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Hello welcome to The Detailing Business channel. So i am pulled up here at a

reputable body shop here in town. They call me on occasion when they have a job that they don't

want to do basically. They get a lot of stolen recovery vehicles which means the car was stolen

it was recovered. They tow it to the body shop to have it whatever worked on cleaned

whatever it needs to turn it back to the way it was to give it back to the customer

Right now i'm getting ready to do a stolen recovery vehicle it's an Acura

I don't know the details of it but i know that it it's kind of a disaster. So the insurance company

is paying for this and it says on the insurance claim "interior detail paid by invoice" which means

whatever i charge is what they're gonna pay so it smells like pot there's pot everywhere there's

belongings everywhere, food

We're going to do an interior detail steam clean extract the carpets also going to run the ozone

machine because it smells like pot. So i'm going to take this camera around and show you what we got

look at that

I bet that wasn't like that before

Pot ashes. This thing reeks, REEKS of pot. Wow the glove box is pretty clean

Pretty sure the cops took all the pot

There's always remnants of tobacco it's like they just pull the guts out of a cigar or something

Oh my goodness look at that 38 special. I'll give it to the cops that is evidence

Okay let me break in here for one second. So that shell casing i found is evidence. I should have

been more like CSI tv show and picked it up with a pen but it didn't dawn on me it was evidence until

i had already touched it. The good news is i was wearing gloves if they need a fingerprint they

can get it so i bagged it up i told the manager of the body shop the body shop manager called the

cops that's working on the case notified them and they're on their way and i'm going to turn over

that shell casing to them so they can deal with it. Back to the show

So that is red makeup and there's a 90 % chance that it won't come out

Now that all the craps taken out of it i don't look too bad













uh uh


i'm gonna skip the trunk for now

and to be efficient i'm gonna run the ozone machine and the car while i do the trunk

All right from experience i can tell that is lipstick

If i try to clean it right now it's just gonna smear everywhere and turn the whole area red

So i'm gonna use something that removes oils because this is an oil-based product

Here's my favorite

you can find it everywhere and it works great

Hopefully this will do the trick

Look at that

Now i think what i'll do

Take my rag

Get it soaked in real good

I'm using the spray but uh the liquid you pour out works just as good

I'm sitting here doing this job

and a car pulls up to the stoplight and just throws his freaking drink out

You couldn't pay me to live here

That's why i lived in the middle of nowhere in a town that nobody's ever heard of

I've heard the siren about five times police place going by five different times

and where i live when you hear a siren you're like looking out the window like "What is going on?"

That's about the best it's going to get

All these holes are they got crap in them so quick quick and easy. Watch

Not getting it super soaking wet. Just enough to get that stuff out of the holes

All right. Putting this ozone machine in here for about an hour i'm going to turn the air on

on recirculate. Circulate everything through the vents get the pot smell out of here

Ozone generator amazon link is in the description

It's cheap and effective and you'll make your money back in two jobs

All right while the ozone machine runs and i don't have anything to do it's time for lunch

What's for lunch. Got a bag of beef jerky that i made

pepperoni and cheese. That's all i have for lunch

Oh by the way i washed my hands and sanitized them. I'm usually here about once a month

to do jobs like this or a high profile customer or a high-profile car

They'll have me come and polish it

for a high-profile look. All right break time's over. Time to get back to work

Here's a quick tip for you on the windows

Two towels. Microfiber towel this happens to be blue because i use these on windows

Here is a window microfiber towel it's microfiber but it's almost like a suede

Low pile

Dry towel. Wet towel

Window cleaner happens to be Meguiars

Get your towel nice and wet

Streak free every time

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