Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Till Theke Tal | তিল থেকে তাল | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Mahua Raychowdhury

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"This train of life."

"This train of life. It keeps moving."

"Passengers get up and down."

"Does not keep the news of the train. Does not keep the news."

"This train of life. It keeps moving."

"Passengers get up and down."

"Does not keep the news of the train. Does not keep the news."

"On the way it moves is its happiness."

"And that is tune of it."

"On the way it moves is its happiness."

"And that is tune of it."

"So many people's tear and happiness. Moves in his the legs."

"Train does not keep news. Does not keep news."

"This train of life. It keeps moving."

"Passengers get up and down."

"Does not keep the news of the train. Does not keep the news."

"When was the destination started."

"When did it finish?"

"No one knows. No one knows."

"Who knows that person laughs."

"He loves in unknowing."

"So many light goes away and so many days light come by."

"Train does not keep the news. Does not keep the news."

Hey will fall? - Will not fall.

Hey will not fall. No one will fall I will catch them.

Will not fall.

Will not fall.

No one will fall.

I am standing.


No one will fall.

Hey we gave re.1 for all the goods each.

Gave. - Gave to boro babu too. Station rules.

Now you too. This all are case.

Either give or let me tell to Boro Babu.

No food. Let food rot.

No. No need to tell to Boro Babu. Take whatever you want.

You take . But have to leave the goods. Leave.

Okay then.

Rebhu did the goods put down.

Yes sir.

In the early morning you have drunk.

Who will take out the goods/

I will report against you.

Hey what happened?

Who will put down the goods?

Hey I am there.

Hey kachra.

Yes coming. Coming.

What are you saying? - Will you put down our goods?

I will serve you good booze.

Then at night I will come.

Then do one thing for me.

There that break is there. Let my goods down.

That goods. Okay.

You will put the goods down.

Yes.. Since Motiya is saying.

I will report against you.

What he will put the goods down?

That fat tummy.. - You shut up.

Take him out of the track. Hey that drunkard.

What you are pulling him here and there.

Get up you drunkard.

Day and night just keep drinking.

Hey where did you go?

Hey what happened?

Ooh I am not dead. In the worship room.


What dear? Did you fall down?

Pumpkin has fallen down.

I had thought you have fallen down.

Yes for you I am a pumpkin.

Like a pumpkin I am rolling in your family.

And with that pumpkin curry you are having with the paratha.

For heaven sake. Why will you be a pumpkin to me?

Chi chi do not say such word Boro babu.

God will be angry. - You stop.

Deck of no work. Put the vegetables nicely.

Now quickly go and take bath.

After giving you breakfast I will go out.

Today I do not feel like to take bath.

Do not feel to take bath. - No.

For how many days will you not take bath and stay?

It's about to be month.

In your desire the family will not run.

You have to take bath today.

Come. - Hey no. No.

Pick up your hands.

Why is these religious stones?

On you ill people's sight has fallen.

Understood. Keep the religious stones carefully.

Mother. Mother. Please give me food.

I go.

I cannot eat so much.

Where is tea? - Day and night by having tea.

What have you done to your health?

The ribs are going to powder.

In two sip drink the milk. - So much of milk.

I cannot. - Where so much? It's so little.

You know in meat increases and milk increases milk.

And increase in beauty and spinach increase..

You head.

Now have your food.

Eat. Nice eat. Eat well. Take this.

I had called you all.

Have heard everything.

Definitely you can understand that today you will no more sit quiet.

No we will not.

We have to go to house to house and let people know about it.

This is the work of the Mahila Samiltie.

For women we want to do something.

And knowing this there will be many people to put problem in it.

If they put problem. Will we leave them?

Will not finish them.

Please see is it all right?

Wow very nice it's been.

You immediately post it. - All right.

We from this Mahila Samitie is looking for a helping organization.

For that we have given letter to DM and minister.

Okay for few days I am not seeing Bakul.

On this side she is not coming to the singing class too.

For two days Bakul has not come.

There is lot of tension in her house.

Staying in the uncle's house she is just facing all troubles.

It's better to keep her in the school. - Yes.

Since she is not coming for few days.

Then we should take information about her.

Let's go then to her uncle house.

Will you go. Come.

Yes is this the way you are washing the utensils?

Royal daughter's hands do not work.

Learning the books have become a Madam.

And over here all the works are kept.

Everything will be done aunty.

Ooh god you have not washed the things separately.


Hey leave that I am saying.

Throw it. Will not throw.

You will not throw.

Then you yourself have it.

What happened?

What have you done this?

Have done the right thing.

Ask your loving niece?

Have burnt be day and night.

You throw her off. Thrown her off.

She will destroy us. - Yes.

That is what I can see.

Her qualities are increasing day by day.

On the street too I am hearing many things.

Now in the house too.


Now leave. No need to cry with so much of effort.

All artificial.

Throw her. Throw her off.

Yes. That is what I will do.

Will kick her and get her off.

What happened?

Hey you burnt face look what have you done?

Look. Destruction has happened to me.

Fan me. - Here is the fan.

Bakul. Here is Bakul.

What happened Maneka di?

What will I say sister?

Look what this burnt face girl has done just look.

She has burnt all my bones and muscles.

Does not go down of my shoulders.

She is let his die.

Who knows who is controlling?

Now I see that you will not get the girl out and be relieved.

Do not cry Bakul. Do not cry.

In the childhood you lost your parents.

Who will know your pain say? All your fate.

Do not cry. Everything will be fine.

Tomorrow in time come to the office.

So much of love.

If you would have born her in her own womb.

A motherless pine tree.

Just big talks.

Hey why are you standing?

Clean them utensils.

I am stopping your going out in the society by booming you.

Mother. Mother. Ooh mother.

Please see this irresponsible child.

Yes Sarkar babu is all the police sir cool.

All clear. - Clear.

Threw them the bundle of money.

All cool.


You come now.

Mother. Ooh mother.

You have called me father.

Yes. Yes I had called you dear. Sit. Sit.

Was saying dear Ratan.

You passed three three.

Now give some interest in father's business.

Business sets Lakhi.

This goo down wholesalers' all you do ..

..then you will see rag full of money will come.

What will happen doing all those being teacher?

I can keep 5 -5 teachers like you.

That I know father.

But I am not in your those blind business.

You have to stop all those.

Business of darkness?

What such crime have I committed..

.. that on your wish I have to stop all my business.

Leave all those naughtiness. Come this way.

What naughtiness did I do?

Eating your own house why will you go out to graze other's buffalo?

Why will you go to run the Mahila Shamitie?

All those women group.

They do social welfare.

That is why I help. - Social service they do.

There Haren Ghose's niece don't she go there?

We both work together.

That work you have to leave.

Dear Ratan.

Just give a bit of interest In business.

You will see money is coming from the roof.

I do not need such kind of money.

Babu is having a ego.

Has read the verse on him. Verse.

Haren Ghose's niece Bakul.

"A small house surrounded by a flower full of garden."

"Over there me and you will stay."

"Will keep the name of love."

"Will keep the name of love."

"A small house surrounded by a flower full."

"In the chirping of the birds."

"Will full our heart."

"The honey bee singing on the sunny autumn season's morning."

"We will wear the attire of the flower."

"Will keep the name of love."

"Will keep the name of love."

"Apart you I do not want anything."

"If you stay near me what else do I want?"

"So much of happiness I do not get in anything else."

"Apart from you I do not want anything."

"What will heart want you say?"

"After crossing the limit of sky."

"What will heart want you say?"

"After crossing the limit of sky."

"The colors from the rainbow in feast full will collect.."

".. and with that in two hands will draw so many dreams together."

"Will keep the name of love."

"Will keep the name of love."

"A small house surrounded by a flower full of garden."

"Over there me and you will stay."

"Will keep the name of love."

"Will keep the name of love."


You are saying to me.

You are that miser Gopi Mitra's son?

Over here you are sinking sinking drinking water.

No I mean Bakul. - Stop it.

You father has a illegal work.

And you too over here have started all illegal work.

For two days you will roam around and then being a good son..

..of the father will marry a rich girl. These all will not work here.

No no. Aunty what are you saying all these?

This all will never happen. - Aunty.

Do not mind dear. You father is not good.

Please do not hurt her. She is a very unhappy girl.

Come one da to my quarter. Near is my quarter.

Bakul bring him one day. All right.

But I will not leave you father.

I am Kulo Damoktar's daughter.

I will cool him for sure.

Whatever you say Haren your niece will be kept like a queen by our Shashi.

You have said the right thing sir.

God has given him enough.

You will not have any unhappiness.

You just be relaxed. Just like marriage expenses.

Girl expenses you need.

Shasi bhai will immediately provide you with hundreds.

Babu all your blessing.

What a fate of Bakul?

Fate has caught her.

Mitir moshai I am a bit a patient of High blood pressure.

Late night going to sleep is prohibited.

If marriage can be finished a bit quickly.

Will happen. Happen.

Do not get so impatient.

Let the holy time come. Have tobacco.

Bhuti did not bring the sweets.

Will surely bring.

Night will pass well that only what I want.

Jai Tara. Jai Baba Bhairav.

Baba so many sweets.

Give me one a bit.

I am a boy of Brahmin saying. Give.

You will have sweets? Shut up.

Rati. Ooh bhai Rati.

Please give Rasogolla.

Ooh so many sweets where will it go?

Marriage party Maa Janani.

Gopi Mitra's order.

Haren's house we need to send them.

He is selling his niece so..

Today is Bakul's marriage.

Maa janani you sweets. - Send to my house.

Lord of fire. - Lord of fire.

All bull shit. Hey this marriage will not happens.

Get up. Get up.

Wearing the throne have come to marry. Hey come.

Mahila Samitiee live long.

live long.

Mahila Samitiee live long. - Live long.

What is the matter?

What is the matter that you can say better Mitir Moshai.

Chi chi knowingly you are drawing a calm girl into the water.

Means. - For how much of money have you sold that girl to that old man?

How much commission have you got?

This marriage will happen.

Hey priest.

Start the verse and complete it.

Press the vermillion.

Press the vermillion? I am pressing. Hey listen.

Come this side. Enter inside.

Listen right now you will go to the house of Maa Lakhi.

Along with two constables right now they should come over here.

You have to tie this old man and have to take him.

Go. Then I am showing.

Then I am showing how will put vermillion on whom.

Ooh Mitir moshai. Why police and all that?

Aah you be quiet.

I am looking. - Chi chi Mitir Moshai.

Does your heart do not have a bit of kindness and sympathy?

For your own profit you are going to sacrifice this girl.

You stop. Who will keep such kind of girl?

Who will take the responsibility? - I will take the responsibility.

You are showing me fear.

Bakul come. Come along with me. Come here.

Hey this is not good happening.

I am Kulona Mukatar's daughter.

I can easily take the responsibility of a girl.

You will forcefully take away my would be wife.

Who will give my 10000?

Ooh Mitir moshai? Ooh Haren babu?

My 10000 rupees. - Ooh bridegroom.

Why are you getting so worried?

Mitir babu has lot of money.

He will you.

Kalyan. - Yes didi.

Listen if something happens. Then fight back.

Do not be afraid. - Okay.

Took away my would be wife and went back.

Money. - Okay. Only money.

I am old man.

Save him.

Save me. Save.

Shy is the ornament of the girl.

This is what you have owned.

"Hey people tell I am a mistake."

"I am intoxicated."

"Man and boys move around me here and there."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"Hey people tell I am a mistake."

"I am intoxicated."

"Man and boys move around me here and there."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"Hey boy take dear."

"Shahi is a big fire."

"Hey boy take dear."

"Shahi is a big fire."

"Swings the young heart."

"Swings the young heart."

"I am mad and you too mad."

"Hey boy take dear."

"Hey beat the Dholak."

"Dholak. In the tune you dance."

"Hey beat the Dholak. Dholak."

"In the tune you intoxication my legs keep dancing."

"In the wind of flows on flower. Bee has come."

"Man and boys move near around me."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"Hey with the twine heart keep on swinging."

"Bring something intoxicating. I am unable to bear."

"Here am i. your man."

"Here am i. your man."

"Be get intoxicated in the song. Sing song."

"Dance dance my Bulbul."

"Hey go go."

"My twin heart men get fire of me."

"Bring something intoxicating."

"I am unable to bear."

"Hey with the twine heart keep on swinging."

"Bring something intoxicating."

"I am unable to bear."

"I assume that let me sit be intoxicated."

"What is your intoxication that you are sitting?"

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

"People blame me."

"I am intoxicated."

"Man and boys move near around me."

"I feel like laughing."

"I feel like laughing."

Again started Didi.

Because of them I do not have any option for study.

For these drunkard too I think I have .. leave all the worship and everything.

The main culprit is that Motiya.

Even you say still she does not hear.

Let me see. What can I do?

Hey what is happening? What is happening?

Hey. Hey stop.

What have you all thought of? This is a booze house.

Have you all got a place.

We are just enjoying a bit.

Enjoying a bit. - Maiji. Maiji.

Just having a color. - Shut up.

The main culprit is that girl.

Ooh sir.

Do not speak slang.

What will you do? Will beat me.

Sapna call Master babu once.

I am going. - Okay okay call.

Call babu. Let me see what can he do?

What will he do? What will he do.

Do you want to see what can he do?

Will beat and cool you off.

Will get you off the intoxication.

Shut up.

Why are you over here at this time?

Since you do not come. That is why I have to come.

Due to the smell of drink and shouting of..

..this people can we stay in the house?

But at this time.. - And when I said they are saying what will he do?

But at this time nothing can be said.

They are all drunk now. Will tell them latter.

You put oil to their feet. I cannot.

You feel very nice to see the girl's dance?

Chi chi.

Hey babu this is a holiday time.

We will dance and sing.

Shut up. You have gone much high.

If I am unable to stop your this boozing then my name Is not Netro Kalin.

I am going. - Where?

police station. - Ooh god. - To report.

Move away. - Hey listen dear.

Hey Netra Kali.

Hey you all. - Stop.

Listen. Disaster has happened.

Bhabhi has made a report against you and police is coming with their group.

Clean off everything. You all go away from here.

Hey your big big pots hide them under the ashes.

Hey why will we hide?

Whatever booze is there all I will drink.

What will the police come and do? Will he catch me In the stomach?

Did not get anything Chtto babu. - Was there.

In the breeze we can smell booze.

Definitely they have hidden something somewhere.

Let me see.

No no. Chotto Huzur.

You need not have to take the pain.

You are getting the smell rightly.

The actual matter is they all purchase from the shop and they have some.

That is why?

Why do you all doubt Babu?

Someone falsely complained that we sell Booze.

Hey you all do not shout.

Softly sing the lord's song.

Okay. Softly.

Okay. If you all cross the limit.

Will tie rope in the waist.

Ooh my loving waist.

Thine waist.

What are you saying dear? So many things happened yesterday.

Yes Malik. Station gini complained in the police station.

Police can and searched.

Jai Tara. Jai Tara.

Nothing got caught.

Moved away everything before only.

One day be quiet.

Let me see what can be done on this side.

Then looking at the situation again will start the business of the Booze.

I will look that Master gini.

You do not think anything. Do not think anything.

If not that Gini then at least will get that Bhojo Govindo..

..will be transferred by my complain.

Made such a big loss that scoundrel woman.

All the days profit went away.

Do not cry. Do not cry.

Take. Take the money. Money.

I am looking. I am looking what can be done?

You do not be sad new mother.

Father's in this dark business I was unable to keep myself entangled.

With a mere job of a teacher I have to go away.

Can't you do teacher's job from here.

No. That cannot happen.

I have to.. I have to stand by myself in my feet.

That is why thinking of giving my M.A. staying in the boarding.

That is why I have to go.

You bless me.

I go.

Namaskar teacher sir. Namaskar(hello).

Hey Pratap Babu.

After many days. - Sit.

Now say what is the news? What news?

I think the sugar mill will no more run. - Why?

Unable to get profit.

And more over unable to get labor.

This is a problem. Big problem.

Thinking that I will go to Guri babu once.

Why will you go to Guri babu? - If he gives supply of sugarcane.

Sugarcane. Go right now.

Go quickly.



Hey Sabu bhai?

Clear. Yes clear.

Let everything go to ashes. First control your goods train.

My goods train?

Your that clever wife.

Then will I control my wife?

Or else will I control your wife?

Listen your wife has pulled a storm in this heart of Lalganj. - What?

Yes she has touched this Gopi Mitir's business.

What are you saying? - Has separated my son from his own house.

Ask her to stay in a controlled manner.

What you are saying that I cannot understand.

Will understand. Everything you will be able to understand.

If you wife does not stay controlled and work then I will complain..

..a joint recommendation and get you transferred from ..

.. this Lalganj to Govindpur. - Govindpur. - Yes.

No I will. You will stand and sit.

This Gopi Mitir is giving you the last warning.

What is the matter Boro babu?

Why did he come angrily and went away like a storm?

Let him go away. You go and give the tickets.

Gopi Mitir is a rich man.

There is no limit to his ill thoughts.

If suddenly I loss my job.

I am staying well here.

Without asking I am getting this and that.

Apart from that from other ways to something is coming.

Peaceful job. - Whose job do you do?

Rail company's or Gopi Mitir? - Rail company.

Then why are you afraid of Gopi Mitir? - Exactly.

And the job which can go away by the complain of Gopi Mitir.

That job should go away.

Job will go away. What will I eat?

If one year you do not eat. Still you will not die.

Do not be so afraid. Come.

Where? - Police station. - Police staion.

Will make a diary and then straight to father.

Let hit one. - Ooh god.

Stop. What I was saying that?

What is use to do all those police and all those?

Come come.

Ooh god the bell has rung.

Let me leave two train and then I am coming.

Hey wait. Wait for a while.

Go. Ringing that bullshit bell and do the job.

I am also a Puroda Muktar's daughter.

Let me see what can I do? - Ooh god.

I will die. I will die.


Hare Krishna. Hare Ram.

Krishna Krishna Hare hare.

Naru dear do not beat him so hard.

Hare Krishna. Hare hare. do not beat.

Come here. Come here.

Naru. What is the need to beat so hard?

Kesto is there.

Beat with a stick on the head it will get divided into two parts.

Sir my head now only its broken.

And has started bleeding.

I will not do mistake anymore.

Its bleeding. - Blood is flowing.

You will do a mistake and the blood will not flow.

Then the name will go.

Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna.

Listen listen. Go to the police station now.

Make a diary. - I will not be able to do a diary.

Listen. Will you let me say?

Beat him.

Ooh god. Ooh god. Listen to what I am saying?

First go to the police station and make a diary showing the blood.

Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna. Ooh god. I am dead.

Ooh god.

Lord all your wish.

What else is my work? Nothing.

Ooh Bishu.

Come dear. Come.

Your matter of breaking the grains. - Yes.

I will not do any case.

For that if I loss the field.

So stupid right Naru.

Will not do case? - No. - Why?

Understood. You fear blood.

Yes sir.

Shedding of blood you have fear.

Ooh dear if blood goes you be a devotee.

Bone breaks then bone will grow.

Wife will run then will have a wife.

But dear if field will go then will field get returned.

Let the field go. Keep it.

I will not do a case. - What you say dear?


He has lot of fear of blood.

So there will be no blood shedding.

Naru take him and open his knee ball.

No. - Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna.

Please save me.

Hey he is running away. - Catch him. Catch him.

You did not eat anything didi.

I do not eat at odd time dear.

What a great fate of fine? You have come to my home.

But have to come frequently.

You have become a member of the Mahila Samitee.

Come when there is a meeting.

But he does not like me going out.

I have heard a lot about you all.

Thought of going but..

But in the house and outside all annoyance.

Except my son Ratan.

He is my step son I am not saying for that reason.

Ratan is my golden piece of son.

For him he too has to go away. People will I am the reason.

Will say that step mother so cannot see the boy.

No no why will anyone say so?

Rattan has said everything to us.

And more so has said about your crime against you.

That is why dear I have come running to you.

Mahila Samitee's members together have.. oppose against the crime of men on women.

And apart from that you have heard about Bakul too.

Have heard didi. Bakul is a very nice girl.

I had a desire to get her married to son ..

..and bring her home as my daughter in law.

But fate did not favour.

Do not be sad for this. We are there.

Yes dear. If god desire that will only happen dear Kusum.

You do not think. You do not know him didi.

Day and night burst like a bomb.

Went to say for the son.

Said that he will take me off the house.

Strange thing.

You have to revolt against him. - Definitely.

You will show equal power.

Let's see who will take whom out?

Will show power. - Yes yes. Will show power.

I being a single person show the power.

You show him thrice the time of power to him.

And you know if women do not have power..

..they can never do the house of the husband.

How much he screams.

You scream thrice the time of his.

Then you will see everything is cool.

But if he takes me off the house.

Mahila Samitee's boarding is there. You go over there.

Right thing. And more so Bakul is working.

Get your son and daughter in law married and stay along with them.

You have said the right thing.

Then I will do so didi. - Okay so I come.

Need to pick some donation.

Come. I come. - Okay.

Take this Puran Dhar.

The way I have taught you.

You will say exactly that way.

You remember that on your words the water of Mirpur is depended.

Main thing is that I will not allow the people of Mirpur to take water.

You be tension free.

Water they will not get.

I will spoil there case completely.

Jai Tara. Jai Tara.

You do not worry anything. Sarkar Moshai is there.

That 25th I have a case.

We will go and quickly return back.

You do not worry so much.

Sarkar will be there that will be enough.

Remember that Kulotar Muktar is standing.

Ooh god.

Kulota Muktar?

I keep him in my pocket.

Huzur I party have a request that from..

.. that filed near the puskar has been ..

..getting water for harvesting of Mirpur.

So to get the water was there right.

But dam constructor Gupinath Mitra.

Has refused that and has stopped giving the water.

And using money he has done enough of destruction to them.

I object. Your honour.

Never was the water taken from that pond.

There was lotus and fishing done from before.

Huzur let the witness say.

Say. Say. Was there fishing done?

Yes sir fishing used to happen lord of law.

Big big fish and with the lotus used to get covered that pond.

I have seen by my own eyes huzur.

And last year I have done fishing myself too.

You have caught fish by yourself.

Yes huzur. 10-12 kg Rui fish.

And lotus too used to happen huzur.

And by my own eyes I have seen lotus bloom in that pond.

Huzur blue lotus too used to bloom.

Blue lotus? - You have seen to bloom. Yes Huzur by my own eyes.

Blue Lotus.

Huzur you are lord of law.

In the era of seller Ram Chandra.

Had worshipped lord with the blue lotus.

After that no one ever saw blue lotus.

After the seller.

Dapor and then this new era.

In this new era great sacred man our witness this Purandar Babu.

Mirpur's that pond has witnessed blue lotus.

Please note it Huzur.

That will be red lotus sir.

Yes Huzur. That will be red lotus.

Then it will turn yellow Huzur. - Yes Huzur it will be yellow.

Order. Order.

Is there anything else you need to ask?

Huzur lets call the next witness.

Wait Purandar Babu. - Why him again?

There is a need.

A slight need Is there.


Witness by his own mouth has said he has by his ..

..own hand had fished 10-12 kg of fish.

Yes Huzur. I have caught 10-12kg fish.

You have caught by your own hands. - Yes.

Open the cloth of your body. - I object.

Witness is being insulted.

Huzur let the cloth of the body be taken off.

Huzur why is the need to pull the cloth and all?

You stop. There is a need.

Huzur let him be said. You remove the cloth on your body.

Lord of law.

Just by the left hand from that jungle of blue lotus.. was he able to catch fish of 10-12kg.

Please examine that.

Huzur he is a professional lire witness.

Over here too he has lied.

No. No huzur.

I object you my lord.

Huzur taking this case he has given wrong witness to 262 cases.

I will today kill you.

Muktar he will keep In his pocket.

Straight blue lotus.

All lies.

Will kill him.

All lies.

Jai Prabhu. Jai Gour Nitay.

Jai Prabhu.

All filled with sin.

Ooh god.

I will take you name there is no way of that too lord.

Uff what wheel have you thrown me.

Whatever. Yes Naru.

Yes. Listen.

In the evening train I am going to Lauganj to look my daughter.

Is it? Really. - Yes.

Hakim sir has given you Namaskar.

Go go. Say I am coming.

Hakim sir.

Passing law from the barrister has become a Hakim.

What will he understand the twists of the law?

Exactly. - Hakim.


After meeting Hakim sir I am going straight to the station.

Understood. - Okay.

You come from there. I will manage this side.

Take this. Secretly take two pull of the cigarette and then throw off.


Sit. Sit.

Sit. - Yes.

Jai Nitai.

Tell sir.

I was thinking to consult regarding the case.

Kalicharan Gosh Vs Rebati Saha.

Kalicharan Gosh Vs Rebati Saha.


This is one sided.

One sided. Means Rebati Nandan has three son.

Two son has been sided.

And his third son's son she did not side.

Is that? - Yes.

This is one sided act prone case.

On the hearing day dismiss it.

Leave dear. Leave.

Jai Nitai. Jai Gour.

Her name is Bakul father.

I was speaking regarding her. - Okay.

In the three generation apart from her cruel uncle no one is there for hers.

Her uncle tried to get her married to a old man.

Okay.- If I was not there..

All his wish.

Jai Nitai. Jai Gour.

Done a good thing by bringing her dear.

Ooh dear you had spoken about Ratan.

I cannot see him.

During this time he teaches few poor kids.

Oh. He will come..

There he has come.

Jai Nitai. Jai Gour.

Bow down my father.

Leave dear. Leave.

Leave. Sit.

Wow dear I see in the dynasty of devil lord has born.

So being son of Gopi Mitir.

Leaving all the business you have gone into teaching line.

All those I do not like. - With them I have fallen into big trouble father.

Gopi Mitir is warning your son in law and is warning my Mahila Samitee too.

He is warning the Mahila Samitee?

And what is he saying you know? - What is he saying?

Saying that he will sun us from lawganj.

Will shun you from Lawganj.

Jai Nitai. Jai Gour.

So much of courage. - Do something father.

Wait. Wait.

I will purchase a land in this Lawganj and build your house.

You will fix and stay there.

Let me see how he get you off.

Jai Nitai. Jai Gour.

Whatever. Leave all those mere thoughts.

Come lets take the name of lord. Come.

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"Madhav along with Radha."

"So much of love in the air."

"Slowly in all the soul and heart."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"Madhav along with Radha."

"So much of love in the air."

"Slowly in all the soul and heart."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"In the inpatient night."

"Slowly you smile."

"Sweetly you speak."

"In the inpatient night."

"Slowly you smile."

"Sweetly you speak."

"Rich with honey."

"King of sweetness."

"In sweetness in all the colors."

"In sweetness in all the colors."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"The Swing which swings."

"Today in a colorful you are dressed in beauty."

"Stay in this place and sing in that place."

"Stay in this place and sing in that place."

"Sweetly you sing the flute."

"Sweetly you sing the flute."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"Madhav along with Radha."

"So much of love in the air."

"Slowly in all the soul and heart."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it."

"The Swing which swings."

"There is no comparison of it. The Swing which swings."

What are you all eating?

Bakul Ratan eat.

We are eating grandfather.

Where are you all eating? This is a food of the bird.

What is this?

Sweet made of bottle gourd. Will I give a bit more?

Great it's been.

Will not that be. Jai Nitai.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's favourite food it was.

Sweet made of bottle gourd.

Will not be good to eat?

Will give a bit more? - Not more aunty.

I will have this again another day.

Definitely you will have. You know.

In this Bhaisnav caste.

There is a rule in offering food.

What? Will you hear it?- Yes.

Means until you jump like a tiger on the food.

Till then keep on giving.

Now give. A bit more to me.

Give. Great.

Where is that station master?


No. I have not come to sit.

I have given you everything.

That you will give. But did you say?

Yes. - Had said. Listen.

Along with a group signature I will get all of them resigned.

Yes Mitir Moshai.


What Mitir Moshai? Is everything fine?



Was saying that because of the help ..

..of Boro babu getting all the wagon on time.

What dear is all the right right wagon going?

Yes right.

Then I come babu. - Come. Come.

So I come. Kuloda Muktar.

Speaks lot of nonsense talks.

I sit. You stand a bit.

Yes you. - Who? - Listen.

What was he screaming and saying?

Where he was not saying anything.

He was warning him and went away. You be quiet.

Let her speak.

Then you will say.

Gopi Mitir person is bad.

Very bad.

Wait I will show you the fun.

Listen. If Gopi Mitir say anything.

Hey the bell.

To hell with the bell.

Yes listen. If Gopi Mitir say anything then you come to me and inform me.

Alright. - Understood.

Come. - Lets come.


To ring the bell on the second. - Okay.

Then Motiya.

You keep on fighting I am there. Where is the fear?

Hey Malik.

For you I will do this work latter you will not kick me off.

Hey no. What are you saying Motiya?

I so much you.

I have lot of work left. I am going now.

Wait. Listen. Listen.

You will not get afraid. You keep on fighting.

I am there. As much money you need I will give you.

Again you come.

Yes that Masterni's father that Muktar.

If he again does a case then?

Will do a case then..

Kulta Muktar will do a case. I am there.

Why are you getting afraid?

Hey listen.

Who? You are saying to me.


Why like a thief you are running around?

Ooh god. - Ooh god.

Why do you come to this house now and then?

I will not say anything.

What I am asking you? Answer that.

You get the answer by yourself didi.

What did you say?

As much big the mouth is not there that much big your talks.

Yes. You cannot control your man.

Then all the mistake is mine.

Strange thing.

You are the culprit of all the problems.

You will no more come to this house.

If the bird comes on the way of kite ..

..then whose mistake is of kite or the bird?

You control your own man.


What is the matter? Why are you crying?

Do not say anything didi. I am destroyed.

What are you saying?

That booze seller girl.

She insulted me so badly openly.

Who? That Motiya.

So much of courage.


So much she has got the courage because of your husband.

And you with your mouth shut. After knowing everything.

What else will I do say?

Now I can understand her purpose.

Moving me and Ratan from the house.

He wants to have family with that Motiya.

Is that?

You do not think so much sister.

I will making all the arrangements.

What will I do say?

I am not able to anymore.

Why are you crying

In this face does cry look good?

Listen. You sit in your place.

Let me see what I can I do?

Come along with me.

What have you said? To that Mahila Samitee.

Coming in my house and show me power.

Your that Mahila Samitee and that Station ginni.

Both I will finish off.

Let that go off.

New wife.

Today in the grain factory five people will come for inspection.

They will have lunch over here.

You will prepare for them mutton curry..

..pointed gourd curry, fish curry and sweet.

And for sweet and curd from the market.

Are you listening?

I cannot cook.

You will not be able to means? - I cannot manage all your such problems.

Ooh Mahila Samitee has given verse in your ears.

One person's hears verse was given.

I have got him out. I will out you too.

Great brave work you have done.

Only son. That too you have got him out of the house.

Now you are saying that you will get me out too.

Okay. I will go. Will stay in the boarding.

Or will get my son married and stay in his family.

Yes yes. Do so. And after that..

After that bring that booze seller girl.

Run the fountain of booze In the house.

Hey I warn you. Do not speak nonsense.

Huzur. - Just wait. I am coming.

Bakul this time Goshai has done a tight case.

Now I think some thing will surely happen.

Aah what are you say?

Boys are very naughty.

Cannot wait for two days.

Look you too are working. I am also working.

Then where is problem to have our family?

Don't you want? - Have I said so.

But.. - But what?


I am going all right.

Yes you both. I was looking for you too.

Today I will give food to the lord.

Come to take the offering.

Yes definitely. Will feed me the bottle gourd sweet too aunty.

Definitely I will give you. What is big about?

Yes Sapna.

You got to mile that the bottle gourd plants..

.. which are there near the station side.

Bring a young gourd from there.

Okay didi. But you come soon.


What are you both doing here bunking the school?

Was going to class. Suddenly meet him.

For botanic class came to find plant.

Came to look for botanic plant.. Let me see your hands.

Show me. Why are you feeling shy?

Show me that hand.

Botanical leave. Show me.

Name of this is botanical leave. - Yes.

No. No. No. Yes.

Bunking the school you are having love here.

What has happened these days of the girls?

God only knows. Only love you and love you.


Ustad. - What say?

Give to sip to the engine.

You will see the engine will surely take the speed.

Is it donkey.

That beat him and it will run. Water is falling.

But the soil.

What dear? Till now you are looking.

Which one you will cut? In the bamboo forest.

You are blind. Cut this one. Why are you cutting that one.

This one. - Yes.


Ooh god. My bottle gourd.

My bottle gourd. Why have you taken my bottle gourd?

Why have you taken my bottle gourd?

Thief. Dacoit.

What I have stolen? Its grown in the bushes.

Then you are saying that this is my bottle gourd.

I warn you. Give the bottle gourd or else..

What? What will you do?

What will I do. Can't you take it?

Hey Billa. Hey save me.

Save me.

Hey who is screaming say?

Motiya. - Hold her.

Can't you beat her.

Beat her.

What are you doing?

Will not allow you to take.

Badhua Rey.

I will kill you.

Catch her.

Beat. Beat. Beat hard.

What are you doing? Don't you have strength in the body?

Don't you have rice?

More strongly. More strongly.

Ooh god. She killed me.



Don not step a single step forward I say.

Why will we not?

I am saying do not step a single step forward. - She is beating her.

Now why are you feeling afraid?

If you step a single step will cut into pieces.

Hey what has happened? What has happened?

Who is beating Motiya? Who is beating Motiya?

Hey see. See.

She beat me. She beat you.

You wife has beaten her. - Yes.

Your wife has beaten me.

Motiya which Motiya you are?

Who has beaten my Motiya?

Where is Motiya?

Here is Motiya.

Yes Motiya.

Ooh Motiya..

Hey you all are screaming over here.

And at 12 the local need to left. Come.

First say why Master gini beat Motiya?

First the justice will be done then the train will go.

Yes. Then the train will go.

Come the justice will be done to masterji. Come.

Train stop.

Train will not run.

Beating Motiya will not do.

Justice need to be made or else the wheels stopped.

Tain stop. - Completely stopped.

Or request need to be fulfilled.

Need to fulfilled.

All our demands have to be fulfilled.

Injustice on Motiya will not run.

Our demands need to be fulfilled.

Our demands..

What you are having a pot full of Rosogolla in the station police.

No.. I was..

Didi is Mahila Samitee's chairman.

Around the station side drunkard's group sit.

We had opposed against that.

Taking that chance. That booze seller girl has beaten her.


What a matter?

Girls are fighting and that too for a single bottle gourd fight.

Then for that police station.

If required that too we have to do.

This is the prestige of the Mahila Samitee.

Take the medical certificate. Write the diary.


Diary means?

All those meaning I understand.

Until in the left hand we do not give anything nothing happens right?

N o no. What are you saying all these?

There is no meaning of money. No no.

I was saying what is need of all these?

From where what will happen. That cannot be said.

There is a saying when you pull head.. No.

If you pull ear. Head comes.

That is why such mere problems.

You all are benefited from all these.

Money will come to your pocket.

was saying will you take the diary or will I need to make the petition?

No. - Today cooking stopped.

I have to go out right now. - Okay.

Why are you getting angry? Why are you all standing?

Diary. - Remove the pot from here.

Remove the pot. Where will I keep?

Yes say. - What is happening?

Ooh brother will the train not run?

No brother I cannot say.

Give give. - Uncle marriage will not happen.

Ooh uncle. Wait. Wait let me see.

Jai Hari baba. Rail has become a play.

This is the play of rail Bhairav.

Fan here.

Over here.

Give money.

Everything is full of sin.

Give. Give mother give.

Jai Bhairav.

We will just not stop just by writing a diary.

We will write to the minister too.

Troubling our chairman in such a manner. Will not work.

Definitely we will fail this ill plan.

Yes fail it. Fail it.

Hey do not know anything just fail it. Fail it.

Go and sit in your place.

Aunty. Aunty. Disaster has happened.

Why what has happened? - Lauganj's train has been stopped.

Not leaving the local train.

People are stranded with the goods and things.

People are just blaming on Mahila Samitee.

They want to say that we have stopped the train. - Never.

This all the work of that drunkard girl.

We have to revolt against it.

We are against stopping the train.

Bakul, Ratan Nibedita.

You all get out right now. Inform all our members.

Let them come right now here.

Everyone together will stop the ill work. - Definitely.

Mahila Samitee live long.


Play has come.

All train has become a play.

Train will not run.

What do you say babu?

Train stop. - I am giving. I have two hands.

Give. Give two rupees change.

Hey Pocha. - Give.

Jai rail Bhairav jai.

Left right. Left right.

Left right. Left right.

Right turn. Left right.



Listen inspector.

This is a cut bottle gourd.

Safe 1.

Very important.

No one should take it from here as free.

I am going to the headquarter. Will give information.

You all keep a watch on it. Understood.

Left. Right.

Left. Right.

Left. Right.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Live long.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Live long.

Move your back.

From now the wheel of the train is stopped.

You have to obey our request.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Wheel of the train will go. - Will run.

Wheel of the train will go. - Will run.

Gopir Mitir be dead.

Gopir Mitir be dead.

Ooh master. Master. Yes.

Will the train not go anymore?- No.

Train will not go.

Ooh uncle. Do not say uncle that train will not go.

Then will say that he will not get married.

If train do not run master.. - Yes.

If my nephew do not get married.

Then I will curse you.

Will curse me .. - You will not have any family any further.

Does not have a family what will I have a no family in future.

Master babu. - Yes dear.

Will I really not get married?

Wheel will run and you will get married too.

It will run. - Yes. - You have said correctly.

Will get married. Ooh uncle.

Master babu said that I will get married.

Gone mad to marry.

Hey Nanda. Close the door.

If anyone ask say that I am not there. - Okay.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Karta. Karta.

What happened?

There. Such a big procession.

Can't you see that.

Netai. Do one thing.

From the grain factory bring some maid girls .

They will just eat and scream. - Okay. - Go.

All bull shit. Hey you all scream.

Mahila Samitee be dead.

Mahila Samitee be dead.

Mahila Samitee be dead.

All these injustice will not work.

Inqlab zindabad.

You have to accept our demand.

You have to accept our demand.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Wheel of the rain is running will be running.

Wheel of the rain is running will be running.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Gopi Mitir be dead.

The labor of all the world come together.

The labor of all the world come together.

Live long.

Wheel of the rain is running will be running.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Ladies scream and say. Gopi Mitir be dead.

The country has gone to hell.

Where the bottle gourd got cut and the train has stopped.

Throughout the world this is going on.

From a small issue becomes a big.

Here see from which hospital a girl ran away with a needle.

And to find that needle lakhs of rupees are being wasted.

Leave all those.

Where will you get to see if the train is stopped.

That arrangement I have made.

You know I do not eat bad things. I have a kept a original thing.

Is it? Then let the train be stopped.

Here take this. Continue the strike.

Yes strike will surely continue. I will run.

But for booze some..

She does not give me. Here take it.

Do not have more. - No no.

Strike will continue.

Hey moti you go to the platform.

And i am coming..

Listen from here you straight go to the grain factory.

Over there you see if Netai has be able to arrange those women to scream.

All right. Will definitely scream.

Cutting the gourd will not work.

Wait. Hey wait where are you taking all the money.

Hey boss has given.

Okay go. I go to your feet. Okay take.

Will scream loudly.

Cutting the gourd will not be done.

Strike will not continue. No strike will continue.

Baba give for the lord.

Like this people do not give anything.

In the name of the lord everyone gives.

Ooh baba.. if we give money will the rail run.

Yes yes it will. Give the money.

Ooh uncle. Uncle. - What dear?

Train will start.

It will start the mind is not in right state.

Going to the marriage house and having fried food.

Will you have? - No.

Father. Father.

I will no more keep this life of mine.

There is no benefit by staying in so much of insult.

Why what has happened?

Just have come to meet you for the last time.

What are you saying? You should not say so.

Be quiet. Tell me what has happened?

Many things have happened.

Many things.. - Ratan sit over here. Head broken.

What is the matter? Be quiet. Calm down.

Came by the train.

Now sit a bit. - Yes .

I will hear you. - No only hearing will not do.

You have to bring a solution to it.

Yes I will do so. Will fight.

You will fight. - Yes I will fight.

Then I sit. - Yes you sit.



Ram Kishan there has a order come.

You will keep a watch on it.

There should be no harm done to the bottle gourd.

Yes sir. - Ooh boro babu.

Disaster has happened.

Boro babu my two wagon of goods stuck.

No rice rice.

Goods or rice? - Rice.

Rice not goods. - No.

What I am hearing all these?

Again you will disobey the law. - No.

Two wagon of goods are stuck. No rice.

Hey go.

Hey go.

Boro babu is saying still not going.

Boro babu please do a favor to me.

Just start this train.

That master gini forcefully punch on nose.

Then the train will run.

So many people have so much of trouble.

Do not worry. There is no tension.

Master. - Ginni.


Hey lord.

All your wish.

Hmm taking the rain company on his side.

They are trying to put you all aside.

Yes father.

They have made a plan and made a strike.

.. by that girl and are blaming upon us.

Okay I am looking into the matter.

Gopi Mitir too is there.

Gopi Mitir. - Yes father.

Ooh. Okay.

Rail company.

Gopi Mitir. Gudan.


Wait I am handling all of them.

Naru. Make two Mukar documents.

Yes is the registry of the landlord done?

Yes. - Okay go.

Dear sign over here.

And write the diary no. too.

Diary number.

All right.

Rattan. You too sign here.

I will sign. - Yes.

Cannot understand the matter.

You are giving me a bit power.

To fight a case on behalf of you all.

You will see by this weapon you will win the war.

I am saying.

And the problem which is there between Bakul and you.

All that will get clear as water.

There will be no problem. - Yes problem will be there.

That will be created by you all. And I will suffer.

There is no fear Ratan.

When father has said then sign over here.


There is no fear. Right?

Father the problem which is there over there.

So for that we have to return today itself.

What are you saying dear? You will return today.

Yes . Over there strike then meeting all are going on.

It would have been good if we would have gone tomorrow ..

..but that did not happen.


You are saying that you will go today. - Yes father.

Then go.

Then I am saying you one thing dear. Listen.

Be very careful. - Okay father.

Yes Ratan Lal I am saying you one thing.

Do not go to the force side.

If you go to the forceside then do not be the a person to request.

Nicely hit and then straightly come to me.

Okay father. - Then whatever needs to be done that I will do.

Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna.

Show me father. - What dear?

What will you see?

Come dear. - So I come.

Come Ratan. Come. - Come dear. Come.

Open the door.

Or else I will break it.

Here he is opening sir.

What is this?

You are in duty still have not worn the uniform.

I have a pain in the waist so have opened it and kept it.

And sometimes I feel its opening.

Okay. Start the train.

Start the train or else so much of raw products will go bad.

Hey tell this Gopi Mitir.

He will start the train.

You wife is the main reason.

Very clever women.

She has to ask for forgiveness then the train will start.

Netra kali be dead. - She will not come.

Have you see the act of Bojor has hidden his wife too.

So that... - No no..

He should be punished for her.

I have made all the arrangement from the town.

This revolution will go and will continue.

The defaulter need to be given punishment.

She is my only.. - Ooh dear.

Kusum dear. Arrest them.

Yes arrest me.

Karta come. Kususm.

Why don't you understand?

She will get arrested.

If wife goes. Will get another wife.

If life goes. You will not get..

Mahila long.

Mahila long.

Netrokali devi live long.

Netrokali devi live long.

They will not obey you.

You all go away or else I will be forced to shoot.

And sticks will be charged upon you all.

Who will charge the sticks?

Who will shoot?

Who will shoot? Who will charge the sticks?

Ooh Bhutu's father.

That is why thinking why so uselessly someone is saying?

charge the sticks. Start shooting.

Then I am showing you the fun.

Will not let you enter the house.

All the night will stay in verandah of the police station.

What are you doing dear? Let me do my duty.

You are doing the duty. Whose duty?

Gopi Mitir? Or police?

Government job. - Then beat those drunkards.

They are the action wicked.

What is over here? Over here? Go.

I am going. But do not warn me like this in front of everyone.


Mahila Samitee live long.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Mahila Samitee live long.

The wheel of the train will go and will run.

Hey inspector is coming.

All get up.

Go run away from here.

Will see the drink and beat you with stick.

Make all of you cool.

Hey run from here.

Go go.

Hey why are you standing? Can't you listen.

Inspector is coming. - I will not go. Not go.


In clab. - Love your wife.

Hey eat eat.

Hey eat eat.

Run from here. Inspector.

Come sir. Come look.

Where did all of then went? - They all do not come sir.

Then. That Mahila Samitee's rat like woman.

What all those things did?

Motiya poor girl.

Ooh dear. Look how she is doing?

Motiya. Do not cry. Motiya.

I am destroyed.

Doctor said that he has cholera.

And over there vomiting..

Look. Very dangerous.

Hey get him treated.

Very contagious disease.

Village after village will be destroyed.

Listen when they will come. Send them to me.

All right. I am going.

Jai Tara. Jai Tara.

Say boss how I got him away.

What acting have I done?

Hey in this famine market the kind of price he is asking.

In this region cholera will surely be there.

Just for two more days.

Just continue it. Then we win.

"Hey fun fun."

"Tobacco of lord Shiva is tobacco."

"In the station Rail Bhairav will show so many act."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

"Tobacco of lord Shiva is tobacco."

"In the station Rail Bhairav will show so many act."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

"This Rail wheel has stopped. Rail Bhairav open open."

"This Rail wheel has stopped. Rail Bhairav open open."

"When it will open all will be empty will break the fair."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

"Tobacco of lord Shiva is tobacco."

"In the station Rail Bhairav will show so many act."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

"Ghur ghur turns the wheel of the giant wheel."

"The actual swing gives Maheshwar this Bhola."

"Ghur ghur turns the wheel of the giant wheel."

"The actual swing gives Maheshwar this Bhola."

"The coming and going train just does be fast."

"The coming and going train just does be fast."

"When the bell ring then this fair will not run."

"When the bell ring then this fair will not run."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

"Tobacco of lord Shiva is tobacco."

"In the station Rail Bhairav will show so many act."

"Give. Give offering to lord with two hands full."

Hey Papad. Papad.

Ooh janardhan.



Say. - Cut two tickets for the platform.

And listen.

Take information of the train too.

Okay. I am going right now.

Ooh aunty. - What?

In which fair have we come?

Why will this be a fair? - Then.

This is Lauganj's station.


Ooh god.

Aunty. Ooh aunty.

Is there drink? Give me a bit.

So much of tiredness went off.

Where will you get drink over here?

All night you have drunk.

Is there. Everything is there.

Your group it is.

Yes yes its Nando rani's group.

Very good.

Destruction. Destruction has occurred aunty.

What has happened again? - Train is stopped.


There is fair at Bhairag. That will not happen.

Full loss.

This group will go useless.

Is there food? Is there house?

So many people.

Then what is the solution?

There will be a way. There will be a way aunty.

I am this Rail Bhairav fair's secretary.

So have one play over here.

House rent.

Food. Will give Rs.300.

And will also get drink too.

Motiya's hand's No.1 drink.

Then sing once aunty.

Strike is fully run.


At the end you will not forget me.

What are you saying all these Motiya?

Have I intoxicated you.

You have intoxicated me.

Completely you have intoxicated me.

People get intoxicated by booze.

And I am intoxicated in Motiya.

You have become very courageous.

But your wife?

Wife. She is now in the opposition party.

Mahila Samitee's leader.

I do not need her.

Motiya. You are my everything.

My everything.

Money. - Will give.

Will give you lot of money. Come come.

Apart than you who else is there Motiya.

Sit. Sit calmly.

But.. You are not lying me.

Hey chi chi. Why will I tell lie to you?

For you I am sitting for such a long time Motiya.


Destruction babu. Destruction babu.


Hide hide.

I will not be able to go.

That side.

Who? - Boss. Boss.

I am destroyed I get not get.

What you did not get? - What have you not get?

I am looking for Motiya from morning.

Still not getting her.

No where I am getting her.

Take the money and have a drink.

Will drink. I had two bottle boss.

Why two bottle? Have more drink.

Now hold it. - I did not get.

And will have drink. - Yes have.

Kingly boss. - Yes go.

But where will I get Motiya?

Go and search her.

Yes search her.


Please let me get my Motiya. Mother.

I beg on your feet.

Got the feet. Got the feet.

Got the feet of the mother.

Yes this is live feet.

Hey Kali Mai.

Help me to get Motiya.

Motiya's mai. Kali mai Help me to get Motiya.

Hey Budhan. Hey leave that.

Help me to get mother.

Hey Budhan. Leave her.

Got the feet of the Maa Kali.

This is live feet.

Hey Motiya you have become Maa kali.

Motiya make me Mahadev.

Now I will no more have drink.


Karta. Railway's big officer is coming. - What?

Then all the things will get tightened.

Why are you thinking so much?

Half the things in the house and the other in the pocket.

What I was saying that.

That the strike will get sorted.

You show such a behavior that for you only the strike was dissolved.

That's all.

He did not say anything bad.

Absolutely sir. You call a meeting. - Meeting.

What will I say in the meeting? - What will you say?

You better write a nice lecture from Harihar teacher.

I will write it sir.

What? Hari teacher. - Hari teacher.

Strike dissolved.

Hey everyone.

The bottle gourd of this Lauganj.

Is a very pure thing.

That is why poet has said.

Loving bottle gourd has made be a saint.


Bottle gourd does not just make us saint.

Makes some hardworking laborer.

That is why.

So we will surely win.

But.. But.

At the end of this revolution we will win.

But there is one condition.

Hey the condition..

Hey Nitai after this what has he written?

Yes I am reading it out.

Saying. Saying.

In the first phase. 300 rag full of rice.

Have 100 rags of stone will be mixed.

100 rags of stone will be mixed.

In the second phase. - In the second phase.

We In 20 gallon mustard oil.

Rape seed oil has been mixed.

Have brought the no.2 copy.

Now what will I do? What will I say?

Now end it.

So we are...trying to continue the revolution with ..

Hey who? Cutting the bottle gourd.

The soldier of the labor Gopi Mitir.

Live long.

The soldier of the labor Gopi Mitir.

Live long.

The soldier of the labor Gopi Mitir.

The wheel of the rail will run and will be running.

Mahila Samitee live long. - Live long.

Gopi Mitir be dead. Be dead.

The wheel of the train is running and will run.

Mahila Samitee live long.

Have brought the food. - Who?

Has your didimoni had food?

I am forbidden to speak.

Hey if she does not have food then her health will detoriate.

I am forbidden to speak.

Will give the answer.

I am forbidden to speak.

I am forbidden to speak.

Go hell to the food.

"Dhinkan I dance."

"Dhinkan I dance."

"In Lauganj the bottle gourd has created the circle."

"The wheel of the train got stopped."

"The dhol is being played."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Listen listen ooh dear. Listen carefully."

"Do listen the wife of station master's talks carefully."

"Giving the love and life the heart of the men starts shaking."

"Men do not have a bit of courage to oppose any of them."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Being a girl that is why gives respect by herself."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Rs10 who gives among everyone is 10 fixed."

"In the eyes of desire the eyes have become soiled."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance"

"In the desire of orgasm. Kamini went off."

"The five of them laugh on her. For that she is unknown."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Apart of mother aunty is in pain."

"Apart from mother aunty is in pain. That is why I say.."

"Is that right that is why slap her two or more."

"Babu moshai did you hear. Listened."

"Apart from mother aunty is in pain. That is why I say.."

"Is that right that is why slap her two or more."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Dhinkan I dance. I dance."

"Babu have gone dead because of shy."

"Babu have gone dead because of shy."

"Being a man have covered my head."

"Babu have gone dead because of shy."

"Chi chi."

"What happened?"

"Ooh god."

"Still will you listen."

"The village men secretly in the group of jhumur."

"Have got his name written since he will dance in that loving lap."

"In the lap of that Sarosi's group."

"This no.1 Whatever are there."

"Business became white the way you get intoxicated by pressing."

"Now the turn of No.4."

"Turn of no.4."

"What is that?"

"Ooh god."

"That too you will hear or what?"

"Laughanj's station is that pumpkin."

"Gopi got honey in that only."

"Got honey in that."

"Then where else will he go? Strike."

"Will not be allowed to cut the bottle gourd."

"Will not be allowed."

"The wheel of the train not turning."

"Will not turn."

"We want justice."

"That is why country's welfare is serving the 10."

"Lord is him only."

"Said that put famine in the county."

"Let men and women die."

"In this way the condition on the rotten goods happened."

"Gopi's now different play."

"Have got a different thought."

"What is that?"

"Ooh god. Will you hear that too?"

"Gopi has seen a dream."

"Gopi has seen a dream."

"Will become MLA."

"Will become MLA."

"Gopi has seen a dream."

"Will become MLA."

"Picture will be published in the newspaper in Kolkata."

"Gopi has seen a dream."

"Hari bol."

"Gopi gol."

"Hari bol. Gopi gol."

"Hari bol. Gopi gol."

"Hari bol. Gopi gol."

"Hari bol. Gopi gol."

"Hari bol. Gopi gol."

Hello? Yes yes. Station master is speaking.



Yes sir.

Yes sir.

Namaskar sir.

Nando babu.

What has happened? What has happened?

All done. - What?

Our job gone. - Gone.

Big officer is coming.

Has come. Murder of the bottle gourd.

Such a big bottle gourd. Have you see sir?

The creepers are there as a proof.

What the hell?

On the railway grounds..

Station master's wife why did she cut the bottle gourd? Answer me.

Boro babu. Quickly open the door.

Big officer has come. Open the door.

Boro babu. Open the door.

Ooh you are the wife of Budhua?

Yes sir.

When I tried to stop them they. Beat me. Cut me.

Said that she will murder me.

Yes sir. Killing with the sitting knife.

She did not commit any mistake.

She was uselessly was beaten so much.


Hey show.

Show the scar.


Show. - See here she beat me.

Beat me here too. I feel shy.

This is the murder of the bottle gourd sir.

Who are you? - Ooh god..

In English.. He sir.

He sir.

Ratan rice mills's owner sir.

President sir.

Yes sir. President of village welfare.

Gopi Mitra. President.

Very good people sir.

No fault sir. Very honest.

Please forgive me sir. Forgive me sir.

Very good people. Good girl and no fault.

Inspector call them quickly.

Ooh god.

Gentleman I want to know why did she beat my railway staff?

Call her at once.

Why are you standing? Go.

Take. Take them.

What is this? What is all this?

Pan. - What do you mean by pan?

Hey keep them in the car. Go.

Ooh pan. - Chicken sir.

Sarkar. Sarkar.

Who is Sarkar?

This small Rajbhog.

Go go.

Ooh rajbhog.

Raj bhog. Whats all this?

Coconut sir. Hanging my garden sir.

You take sir.

I see. - Cut. Cut.

Dead drunk.

Now get up. Get up.

Leave my cloth.

Sahib has called. Come.

Motiya. Come.

Motiya go.

Get up scoundrel.

Ooh lord. - Pick him up.

Hey scoundrel.

Motiya I go to your feet.

You are my father.

Hey I slap. You are my boss. - Come.

Leave me Motiya.

Again roaming. Having booze.

Look the cot. Will take you.

Motiya leave me.

Motiya is a inspector. - Scoundrels come along with me.

Sir. Sir. Boro sir.

Sir look they are not coming? - What do you mean?

I want her here.

Was saying that. They will not come.

Why will they not come?

I means.

Sir. Sir she is a very dangerous women sir.

What do you mean?

She kill Motiya with the sitting Knife sir.

Knife sir.

Where is she? - Outside.

Officers come with me. You go before me.

After you. After you I said.

Let me see.

Come come.

Mahila Samitee live long. - There they are sir.

Live long. That girl sir.

That girl. Hey stop this howling.

Stop it.

Until our demands are fulfilled this all will not be stopped.

And immediately the train should be started.

And the booze shop will not be kept over here. - Yes.

You have to remove Motiya and Budhiya.

And there the person jumping.

Have to remove that Gopi Mitir.

Yes sir. All false sir. All false sir.

This Netra Kali killing Motiya with sitting Knife sir.

They always argue. Stop arguing.

You Netra kali.

Why have you beaten my staff?

Why? Answer me.

Oh god he again speaks in English.

Do not show so much of English. We know English. Come this side.

Come quickly. Tell two words in English and give answer to him.

She has broken. That Motiya has Bimli's head.

Yes. - See the bandage. - Yes see.

Do not cry. make him understand and say.

Sahib in front of you she spoke slang to me.

I did not say anything.

Sahib do justice.

You are my mother and father.

Do not cry Motiya. Do not cry .

Sweet girl.

Ooh god.

This seems that he too is intoxicated.

Quiet. - You.

You are the main cause.

You have forced them to do such work.

Yes. - There matter will be taken care by the company.

But company will not leave you.

For you company has lost hundreds and hundreds of rupees.

In the good name there has been a black spot put.

General Manager need to be given explanation.

They will not spear you.

I oppose against all the allegations.

All the allegations are false.

Sir. Sir still they..

Finish the job of Bhojo Gobindo sir. Finish it.

You shut up.

Bhajo Gobindo you are suspended.

Sir you are our father mother sir.

No no. No mercy.

Do not show any mercy.

You and your wife will come along with me.

My company will prosecute you and will put you to jail.

Yes this not there been then will he be a English sir?

Bhajo Gobindo you and your wife will come along with me right now in train.

Come. Come.

On behalf of the Mahila Samitee. We will telegram to the minister.

We will do rally in Delhi.

We all won. - Inspector arrest them.

Take them all.

In the name of lord goat.

In the name. In the name.

Hey where Karmakar?

Take dear.

Stop. Stop.

Inspector sir stop.


There is no fear anymore dear.

Ooh Huzur you are over here.

Speak properly jailer magistrate.

Jai Tara. I know Jai Tara. I know sir.

Shaheb knows me and I know him.

But who are you?

I am Kuloda Charan Goswami.

Goswami. Yes yes.

Muktiar at law. Her father.

Beli give the arrest warrant of the magistrate to Shaheb.

What is that? Arrest warrant.

Warrant. To me.

Yes. For what why? - Read it and see.

Read and see. Once you read it you will understand what is it?

This is decant decant kesto.

No.1 criminal.

And this is Bhotaran Chataraj. Bhajo Gobindo.

That's the same. - Bhajo Gobindo Chattaraj.

The station master of lauganj.

Second criminal. Warrant.

Take. Give to Saheb.

I see. Read it.

Sir has suspended me and you are giving me warrant.

I am your son in law.

In case there is nothing as son and son in law dear.

Case is case.

What you mean I am a criminal.

You mean a criminal.

A criminal. - Yes.

Yes you are a criminal only.

If your are not criminal are you a saint?

Father let me go and give the information to them.

Go and give the information to them.

Come quickly.

Look Saheb. Whatever you have to say?

That you say in the court.

But this is all false.

I refuse it.

Hey pick it. Pick it Belii.


Huzur you say everything.

The disobeying of this court law.

I can rope you by your waist and take you to court. You know.

Huzur will I say one thing.

Yes say. - There where the bottle gourd creeps are there.

That place is of my daughters.

Srimati Netra Kali Deba. - No never.

I am sure that is railway land.

No. - Kuloda babu.

Do you have any documents.

Definitely I have Huzur. Definitely.

If courtesy you come this side.

Show the papers.

Hold this.

Here sir. If you see the map you can understand.

Here the lauganj. Lauganj is ward no.12.

Land no.52. Line no.1207.

And here the drain which you see which Is turned.

Over here in the curve 52 decimal is my daughter's land.

Here is the registry documents of the land.

Huzur this is the registry document.

Please kindly have a look.

All clear.

By looking at the documents it seems that the land is there only.

You did such a offense knowingly.

Very strange Mr. De Casto.

And you are the general Manager.

No. This is railway property.

Tell this in the court Saheb.

Huzur they do not want to obey the law.

To my daughter. From her land by planning wanted her to get her eradicated.

Look this Huzur. Copy of the diary. Kindly see this.

And Huzur Summon was given to the criminals.

But they did not come to the court.

That is why great law has issued the body warrant against..

..then and said them to appear in court tomorrow.

That arrangements have been made.

Inspector have you got the copy.

Balib shaheb hand over Budhan to inspector.

Come. Come.

Look sir we have no fault. Hey inspector sir see.

Hey all of you.

This is the invitation letter for you all to go to the court.

Budhan kahar. Jyoti..

Hey all go away.

Sir has called go. Go.

Get up.

Scoundrel go.

Police take him.

Police sahib. Police sahib.

They booze.

Hey hide and sit.

Close your eyes.

If we close our eyes then no one will see us.

Can you see anyone. - No no.

You are not there. I am not there.

That fat police is gone.

There he is. There.

Motiya is there. Take Motiya and go.

Go. Police sahib beautiful person she is.

Take her by her feet.

Hey babu leave me. Leave me. - Okay come.

Take the drink.

There we do not get drink.

I will give. Hey drink. Beat you all.

Muktar Sir suppressing the summon. Has issued the body warrant.

No sir.

They always remain unconscious.

That is why summon was tugged in their doors.

No one of them appeared in the court.

I will not go.

I will die.

Leave me sir.

Leave me sir.

Where is my Babuji?

Babuji forgive me.

Let me stay in the station babuji.

I will not drink anything.

Where is babu? Ooh babu.

Look what condition we are in?

What you said we did. Now what will happen.

Hey quiet. Quiet. Do not worry.

I will bring barrister from Kolkata. Will fight the case.

Bharinda guard and then Muktar.

Yes we have to fight with the barrister.

Beli sahib the No.4 summon has not been given.

He is Sri Gopi nath Mitra.

Give. Hand the summon to him.

Hold. What is this? Summon.

Summon. - Yes.

Summon of what? - Not helping. Defaulter.

Read it and see.

Jai Tara.

Huzur so I come tomorrow.

Inspector so I will get all of them in the court.

Do not worry. Do not worry.

Tonight all will stay In the jail and tomorrow morning by the police jeep.

Will reach them all to the court.

All right. Whole night.

I have to stay in that your jail.

My god. Train will not run.

I will be hanged.

Sir please forgive me.

Warrant. Warrant.

No no.

Do not go in this way. Mother. My mother.

Mother Netra Kali. You think. Mother please forgive me.

What are you saying Saheb?

He is telling me mother. - Mother.

Catching me by my feet.

Yes mom. - Make some arrangement.

I too say mother. - Quiet. Speak a lot.

You are catching her feet now Sahib.

On one condition I can leave you.

You can never transfer Bhojo Gobindo from here.

No no. Never.

He will stay over here permantly. Will remain here always.

And listen this drunkard. Budhan and Motiya needs to be transferred today itself.

Ooh yes transferred.

You are transferred from today.

Beat him and eradicate him.

You get out from here. - No going to the feet. Get away from here.

Now. Please allow me to run the train. Give me the permission.

Father. I will start the train. Give the permission.

Make father understand.

And say.

Dear. - Leave.

You have done the right thing inspector ginni.

At the right time if grandfather would not have been informed.

I understood.

Hey Sapna go and make arrangement for your uncle's food.

I am going sister. - Such a big disbelief.

Asking right of father's property.

Dangerous. Oh my goodness.

Hey Ratna. First kill you then I will abandon you as my son.

Hey what are you doing?

Being a father you are beating a capable son.

Quiet. Quiet.

He is not my son. He is a scoundrel. My enemy.

What crime has he done?

Son has become capable.

With father his views have not matched.. asked for his right on the property.

His property means.

My goodness. Grain mill. Godown.

All are in the name of Ratan. That is Ratan's property.

That is all in papers.

I have made everything on his name.

True thing.

That you go to the court and let them know.

Yes that only I will let them know. This is Gopi Mitir.

I know how to fight in court. - Fight.

Come Netai. Come.

Kuloda Muktar has put hand in the snake.

Mill went. Godown went.

I will give my head on the rail and be dead.

Do not be excited so much.

Calm down and sit. - I will not get excited. - No.

I will not. - No.

Stike. Strike became pot.

Motiya went away.

Booze business finished.

My house went.

My name fame went away.

Son of my house became enemy.

Over here what wife is saying?

She will stay at my son's house. I will have water.

Bringing. Bringing.

Strike became pot.

I was saying what?

Make a mutual.

What? Never. No no.

I mean the big officer he too.

Making him to go to jail.

That arrangement he made.

By tying him by the rope to his waist.

At the end by holding hands got saved.

That is why was saying that. To be saved.

You need to do all these. Yes.


I will not hold hands. - No need to hold hands.

I am going.

I am again saying to you Ratan.

For me do not disobey your father.

You be happy with the mill and godown.

No Bakul.

I cannot accept my father's this attitude so..

Taking the job of the school and have come over here.

Dadababu. Dadababu.

Ooh dadababu. destruction has happened.

Karta babu is doing in what manner?

Heads and legs are pulled. Heart throbbing.

I think that stomach pain has gone up to the head.

Ooh is it?- Come.

There he is. - What is the matter?

What happened? What happened dear?

Ooh dear please get up.

Doctor. - Wait. Wait.

Father see properly.

Is he okay.

Is his pulse good father?

Yes yes pulse and all are well.

Mitir. Hey Mitir.

Listen. I will pull all the case.

Ooh father he got up.

You will pull them.

Tell Bakul's matter. - Only I one condition.

You have to get Bakul married to your son.

Look went to sleep hearing this.

Now I will pick him up. Leave all those drama.

If you do not get them married then I will get them married.

And will stay in son and daughter in law's family.

What? You will go away.

The whole property will be divided among the three.

And from that you will get one half.

Rather I will fight the case.

You will do case.

Kusum do not allow him to enter the house.

He will sit under the tree and do case and take the ownership of the house.

Let me see how great he is?

Yes fight the case.

Agree. Agree.

You agree.

Okay then.

Live happily dear. Hari om.

But need to get them married nicely.

Remember I am the only daughter of Kulo damok.

My father. - He is my father.

And my daughter.

My daughter Bakul.

I do not have less money. Will give.

Okay. Okay.

Ooh Baba Rail Bhairav you could not keep the rail strike for a bit more.

Jai Rail Bhairav. What else will I say? Jai Bhairav. Bhairav.

Om Peace.

Om Peace.

This train of life.

This train of life. It keeps moving.

Passengers get up and down.

Does not keep the news of the train. Does not keep the news.

This train of life. Passengers get up and down.

Does not keep the news of the train. Does not keep the news.

The Description of Till Theke Tal | তিল থেকে তাল | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Mahua Raychowdhury