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Hi, I'm Eldad Sameach - Dr. Fix It Yourself.

In this video I want to show you how to

How to glue a sandal sole (shoe).

This sandal and its sole were glued together once... but no more.

We want to glue them back together.

Usually, sandal is glued using contact glue,

By applying a thin layer of contact glue on both surfaces,

Letting it dry for 7-10 minutes, depending on the season - winter or summer,

And then clutching them together firmly.

Usually it holds.

In that case we don't want to use contact glue, for two reasons:

1) Contact glue is well known, all shoemakers use it.

2) In my opinion, contact glue will not hold here, because the sandal faces humidity conditions,

The sandal is being used around the beach a lot, and it needs a robust gluing.

So, we'll try something different.

For this sandal gluing we'll use Super7 (Israeli brand).

A very strong, polymer based glue.

In order for the sandal gluing to hold for a long time,

The glue needs to cure (dry) a long period of time, while it's pressed firmly.

Super7 needs 1-2 days for a complete cure.

And needs to be pressed like this.

And here's the "twist" of the video - how to press the upper and the sole together,

For 2 days, without any interference on our side (without us holding it by hand...).

In order to press the upper and the sole together,

One option is to use clips like this,

And apply many of them around the sandal.

It has 2 problems: 1) We need many clips.

2) The pressure around the contour will be good, but the pressure in the middle will be poor.

Second option is to use clamps like this,

Again, we need a lot of those clamps,

And we'll face the same problem as before - the pressure in the muddle is poor.

I want to show you a trick :)

We're going to...

We'll take small bags filled with fine sand,

Or at construction sites,

Or at the beach,

A very good idea for those who live in Jerusalem... :)

We'll put the sand bags on the sandal,

We'll tilt it all over to make it fit the sandal's contour.

Then we'll take a flat surface and mount it under the sole,

Another flat surface on top,

Use clamps to tight them together,

Hence, create an even pressure all over the sandal,

And we can leave it to cure for 2 days.

We'll get a good and even pressure on the inside and on the contour of the sandal.

And this will ensure that the gluing will last for a long time.

We'll apply a thin and uniform layer of Super7.

We applied the glue,

It's important to apply some glue here, it's already torn.

Super7 comes in 2 colors - white or clear.

The white is a bit stronger,

But we can use the white or the clear, it doesn't matter.

We'll clutch the sole and the upper together,

They need to be aligned all over the sandal's contour.

We must make sure that the sole and the upper are aligned.

We applied a thin layer,

To avoid excess glue after pressing the sandal.

Now we need to put the sand bags,

To distribute the pressure,

Evenly all over the sandal surface,

And get a strong gluing.

We'll use 3 sand bags,

Each bag contains roughly a cup of sand,

Just in case, we wrapped the sand with 2 nylon bags.

We'll take one flat surface and put it underneath the sandal,

We used some paper to lift the sandal up a bit,

Not so critical, but...

To make things perfect.

We distributed the sand all over the sandal,

One sand bag here,

One sand bag in the middle,

And a sand bag in the heel section.

We tap on the sand bags to spread them as evenly as possible,

Now we put the second flat surface on top,

Again, we tap on the sand bags,

And now we need to mount the clamps around the structure.

It need to cure for at least 2 days.

While we tightened the clamps,

Because the sole is thicker here on that side than on the other side,

The upper slipped over the sole, here and all over the sandal.

To fix this, we'll open the clamps,

Align the upper and the sole back in place,

And tighten the clamps again.

The upper and the sole are no aligned.

And we tightened the clamps again.

If you take a look here,

You can see the excess glue around the sandal, although we applied a thin layer of glue.

It's normal.

I advise you not to clean the excess glue now,

And let it dry for 1-2 days,

And then tear them apart from the sandal, easily.

If we clean the excess flue now,

Using any method available,

We'll smear the glue all over the place, on the upper and the sole.

So it's best to let the excess glue dry before cleaning it.

the advantage of using Super7, apart from being a very strong glue,

Is that it will remain flexible after curing.

If we look at this sandal, that was glued prior to filming this video,

We glued the front side,

It's flexible.

We need it to be flexible, because the sandal bends as we walk.

That's why we use Super7, a polymer based glue, and not epoxy glue, because epoxy remains rigid after curing,

Epoxy has no flexibility,

And after walking a few steps, the epoxy is broken to small pieces and falls off.

We left the glue to cure for 2 full days.

Super7 needs a 1 day curing for each 2mm of glue thickness.

We applied much less than 1mm of glue, and let it dry for 2 days, so we're good to go.

We need to remove the 4 clamps,

Remove the sandal from the structure,

And examine the sandal.

Look at this...

The sand bags are flattened,

And it's spread evenly all over the sandal's surface,

Look at the excess glue...

Now we can tear the excess glue off by hand.

We need to tear the excess glue off from all the sandal's contour.

We can also use a utility knife.

It makes the tearing easier.

The important reason why we used the Super7 glue,

Is to keep the sandal's flexibility and elasticity.

I'm Eldad Sameach - Dr. Fix It Yourself.

In this video I showed you how to

How to glue a sandal sole, using a non conventional glue, and a non conventional method (a twist, or trick).

By using the glue and the method of gluing, we got a life time gluing.

Visit my website to see more videos and stuff, use and share them.

See you in my next videos.

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