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So, at the beginning, this video started like this:

I know I'm starting to be annoying on this channel with my servers

There's already been a video about the laptop

Then the one with the pc tower (with a laptop icon in the title, don't mind that)

But today my friends

This video is brought to a significantly higher level

Because, I have a (little?) server

However my friends, this time, this server is a real one!

an in the flesh server

This is an HP ProLiant 580


This is the 4th gen of the HP ProLiant Series

Which are designed for business companies

And inside of this little server which dates from 2006

Well, there is (at least for now) 3Gb of RAM

But also 4 different CPUs including 2 cores and 4 threads each

at a base clock of 3.2GHz

And if you want to see them

I can open this thing

There are the CPUs

So here they are, we can identify them clearly

And we've got the VRMs just here, etc

It's a little quad CPU module

It's not bad

Right here I've got another module for RAM

As I said, there's only 3 slots occupied by 1Gb of RAM

So it means, well, 3Gb of RAM in total

Of course this is ECC memory because it's a server

Meaning that crap will cost you a leg

And right there, as you can see, I've got 2 little hard drives in there

And, yeah, I've got more than two drives

Indeed, you can see there's a lot more

They will eventually allow me to make a NAS server

But this is not the main purpose

Because with server

will eventually be turned into my famous little

remote rendering machine

So now, come take a look over here

What we can see first is that

It seems there not a single particle of dust in there

This thing was working in a small datacenter

Meaning the air was entirely filtered

And surprisingly, that thing has been on duty for 14 years

In the end, as you can see, it is perfectly clean

And what I love about it is,

Here we go, these are special fans that can be hot plugged

Well, pretty much everything can be hot plugged in this server

And this thing is pretty massive as you can see

That is to say

I've been given that server

Its origin will remain confidential

But anyway my friends here it is

I've "inherited" this little server which is pretty nice

And today, we'll see if it is able to start first of all

That could be a good thing

And yes, today's video's going to be a little different

Because I won't just explain things in front of the camera

But today we'll simply

do a little experiment with this server

in order to (at least we'll try to)

do something better than previous times

Compared to the two previous videos

We'll try to do someting clean with this one

Ok my friends, so what I suggest

is simply to try to connect

This little server to begin

I've never started it yet

I don't even know if it will work

In the back, we've got some interesting things

Including a 1Gb/s Ethernet plug

Here we've got some USB, VGA, PS2

And also, there's two seperate PSUs

Of 1300W each

This is honestly not bad

I'm only using one of them for now

Because I've only got one power cable

worse, this is not even an actual power cable

If you wanna see something shameful (The proper power cable is "proprietary")

Because I've not yet found the cable (The proper power cable is "proprietary")

Take a look at that,

I've simply managed to tinker that thing using electric pods

This is just so shameful

But it will work just for today

So what I'm going to do

Well first, obviously, I shut down the power in that thing

Before shamefully plugging it

So let's say we'll take the left one

So of course, I will not reverse the cable order

We've got the ground one which belongs to that one

Then normally, the two other cables are commutable

Voilà! look at that!

It doesn't look great

This is a perfect system, don't you think?

Well, then we'll certainly need something to see what the server do (do?)

So, well, voilà! perfect.

This is actually a screen full of shit, Compaq Re-brained


We are a low-budget prod

(A student production)

WELL, let's go, this is the deadly moment

So here we go,

Starting the server

*fan noise*

(oh shit)

Oh the

It's not even turned on

This is when it's turned off!

🎶 Let's go 🎶

*nothing happens*

And no,

We've got something that's blinking here

What's that?

Maybe it's about the RAM


Maybe it's about the RAM

Please wait

*shuts down power*

*server still running*

Power is off wtf

*noise stops*

*whistles reassured*

Maybe we can check the error codes

you know, there's an error code panel

So just there, we've got our little error code panel

Wait, let me start the server again

🎶 Here we go 🎶

*fan noise*

*fan noise intensifies*

*screams suprised*

Well, so,

I admit I wasn't expecting that amount of noise

Has it booted?

*unfriendly high pitch noise*

Ah, maybe not then

So, wait,

As you can not see 'cause the camera-man isn't doing his job properly

Is that we can see "error code 40"

And what does it mean?

*typing error code*

We're looking for error code 40

Everything indicates (at least on their website)

That it seems to be about the PCI slots

And we've only got the RAID board for now

That is plugged into one of the PCI slots

So what I'm gonna do is unplug it in a very easy way

Here we go, nevermind if we don't have the RAID board for now

Tell me iMot3k ...


What's the purpose of a RAID board?

Well a RAID board, Jammy, is used to

Gather one or-

Well no...

Two- I mean ... well no ...

More than two

It allows you to gather SEVERAL hard drives

In order to make it appear like only one for instance

Or, more simply,

Double the speed but maintain storage capacity

It is useful to do many things

But right now, to have a post, it is not requiered

SO, what are we having now?


Same issue

Three beeps

I got an idea,

I have 3 different RAM strips

In the manual we're told there has to be an even number of RAM strips

So I can potentially try

To boot with one less strip

08 is...

I don't know

This thing is making me upset


Oh we have something!

We've got something

Come and look

We have a signal


So, obviously that king of thing takes a huge amount of time to boot

That's a server, not intended to be rebooted every four days

So, what do we have?

2Gb, perfect

BIOS from 2007 holy crap

And we've got our 4 CPUs at 3.2GHz

Every one of them is recognized, perfect


Smart Array, P400 Controller (After the RAID board has been plugged back)

So, I believe

Here we go, logical drive,

I believe this is our little RAID board

Speaking of that, If I look over there,

Only one hard drive is detected right now

Well, only one with its LED on

Date & Time

Oh yeah

Yeah of course

The clock is'nt right on time

On top of that the battery's dead



Excuse me?

Time is not valid

hour hour, minute minute, second second


Where's the problem?


Wait, it's

It's the 19th

Of january



And 47 seconds

No, it won't let me

Well, cool, fuck off

So the goal today would be to install Windows Server on that

And to perform a little video rendering test

Because it's kinda the aim today

It is to see if those 4 CPUs

So 8 cores 16 threads in total running at 3.2GHz

Are possibly able to bring me something in terms of video rendering

And of course, with all the little SAS hard drives here

Well hm, I will try to make a NAS

But tell me iMot3K,


What's a NAS?

You're being annoying right now

It's all about hard drives on a network

Ahh, look who's getting there

We are connecting it on the little "Unify system" you know

Oh, look!

Look at what you just missed

Let's plug that on the first port

Are we getting a little light?

Yeees of course we are

We have a link

I admit I would like to install Windows on the RAID gathered hard drives

The two HDDs of 146 Gb each


Look at this!

Wow that thing vibrates!

What we're going to do, once we've installed Windows

Is to simply measure

And yeah, this is pretty shameful as well

I'm going to measure what this server's consuming

This is pretty shameful, wait

Standard Evaluation, Desktop Experience

Wow, there's some data on those

What I've not told you yet is that

This data belongs to the public service

Because it's a RAID, I'm totally unable to access this data

Whoever gave me this did a good job

But normally, there's still public service data on this thing...

If you want me to erase your record

Just DM me xD

So what I'm doing is

To delete all the different partitions one by one

First of all what we can see is that

My ground cable is working

Look, I'm touching metal and I'm still alive

Do they both work?

Both drives are blinking!

So I hope I'm on the RAID

Normally, the RAID controller

Is already set up

Ok that's cool

Our little Windows is installing itself

Another thing I've not told you yet is that,

Compared to regular drives,

These drives are pretty crazy

These are 72Gb drives

10.000 RPM

Whereas on a regular one, it's more about 5 or 7 thousands RPM

It's 10 thousands on these

And on the two RAID others in here,

We've got 15.000 RPM!

I've never seen that before

What I wanted to say

Whilst the thing is installing itself

Is that-

*Long and boring explainations*

*Long and boring explainations* (trust me)

So what I'm able to do is

Simply close the circuit with that thing

And, well, measure how much this little server consumes

By the way, little fun fact:

I measured the consumption of my desktop PC

And for example,

When I start a render or something that uses the GPU,

The max power consumption is 400W

With a RTX 2070 SUPER

However, something shocked me:

When the PC is totally shut down,

It consumes about 30 Watts

While it is shut down

It's about like, 10per year or per month I can't remember

The maths will be displayed: (30 Watts during one year costs 36€!)

But I honestly think this is kinda a lot (30 Watts during one year costs 36€!)

Even totally a lot (30 Watts during one year costs 36€!)

Maybe your PSU is not ...

It's a 80+ Gold from Corsair

So, what I'm gonna do is

To quickly finish the Windows installation

And I'll be right back my friends



Windows is installed

And I'm gonna take this off for the video but...

This thing is LOUD

Anyway my friends,

Windows server is finally installed

And this is the quick final reboot

In order to perform tests...

And what I'm gonna do now is simply to

Transfer Media Encoder

On that little server

And we're about to perform a little test

I will perform the very same test

I'm gonna blur that keyboard so you can't see what my password is

So I will perform the very same test

As the one performed on my previous "server"

Within which we'll do a video render

And see if it takes less time than

My core i7 or at least the overclocked i5

So here we have our little Windows Server Environment

As you can see, we have booted on the RAID

Windows key + E should open the file explorer

Given that these are not SSDs

It's a little bit slow

I've got my 136Gb and both HDDs are used together

So I suppose the RAID is working properly

I'm simply gonna find, on my local network,

Media Encoder

From my main PC

And yeah, we opened the window because:

This mess is heating the room up

I'm simply going to take my phone and

Start a timer

So, always with a render of my latest video

It is on the network and I'm connected to this network

So it will work

I will export that file,

The same way as in the previous video

Meaning a 4K file, 10Mbps, H264, MP4

SO, here we are, everything is ready my friends

To perform the little render test

So I can click "OK" just here

And I am ready

So it has to break the previous record

Of approximately 11 minutes

So that was with my i7 CPU and my RTX GPU

I expect this one to last a lot longer

But keep in mind that this machine

Includes 8 cores 16 threads

Which could be crucial

Because video renders usually perform better with a lot of cores and threads

I think it will take 8 or 10 cores to be

As productive as possible

And to obtain the best render

If you have more cores than this,

They will have a minor impact on the results,

At this point you want to increase the clock

If you want to have better results

However, given that there's two times the number of cores and threads

In this machine than on the i7 one,

I honestly believe-

So look at that we've got the Xeon CPUs at

A base clock of 3.2 GHz

So if I display the different threads usage,

Voilà, This thing is not bad

The good news is we're not even using 1Gb of RAM so far

That curve will become a rollercoaster soon

I don't know if we'll have the final results now

Because I'm about to get more RAM soon

But we're ready to start the little render test

I have my timer there

I'm gonna start the render

3 2 1

Let's go

Here we go

Normally, a jump is about to occur on these curves

On the CPU usage curves

This is only a render of little audio files so far

And we'll eventually see a jump soon

On those CPU curves

Which should be significant

Now, record to break: 11 minutes

I'll be back in 11 minutes

And we'll see if it performs any better

WELL, SO, my friends,

It's been 30 minutes

And we might have a problem

The 2Gb of RAM are restraining the render

As you can see on the RAM usage curve

So it's not at 100% yet

But that's because that thing can't do it

The video render was turning that RAM curve into a roller coaster

Which caused micro-crashes every 5 seconds

So it led me to believe that RAM was the issue

But the next day I've been given a little more RAM strips

So I've been able to install more of these in the server

Well, I WILL be able to do so

'cause for now, it's still at the same stage

I'm editing the video right now

Let me show you those new RAM strips

So on my desk I have all of them

This group of strips is the 4Gb group

Which represents 32Gb DDR2 just here

This one is the 2Gb group

And the last one is the 1Gb group

As you know, there has to be an even number of strips installed

So these are 3 strips of 1Gb

This one is not being used

Same thing here with that odd 2Gb strip

But all the other strips go by pairs

Isn't that perfect?

So now, I'll plug all of those strips in their slots

Voilà! That was the last one

I had to shamefully put 2 strips of 1Gb and 2 others of 2Gb in that same module

I hope this will not cause any more issue

And I can't make an addition properly so I forgot these two 1Gb strips can't fit in the server

I chose to get the greatest capacity

So now I will shove this module inside

And that should give us a better RAM load

Let's perform the test again

Let's turn it on

Ah, a video source is detected

The monitor ... yeah! perfect

Here we go with the RAM load

Look at this, that's brilliant!

I like how it is "testing memory using

16 processors."

All the strips seem to work properly, that's good

Press F (1)

Not to pay respect but to boot the machine!

And yeah in this tiny part of the video,

I want to show you something about the drives

Because you know I've made a RAID with the different drives of this machine

And so I'm able to tell you about the performance of this thing

Ok I totally forgot to do that while filming

But know this: that 2007 RAID of two HDD drives

Allows me to get 260MBps in sequential reading

Whereas my 2018 HDD ends up with 173MBps

So in the end, It's pretty effective

I also forgot to show you how I managed to measure the server's consumption

Admire the artist:

*server fails to boot*

*turns power off*

*fans shut down*

Holy cow

So let's go for the test my friends

I'm going to connect my SHAMEFUL (a french meme) assembly

(a meme that comes from "La minute de René")

I might be scared by something,

I don't have a grounded outlet

I am a very unaware person

Look at the end of my ground cable

I hope this thing doesn't have any ground defect

I mean if there was a ground defect,

In the PSU would have occured a short-circuit,

It would have blown a fuse so,

This should be fine.

(we're gonna die)


Well, for safety purposes,

I'm gonna take that mouse and keyboard away

To prevent me from dying

And this should be fine

So we said,

We have to connect that

Now, this is turned on so,

I can plug it in there

And we're gonna use the amperemeter with that little outlet

Just a little precision,

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (really don't)

We have the highground (don't try it)

So yeah,

Really don't try this

I'm about to bypass

The safeguard of our well designed european outlets

So here we are, I complete the circuit with my amperemeter

Just using the right gauge

Let's try not to blow another fuse

On "Amps"

What do you mean "ANOTHER"?


You know yesterday, during my tests, (few seconds earlier)

I blew a fuse of the amperemeter (few seconds earlier)

How did you do that? (few seconds earlier)

Well, like a dick, I tried to turn on my PC (few seconds earlier)

And tried to measure Amps using the Volt gauge (few seconds earlier)

Let's set it up

AC mode, of course

As we're gonna measure AC

Now let's pray for this not to blow anything

The Amp jump

Starting the server,

Ooh the 2 Amps

It means aproximately 500W my friends

While starting

It's pretty significant

Not gonna lie

Ok, the server is starting

Everything's OK

Let's see what happens on idle

This is the main thing I wanna know

Most of the time, the server will be on idle

So let's go

Let's stress FPU, cache,

Maybe not the RAM


That's it?

What does the amperemeter say?

I just started the stress test


Wo aïe aïe aïe aïe!


So just to remind you guys

3 amps with 230V

230 times 3 equals ...

690 Watts

Of current consumption

Knowing my desktop PC has never been higher than 400W

With GPU AND CPU at 100%

Knowing it's an i7 and a 2070 super

So that amount is huge

But what I see,

And what I'm very interested in,

You can look at it

Is that

There's no thermal throttling at all

Or in French:

"TeRrrMal TrRotelinGg"

And that means

The CPUs aren't overheating

Which is good news

Well, I just noticed something

The temperature sensor isn't working

It indicates "8°C" (=46°F)

Anyway, as you can see, we're still at 3 amps

Which is WAY TO MUCH to be used as a NAS

To be used as a storage server

Let me explain that to you

Last time we were at 2 amps

2*230 = 460 W

Let's say 500 W

Let's calculate that

It means (on idle)

50per month of electricity (=56$/month)


This is just not possible

If I let it run permanently,

ON IDLE it costs 50per month

So, NO I will not let this run permanently

It's pretty obvious this thing is not meant to be efficient

This is meant to be shoved in datacenter

And it's 14 years old come on

Let's get back to server


That's fun

1.6GB used of 46 available

Isn't that beautiful my friends?

We're gonna export




We're good

So here is my loyal timer

I'm about to start it

3, 2, 1,

Here we go, render started.

WELL, so I just finished the render,

And hum, well,

The results aren't that great

As you might be able to see

Thanks to the Windows clock

But my friends, this render took,

Hold tight,

1 hour,

5 minutes,

and 30 seconds

Which is

Not possible for me

Against the 17 minutes of my CPU alone

Or even the 10 minutes of my CPU + GPU

So yeah,

This thing is very SLOW

When it comes to video renders

And it will not be helpful for me

Even with the 46GB -

And it keeps using 9GB of RAM

I don't get it


I still wanna test something else

You know that before editing one of my videos,

I convert the MP4 files from my camera

To CineForm ones

In order to improve the editing experience

So I was thinking,

What about a new test on transcoding a file

To a CineForm file with this server?

And see how it does.

I believe this could be a good test

So let's do it right now

This will be set to




With the lowest quality of course

Because if not, it will take a huge amount of space for nothing

And we're good about that

SO, record to break:

(which was obtained with my main PC)

(with GPU + CPU)

Is 34 minutes

Let's see if it does any better

Here we go

And, well, hmm,

So it's been 3 minutes

Since it has started transcoding

And as you can see,

Estimated time: 2 hours

And it keeps fluctuating

Between 2h14 and 2h12

I believe Media Encoder is pretty good

At estimating how much time it will take

Because its previous estimation was utterly correct

So if it says 2 hours,

I believe it.

I think this will take 2 hours 100% sure

Let's be clear, I will not wait until 6 pm

To get results I already know

It would just be annoying

In the end I'd say I'm a bit disapointed

This server isn't efficient at all when it comes to video render/transcoding

I do not know what I can do with it

Because it has many CPU cores

Base clock is not crazy

That consumes a lot

With a lot of RAM

I do not know what I'm gonna do now

I know this video's title is

"I have a genuine server"


I don't know what to do with it

It can't be a NAS 'cause it consumes too much,

It can't be a Minecraft server due to the base clock of CPUs

And because it still consumes too much

It CAN be something that does an infrequent task,

But apart from video render,

I can't find what it would be.

I can not overclock this server, I checked

So, my friends,

If you have any idea of what could become this server,

Just tell me in the comment section down below

It would be nice

For now, that server is basically a brick of 56kg (=123lbs)

I even tried to use the NDI plugin for OBS

Which lets us encode livestreams with another PC

The server is powerful enough

However, it is 3 months too old

To allow the CPUs to support this plugin

So if you have an idea considering these requierements:

- Prefer a multithread task - Doesn't requiere SSSE3 (with 3 "S") - Is able to use a lot of RAM - Doesn't need a high CPU clock - Is an infrequent task (consumption) _______________________________ Tell me in the comments below

Anyway my friends, I hope you enjoyed this kind of video

Because I did,

And without having particularly something else to say,

I will only say:

Goodbye everyone, very successful continuation,

And see you next time,

For another video!

Bye friends!

🎵 Mii Channel Music (VGR Remix) 🎵

English subtitles by Lérog

45 - S2 - CMI

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