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- We're Off Script baby. We findin' it out right now,

JR doing touch-up at the Playboy Mansion.

- No, you see I passed on that.

(upbeat music)

- What up! Jaime Foxx here, Off Script.


Our next guest has been nominated for an Oscar two times.

I'm talkin' about, he is one of the badasses in cinema.

The Town, Arrival, Hurt Locker;

he really gets down everytime I see him.

I say, yo' man, you are one of baddest.

Could you come hang out with me?

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm talkin' about none other than

Jeremy Renner in the building!

(upbeat bass music) man!

- [Jeremy Renner] Knock! Knock! - [Jaime Foxx] Ohhhh!

- [Jeremey Renner] Hey! What's happenin'?

- First of all, I want to say man, listen,

thank you for coming to hang out with me.

- [Jeremy Renner] No, first of all, Cheers!

- [Jamie Foxx] Cheers! - Thank you!

- [Jaime Foxx] To everything.

- Coming out, this thing's mobile. This thing's fantastic!

- You do it all. But people who don't know,

you're first movie was like National Lampoon's

- Senior Trip.

- [Jamie Foxx] Senior Trip.

I mean, did that worry you, that you might get stuck

in something, you know, funny like that

and may not be able to get to all those other roles?

- At the time, no man. That was my first job ever.

I was a lead in a picture. That's fantastic.

- [Jaime Foxx] Wow.

- But it's one thing about where you get stuck,

and I'm glad I didn't get stuck in that sort of,

you know, like teen comedy kinda thing. At the time,

it was like that was the most glorious thing ever.

- So that was like a huge, huge turning point,

'cause it was my first job. On camera. As an actor.

(upbeat music)

- Makeup artist! How did you get into makeup?

- Yeah. It was from theater. I learned how,

'cause you have to do your own makeup in theater.

And then, there's a job opening. And it was for Lancome,

Laura Mericer and all that stuff.

- Ladies

could you imagine walking up to a makeup counter

and seeing this? Look.

Take a look right there. The look at this face,

you could have seen. So the line is long?

- So then I did these two gals at Santa Monica mall,

at the Lancome counter there, I believe at that time,

and I just asked a few questions, you know

how much time do you spend doing makeup?

This, this and this. What if you were going out on a date?

You wanna go out and have a nice thing?

What would you feel like doing? Listen to 'em.

I just listen to 'em. - You Dr. Phil'd them.

- I just try to make them feel good.

And they walked and they came skippin' back

and they bring this guy. He's like,

Here's my card. I want you to come see me in my office.

And it's like CEO of Playboy. And I'm like whatever.

- Wow.

- I can't do it man. - You can't do it.

- 'Cause that's gonna take me down some bad roads,

I'm just gonna be

- A toast - I'm not gonna be an actor.

to not doing Playboy. What the hell?

(upbeat music)

- You ended up playing a very notorious character in Dahmer?

And I think, when I watch that.

First of all, that was bone chilling.

That role was bone chilling just watching you take that on.

What was the process in getting to,

in going from National Lampoon's to Dahmer?

- I just got the script. The next day I auditioned for it,

and the next day we're filming.

- I mean, there was some moments where you really went

...super deep.

- Yeah, dude the movie messed me up for a while.

(laughs) I couldn't go into a bar alone,

for a good decade after that. I really, really couldn't.

- And a lot of people don't know,

me and you in the same business, when you do do a character.

There is that residue, - Residual.

A character residue. So for ten years.

- [Jeremy Renner] Yeah. Yep.

- What would happen when you go into a club?

- It happened once and that was when I can't be here.

I can't be here, 'cause all I was thinking about was,

'oh it would be so easy to crush something

and put it someone's drink and

Oh My God, where's my mind going?

It's like it was terrifying.

I'm like I'm outta here, I'm outta here.

- So you go there. Talk about Hurt Locker.

Talk about that experience.

- Kathryn

was so set on me because of Dahmer.

And her man who also wrote The Hurt Locker, Mark Boal,

was like, I don't get it.

How do you see Will James in Jeffrey Dahmer?

It doesn't make any sense. She's like,

well listen to me. Look at how he played Dahmer

and not the actual role and the intimacy of the role.

Look at how he played it.

Could have been done a very different way.

- Now, switching gears. You do more than just acting.

You get into the music too.

- So I wrote music for, all my life.

I always wanted to keep that to myself.

- Why's that?

- 'Cause it wasn't anyone else's business.

It was kinda like my diary. - Really.

- It was like my diary, you know.

So I was like, fuck you guys. You don't deserve,

this is my shit. - But listen,

but now we in a time where everybody's able to sorta

do everything - Like you have!

- Yeah! But even when I was comin' up,

it was like that was talked about.

That you could only do one thing at a time.

- And you're like no, you do five things.

- But now, why now do something?

- 'Cause you paved the path! Now I can!

- You can right!

- I was blessed to do the whole soundtrack to this

kid's animated movie. I did the lead voice on.

It's called Arctic Justice. And then,

I then I turned in a couple songs.

They're like oh we love this. What else you got?

Just ended up writing the whole soundtrack.

(upbeat music)

- I understand you do your own stunts.

And how are your arms?

- The one injury I did have after all the movies

is on the comedy TAG. I did...

- On TAG? On the comedy?

- The comedy's where I actually got injured

for the first time.

- I woulda thought Avengers or something like that.

- You would think or even like the Bourne stuff.

But that was like all real practical stuff.

But it was a rig that broke

and then I just broke along with it.

Fell 20 feet onto my arms, saved my face at least.

- My face looks alright. - Your face looks beautiful.

- Your face looks beautiful. You broke your arm.

- I broke both my arms. Yeah, it was quite tough.

- That's crazy. Next movie, buy a man.

- (laughs) I'm kinda taking a break now.

- Talk about TAG.

- I was attracted to it because,

again it's based on a true story.

There literally is ten dudes,

there like 50 to 60 years old at this point

that still play the game of tag.

- What?

- They take this one month out of the year to

just go full force. Tag and it's on! It's full Jason Bourne.

- So tag, like the old school tag.

But now you're grown. - Yeah,

kindergarten games turned into like you and I okay.

Oh, I know where James going to be.

I'm gonna tag him when he's doing this.

Or when you're in bed with your lady, I'm like yeah bitch.

- Oh like that!

- It's like that dude. It's crazy! So what they do.

So they only do this ultimately

because they want to keep the friendship they've had

since they were nine years old.

And then you also get to be together as gentlemen,

as old men and whatever. You just share and celebrate life.

- Listen. This is a wonderful actor.

He has a wonderful movie called TAG and here is a trailer.

- Check it out.

(upbeat music)

(gentle music)

- [Minister] Susan, do you take Jerry to be your husband?

(electronic music)

- Ahhh!

- [Crowd] Ahhhh!

- Please tell me what's going on here?

- Our group of friends has been playing

the same game of tag for 30 years.

- What?

("U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer)

- [Hoagie] For the entire month of May,

every year we play tag.

- You're dad would've really wanted you to

- [Hoagie] Our buddy Jerry, he's the best that every played.

And now he wants to retire.

- So who's it?

You can't touch this

("U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer)

- This is the year we get Jerry.

- Ahhhh!

- Synchronize your watches.

- I don't know how to do that.

- I don't wear a watch.

- Time is a construct.

(upbeat music)

- [Randy] This game has given us a reason

to be in each other's lives.

- Come on. It's been a while since we've done this.

Baby. High with a little help from my friends. ♪

- [Rebecca] It seems like the game has really

kept you guys connected.

- Wow!

- Congratulations buddy. You're it. Doing great Anna!

High with a little help from my friends. ♪

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