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You know what? I've decided to go to a Japanese Language School!

Really? That's awesome!

But... There's just like one problem...

What's the problem?

There's too many schools! I can't decide!

Well, don't cry my friends! I'm here to help you make a choice!

When you want to choose a Japanese Language School, there's 4 things you should take in account:

The city you want to be in,

Your budget,

Your goal,

And the time you want to stay in Japan.

First, you have to choose a city you want to study in.

Most people, me included, prefered to study in Tokyo for a lot of different reasons.

But, there's a lot of school in a lot of different cities.

And it's up to you to choose where you want to be in Japan.

Tokyo is not the only place in Japan.

Obviously, the smaller the city, the less choice of school you will have.

Then, you have to think about your budget.

Japan is expensive, yes.

Tokyo especially. The rent is the most expensive thing in Tokyo I'd say.

It might affect where you want to be in Japan as well,

because Tokyo is the most expensive place.

So, if you go to Fukuoka for example.

It will be less expensive.

Also, if the school has a dorm or not.

or stuffs like that.

You have to think about your budget.

Also, the tuition fees depends a lot on the school

One of the reason I chose Akamonkai was because it was less expensive than a lot of others school

and it was the most affordable one in Tokyo.

The most important thing is your goal.

Why do you want to study Japanese?

Why do you want to come to Japan?

What is your goal after studying Japanese?

These 3 questions will help you make a choice.

Do you want to learn Japanese really fast?

So you can get better in no time.

Then, high pace intensity school might be the best for you.

But, if you want to have a lot of free time,

Then, a slow pace class could be the best for you.

It really depends.

Also, if you want to be better at conversation, there are schools more conversation oriented.

Or if you want to take the JLPT or the EJU.

For University entrance.

Then, you might want a school that is more focus on these thing.

If you want to work directly after, there are schools that offer business class as well.

So, it really depends on your goal.

For me, my goal was to translate Japanese.

So, I wanted to study fast.

Conversation was not the #1 priority for me.

So, I went with a high pace intensity school.

And I wanted to come to Japan to go to a lot of fan events and concert

So, Tokyo was the choice for me.

This is how I choose Akamonkai... school.

So, it really depend on your goal and what you want to do with your Japanese studies after.

You also have to think about how long you are going to stay in Japan.

Not all the school offers a short term study option

So, you have to check this as well.

If you're not sure if you're gonna like Japan or not, or the city or the school,

You can come for a short term first.

like 3 months or a summer course.

Before coming back later for a longer term.

When you have the answer to all these questions, then you can start looking for a school.

I'd suggest to go on the Go! Go! Nihon! website first to get an idea of the school they offer.

And then, start looking on your own because there's a lot of school that are not their website obviously.

So, it might be worth checking out.

And once you've done that, you're gonna choose a few schools.

And then...

Choose one in between a lot of schools.

Also, keep in mind that every school is about the same.

There might be a better one or not but...

Every school is about the same so you just have to make a choice.

And deal with it I guess.

I hope this video was helpful for you and see you soon!

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