Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RimWorld Beta 18 | Nearly Somewhere (Let's Play RimWorld / Gameplay Part 4)

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Now we have the stuff we need...for the cooler so we can start on that.

Although there's a pretty good chance this heat wave's just gonna end soon, so it doesn't really matter.

Digging at limestone? Oh, yeah. Way up there.

Don't worry about that... don't worry about that for now.

It's too far away, I don't want you going that far. Instead...

fuel that- yeah, heat wave's over. Was gonna say it was getting kinda cool outside.

So we'll forbid that for now cuz I don't actually really need it.

One day we might but not now. Clean up in here a bit. Alright.

Can I get you to joy a bit? What hour do we got? Ninth?

Here we go. Play some horseshoes. Oh...

man! That was...

That was a bit close. Feeding rice. Nay, cook.

And then we'll get the...uh...the freezer going up here.

Burban fully healed. Okay, clear prioritized work. You did well... and for the love of Christ-

Nice! Plus one. Neeeat!

Okay, there, easier. Take a simple meal and feed Burban. Yeah.

Do we even have a chance nowadays?

One point two. (sigh) Alright. You're naked apparently?

Ooh, you have a t-shirt, not tribal wear. Aaah.


Okay, I'll have to wake you up on time, probably manually so you can do the joy in the morning. And at some point I'll

have them do joy either in the morning or

before bed. Not both. I'd need to decide which one though at some point.

Just cuz I'm pretty sure you don't need both.

And you're a night owl, so that's cool.

Awful prison cell, ate without table, feeling bad, in prison, naked, the pain. The pain pain pain.

Scars scars scars scars. There's nothing I can do about that. You have to be on a smokeleaf diet.

Can we still administer smokeleaf?

It's not grayed out. I assume we can still administer smokeleaf to somebody and just be like "here you go, have it."

Um. Did I put a crafting spot down somewhere?

I thought I had.

Pirates from The Sabre Dinosaurs. A gardener.

Sure. I mean how bad could it be? I need somebody. Often, I say no but...

You came in with basically nothing. You don't do caring, social, intellectual, crafting, or firefighting. Psychopath, hard worker, chemical interest.

Really good at growing.

Okay. Ummm.

Can we real quick put together a bow for you? Because you're pretty good at shooting.

Just throw it here.

Make a short bow. Are you any good at crafting? You don't do crafting. That's right. That's why I never did it.

So Smiles, you would need to do craf- you don't do crafting either. Okay.

Nobody here is capable of rolling smokeleaf joints or putting together a club or or anything.


I love everything about this. (/end sarcasm)

Come down here, and I guess grab the sandstone club.

Let's do what we can here.

I was gonna wake you up for the joy but.. would be really good to have a third person here.

There they are.

Two guys with clubs.

Shorty and...whatever your name is.

You're pretty damn good at melee and you're not terrible.

Burban, please. Please join me. Please join my guild. Do you wanna join my guild?

They just need three more signatures. 0.5% chance. God. It's getting worse. I need to get you clothed and fed.

Yeah, feed the simple meal, that's... that's fine.

Smile's still...

Where are they?

Oh, there they are.

They seem faster than you. You do have a bite scar.


Maybe like a wooden deadfall trap we can kite them on or something...or... man, I don't know.

A ranged weapon would be so good right now.

If I were to...


I don't think there's any good way to do this, to be honest. This is just gonna be messy and shitty. Full RNG, here we go.

Where ya going? Going for a cooler. Okay.

Can I get you guys to at least split up? One of you's going for the sarcophagus. The other's going for a cooler.

Maybe if I hang out over here, one of you latches on. Not the other.

Yea, you're going for Stevv. You're still going for the sarcophagus, which is really mean. You're an asshole for doing that.

Let's see here. Your melee is technically better than Stevv so Stevv latch on first would be ideal and then Smiles comes in from the side.

And you're not latching onto Stevv.

Alright. I wonder if being attacked from behind matters.

They're fleeing.

You...what did it? Uh...

Let's see here. Shorty wielding club with professionalism mercilessly poked Smiles in the torso.

Rude. Ummm.

Had hiiiis

torso smashed.

Missed. Stevv flailed. Swing went wide.

Smile shattered Shorty's right big toe to fragments. Oww.

So what's the difference between

these two? Because I thought one of them was like I'm doing the action and the other's I'm receiving the action.

Don't know. Um.

Well, yeah, just smashed up the leg.

I mean we worked up from the toe it looks like. (chuckles) And from the toe and just went...went on up.

Wow, you died quick though. I'm really surprised you died.

All right. Yeah, if you could like...

fuck off and run, that'd be...that'd be terrific. Awesome.

Steel clubs for the win, I guess, ya know.

Cuz these do good damage.



these are


All right. I could beat on you on your way out but, you know, we got a bit of a food problem.

So, Smiles, welcome.


Handy Andy.

Welcome aboard. Hard worker. Growing- awesome. Mining- interested.

You do shooting. The incapabilities are a bit annoying, but you do at least do dumb labor, which is always good.


let's get you on

the normal schedule, which I've decided we'll just do joy at the end of the day.

So you just wake up, eat, and do all that cuz otherwise you wake up and you eat and then...

By the time you're done with all that you only get maybe a little bit of joy.

It's like you may as well just start working, and then just joy at the end of the day. That's fine.

The only people who get affected by this, I think, are hunters. It can be a bit wonky.

Especially if they're interested in hunting. Then it gets a little strange, but for now it's...for now it is fine.

Careful shooter.

13 shooting and steadfast. Man.

If only I could catch ya.

You''re totally healthy though. Four point six one.

Four point two six. Four point-yeah. It's impossible to catch ya. and for now

if something's coming at cha,

fight back.

There you go cuz I see Stevv's running away. He doesn't need to be doing that.

Tend to yourself. Yeah, just bruises, right. We're not gonna have a crushed organ again?

If we jusss...okay, never mind.

We'll build a grave for that guy.


Uhh (softly)


Errr...ummmm... (laughing)

Uhhh...over here.

This'll be alright

Actually, you know what? I kind of like that. Oh. Never mind. I was gonna do little sections.

But that is the end of it there. A little bit of rich soil over here.

Huh. What did I not grow? Cotton? I think I need cotton still.

There's some rich soil up there still too, apparently.

Look at that. I missed a stripe? Oh, I cancelled it with some sort of fucked-up click, I think.

That sounds right.

Okay there

we go. We have a very awkward line of-

you know what? Hay grass. Just a little bit of hay grass just in case we get animals.

And over here, we'll do the cotton. I know it's awful. It looks terrible, but I'm sorry. It is what it is.

There. Just kinda surrond the mud with it a little bit. And, uh, delete

the zone there.

Keep the trees. Save the time.

All right, and Handy Andy, bury Shorty.

Alright. I do wish these had at least, um,

something about them like, you know, date of death, like when they were born, when they died.

Something, a little bit. It only tells you just who's in it

Because I really like- I like sarcophagi because they've got the art, and that's awesome. You know? It's an entire thing commemorating them.

Uh. Headstones I wouldn't imagine would have that, but at least something, ya know?

You're still cutting down trees?

Hmm. Just cuz it's nearby I guess. Huh.



Burban, how ya doing?

Not so great. Well, I would love to give you some smokeleaf, but, god dammit, none of us have ever heard of doing that.



Um. "Crafting? Making shit? I don't do that. I never heard of that. That sounds weird." "Oh, okay." (mockingly)

I mean, yeah, okay. Let's...let's go for this.

By the way, we're gonna have to bunk. I hope you don't mind too much.

Actually, you probably will mind a lot.

So another bedroom.

We had some build space...

God damnit. I'm gonna have to go like with beach houses or something. Jesus.

There is nowhere to build.

There's a nice spot up here, so we'll do up here. What was it um?

They go like 9 by 7?

Something? External: nine by- nine by six.

All right.

Two more.

And then dressers.

And then...cut plants.

Just to help out the constructors. And I need to tell Handy Andy- you are doing growing and then mining.

Otherwise haul, then clean.

Just take you off that. You have no idea what the fuck you're dealing with cooking. At least Handy Andy's interested.

Yeah, either one you cook. Whoever. It doesn't matter.


Just get it done.


We are a skillful bunch.

So Stev,

working on the dresser.

Yeah. Alright.

They need something.

It won't take too long, I don't think.

Oh, you're doing plant cutting now.


Construct one. Then plant cut.

Consuming rice. If you wait like two seconds...

There you go.

And then...uh...

Work on the wall, and the wall, and the wall, wall, wall, and

cutting, and the wall, and there you go. Just haul some shit up there.

Queuing random stuff.

It's joy time though so um

for now, Handy Andy,

you get a sleeping spot in the butchery room.


Cuz this room's a fucking mess and yeah.

There you go, it's something.

Ate raw food. Aw man. You snuck some rice? Bastard.


In darkness, a little bit of pain, naked, ate raw food, but at least you got tons of joy

And you're not sleeping outside in the cold or anything. Sleeping in the heat, though.

It is pretty hot in there. I still need to get that up.

Probably got some stuff spoiling soon.

Forbid the bed, the end table, the dresser,

and uh


These walls. (laughing) Very, very particular.

Very particular stuff here.

In fact, that end table and that dresser, don't even worry about it right now.

You did not do joy. You worked right through it. I think you ate through joy actually.

Poor Burban needs some food. Handy Andy, if I wake you up real quick...

Yeah, no.

That's not...

Alright. Back to joy at the morning.

A little bit. Two hours.

Yeah, we need to...

We need to cook.

That's what we need.

Disturbed sleep, here we go.


Silently boiling rice?

You didn't get disturb sleep. Holy shit. I'm so proud of you.

Could you haul some rice real fast?

And as soon as you're done with that...

You really don't want a food, huh?

Was it cuz the stack was reserved by you?

There we go.

Now you're doing it. Okay.



Now eat.

Yeah, you're okay.

Well, let's not set owner yet.

Problem with a night owl prisoner: they're never awake when you need to recruit 'em.

Yeah, some of the stuff I should, uh, should really roof it up. Like the smokeleaf especially.

Let's go for that

Oh, I do have a crafting spot. It's right there. Right in plain sight. D'oy.

Just queue up a shitload of haulin here.

Just a bunch of it. Go nuts.

Better bedroom.

It's awful, mediocre wealth, average-sized, but it's a bit ugly and dirty. Mostly

ugly because of the dirtiness.

But oh well.

Yeah. Awful. Shoddy.

Poor bed.

Awful, awful, awful.

But I mean

we're up to uh

0.34 comfort.

Aw yeah. (chuckle)

Hot, naked, feeling terrible, a little bit of pain.

I mean would you rather be naked or wearing dead guy clothes that are in rough...rough shape? I feel like you'd rather be naked.

So until one of you assholes decides you can craft

gonna have to just put a pin in it for a bit, huh?

Still needs to do joy. Man, am I just like...

There at joy time. Now you're going to rest. Dude, do joy.

What the? (frustrated sigh)

Do joy. Joy! What the shit, man?

All right, fine. Whatever.

You wanna rest? Fine. Rest. See if I give a shit.

Enjoy being bored out of your mind. At least this one's got some sense.

Stev, I don't know about you, man.

There you go, you're over the hash. Do some joy. Dude, do joy.

Have fun, damnit!


And there, slept outside.

Seems okay. Maybe, though.

At least you didn't sleep in the heat.

And you got taken care of, Stev. A little bit of joy. Good stuff.

Everybody's looking kind of okay. We're getting meals.

I need to finish hauling stuff.

I can't really put somebody on just haul right now though cuz Handy Andy is doing the gardening.

Stev's doing the building.

Both of ya doing the cooking.

I want to get the bedrooms finished today. Well, a bedroom at least.

So could you real quick cut plants?

Because this stuff's in the way, and he won't bring up wood while it's there.

And you're really good at it.

You need food or anything? Yeah a little bit.


Come on.

Point five.

(disgusted sigh)

Ugh. Not convinced you're worth it at this point.

You're so slow and in pain all the time.

But you're really good at medicine.

Well, their manipulation's a bit- no, it's not that bad actually.

Like your surgery success chance and all that's pretty decent.

Quality 102, tend speed 77, 98 percent.

Eighty one and you're a little bit slow, but,

oh, and your sight's reduced. Oh, yeah, because you got that scar.

Well that doesn't help.

Thankfully, it's not as important as manipulation. I'd argue it's maybe equally as important.

Being able to see what you're doing, especially for operation cuz

sometimes it's tricky, tricky stuff.

Like still the clue this first please

There's already wood up here and everything.

Feeding Burban. Somebody else'll do it. Handy Andy,

you do it. You'll never do wardening. Alright, well, he'll wait a second. Finish this first, please.


Nope, nope.

'Kay. Lock the door.

Finish it.


The trees aren't ugly or anything. Okay, cool.

We're good.

Feed Burban.

And Handy Andy's got a proper room now.


So next up then

the freezer

which you were working on.

A Shaman Merchant.


Thank you.

Driving me insane.

And not assigned to construction. Can I put you on like four just so you can at least blueprint it?

And I'll take a peek at what they've got but I don't have any...

I don't think I got anything to sell.

What are you working on?

The steel. Okay, just make sure you don't actually try to build it. You're terrible at it.

Yeah, I got nothing for you.

They got decent stuff though.

Like a poor man's exotic goods.

Although not actually that poor. You can buy some really good stuff.


Relaxing socially. Good stuff, good stuff.

That needs three components, which we don't have. Right.

We're actually out of components.

That cougar around?

Looks okay.

Mine up those components real fast.


Yea, I'll have you do it now actually.

Mining, Stev. Yep.


Because you'll auto cancel it and I'm hoping you'll replace the auto cancel with the next queued action

which is mining.

And we'll just keep doing that.

Little annoying but, hold on, we'll be done with it in a moment.

Haul all components.

Then rest.

But before you rest, refuel that.



I was about to mention that this cooler's currently working for really

no good reason.

Although the power state's low right now. It's actually pretty cool outside.

But I'll set you two plus ten so you just kinda- you're always in low-power state taking up only twenty watts.

Because there's a giant hole in the wall right now, so having it working right now is a bit pointless.

You know

that's dead guy clothes though,

but it wouldn't be tattered, would it?


Stev feeding Burban. Good.

Assuming you're going to eat on the floor though.


Sorry. I need your pants.

Give me your pants.

Okay, and those can be hauled somewhere.

Haul the meal and then eat up there at a table.

Cool. You guys are leaving. That's fine.

Point five nine percent chance. Getting a little better. Cooking. Real fast, haul these.

So you're no longer naked, but wearing dead guy clothes.

Dead man's pants - minus three.

We're up two.


A damn rotting corpse you saw though.

Spooky skeleton.

Only a few more hours, though.

And we got coolers.


There we go.

And just in case you don't know, I'll offset it a little bit.

One cooler - minus three. Minus three is, you know, freezing and all that and

sometimes if the door is opening and closing too much

it'll warm up to the point where it's no longer freezing.

But we got a second cooler here to help out.

This one's gonna bust its ass all the time trying to target minus nine. Probably can't do it on its own,

but, while it does that,

this guy will be in low-power. Not really helping.

Doesn't need to help. Minus three is totally fine.

It'll go low power state. This one's gonna bust its ass trying to do a little bit of extra work.

Just to keep things cool when we need it.

But this room's so large,

I don't know if that'll be okay.

And let's for now...

Handy Andy




You're just a bit busy doing that right now.

There you go. Getting a little freezing now.

Boy, that is struggling.

We're gonna need a third cooler.

Let's mine

those components and take a bite of the steel.

Sort of mining as I need it right now just cuz there's so much other stuff to do, ya know.

Really prefer if you haul like this stuff first

It'll maintain freezing overnight at least.

Or, worst case, it's really heavily refrigerated so it'll still last a really good long while.

Hops and all that, I'm a bit concerned about.

Stev already went to bed. Handy Andy, I'll let you get the tons of joy.

There you go. Come up here and eat real fas- well, hold on. Haul some hops in.

To...down there?

And now haul the meal

and somebody'll pocket it at some point

There's a raid. Tribes people. Preparing, then attacking. It is

a bow.


A ranged weapon finally.

I need this.

And taking simple meal. Don't worry about it. Just head...

to bed.

Well, hold on.

Come down here.

You're gonna automatically try to pocket a meal. Pocket this one.

There you go

Whoa ah.

You were waiting, then attacking, right?


All right. The Bustlerban of the Desert.

You're pretty good shot.

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