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Hi friends. It's Andriy Vasylenko.

It's 7 o'clock in the morning. I'm at my mom's, my old place.

And yeah, this is gonna be my Q&A.

I haven't eaten, I haven't shaved

The only thing I did this morning was stroking my cat

and it's not what you might think about

Yeah, this place is full of cats

You hear, my voice is different now, because it's too early

I have a couple of cookies as my fuel

Do you hear this?


Frogs. They are happy.

One of things for which I love April so much is that apricot trees are in bloom.

Another gorgeous apricot


So, let's try to do this

I feel much better now. First question

"Would you consider building your own bass or guitar?"

And "What's your dream bass?"

I'm ok with my current bass

and building my own instrument would be like two levels from where I am now

The next level would be buying a much better bass

5-string, 24-fret bass.

"Did Cliff lead you to he bass or vice versa?"

Perfect question, thank you

Actually, I took the bass first. And then I started to dig what Cliff did in Metallica.

"Are there any bands beside Metallica you'd like to go deep into?"

I'd like to know more about more bands. But it just happened that I know so much about Metallica.

And another band would be Megadeth

But that's it for now

"Video you had the most fun doing?"

It's one of the most recent ones. It's called "Rock Shows Attendance Comparison"

I've put a month into it, about 40 hours in total

It didn't get many views, but I don't regret making it

There's one video, "Holograms of rock stars: future or disrespect?"

It was killed by Youtube last October, when the Youtube machine was broken in a way.

So, it's still on the 7k views mark.

Go and watch it

"Your thoughts on underutilization of Robert's skills in Metallica?"

He's a very skilled bassist, probably, more skilled than Jason and Cliff

But he knows his place, what's best for Metallica

And he tries to do his best

In a way, Jason's and Cliff's skills were also underutilized in Metallica

The band comes first

"Do you slap?"

I kinda slap. I started learning slap this year

If I practice hard for a couple of weeks

I'll reach Davie's level

I'm joking, but yes, I can slap now

"Do you have a day job?"

Not now. I used to works as a tutor of geography and online teacher for one website

Those were my jobs before I got married

Around that time, I quit everything. I thought that would be a motivation to pay more attention to my channel.

I'd say it this way: my day job is trying to be a father and husband, and my night job is YouTube and music.

"What bass guitar would you recommend for beginners?"

My bass! I'll leave a link in description (Amazon)

I'm sure that this bass is pretty ok for beginners, because it's not very expensive.

I've been using it for 7 years. I don't have money to get a much better bass. But anyway, I approve it

"The one thing you hate about Metallica?"

Their music videos

It's time to show off a bit. I'm going to do some pull-ups

Warming up B-)

So, do we have any more questions?

"Are you into philosophy?"

I'm interested in this kind of stuff. I read, watch videos

If to consider philosophy of my life

I'm a minimalist-pragmatist and a perfectionist

who has found a balance between efficiency and perfection

This is my "philosophy"

A few more apricots

I'm so glad it's spring now

because the winter was tough

It was so unstable. Not very cold, actually, but unstable

One day it's freezing, next day all the snow melts, and the day after that it freezes again

It was so depressing

This is my school

I spent 10 year here

My phone's battery is dying too quickly somehow

Thank you so much. It was my first vlog-type Q&A

See you next time. It's Andriy Vasylenko. #BeInMetal \m/

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