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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Got Custom Constellation Ear Piercings! (Beauty Trippin)

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This one's gonna be like the easiest I can make it really painful if you want. No, thank you. Sure

Is that so weird to think about like, how is how is it's never happened before?

I actually am asking myself that question right now like I'm legitimately so nervous

Actually, I would say like you don't have reason to be nervous, but I don't know what's going on

So like maybe you do so, do you know what this show is? Okay. I mean I've watched it a couple times

No, yeah, I do know what this show is

But you guys do like it's such a wide variety of things such a wide range


I hope that today we're doing something you actually like because truthfully so we've done on this show is just so weird

Like let's go put a bunch of bird poop on your face. You got us over the clue though, right?

Yeah, so you have the clue. Okay, let's open it up and see what does it say. How many holes do you have this helps?

borderline x-rays

There's ear holes there's nose holes mouth full

There's the butt hole on the other two holes. Yeah, yeah

Those are all accounted for okay, but what is this gonna be as far as a beauty experience?

and it's also it's your first time on the show and

I mean, I'm excited. I'm just I'm scared. You know, it doesn't have to be

Inappropriate unless you make it inappropriate exactly. How dare you?

I'm actually scared now like I'm legitimately scared too late

What are we gonna do today, we don't know

The clue was how many holes do you have? We had a really interesting discussion about that on the way over here

Hmm. Let me see you're here

Alright, so you don't have much going on

Yeah, but first in a second

I used to pierce my ears a lot when I was like 13 because I thought it was cool and then they would always close

That it is nice to do it myself and never get infected. It's never closed up

You know, what? Do you think we should do? What do you not wanna do so we don't waste time?

What do we not want to do? I mean, I don't I hadn't really thought about it. Honestly. I'm not sure dealer's choice dealer's choice

My ear speak to you. What is it thing? Let's do one at a time. Okay, I say

Tragus conscious upper lobe that look cool. Okay, let's do that I've ever been in my life for sure. Now. You're really

not if you have to say

We're gonna do diamonds and I'd say great white gold. Fantastic. Yeah

That's Coco. I'm like great. Who's not me. Awesome. We're gonna do that on the upper lobe

We're gonna do this on the tray goes. Oh, yeah, that's really great Peter. These are real diamonds

They are real - uh, oh my god who is footing the bill? Yes, they're saying for you

Let's do a vertical stack here. And then let's do a nail up here a

Native diamond nail. Wait does your cartilage hurt the most?

Well, I hurts a little bit. Yes

Jocelyn has like a crazy great page caller and I

Can't like why don't you focus on how cool it's - I think it's gonna look cool though and fashion anubias paint, okay

Guys this rose gold. Those are rose gold. That's what we're gonna do on you

I'm like so excited but like I'm starting to get like super nervous

I'm like taking breath - I'm excited to see what the nail situation like. Yeah, go grab that

Smith getting nervous. All right. Come on in guys. Oh wow

Getting furious. This is really nice actually

Great. I feel like you guys are easily impressed. Oh, yeah, we are actually do you put any nut meats up on there?

You just go for it. Sure. Yeah. Sure. I'm noting it right you are. Okay

Coming it's so good right now. So it's not you're not numb at all. Yes. It's feeling it all, you know, no pain

No, gain, no diamond. That's so fun

and lit then you don't deserve so I'm doing and

what's the call you're doing an esophagus really on a tray get a

Cough, I guess I don't know if I can legal. I think I

Pizza Brian we have to discuss the fact that I'm already obsessed with you because I already saw the video that you did with

Refinery29 all about consolation. She's been a big fan for

With your invention, you're a genius tell us about it

I just started doing constellation piercings probably in like 2009. I like astrology. Oh, okay

I have this huge telescope at home and pull up Jupiter and Saturn and you can actually see nebulas with it. It's pretty amazing

So I've always been into astrology and when you do multiple diamonds on the ear, it looks like what a constellation

Yeah exactly. I'm so excited

Sing a song about it. I will you don't have to send me why Brian?

Said you usually tell people what you think they should get or do you have a bunch people come in that are like this is

What I want no, this is what I usually do dealer's choice people come to me to let me decorate their ears

Well, you've invented this you are the constellation piercing inventor. Yeah, he have your tragus. Okay conch

upper lobe see how it makes a

Constellation it does which one is it? I'm trying to remember astronomy. No, no, we're not. We're not mimicking constellations in the sky

Oh, he's making up. Oh, yes. Yeah. All right. Here we go on your exhale. Just relax your mind. Mm-hmm

Oh, yeah big deep breath. Oh yeah. Oh

My god that looks

That actually look like wow, I mean, I definitely felt something it wasn't bad at all though. It should I just got like actual goosebumps

So I have a question. What is the most like or the more painful place on the ear the trigger?

Well pain is relative. So what you feel?

Let's drink it

All right, here we go Holmes

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah

Good job. Okay, that hurt way less. That was like way faster

The first one were crunchy a lot more sweaty. All right, here we go. Last one

This one's gonna be like the easiest I can make it really painful if you want. No, thank you. Sure. Okay big one

Oh and oh, yeah

I don't know who you are right now. Like how are you? So okay with everybody like gonna have a child someday

I'll be like I feel nothing the doctors gonna be like shut up

The big reveal three two one. Oh my god

I love it so much. It's really cute my gosh, it's so me. It's like a two eyeballs in this smiley face what how

Look at I see what I see. Okay. Oh my click the one inside your ear. That wasn't very good

I know that one the concert it was gonna be there

Yeah, I didn't know either I totally thought we understood that but we didn't but that look how so cool

I just got so much more

Going second is is better because in this particular situation

Because you didn't freak out

Hmmm if you would have freaked out I would not have been able to do it like I'd have been like there's just no way

But also going second like just the anticipation the build-up is hard

It's you're right. You're doing you stress them for I don't fine. It's not gonna hurt on her

I'm just marking. Okay. Oh, this is the part with the I was wondering Jill if I swear are you gonna get mad?

Yeah, no, that'll be really good for the video. All right

Wait, what are we starting with the tongue Oh

Relax, sorry Jack's relaxed. You want to keep your hand down? You're freaking me out bringing your hand. We're down here

Relax your mind. You got this

Big giant deep breath only. Oh, yeah

Okay, that's not bad yeah, oh my god, you're so drama, oh my gosh, it's so beautiful

Okay, you didn't hurt that bad. So like now the anxiety will go down. Yeah badly. That's it hurt that badly. Thanks, Brian

How many of these do you do like a week Guerlain? It's usually about 20 people a day

Wow and that's just people so the piercings are even more so some, you know average person

It's about three but this is like an iconic place body electric. Yeah, it is very well known

How long have you been here at this place?

I've owned body electric for thirteen years this July 1st, and but it's been here 27 years

All right, you want to look at this one? You want to keep moving? Let's keep moving big giant deep breath. Oh and oh, yeah

Not bad

Big deep breath. Oh I am

Okay, what what you're done that's it you are done my friend yay

Look, I'm cute. Oh, I love it. Oh my god. It looks so good. Actually, it looks really good

It's very me how did you know that's my job I'm obsessed with this. Give me a high five guys. Thank you so much

Thank you. All right. Let's talk about Africa. Come on

So once a day a little bit twice a day, liberally Brian you so much awesome. I thought we went through something. Yeah, we did

Bonded what's your name again?


Can't believe that just happened it happened so fast, I know

Brian's a

Legend. Yeah. Well, I'm like obsessed with how cool he is when I see somebody who like knows and understands like

Jewelry and accessories the way he does then immediately. I like to trust them

I'm like, well, please do whatever you want to my ear. Yes

Welcome to beauty literally

I'm so happy. I'm so happy it's time for us to go. We need to go to earlobe modeling. We're high deep man

Nice to take at least like 47 Instagram picture. Hope you guys enjoyed this awesome clever style video. Guess what?

We have so many videos and a new one just went up so click right over here to watch it cuz I think you're probably

Gonna like it. I hope

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