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Lion vs buffalo

Lions are the second biggest wild cat after tigers.

Known as the king of the forests, lions have many enemies.

One of these enemies is the buffalo, the deadly bull of Africa.

Lions attack their prey as a team.

In this way, a division of labor is made between male and female lions.

As a fixer, the male lion attacks large animals such as buffalo, elephant, giraffe, rhino and hippo.

However, one should not take the buffalo lightly.

The killer horns of buffaloes can wreak havoc on lions.

Known as the king of Africa, lions are the strongest wild animals in the world.

However, there are many lions who died as a result of the horn blow by the buffalo.

Therefore, even if lions are the strongest predators in the world, they have to be very careful against dangerous animals like buffalo.

Restful during the day and more active at night, lionesses make most of their prey.

While the lions attack the buffalo, they try to hunt the weakest, weakest and oldest member of the herd.

The buffalo, on the other hand, tries not to give the lions this chance by moving with the herd to protect all its members and survive.

This struggle has always been breathtaking.

King Cobra vs Snake

The longest venomous snake in the world.

The true king of snakes is cobra.

They have a very large living space spanning from Southeast Asia to India.

When king cobras bite their prey, they inject their venom into their prey's body.

In the menu of the king cobra, they can eat baby pythons, rat snakes, and even smaller ones of their own kind.

These dangerous and venomous snakes are known as the smartest snakes in the world.

The venom of the king cobra is neurotoxic and has the power to kill 20 people in a single bite.

No wild animal wants to come across easily with these snakes, which exude the most venom in one bite.

The fearful dream of mice, rabbits, chameleons, and lizards, this snake quickly moves its tongue to determine the direction of its prey when it feels the smell of a potential food.

It can hunt large but non-venomous snakes such as pythons.

A bite caused by a king cobra could kill a large Asian elephant within three hours if it was bitten from its trunk.

These venomous snakes, which can survive for months without eating, swallow their prey whole.

Gorilla vs Gorilla

King of the apes.

The world's largest living humanoid primate species.

Gorillas, the largest of the apes, have a strong and tough structure.

Having a muscular and strong body structure, gorillas have a very large chest.

The teeth and fists of mountain gorillas living in herds are very strong.

That's why gorillas are often compared to the king of the jungle, the lion.

Although it does not attack humans unless disturbed, it is still considered one of the dangerous animals.

The male gorilla sometimes stands on both legs and punches his chest in anger to maintain authority in his herd.

He walks sideways and intimidates his surroundings with his nervous roars.

Gorillas can fight with each other by showing aggressive behavior when they are very angry.

No wild animal wants to come across easily with male gorillas, known as Silverback.

Crocodile vs Zebra

King of the swamps.

Fierce warriors of the underwater, crocodiles have powerful jaws.

Crocodiles have the strongest jaw pressure in the world, and their biting power is very high.

There are many wild animals such as elephant, zebra, antelope, deer, gazelle, wild boar and buffalo in the hunting menu.

They can also attack predators such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs that come to drink.

Animals such as zebras sometimes have to cross rivers along their route.

However, it is dangerous to cross the river where predators programmed to kill live.

Although crocodiles attack many wild animals that come to drink water or have to cross the river, they often target the weakest and oldest of the group.

These animals, which include species such as saltwater crocodile, nile crocodile and American alligator, swim in the water and set traps for zebras.

Leopard vs Impala

Among the big cats such as lions, tigers and jaguars, the fourth largest cat is the leopard.

It is the best tree climbing ability among big cats.

Sometimes it attacks its prey by jumping over tree branches.

When hunted, he tries to get his food out of the tree so as not to be lost to scavengers such as hyenas and wild dogs.

With its wide claws and sharp nails, it can hunt animals with delicious flesh like impala.

Leopards, who are often mistaken for jaguar with their body structure and appearance, are masters of camouflage.

Thanks to its camouflage ability, seeing a leopard is much more difficult than seeing lions and cheetahs.

Since leopards sense danger during the day, they prefer to hunt at night.

Because they are very strong for their size, they can even bring heavy prey such as deer, impala and wild boar to the tree.

They can live in many places, from the hot steppes of Africa to India, Malaysia and China.

Animals like Impala are very fast but leopards are also pretty smart.

Lizard vs Snake

Some species of kerchiefs, which have more than 3 thousand species in the world, can reach quite large sizes.

Lizards, who often encounter snakes and cobras in the wild, can be defeated in some encounters.

While species such as the Komodo dragon are venomous, some lizard species can be non-venomous.

A medium-sized lizard can have a hard time encountering a snake like the venomous king cobra.

With the effect of the poison, the lizard can die.

As the snake venom gradually spreads through the lizard's body, the lizard begins to have difficulty standing.

Some snakes try to trap and hunt lizards using their intelligence.

Snakes that ambush the lizard can have a great feast at the end of the day.

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