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- Hi, Dr. Heather here from Wellspring

Chiropractic Lifestyle Center.

Today we're talking about low back pain

and things that you can do to help prevent

it or to help make your spine stronger,

so that you can bulletproof your low back.

So these are ones that really help with flexibility

and the greater flexibility that we have,

then the greater motion and range of motion we have

and that means that we are going to keep

our spine healthier, especially the low back.

And so the, there's two that I want to show you today.

The first one is the squat.

So squatting is something that as human beings,

we have been doing through the millennia,

until the last hundred years or so we've been doing

more and more sitting and less and less squatting.

So to do the squat properly, I want to show you that,

so you're going to be standing, with your feet

about shoulder width apart, and then you're going to lift up

your tailbone first, it's the first thing you do

with your squat and start to bend down,

and you want to keep your tailbone lifted up

as you're bending down.

And that will help to keep the weight,

on the back of the heels as you're going down.

And that will keep the knees from going out,

in front of the toes.

So that's part of an important part for this squat.

As you go down, you want to just let

your tailbone lead you right down, so that you are going

right down to the floor as low as you can go,

and then you're just going to come up the same way

keeping that tailbone lifted up as you do that squat.

Having the hands out in front of you

can counterbalance you as well.

So that's a useful practice when you're doing the squats.

And actually doing super slow squats, will add strength

to the flexibility as well.

And so doing them slowly, not only is it important

in the beginning to make sure your form is correct,

so doing it slowly will help that, but doing it slowly

can add more strength training

to this simple exercise of doing the squats.

And if we start to do these squats on a regular basis,

we'll add flexibility and strength.

And so I'm going to encourage you, to even think about

just doing two or three squats at a time, a few times a day,

just starting from there will help you.

And for some of you, going all the way down,

it's going to be difficult, especially in the beginning,

so you can actually just squat down into a chair

as your first way of doing your squats.

Just slowly, slowly, slowly lower yourself down into a chair

and then slowly, slowly, slowly rising back up

and you, just doing that alone will add more flexibility

and more strength.

The second exercise is what we call a lunge.

And so when you think about the muscles along the spine,

if you sit a lot, the muscles in the front can contract,

and then that can start to straighten the lumbar spine.

So we want to have a good forward curve in the lumbar spine.

And if we sit too much, we might reverse that curve

or at least straighten it.

So if we do a lunge, then we're going to stretch out

the front muscles between the,

in the crease of the leg and the torso.

And so the proper way to do these lunges are again,

not having the knee go out in front of the foot,

and just stretching yourself back.

Now, you stretch one leg back, and then you want to switch

and do the other side as well.

If you have trouble with your knees, so that you're thinking

that this wouldn't be something you could do,

you can use a chair for support to modify that.

So you're just going to sit down, basically sit down

on the side of the chair

and stretch one leg back behind you.

And that's an easy way, to do an effective lunge as well.

So those are the two exercises that I find are most useful

for preventing low back injuries, preventing low back pain.

And if you do have low back pain, these are the things

that also can start to help you to improve.

I hope that you found that this was useful,

if you're curious on what's going on with your low back.

We do have a new patient special, that you can click on

it's on the link below.

And then you can come in and see us

and we can see if we can help.

So I hope to see you then.

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