest civilian medal for his bravery.

He passed away in 1996.

Lortie is now a free man, and has adopted a quiet life, with no further criminal activity.

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