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- [Luke] Woah.

(muffled yelling)

- [Carl] Go fetch.

(light rock music)

- Hey everyone, welcome to the Carl and Jinger Blog.

Today, we're in Oceanside, California.

- Woo.

- We're having a fun day on the beach.

We're gonna go for first-person view.

- Have fun.

- [Carl] First I have to navigate the rocks.

Hey Kyle boy, what ya doin'?

Are you planting a garden on the beach?

- [Kyle] Yeah.

- [Carl] You don't even care how cold it is do ya?

That's really cold.

- [Kyle] I'm used to it.

- [Carl] Wow.

- [Kyle] I can stand it.

- [Carl] Okay, let's see what you got Gage.

- [Gage] Okay.


- [Carl] Woah.



Here we go.

(shouting and laughing)

Oh, yeah.

That was awesome.

Let's catch another one.

Oh, here we go, this one right here.


Missed it.

We missed that one.

(laughing and shouting)

Here it comes.

(laughing and shouting)

Wow, big one.

- Feels like I'm going forward.

- [Carl] I know.

You ready Luke?

- [Luke] Yeah.

- [Carl] Let's do this one.


I got buried under that one.

(laughing and shouting)

Here we go.

Right here.

(laughing and shouting)

We did it.

Here goes Jinger's gonna try and surf.

We should get the other GoPro

and hook on right here.

- We'll see if I don't just wreck.

(Carl laughing)

- Wow.




Ah, that pulled my shorts off.

That one pulled my shorts all the way off.


(shouting and laughing)

- That one's huge.

- [Carl] Yeah.


I almost lost the camera.

I almost lost you.


Woo, here goes mom.

That's it.

(laughing and shouting)

I feel like it's getting ready for a really big one.

Here we go.

(shouting and laughing)

Well, I like I need to do a better job

of keeping an eye on the kids.

So, I'm going to put the camera away for a little bit

and just go out there and keep an eye,

make sure everybody's safe.

(acoustic guitar music)

I could totally live here forever.

This is awesome, right?

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Do you love it?

It's the best ever.

- Uh huh.

- None of us have ever been boogie-boarding or body,

yeah, boogie-boarding.

Never been boogie-boarding before.

And, we get to do it all week.

It's gonna be great.

Luke lost his glasses.

- Yeah, I was going on a big wave, woah,

- [Carl] Woah, woah.

- And then I went over and I was like yeah,

and a bigger one went over and swooped 'em off.

- [Carl] Swooped 'em off.

So we're gonna have to find some place to get you glasses.

Check out the RC car.

I got drivin' it around late last night

and now it's all totally caked with sand.

I'm gonna have to clean it off.

Jinger, I really that think if we stayed here

for like two or three months

that we would not run out of stuff to do.

- Heavens no.

- 'Cause there's all the stuff up through LA,

all the stuff down through San Diego,

there's even TJ Tijuana.

There's like tons of stuff to do.

I really don't think that you're gonna find a better spot

than what we've got right here on Oceanside, California.

This is where all the locals, all the way up into Vista,

come down here to surf and everything.

It's like the perfect beach.

I don't think we could have planned this any better.

We have a surprise tomorrow.

- We're not going to tell them what it is.

- We're not going to tell them what it is.

We're taking the kids, we're taking the whole family

to Disneyland tomorrow.

But, they don't know it.

- Surprise.

- [Jinger] RC Car on the beach.

(shouting and laughing)

Carl is loving his RC Car today.

The beach is like way overcast and beautiful.

- Watch how fast this thing goes on the beach.

Watch, I'll take it from down here by Kyle.

On the wet sand.

- [Jinger] Woo.

- [Carl] I'm not going full speed yet.

I'm just getting it down there

so I have some runway to work with.

Here it goes.

- [Jinger] Okay.

- [Carl] Ready?

Look at this thing go.

- [Jinger] Wow.

(shouting and laughing)

- [Carl] I keep wrecking it

and then the plastic, or the metal pins

pull through the plastic.

So, I almost need rubber washers or somethin'

to keep 'em on there better.

Don't run it into the water.


- If I do, I'll buy you a new one.

- [Carl] Okay.

You're going to take out some bird

or some little child, I feel like.

- [Jinger] Yeah, I'm an animal.

(shouting and laughing)

- [Carl] I could stay here for a long time.

This is so, oh.


Woo, good one.

Oh, no, spoke too soon.

Broke the back end open again.

So, Luke lost his glasses earlier

when we were boogie-boarding in the ocean.

And, we actually went and found a place

that can do them, like within one day.

So, we took him in,

Had his prescription faxed over to this place

and got him some new glasses.

So, hopefully, tomorrow morning, early in the morning

he'll have his glasses.

Which is good because we're going to Disneyland.

He doesn't know it yet.

What'd you find?

- Found this.

- [Carl] Woah, that's like a giant mussel.

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Yeah, those are the same kind that we eat,

only that's a huge one.

Are you excited about your glasses tomorrow?

- Yeah.

For when we go do the thing

that you don't know what we're doin'.

That's going to be a surprise,

that you don't know about yet.

(tease laughing)

What the heck is that thing?

- I have no clue.

- [Carl] Looks like a little floater seaweed.

Is it full of water?

- Yeah

- [Carl] Oh, it just broke.

- Oh, that's not water.

- [Carl] Zombie apocalypse is going to happen now.

- Whatever this is, little calcified.

- [Carl] A little ball thing, it's weird.

- I don't know what that is.

- [Carl] We gotta find crabs.

Supposedly there's dolphins

that swim here early in the morning too.

- Really?

- [Carl] Out on the waves you can see 'em.

When the waves wash up on the beach

and then go back out again,

you look down in the water

and it seriously looks like the water's full of golden sand.

I mean, just like golden glitter.

It's so pretty.

See it, it looks like it's just full of glitter.

It's crazy.

Look at this little bird with a long beak,

just poking around in the sand.

I wonder what he's eatin'.

I don't know.

All kinds of goodies down in here.


You getting one of those snacks on the beach?

Yeah, oh look at that.

Stretching his little leg.

It's so crazy how just this morning we were boogie-boarding

literally all the way up to the rocks right there.

That's how far up the water was.

And then the tide goes out

and it goes clear out to here.

Woah, Kyle, you caught a butterfly.

Just hold it.

Look at that.

- Look at that.

- [Carl] Did it fly up and just land on you?

- No.

- Here, can I hold it?

- [Carl] Where was it?

- It was on the ground.

- [Carl] It was just sitting on the ground?

- Yeah.

- [Carl] He must have got all wet in the ocean breeze.

We should take him up to the little garden

by back of our condo up there.

Look, they got like tomato plants and everything here.

We'll just set him down right here by the garden.

Let his wings dry off and then

maybe he'll stand a chance to make it home.

So the kids are down here swimming at the pool,

because the tide is out and the water's really cold.

So, I just wanted to show you guys a little bit around

this condo complex and show you what the pool's like.

All the way walking along here is just like beautiful.

Flowers and everything is all landscaped really nice,

with palm trees.

So, you come across this bridge here,

and look, you can come play putt-putt golf

with your friends.

I don't know if we even have

any little golf clubs or anything.

Here's the pool area and there's the kids.

Hey Gage.

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Go fetch.

- [Luke] I got it.

Alright wait, wait, wait, I got to get the other one.

- Oh, okay.

- [Luke] This one.

Okay, now.

- Mine.


- [Gage] It's really hard to swim with the camera.

- Shut your eyes, so you don't know where it is.

- [Carl] Okay, okay.



- Go get it.

- [Carl] I got it.




- [Carl] Gotcha.

Jinger's over here.

She's been working too much.

She's not even swimming in the pool.

So, I'm gonna hit her with the giant emoji ball.

You've been working too much.

You need to play more.

- No I don't, I'm not working.

Yeah, what.


- [Carl] I'm gonna get you.

You're going in the water, whether you like it or not.


Jinger locked us in.

There's no way for us to get out of the pool area

'cause she took the keys and she went back to the condo.

And, we're stuck in here.

We are gonna have to MacGyver the situation.

- Climb the fence.

- [Carl] You got like rings

where your goggles were right now.

Makes you look like you have four eyes.

GoPros are cool.

Isn't that cool that you can just film 'em in the water now?

Can we appreciate the (water running).

I mean, how cool is that, right?

You found a door that's open?

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Oh, you MacGyvered it?

Is it shut now?

Luke, don't mess it up, don't mess it up, wait.

- Don't worry, it doesn't have a lock on it.

- [Carl] It doesn't.

Okay, let's go.

Gage, you are the MacGyver.

You made it.

Everybody have a good day today?

- Yes.

Alright, I'm excited to tell you guys

what our surprise is tomorrow.

I know Luke is.

He's all ticked off that he doesn't know.

- And Gage knows.

- [Carl] Gage's figured it out,

but, Luke doesn't know and neither does Kyle.


Jinger, you've got some 'splainin' to do.

You locked us in the pool.

- Maybe I did it on purpose.


- [Carl] Did you get some alone time

with your jelly beans?


What did you get?

- Okay, so, these are my normal ones.

- [Carl] Okay.

- They're kind of like my new ones.

- [Carl] Nice, I like 'em.

Woah, man.

Lookin' pretty fly.

- Yeah.

- Oh man, after we got back from the swimming pool,

I seriously just went in and laid on the bed

and just crashed, fell asleep for like

a good two or three hours.

Felt so nice.

Well, I think that's it for this vlog guys.

Thanks so much for watching

and hanging out with us on our travels

and our vacations and everything like that.

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Look at that cute little seagull down there.

Just hanging out on the beach.

Not a bad life.

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