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- Welcome to "Star Wars, The Clone Wars" download.

In this episode, we're going to take a look

at "Unfinished Business."


- Well, they weren't as many as I

thought there were going to be.

- With the top secret military algorithm safely out

of the separatists' control, the Republic now

has the upper hand that could help them win back

Anaxes with the help of Echo.

- I can help bring about a Republic

victory instead of a defeat.

- The plan goes off without a hitch,

until Echo's plan is discovered by Admiral Trench.

- They're onto us.

You need to untuck now!

- Ah!


- But with the help of Anakin, Mace Windu saves the day

and gets the Republic shipyards up and running again.

But not before Wrecker gets to do one of his favorite things.

- This is the happiest day of my life.



- Upon returning back to the base with a win

under their belt, Echo finds a new home with Clone Force 99

and begins a new chapter in his life.

- If that's where you feel your place is,

then that's where you belong.

- We took a deeper dive into unfinished business

with cast and crew.

Here's what they had to say.

- The clones are conflicted about Echo.

They're bred and born to trust each other,

to rely on each other completely.

And yet, here we have a clone who has been taken away.

It's a very unusual situation.

- There were some big fight sequences, which is always

really overwhelming but really exciting

to mix those and cut the sound effects for those.

I get five days to get the sound effects,

and then about three to four days to mix,

so it's about a 10-day process for the sound,

which is quite quick, considering

the scale of these episodes.

And just because of how important they

are to the story, we are all just like,

we gotta get this right. We gotta get it right.


- One thing I think that's great is that between Crosshair

and Wrecker, we tried to create this relationship

where one's constantly trying to one up the other.

Basically, you know, Wrecker will do this crazy thing

and take out three guys.

And then Crosshair will do something

better and take out six guys.

And after Wrecker did his giant--

[GROWLS] threw everybody, and firing,

and doing all this stuff, and knocking people aside,

and then, all of a sudden, Crosshair's

setting up his little hole gun thing.

And it's just like one shot, and boom,

and he's figured out all the trajectories

of where everything is.

It's a lot of fun.

- There's nothing that a clone wants any more than to fight

alongside his brothers.

And for Echo to have a chance to do this again

in such a significant, linchpin kind of a way,

there's nothing more that would make a clone happy than that.

So he very much has a chance to give his tormentors payback

and to work again as a key team member with his brothers.

I can't imagine a clone wanting anything more than that.

- Echo joins them because Echo's also now a weirdo.

I mean, is there a nicer way to put it?

He's half droid, half clone.

What an enigma in the clone war.

So in some ways, it's probably hard for the regular clones

to accept him.

Rex gets his friend back.

But you know, I think he knows that he

fits in well with these other clones, who are also unique.

And he values his friend's uniqueness.

He thinks it's something great, and that he can go on and do

great things, and he shouldn't feel tied to him

just because they're friends.

And so he lets him go.

And he suggests he goes, you know,

because he cares about his friend.

So I think it's a nice moment.

And it becomes a matter of progression for Echo,

that he's elevated to this squad of elite clones

coming from the near-death state that he

was at, that he can ascend to this moment,

that he's supported by Rex.

So hopefully, that's a nice story for people.

Each story arc in the last 12 episodes

gives you an important piece of the end

of the war-- the clones' perspective,

Ahsoka's perspective, and then the finale, which brings

both of those two together.

Because in the end, the "Clone Wars," to me,

is about Ahsoka and Rex.

- Last week, we asked for your questions about "On the Wings

of Keeradaks." @Nolan2711 asked, "how

can Tech speak the language of the natives so easily?"

Josh Rimes, Associate Producer, answered, "Part of Tech's

field expertise is linguistics.

Even though he didn't know the native language,

the translation technology in his visor

was able to translate.

And his natural linguistic ability was on full display

when he was able to clearly communicate

back to the Poletecs."

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