Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 11 Reasons Why "Stranger Things" Is Great

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these are 11 reasons why strange things is great

i very much love the sound track you knows

who see who see toot see who see tot hot toddy sea lion toodles

its like naughty but cute butt suspense butt scary

but nice and also feeling like a worm jacket as you are eating some pup tart

as you are eating a pup tart

that was cheerios

i love how the sheriff hooper hooping harper

i love how the sheriff is very obsess with calories

like he is always counting them he like a yoga instructor

its vary funny he is like speaking to elves and they are like halfing an argument

time out we must have samoa but that is 400 calories

and i am only out loud 1200 calories period food and drug administration

like the demon guggenheim is coming and the sheriff is like stop demon googles

do you know how many calories is inside each of us you should eat a tree

its much more rich in fiber israel

i am very excited that the duffel brothers have made this show

i am mean i have always loved their bags so you must love the television show

its like the bag but with less velcro


but still a sticky plot


i love the denver nuggets it looks like a plant but also a dog

and so its like a plug like its running around and making pews and peas every place

but also it can go and eat its like photo synthesizer


my friends was calling the devil goggles a butter face which i think is like juneau

the body looks nice but the face looks like butter

witch i agree with like its just melting schism

like you could put an omelette on the face and wait for two minutes

and then it would be delicious breakfast

i love that sam wise goji from the habit is in this show as well

you know first he finds a ring hanging out with afro and dodo and hobo

and now he is hear to solve some problems i guess he went to a technical commune collage

after hanging out with sour ton

and now he knows how to code in basic good job rude bee

keep it going

i want tell you how he dice

no devil nougat stop eating sam why he is high in cholesterol

i like it when will is possess by smoking the spider men spite

first he is like a cute kitten like hope i like preen algebra

but then he sucks in the smoking spider munching baron thing

and then he adjust

hoop gobble

you know all the time it is so great they are like hey will

urine on the pyrite

bauble gobble trouble

i very much like the hare of stevia the man who is whooping cough

hula hoop

andy is like walking and it is a waving thing you know


hes walking and then he stumps and the hair steel is moving and then combs to your back

its like a boomerang of a hair boomerang a hot meringue

pall riser mad about you more like meth because i did not do good science

and now all the denver nuggets have eating my friends


i love how elvin does not need to touch anything she can just go like

beale street goop sleep

and then everything is fix you know i want to do this

i wood love to make an apple pie but not like touch

the apples the flower and the sugar

i just go to the kitchen and go

reed hoop oh hoop and then hoop oh


what if i dont want to replay to an email from my ant sting i can disco


boom send

like maybe i dont want to film a video about why i like stranger things

baby i should just standing and go

rob goober blue blue blue

these are elevate reasons why stranger things is great

so in the conclusion these was my eleven reasons why strange things with grate

why eleven i do not know

or like what if my sheets are dirty i dont want to streep the bed and go the washing machine

place and every sing no i just go sit down angle ripper ripper bong

ending boom i have cleaned sheets for a weak

dark ate a cot one that mess up so sad for the cat just kitten i hated that cat the enter time

tanks dart

black room and water hum sounds like a museum exhibit hip hip seat

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