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Lets add that one too. OK... Whats that? An intergalactic sea shorts.

Only shorts that is wearable in every beaches of the galaxy.”

Going to the basket! Hmm whats that? A sandcastle with an internet connection.

Perfect, Ill buy that too. Ill have so much fun this summer.

Now its time to pay. Ok... Credit card.

Wheres my credit card?! Ill have to search for it.

Its not there either. Its impossible to find it in this mess.

I need someone to clean this lab.

Hello. Im here for the job ad on the door.

Theres no ad on the door. What ad?

Please keep the door closed.” This ad.

No! Thats a request.

Oh man... I was so happy that I found a job finally. So Ill get going then.

Wait a second, arent you the janitor in the school?

Why are you looking for a job?

Theres no school in summers, I get so bored at home.

I got so bored that I ironed 50 shirts. Would you believe that?

And oh... I did it with a toaster.

So you are really bored ha?

Have you ever eaten cheese pants?


Well, dont. It tastes really bad. Anyway, Im leaving.

Lots of dishes are waiting for me in the bathtub.

Wait wait! I need someone like you! Can you help me with cleaning the lab?

I have lots of stuff that I dont use around.

What do I get in return?


Ill let you use the portal device for once.

Man, you are really cheap. At least buy me kebab.

Ok! And a kebab.



Hi there.

My lab looks perfect.

Ok now let me use the portal device.

Yes, I should keep my word. Ok, spin the wheel of the device.

Here it is.

Wow! Whats that?

Thats the list of the universes you can visit via this device.

So the wheel turns for me!

Bankrupt? Did I bankrupt?

Kidding. I put it there as a joke.

Not funny, I was so scared.

The letter K!

Lets see. Theres one!

Dont be ridiculous Necati, its not a TV show!

You getWorld of Lies”. Im sending you to this planet. Go and see.

Make way! Im coming!

What an interesting place. Whats this? Black snow falls.

Thats not snow son, thats ash. It comes from Volcano of Truth.

Why is your one ear is longer than the other?

Because here is not World of Lies. One who is born here,never lies.

Im so confused!

We never lie to each other so our body parts never grow longer.

So this must be a lie. Because everyone is lying in here and has abnormally long body part.

That is not true.

Look at me little one, dont confuse me ok,

my mind is barely enough for me.

Do you see that?

Yes man, our new monitor. 22 inches. High definition.

Not the monitor! Look at the footage on it!

Have you seen that giant elephant? Look at his trunk.

Its very long. Maybe... Maybe this elephant could be our salvation.

You switch to game mode with this button. Colors get brighter.

Are you still talking about the monitor?!

Hit that purple elephant with the lying laser right away. Quickly!

Roger that!

Mommy! Hey dont shoot me with lasers man! Where did it come from?

Sorry sir, can you tell me the time?

Its ninety five past fifty.

What? Sir?

I lied! Why did I lie?! Oh my trunk is getting longer!

Why did it happen? Suddenly I feel this urge to lie.

Excuse me friend, wheres the bus stop?

Go straight, turn around your own axis four times,

jump twice and sneeze three times. Youll see it.

What a perfect lie.

Whats happening?!

Whats going on? Im flying! Mommy!


Where have you been man?! Ive been calling out for two hours?

Mom,five more minutes! Please!

What are you saying Necati?! Im closing the portal.

Yeah close it! I wont go and play with Remzi.

What are you talking about Necati,are you alright?

What happened to your trunk, interesting...

Come on! Run, help me! Easy son! Dad, jump! Jump! Which one was the jump button? Press A!

Come on kids! Come to the table, Ive cooked your favorite meal, ravioli!

Ravioli! This is the best day ever!

I dont like ravioli, and Im not hungry anyway.

This must be the end of the world!

Necati said he wasnt hungry for the first time ever!

But you love ravioli Necati!

No I dont, I dont want to eat.

Is your trunk getting longer?


Its got little longer now.

No, it didnt.

Theres something odd about you today Necati.

and why you are lying to us?

I can stop myself!

Take him to a doctor.

Kadriye your hair looks so nice today.

Oh thanks Necati.

He is lying mom, dont believe him.

Doesnt matter. Its very nice to hear that. You are great Necati.

Did you buy this dress Kadriye, it's great.

Dont take him away, he is saying such nice things.

Oh man. Come on son, help your uncle Necati!

Run! Its erupting! HEEELP!

Oh man, the Volcano of Truth is about to blow.

Our planet will be destroyed. We couldnt find the long trunked elephant yet.

Whats that portal? The elephant must have come through there, you too go in and bring that elephant here.

Yes sir!

Take care of that beautiful monitor.

Why are you making this monitor thing a big deal son?!

Hold it tight son. Dont drop it dad!

Necati,what happened?

Dont even ask Necmi, I danced while eating yogurt.

Dont Necati! Dont make that trunk bigger!

Someone is pulling my trunk Remzi?!

Come here! You need to come with us!

Who are you?!

Heelp! Dont pull me!

They are taking uncle Necati dad!

Run son run!

Oh I left the portal opened. I guess I forgot it here when I went to get kebab.


We need to be quick!

Hello Meerkat! Ohh kebab! Goodbye Meerkat!

What- Whats happening?!

Hello Meerkat!

Goodbye uncle Meerkat!

Help! What do I do? The lava is coming!

Where have you been, the volcano is not about to blow! Go go go!

Why haven't you brought me here man?!

Let him go or Ill do karate!

Our world is not about to obliterated and only Necati and his trunk cannot save us.

What?! So you were not the ones who caused this!

Yes but we didnt have to. Only you and your trunk which we didnt

make bigger can reach at the top of the volcano and put it out.

Wow! Im not the chosen one as in movies! Yay! Im not the chosen one!

So why did you make him lie?

Yeah, answer him.

Look this my sound very absurd but-

Nothing can sound absurd to me, Im sleeping

while holding a pack of cheese every night.

We made a deal with a crazy engineer who didnt swindle us and leave.

He built a weird antenna. It will not make our body parts

longer so we wont be able to put the volcano out.

This is very confusing.

Anyway thats the situation we are in right now.

I know we didnt do this without letting you know but we didnt have to do this.

For our peoples safety we didnt need a chosen one.

Tell me about the mission! And bring me a superhero costume!

Theres time for a costume but put this bucket on your head if you like.

Give me!

Now drink all the water in that tank and put the volcano out by using your trunk.

Not awesome hero Necati!

Now, lets hold it upwards! Come on! Everyone help!

Come on! Easy easy! Higher! Dont drop it!

Fire away Necati!

He did it! He stopped the volcano!

OLEY! We are not saved! YAY! The volcano is not stopped! OLEY! Yihuuuuu!

Yeah! I didnt do it! Build my statue on a square!

Give my name to the streets! Put my toy into the kids menu!

Lets fix your trunk first son. Now repeat after me;

I regret that I lied, I will never lie again”.

I regret that I lied, I will never lie again.

Thats it. Well done son.

Thats it. Well done son.

Ok, you dont have to repeat anymore.

Ok, you dont have to repeat anymore.

Just stop son, its over.

Just stop son, its over.

Stop it kid!

Stop it kid!



I'm a total galoot

Yes, thats true, you are..



heheu! How I fool you !

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