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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SHOULD YOU BE SCARED? | BestLuck

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Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to BestLuck

Now this is a game, or it's an early access demo of a game that was announced during E3, and-

-supposedly, it features a lot of experimental qualities, and uh- unique style of gameplay.

"Every night, I see a girl in my dream"


Why do I have choices?

This is kind of like the opening for, uh... uh- Firewatch. Oddly enough.

This is how that actually went by.

"She seems sad"

"She seems lonely"

I mean I don't know why she's in my dream and being all lonely and sad,

but I guess I'll go with "She seems lonely?"

"She always points somewhere"


[in between giggles] "Why should I care?"

I mean why should I care? It's my dream!

...I mean unless this is some eth-er-eel- *ethereal* message from the beyond.

I'm gonna go with "Why should I care?"

Is there a reason that I should care?

"If I see her again tonight..."

"Gotta get some sleep."


A little ominous, what are you planning to do if you see her again tonight?

Murder her?

Oh, hi- Oh my god. Hi.

Well this was not what I was expecting.

Why do I have so many fans?

Oh no, those aren't fans.

Oh, hi. "Cleaning Bed, Come back later"

What do you mean cleaning bed?

Who's cleaning my bed?


Alrighty, then.

(sirens in background)

Ah, lovely. Let me go over here.

Diddily diddily doo

"June 29, 2027" Hey, that's a day after my birthday!

Okay, I can't go out there.

Diddily diddily doo


Ah, online dating. (laughing) No match found today.

Aww shucks

I'm so lonely...

Alright, then.

What else am I supposed to do?

Is my bed clean yet?

Nope, bed is ready, going to- OH-kay...

Oh- ooh aaah-eeeey..


Alright then.

You do that.

You wi- oh- HI!!

HOLY Shit!

That was so scary [giggles]

What's with your jiggly arm?

Why you got such a wibble-wabble arm?

Why should I care where you're pointing?

And also, that was fucking horrifying

I thought you were about to possess my soul.

I thought I had to run.


No I don't wanna!

I don't WANNA go where you're pointing me to, you jiggly-legged lady!

Alright, fine.

I'll play your game, you weirdo.



Stop bapping your gooey legs all over my shoulders.

Eh huh...

It's just weird.

Is that a wolf?

Is that a WOO-wolf?


What's happening?

Where are we going?

Oh gosh. I don't know...

(soft piano music)


OH Butterflies!


I missed them. [giggles]

They were really close to my face, yet I missed them.

Oh no.

Oopsy Poopsy!

I didn't meansy weensie to doozy woozy that.


'scuse you?

The hell is in these woods with me?

Oh, what is that?

Oh, hello.


Ooh hi, okay, sorry.

Can I help you?

Are you the one growling at me, or what's going on?

Is this another tree of butterflies? (music picks up, with violin)

Nope, that's a tree of leaves.

I should have known.

Alrighty then.



I don't have to go to the bathroom.



Okay that one doesn't work.

Hi! Hidey-hidey-ho!


Wh- what is that all about?

What's with the giant gooze?

Oh, HI!



'scuse me, I don't mind ta- I'm gonna take this one.

Alright what happens if I take this one?

oh OH ho ho- Ho ho ho ho

That's so weird.

oh ho HO HA HAH!


I am opening a door.

Who'd have thought this would be even remotely possible?

And also why?

I love the music!

Gotta like the music, music is cool


The door's open now, I guess.

(mysterious chord, then music stops)


Alright then.

I'm down.

I don't know why I had to walk through that door.

So where are you pointing at me, Miss Jello limbs?



Alright, then.




Where are you pointing me?

What's with the books?

Should I do anything about those books?

Diddaly doodalee!

Diddaly doodale- what the hell, did you absorb the knowledge of the books?

Am I helping you somehow?

Didally doodalee didilly doodoolee



Ohh... You're getting a sort of assembly of ghostly particles. I see how this is working.

So let me get all of these and... (awkwardly laughing) fill you up?

Before I actually have to go somewhere else?

Man, what's this now?

Diddalee-doodalee-doodaloo. One more should do it, right?

Just to top you off, I guess.





I mean, there's more out here, but I don't know if there's more glowy by it.

Doodalee- No, okay, you're full up, okay. You're full up. So I'm gonna go where you're pointing now.

'Cause I got nothing better to do with my life than follow your instructions.


Wonder if it's preying on something about my subconscious if I'm out in the public area-

Or, (laughing) "the public area." The real world, not the dream world.

And trying to find a date. A little lonely.

Gotta follow a ghost girl inside my own brain.

Ah, we must be close.

We're approaching a- Ooh!

(soft piano comes back)

So many options!

Knock 'em down like bowling pins, baby! Ooh. Six. (soft violin enters)

Two. Ah.

Am I supposed to do these in a certain order? (fuller orchestra enters)

Aahhhhh.... Three. Okay.

I know how this works.

I got it!

You think I'm a fool? You think I can't count to six? You think I can't get to the front of this door? Huh?

That's right.


Loopity-boopity-boop. Annnd ske-doop.

(music dies down)

I did *that* thing.

Oh, hi.

(uneasy noise)

All right. Point me in the right direction again, Ghost Lady.

Ah. This-nt way. You don't need any more books? (owl hoots)

Do you need a hoot-hooter up in the woods?

Ooh. Did I see a flashing pair of eyes- Ooh, what is that?

I saw a flashing white something. I don't know if it was a pair of eyes or if I'm going crazy.

I feel like I'm going crazy.

Alrighty then.

Whatever you say, Ghost Lady.


And how much farther do I need to go for this? Ahh. Ah!

That's a shift in the winds. (soft piano)

Oh, hi! Hello!

Who are you and why are you?

Okay. Ding-dong!

(sudden tense string chord)

(explosion) Ohhhh noooo-

Oh, hi. Aww!

(heartwarming music)


Well, that's nice.

Oh, it's gone now.

(heartwarming music continues)

Alrighty then. Well, things surely have turned hopeful. Oh, hello. (music stops)

Oh, what is this?

Is this a lovely picnic that we had?

(awkwardly laughing) I gotta fill you back up again?

Man, you keep emptying out. I just gotta make sure your...

...your ectoplasm levels are top-notch. I guess.

Not sure. (wind blows)

Okay, so I gotta go over to those lanterns over there, but let me see if there's more...

...goopy depositories around here.

Skoosh. (x1)

Skoosh. (x2)

Skoosh. (x3)

Okay. You're full up.

I think- Oh, that... Again, that took a dark turn.

Alrighty then.

How about you? No? Uh-oh. (soft piano)

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong

Every door is a fucking lie.

Ah! This looks like a first one! (strings enter)



Where you going? Ah, I see ya!


(in time with music) Doodle-diddle-ee! Doodle-diddle-ee! Oh-oh-oh, where you going? Where you going? Where you going?

Oh-wa-a-a, okay.



I see what you're doing!

(Russian accent) I see the game you're playing.

Uh-huh. Okay. All right.

Ah. This is so weird. It's like...

It's like portals, but not quite.

They just have a completely different fundamental concept going on here.

Oh! I see you in the window!

Ha-ha-ha! You think you- not the- (doors slam shut)

(yelling) That's not what I meant!!! Oh, come on!

You dickhole!

I was going for that one and then you scwewed me.

You scwewing scwewer.

I will show you the power of my memory.


I got you. Oh yeah, I remember how it do.

Yeah, that's what I wanted to do, but then you were just a big old screwbag.

All right, you're over there now? Okay, all right.


Hey, good thing we didn't have to do *all* those!

Hi again. Okay, you're not exactly startling anymore. I don't know why you're Lady in Yellow and I got the Lady in Red following me behind.

We got cherished memories in that library and you don't need to intrude on them.

Oh, where are we going now?

I don't know what the end goal of this is.

It seems it's in interesting core concept in that it's like, in addition to it being an experiment thing, like...

...obviously it's doing a technical demonstration of the doors, but there has to be something else here...

...that's under the surface. You know what I mean? There's something else here...

...that's not quite as it's written. There's a story being told here about why this guy's seeing these two different girls... his dreams. Because even though it may be minimalistic and I don't even have a face...

...but it seems obvious to me that there are two separate girls in this dream.

(violins pick up)

(ominous musical buildup) Okay...

Okay! Why?

Excuse you? (thunder)


Whoa, hey hey hey hey, now now now...

Oh, do I gotta do it in the phases of the moon?

I think I gotta.

That ain't it. Okay, is this it?

Dammit. Oh, boy.

Something tells me there's a sense of urgency here, but I know the order now.

Ohh... Hooh...

(thunder) WHY?

Ya freaking douche!

Ya douchebag! Come on, come on. Okay.

Diddle-ee. Diddle-ee. Diddle-ee. Diddle-ee... I know the order now, I know the order.

Ah! Hurry. Hurry. Hurry hurry hurry.

Oh boy.


Get through the door!

Hi again.

Man, this is a tumultuous mind I've got inside my head.

What if this is what everybody dreams but they never remember? (mysterious keyboard)

Oh, where's my ghost girl?

No! Stacy! Come back!

Please! Stacy!

Stacy, please...

I don't know where Stacy is...

(wind picks up) Where am I going.

I wand- Ohh...



Ohhh, you douche! Oh god damn it...

That is the price you pay when you play technical demos. Damn it!



Ahh. All right. So that is Best Luck. I really don't know what the story is all about.

It's kinda hard to tell when it's just an early version like this.

But if I had to guess, there's some element of loss here.

Some kind of repressed memories going on in this guy's head, and that's why he's dreaming about these two separate girls.

For as little as there was there, there is a lot of clues as to what the story is about.

Like with the Chinese lanterns and the books and the library and the artwork of meeting this girl as a younger man.

And then... growing up lonely.

So I don't know what it means. Who knows? Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

Thank you, everybody, so much for watching.

And as always, I will see you in the next video.


(happy outro music)

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