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( film reel flapping )

( fairy music )

( fairy music )

( splash )

( squealing )

That's it.

That's it. You damn thing.

All right.

Darn it if I'm gonna let him keep doing it.

( creature squealing )


I hear you, buddy boy.

Here I come.

Today is going to be a new deal.

You can't fool me, buddy boy.

Naw, you've been scaring folks around this place

for far too long.

And I'm gonna make sure that you leave,

because you need to find your own place now.

Maybe, uh... maybe the Bermuda Triangle, yeah?


I heard Lake Hollywood's lovely this time of year.

Well, either way, you're leavin'

and I'm gonna make sure of that.

( splash )

( roaring )

There you are, you son of a gun!

It's checking out time!

You've been scaring so many kids

for so many years.

It's time for you to finally go way down under

with the rest of the dinocrocs and piranhacondas!

So I'm giving you just one week,

seven days to clear out once and for all!

And if you don't heed my warning,

you'll be a lot sorrier

'cause I'm not gonna be so charming

when I come back!

( grunting )

( suspenseful music )

( growling )

( upbeat music )

Man: ♪ I broke a glass it's still half full

A day's gone bad how wonderful

The sky is turning black and grey

But that's okay

My shoes untied but I don't care

♪ 'cause you and I make quite a pair

Everyone can see

that you're the one for me

Now all the birds are singing

And all the bells are ringing

Now that I'm with you

Now that I'm with you

And now the sun is shining

through clouds with silver linings

Now that I'm with you

Now that I'm with you

Now that I'm with you

Now the sky is blue

Now all the birds are singing

and all the bells are ringing

Now that I'm with you

Now that I'm with you

And now the sun is shining

through clouds with silver linings

Now that I'm with you

Now that I'm with you

Male choir: ( humming )

( upbeat music )

Get my crullers?

No, no crullers this time. It's, uh-- cinnamon rolls.


Oh, it's so good.

You're late again!

Oh, hey, that reminds me.

Some guys stopped by.

They wanted to rent

the complete set of "Unexplained Mysteries."

- Seriously? - Yeah.

It's major cash. Did you get a number?

No, they were scientists and said

they were doing research on the lake monster.

Dude, I've been to the lake a million times as a kid.

That monster's a lure for tourists and dopes.

Oh, I always thought it was real.

( growling )

( cracking )

( growling )

Hey, Larry, are you sure there's nothing

to this lake monster thing?

You got a better chance of seeing Bigfoot or a mermaid.

( sighs ) Are you sure?

'Cause old man Hodges told me

he saw something one night when he was night fishing.

Don't you mean night drinking?

( roaring )

Woman: ( screaming on TV )

Hey, how's this one?


( gravelly voice ) "It's a majestic cornucopia of sight and sound.

"Headed up by a cast

that can only be summed up as giants of their time."

( upbeat music )


Hey, guys.

Earth to Evan!

Come in, Bobbo.



I'm feeling kinda solitary here.

Are you hearing me, bro?

I hear ya, Jamie, I hear ya.

You've been taking this little walk with us

since you started school with us last month right?


Then you should know the drill by now.

It's quiet time

until we lose bars over the hill there.

I just thought we could do something old school

for a change.

Like talk.

Ronnie: Talk about what?

I don't know... school?

Plans for Friday night?

How to make a million bucks?



( soft music )

Janelle: I wouldn't mind making a little conversation.

And I wouldn't mind making a million dollars.

( laughing )

Funny, Ronnie.

I just thought it might be cool

to put down the phones for once and just chat.

Everyone: What?

Chatting's for parents.

Yeah, you just want to talk 'cause you're a girl.

Girls always wanna talk.

Janelle: Really?

I remember you doing some serious talking

when Mrs. Rivers found all that wadded up chewing gum

under your desk.

I get out of it.

( laughing ) By blaming the adults from night school?

Good excuse.

Hey, it worked. That's all I care about.

So, Jamie,

just how you plan on making your first million?

Maybe you could tell my folks.

They're always scrambling to stretch a buck.

Mine too.

I'm sick of hamburger helper.

Yeah, tell us all.

We can make some quick money.

Will you, Jamie?

I don't exactly know.

Well, so much for small talk.

( soft music )

( birds chirping )

Well, there they go.

No more bars.

Ronnie: ( groaning )

Lost mine.

Me too.

Well, the sooner we get home

the sooner we can get connected again.

Well, let's get going then.

Jamie: Hey, wait, wait.

I got a question.

And what's that?

How come we always take the right fork?

If we took the left path past the lake

we could get home at least ten minutes sooner.

Maybe more.

Not a chance.

Bobbo's right.

This way's quicker.

Yeah, I agree.

No, no, no it's not.

Before I met you, guys,

I went this way a couple of times.

It's shorter. I know it.

Are you sure you went that way?


To the left?

Past Lake Apple Log?

Yeah, why?

And you didn't hear anything unusual?


Or see anything out of the ordinary?



What are you guys talking about?

Have you ever heard the legend of Nessie?

The legend of Ne-- what?


It's supposedly a giant monster that lives in the lake.

( scoffing ) Get out of town, you're joking.

No, no, no, it's true.

It's been spotted by eyewitnesses for over a hundred years.

And it's over 50 ft tall!

With huge jaws that can eat a person whole.

And you guys believe this?

Well, this monster really exists, right, guys?

Jamie: And you must have some sort of proof, right?

I heard it once.


Look, listen.

Last 4th of July,

my dad let me stay up past midnight.

( fireworks exploding )

We was down by the lake, lighting up fireworks.

( fireworks exploding )

( lighter flicks )

( loud cry )

Suddenly, we heard a loud cry in the distance.

I never seen my dad so frightened before.

( loud cry )

( roar )

( growl )

He picked me up and we lit out

like the devil himself was trying to get us.

When we came home,

my dad didn't say not a word to my mom.

And he never spoke of it since and you can believe that.

You could have just heard a car horn or something.

I know what a car horn sound like

and it ain't that.

So, come on, guys, let's get going.

Okay, you can take the long and winding road.

I'm going this way.



( soft music )

Sorry, Jamie.

( birds chirping )

( suspenseful music )

Man: We're here, boss.

( suspenseful music )

( door creaking )

Dude, it's Tony.

Larry and Izzy.

My two favorite deadbeats.

You got my payment?

Look, Tony, it's like this.

Uh, business has been slow but...

we came up with this great new marketing--

Shut up!

Nobody asked you.

You owe me a $1,000.

And I want my money by uh...

( clock ticking )

Saturday, boss.


Or Alphonse here, he busts some kneecaps.

You understand?

You understand, ladies?

( nervously ) Uh, yeah.

Yes, yes.

Tony: And don't try to skip town on me or else.

Or else what?

( exhaling )

Or else this.

You gonna rent movies from us?

( suspenseful music )

( gasping )

You get the picture?

I love a good horror movie, don't you?

( laughing )

Both: ( gasping )

You know, guys, I hope you don't pay.

I haven't kneecapped anyone in almost two whole days.

( laughing )

( suspenseful music )

Oh, it's Mason.

Can't we lock up?

I wish.

I'm here for the rent, Larry.

Two months.

I need a few more days, Mr. Mason.

Mason: You said that last time.

And the time before.

End of the month.

Get caught up or you're out of here!

You got it?

- Yeah. - Got it.


And I'm taking these for my granddaughter.

She's home with the croup.

Larry: Fine. They're on me.

No problem.

( exhaling )

Is there anyone I don't owe money to?

Actually you owe me 6 bucks for pizza last night.

Rhetorical, bro.


Who's Ray Torical?

( intriguing music )

( snort )

( intriguing music )

( roar )

( growl )

Jamie, I think it's time to get home.

( wood creaking )

( wood creaking )

( intriguing music )


What are you doing here all alone, boy?

What are you afeard of?

Of the monster?

No... I'm afraid of you.

( scoffing )


There's no need to be afeared of me, young fella.

It's that Nessie.

That's who you got to be frettin' about.

You mean there really is some sort of creature?

Well, ya heard it, didn't you?

( nervously ) You mean that wasn't you?

( laughing )

You thought I was doing all that bellowing, did you?

I... I guess not.

But what did?

Well, uh...

Come on.

I'll show you.


Oh, no.

No, you don't have to be afeared, young swab.

Nothing can happen to you

as long as you are here with me.

I wish I had your confidence.

( chuckling )

Well, what do they call you, boy?

James, sir.

But most people call me Jamie.


( laughing )

Well, master James, first of all

you can drop that whole sir bit.

And you can call me what everyone else calls me.

And that is?

Well, I'm captain Jack.

( laughing )

Captain Jack O'Grady...

( spitting )

At your service.

Go on, it's a tradition, you know.

Go on.

( spitting )

( viscous click )

( laughing )

Now, master Jamie...

how would you like to see a real live sea monster

up close and personal like?

( nervously ) Sure.

Alright then.

Follow me.

( suspenseful music )


Yes! ( laughing )

( electric guitar music )

Man: Oh, Kitty.

Back from the bank with good news I hope.

Sadly, Maxwell, there's been a snag.

Skipper had a will and a living heir.

A grandson.

A will? A grandson? Oh, no, no no.

There's got to be a way to intercede.

A loophole, something.

I don't think so.

It's all legal.

Everything that Skipper owned

now belongs to one Larry Krupnick.

( growling )

Wait, this could be fortuitous.

The bank forecloses it could cost me half a mill.

Maybe I could pick it up from this Larry fellow for a song.

Do the research, Kitty.

I want to know exactly who this Larry Krupnick is.

Should I call you at the office?

Naw, I'll be back in half an hour.

I want to play one more round.

( evil laughter )

Did you see that? Did you see that?

Could be a new course record.

Sure you're ready?

- Yeah. - Alright.

And you keep your eyes peeled, master Jamie,

'cause it could be anywhere.

( inhaling and exhaling )




( splash )

- Oh. - Can you see it?

Yeah, I see it.

( laughing )

You did see it, didn't you?

Yeah, I just saw it.

Oh... ( laughing )

Praise be.

All this time I thought I was the only one.

No, we need to tell somebody about this.

No, no, no, we can't do that, master James.

This dern sea monster...

just never seems to come when it's called.

I think the only reason it comes around at all

is because I know how to call it.

Well, can you call it again so I can get a picture?

A picture? No!

Well, if people saw a picture they'd know it was real.

Then Nessie'd be an overnight sensation.

( groans )

Then it would never leave.


Why do you want it to leave?

Because it's always up to no good

scaring the poor little kids around the lake.

Well, captain, if we told people...

tourists from all over the world would come here.


Well, I-- ( laughing )

I don't know about that, master James.

I think I'm gonna have to...

I think about that long and hard.

You should.

I don't want my parents to worry,

so I better get going home.

It was nice to meet you.

Same here, master Jamie.

Hey, are you here every day?

Well, sure. ( laughing )

Usually find me over by that shack yonder.

It's where I keep my gear and supplies.

You live there?

Well, it'd be really hard to live there.

With no runnin' water.

No, I rent me a nice place right behind the bait shop.

You know where that is?

Yeah, it's owned by that pretty lady, right?

That she is.

Seems you're not as young as I thought you were, kind sir.

I'm only 10

and that's not the girl I'm after.

Oh, well, a thousand apologies.

You know I... uh, I meant no offense.

None taken.

I can't wait to go home

and tell my parents what I saw.

No, wait, wait, now there you go again.

Now listen close, young fellow,

this is between you and me.

Of all these years

I've been telling people about that sea monster,

the only people that have ever listened to me

are kids your age.

My pal Bobbo's father might disagree with you on that.


Well, take care of yourself, young fella.

Okay. I'll see ya after school.

Well, I'll probably be here.

( soft music )

( sighing )

( soft music )

I swear, Jamie,

I know you've heard me say don't talk to strangers.

But, mom...

Don't but mom me.

You know what I'm saying.

You know how to play it safe by now.

Man: Your mom's right.

You too, Alfie.

This is important.

But, dad, you haven't heard a single thing I've been saying

since I got home.

I saw it it.

For real.

He did, dad.

Jamie saw the monster.

Woman: Alfie, honey.

Just eat your greens.

No more talk about monsters.

Yes, mom.

Man: I don't doubt

that you caught a glimpse of something odd.

But I doubt it was a sea monster.

Woman: Yeah, your dad's right.

That thing you saw

is probably just a sailboat or something.

Wasn't a sailboat, I know that looks like.

Okay, maybe it was your captain friend

playing a joke on you.

He wasn't.

You know, if you ask me,

I think it was just an optical illusion.

Sometimes when the sun is setting,

it can play weird tricks on your eyes.

Especially when it's going down on the ocean.

You know, when I was in the navy,

I saw what I thought was a big UFO

rising out of the ocean.


Like on TV?

Man: Yeah.

But when we sailed closer,

it turned to be just a flock of birds

flying in a circle.

Tom, that is hysterical, you never told me that.

( sarcastically ) Yeah... hysterical.

Tom: Okay, I'll tell you what.

If you wait til the weekend,

I'll down to where you saw that thing

and we'll look for it together.

How's that?

Can I come too?

Yeah, Alfie, we'll make a day of it.

Just the three of us.

Father and son time.

I like that, great idea.

Jamie: You know...

if I had an iPhone like the rest of the kids

I could easily just snapped a photo of it.

Jamie, please.

Let's not go on about the iPhone nonsense again.

Can we just be happy about the laptop

that your dad got you?

When we were your age

nobody had cell phones and computers

and everybody survived just fine.

Yeah, but that was the olden days.

Yeah, the olden days.

Tom: That notwithstanding, boys.

It's gonna be a while

before either of you are getting a phone.


Yes, sir.

May I please be excused?


But make sure you come back

'cause I have your favorite dessert, pumpkin pie.

I'm not hungry anymore.

Alright, then you guys can go.

Straight to your homework.

Okay. Come on, Alfie.

Olden days?

Really, they're just kids, right?

Jamie: Well, Alfie, the captain was right.

About what?

They didn't believe me about the monster.

Well, make that three

'cause neither do I, really.

That's why I gotta get solid proof.


I got an idea.


( suspenseful music )

Alfie: Hey, what are we doing in dad's room?


Keep still.

( whispering ) Whisper.


Because I don't want mom and dad knowing

that we're in their room.


Because that's why. Just leave it at that.


Oh, my gosh, Alfie, please be quiet.

( whispering ) Okay.

( loud voice ) Hey, that's dad's new camera!


( whispering ) What did I say?

( whispering ) Okay, but he's gonna be mad if you take it.

He won't even let mom touch it.

That's because women are bad photographers.

And I'm not really taking it.

I'm just borrowing it for a day.

I don't know.

But I do.

And if you say anything I'll tell dad you took it.

( worried ) Really?

Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I won't do that.

Just please keep this secret between us.

Thanks, Alfie, I knew I could count on ya.

Must you make me wait every day?

Got my crullers?

No crullers today, bro.


Man: Excuse me, uh, Lawrence Krupnick?

Who's asking?

I've got a certified letter from First National Savings

for a Lawrence Krupnick.

The bank?

Uh, he's on vacation.

Australia, you know, the outback.

He may have been killed in a freak dingo accident.

Well, that's a shame 'cause uh...

he's inherited something.


Wait, did you say Krupnick?

Oh, no, no... ah, yeah.

See I thought you-- That's me.

Where do I sign?

Right here.



- Take it easy. - You too.

Thank you.

( suspenseful music )

Larry: ( sighing )

Wow, my grampa died.

Ah, bummer man.

I haven't seen him in, what? Ten years?

It says here that I inherited his boat,

uh, cabin and... some of his property.

Oh, cool!

And 40,000 in loans against it?

Oh, bummer again.

Wait, it says down here

I can sign it over to the bank.

Oh, cool.

Which means I've inherited nothing.

Oh, bummer again.

Oh, great, turkey neck's back!

Iz, this could be like destiny knocking.

You wanna go check it out after work?

Oh, for sure, man.

Oh, you didn't get the chocolate ones!

( comedic music )

You guys! Wait up!

Wait up!

I saw it! I saw it!

Saw what?

The monster! Nessie!

( sarcastically ) Yeah, right!

No way.

Seriously I saw it with my own two eyes after we split up.

You guys shoulda saw it.

Big as a house!

Got any proof?


But I will after school.

How so?

With this!

Janelle: Hey, that looks expensive.

Probably his dad's.

Yeah, so?

He let you borrow it?

( hesitating ) Yeah, no problem.

And, Ronnie, you wanted to know

how to make a million bucks, right?

I guess you got that figured out too.

I do!

Well... almost.

I read online last night

that the National Inquisitor just paid big bucks

for a blurry pic of Bigfoot.

If they'll pay 50 large for that,

who knows what they'll pay for a clear shot of Nessie.

And you're gonna get this done all by yourself?

Not exactly.

I'm getting help from the old captain guy

who lives down by the dock.

Captain Jack?

Yeah, that's him.

Well, forget it, that guy's crazy.

My dad says he hasn't been right

since something weird happened to him 20 years ago.


I don't know what,

but it probably has something to do with that monster.

- Really? - Yeah, really.

Hey, come on, guys,

or we'll be late for the bus.

Hey, anybody got bars yet?

Mine just came back.

I'm back on.

Evan: Me too. Let's go.

( upbeat music )

( thunder rumbling )

( birds chirping )

Larry: Well, Izzy, you think this is it?

I don't know. Check the address.

There are no mailboxes, Izzy.

Maybe the boat has a number on it.

Come on, let's go check it out.

( suspenseful music )

So, what do you think?

I am all about any vehicle

that comes with its own slide.

Woman: Hey!

( soft music )



I'm Tamara. Tamara Williams.

( laughing )

You must be Larry.

( confused ) Yeah... uh...

Oh, this is Izzy.

Hey, I'm Izzy.


But... how did you know?

Oh, I knew Skipper.

Your grandfather?

He used to talk about you all the time.


Well, yes, silly.

I mean, he's leaving you like... everything.

Isn't he?

Even the Jezebel.

God, isn't she a beaut?

That's not the exact term I would use, but...

Now she just needs a little TLC.

Or a torpedo.

So, Larry...

I guess you're my new landlord.


Oh, that bait shop up there.

It was Skipper's as well.

Oh, yeah, no, no, I read about it.

I just haven't had time to go check it out yet.

You should.

I've been leasing it out for about a year now and...

I guess I should tell you right up front,

I'm a little behind rent,

but I swear that I'll get it--

Hey, hey, hey, don't worry about it.

I know what it's like to have to scrape together the rent.

No big deal.


Thank a lot. ( chuckling )

Well, I better get these wigglers back to the shop.

Do you have worms in there?


I do run a bait shop.

( disgusted )

Oh, what, you don't like worms?

Oh, not since my hook baiting accident of 98.

( groaning )


I hope that doesn't stop you from coming by.

See ya.

( soft music )

Both: ( cheering )

Hey, look at that, bro.

Those are the guys that run "Unexplained Mysteries."

Here's an unexplained mystery.

Why are you looking at them

when you should be looking at that?

Mystery solved.


Alright, alright, come on.

Let's... go check out the boat.

Yeah, well, you... you do that.

Man: You know, Wesley?

This is gonna be the greatest scientific discovery

of the new millennium.

And the previous?

Have you got you Nobel Prize acceptance speech prepared?

Right here, buddy.

This is gonna get us published.

Scientific America?


Popular Science?


Yes! Alright. Let's get going!

( splash )

( snorting )

( soft music )


Izzy: I'm the king of the world!

( laughing and howling )

What do you think, Iz?

Well, the way I see it, you got two options.

You can either take this to the old boat's home.

Or you can sell it for scrap metal.

Now, I know my opinion mean a lot to you.

But, uh...

I think you can make some serious cash off this.

I'm keeping her.




Come on, man.

Let's go check out the skipper's cabin.

No, I think I'm just gonna stay here and get some rays.

- In the shade? - I don't wanna get burnt.

Suit yourself.

( birds chirping )

( fairy music )

( water trickling )

( suspenseful music )

( frightened ) Whoa! Who are you?

Hi, I am Ariel.

( relieved ) Oh, I am Izzy.

I need you.

I want you to help me.

Is that your vehicle?


Will you help me, one who calls himself Izzy?

I who am call Izzy himself,

by you, who is known as Ariel, will.

Basically, yes I will.

Come on.

Alright, let's get those long legs in there.

There you go.

( drum music )

( car engine starts )

( accelerating )

( drum music )

( soft music )

( soft music )

I'll do you proud, gramps.

( soft music )

( birds chirping )

( knocking )



Tamara: ( whispering ) Larry.

Hey, Larry.

Larry: ( gasping )

I'm sorry, I woke you.

No, it's... it's... fine.

I just haven't been getting much sleep lately.

Well, I thought I'd stop by and see...

Do you want to come with me and help dig red wigglers?

That is about the strangest proposition

I've ever had from a...

beautiful girl.

But... sure!

( suspenseul music )

Man: Wesley, you sure we packed everything?

We've got everything.

Monster chum?




Choco snacky globs?

Choco snacky globs?

We gotta eat, don't we?


Thank you.


Oh, hey, look at this one.

He's juicy.

( sarcastically ) Oh, yeah, mmm, real tasty that one.

You know,

you have an unusually strong attraction to worms.

They're called red wigglers.

Oh, right, red wigglers.

How could I have forgotten?

Hey, they're composters, you know?

- Composters? - Yeah.

They eat organic refuse.

So you're like safe if you're ever attacked

by a giant pile of banana peels.

( growling )

Both: ( laughing )

It's how they get so big and fat.

( comedic music )

I don't want to alarm you

but I think I took a wrong turn somewhere.

No, no, Izzy.

You see I, I--

Oh, look, a little old lady.

They know lots of stuff, I'll ask her.

Excuse me!

Do you know where the Baltimore Turnpike is?

( speaking in foreign language )

The Baltimore Turnpike!

( speaking in foreign language )

Ah, you've been of absolutely no help!

Thank you!

( wind blowing )

I don't want to alarm you

but I think that little old lady was a witch.

Hand me my GPS.

Your GP what?

I'll get it.

Both: ( laughing )

According to this, we're in Lappland.

Well, of course we're in Lappland, Izzy,

I took you here.

There are sardine races, we can go together!

Well, that sounds great, but it's a little cold out.

Well, that's why I brought these.

Oh, oh, that's convenient.

For you.


Oh, I like the color.

( engine accelerating )

So, hey.

Pretty good catch today.

You know, I thought I'd leave it to the expert.

You know, someone that doesn't have

an irrational fear of worm guts.

( laughing )



I'm really glad you're giving the Jezebel a chance.

I think Skipper'd be happy to know

that his little piece of heaven

isn't Maxwell's hands.

Maybe I could give you a tour tomorrow around the lake.

Give you a chance to then hear the whole story.

Uh, yeah, that... that'd be great.

It's a date.

I mean a deal.

It's, it's a deal.

Look, we shook. It's sealed.



( nervously ) Uh-huh.

So I'll see you tomorrow.


You're gonna have to let go of my hand.

Oh, right. ( laughing )


Hey, I'll... well.

I guess I'll see you tomorrow then, huh?

( engine accelerating )

Tough day, huh?

Uh, yeah.

That pop quiz in math really took me by surprise.

Same here.

But I think I did okay.

How about you?

Not sure.

Algebra's tough.


You know, I'm really good with numbers.

My mom says I get it from my dad.

So, if you ever need any help...

I'd be glad to study with you.

Thank you, Jamie.

That's really kind of you.

( laughing )

You know,

I really wanted to come along with you yesterday.

So why didn't you?

I don't know.

I guess I was a bit scared.

Those stories about the monster

have always had me spooked.

I guess.

So, you really saw it then?

You don't believe me?

No, no, no, I do.

It just seems... strange.

Yeah, I know.

Was it scary?


But it was really far away in the distance.

And couldn't really get a good look at it.

That's why I'm going back today with this camera.

Captain Jack will call it and I'll get a shot of it.

Aren't you afraid?

I suppose but...

if I get a good shot of it,

it's like money in the bank.

Do you...

Do you mind if I come along with you today?

I promise not to scream or anything.

I would love that, Janelle.

I really would.

( laughing )


( suspenseful music )

Mmm, excellent as always.

So, what do you know?

I can sum him up in one word.


He's in debt up to his ears.

No. Worse.

He's drowning in it.

He's behind on his rent.

He's about to lose his business

and if he doesn't make a payment

on the Skipper's property by Monday,

the bank will foreclose.

So Larry's dead broke, eh?

If there's a stronger word for broke,

he's whatever that is.


That land is mine one way or another.

( exhaling )

Tamara: Hey!

How's it going?

Well, it was going great.

I almost had them all up there.

Looks good.

You know, thanks for helping me out.

Uh, no problem.

Any time I'm free.

I'm yours.

So, where's your friend Izzy?

He is missing.

( annoyed ) And so is my car.

Where'd he go?

I wish I knew.

( comedic music )

You know, I've never met a girl like you before.

( laughing )

No, I mean literally.

I've never met a girl

that can transport the entire car over the ocean.

Were you born with that ability?

As a matter of fact, I was.

That's interesting.

And this is my favorite spot to go to.

It's so beautiful.

Yeah, if it wasn't 50 below it'd be perfect.

Well, it has to be cold.

Otherwise the sardine races couldn't happen.

( trumpet music )

Oh, here they come!

Come on, Seabiscuit!

Come on, baby!

Come on!

( exhaling )

That was a waste of $10.

You know, when I saw you,

I knew that you were the one.

The one what?

Just the one.

How about I show you something that I like to do?


You ever been to a double header?

No, what is that?

Well, if you think you can conjure the car back to Baltimore,

I can show you.

Well, I think I can.

Alright, let's go.

( water running )

( soft music )

Captain Jack!

Captain Jack!

Captain Jack!

He's probably out in the lake fishing or something.

But he promised he would be here.

You know, Jamie, it's gonna be dark soon.

Maybe we should just come back tomorrow.

I think I know where he is though.

That would be?

Come on, it's not far.

( suspenseful music )

This is where he says he hangs out a lot.

Doesn't look like anyone's lived here for years.

That's because there's no lights or anything.

Let's go.

I don't know about this.

Janelle, don't tell me you're scared.

I'm not scared.


That's sounds like something my mom would say.

You don't have to be so insulting.

I'm sorry.

Well, we came all this way.

We might as well knock.

Can't hurt.

Oh... okay.

Janelle: I don't know about this.


Captain Jack, are you in there?

I don't think anyone's home.

( wood creaking )

( intriguing music )

( knocking )

( knocking )

He's not home.

( whispering ) One last try.

( knocking )

( wood creaking )

( loud noise )

( suspenseful music )

Let's... get... out of here.

No, wait.

Check out all this old stuff.

It almost looks... haunted.

Yeah, it does.

Hey, you can't go in there without permission!

Hey, the door was open, wasn't it?

But you--

But nothing.

I want to check this place out.

( suspenseful music )

Male voice : You have no messages.

Izzy, where are you?

( soft music )

( birds chirping )

( soft music )

Larry: Dude!

Izzy: Hey, bro, what's up?

Where've you been all night with my car?



That's like... far!


Hey, I had a full tank of gas.

Yeah, you did.

Hey, I brought you a T-shirt.

Uh, let me see.

Sounds sweet and, you know,

I've done crazier things for girls.

So how's business been going since I've been gone?

Did you have any tours yesterday?

Tours? No.

And to be honest,

business has been quite slow.

How slow?


That's huge!

That's slow.

But, don't worry, don't worry.

I have a brilliant idea

on how to get some business in here.

How's that, dude?


We're gonna put a TV on board?

Looking for a fun-filled adventure

that won't take a big bite out of your wallet?

Tired of staying home every night watching reruns on TV?

Then come on down Apple Log

and join me, Larry Krupnick,

on the greatest boat tour since your last boat tour.


( splash ) ( trembling )



( splash )


Bring briquettes and have a barbecue.

( splash )

Enjoy a full day on the water.

Have a picnic at one of our free tables!

Complete shower facilities and free water for the kids.

So just call 555, uh... 8127.

Operators are standing by.

( country music )

That deadbeat may not be the moron

you made him out to be.

It'll never work.

I don't care!

Call my brother in law at channel 3

and have him kill that spot.

I need to be sure

this loser doesn't pull a rabbit out of his hat

and raise enough money to make that mortgage payment.

You mean?


It's time to put Operation Big Fat Check into motion.

When money talks, deadbeats walk.

We'll visit good old Larry,

and make an offer he can't refuse.

( evil laughter )

( suspenseful music )

Izzy: Do you have any idea what the word epic means?

Larry: Dude, something must have gone wrong.


I don't know what could have happened.

Well what time did you put the commercial on?

Well I put it right in between international ping pong

and kindergarten jury.

Oh, my gosh, I love that show.

Those kids are so cute when they send someone to the electric chair.

- I know, right? - Both: ( laughing )

Tamara: Hey, guys.

I saw your commercial. Nice.

Oh, you know.

We thought it'd be a great way

to keep up on the payments.

- You know? - Yeah!

Just look at all the customers!

( groans )

Yeah, so where are all the people anyway?

I mean this place used to be hopping.

Families! Jet skis! Babes for miles!

Not that I was looking.

( chuckles )

Well it's all like what I told you yesterday.

It's all that one guy.

Let me guess.



( angry ) What is the deal with this guy?

Well, hey, if you boys have time,

follow me down to the shop.

I'll tell you the whole story.

- Yes, I can. Come on. - ( groans )

That's okay I didn't need this leg.

( soft music )

Your patented monster chum might not be

as effective as you'd hoped.

But it's your formula.


Did you forget to put in the isotopes again?

You remember the nasty Loch Ness incident.

Yes, I remember.

And as I remember the Loch was freezing!

Then what does that have to do

with remembering isotopes?

That screw up nearly cost us our reputation.

( splash )

You did that on purpose.

Yes, I did.

( slaps )

Does your mother know you do that, huh?

- Does yours? - Oh, it is on!

It is on now!

You know that's live bait, right?

I know.

Yeah, well, if you keep playing with it,

it won't be live anymore.

Whoo hoo.

Izzy. Izzy?


( roars )


I know.

Hey, Tamara. Izzy and I were talking.

This Maxwell guy, he owns all the land around the lake

except for Skipper's?

The Skipper's land is your land now, Larry.

Including this bait shop.

Okay. Okay.

Yeah, Max will be coming around soon enough,

with his big fat check routine.

This guy sounds like a real panda lover.

He's been coming around this place for over a year now

driving off all the tourists.

Yeah, but why?

That doesn't make any sense.

Because he wants to build that big grand casino

right here.

Ah, so Maxwell likes the bling bling.

( high-pitched voice ) The bling bling.

Both: ( laughing )

No. Not exactly.

He doesn't care about that old gold story.

( splash )


What gold?

Around 1840, a pirate, named Captain Noggin,

he came here to become a farmer.

A pirate farmer?

Oh, let me get my hoe for my yard.

Everyone: ( laughing )

Legend says that he did see Ogo Pogo.

And so he took his pirate loot

and he hid it near the lake.


Okay, Ogo Pogo, I don't care about.

This pirate treasure's something worth looking into.

Yeah but where are we going to find it?

Well there's supposed to be a map.

But no one knows where it is or who's even got it.

( high-pitched voice ) I smell an adventure!


What is it, Tom?

You happen to know where my camera is?

Ah, the last time I saw it, was in the dresser.

Second drawer from the top.

On the right.


Uh, yes.

Under your socks.

Well, it isn't here now.


I'll be right there.

( suspenseful music )

I don't know.

Maybe it could have fallen into a lower drawer.

I already checked.


Did you check the top drawer too?

I looked everywhere.

Including the closet.

Alright. So I don't know.

Cameras just don't get up and walk away.

Think, Tom.

Maybe you could have put it somewhere else in the house.


It's been waiting there since my birthday last month.

Now the one time I could use it for the weekend,

with the kids, it's missing in action.

I don't know, Tom, I-- uh I--

I don't think it could have been stolen.

What about you, sport?

Happen to know what happened to dad's camera, do you?

Jamie took it!

He did, did he?

Yeah, he's looking for the monster.


Well, he found one now.

( suspenseful music )

Izzy: Hey, look, we got customers.

Game face, bro.

They look rich.

Hello, Larry.

Maxwell. Maxwell Gordon.

You can call me Max.

I've... heard a lot about you.

I'm sure.

But let me get to the point of my visit.

May I?

I'm interested in making you an offer

on Skipper Krupnick's entire estate.

Including the bait shop?

Maxwell: Yes, that's right.

I don't know.

I understand Skipper was into the bank

for some pretty serious loans.



Take this check for 50,000 right now

and deposit it first thing in the morning.

You don't have to give me your answer now, Larry.

Let it sink in.

$50,000 is a lot of money, Larry.

I'll bet you could really turn your life around

with 50k in your account.

I've written a bill of sale in mini print

on the back of the check.

All you need to do is sign it in morning and the deal is done.

It's that simple.

Not really.

I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

( muttering nervously )

Can't believe you forgot the sonar!

I didn't forget the sonar!

You forgot the sonar!

No, you forgot the sonar!

Look, you made up the list.

Yeah, but I didn't leave off the sonar!

I didn't leave off the sonar.

All I did was go check, check, check.

Check everything except the sonar!

But you know why the sonar's not on here?

Because you had to have room

for your little childhood snacks!

Those are important as well as the sonar!


( music )

Izzy: $50,000!

Larry: Lot of crullers, man.

This is us free and clear.


Free from the Movie Shed rental.

From Tony.

From his Neanderthal.


What about the gold?

Izzy, that gold is about as real as Ogo Pogo.

Nothing that's real stays hidden that long.

Sorry, Iz.

I know you love the slide, but I have to sell.

( upset ) You're selling?

Tamara, wait!

No! Tamara!


Come back! No, he loves you!

Tamara, wait!

Just go!

What are you doing, guys?

Act like you love her!

( crying ) Why?

It was all so perfect!

Hey, Jamie.

Look at this.

That's when the cowboy days were something.


Oh, Janelle, check this out.

It looks like Captain Jack when he was young.



Was he really the mayor here once?

Sounds like it.

Here, let me see.

It says here

that when he claimed he'd seen a monster in the lake,

that the town committee had no choice

but to vote him out of his job.

Let me see it.

When Mayor elect O'Grady could offer no solid proof

of his outlandish claims, the village council 'coverned'--


Convened an emergency session

and was forced to remove him

on grounds...

of 'incompence'.


Incompetence and instability.

Some thought it was brought on by stress

because his son, James, was in the hospital.

They must have though he was crazy.

He's not. I'll tell ya.

I saw the monster yesterday.

The fallout from the episode

not only put the former mayor's career in limbo

but caused a rift in his family life as well.

After regaining his health,

his estranged son, James, had tried to distance himself

from the entire incident.

What's "estranged" mean?

Captain Jack: Means he no longer wanted to see his old man again.

We're not robbers! We're not robbers!

Ah, now.

Don't be afraid there, you two.

You can see the door's wide open.

You weren't trespassing.

Tell you the truth, I'm...

I'm not even certain who owns this place nowadays.

We didn't mean to.

What? To pry?

No, no.

That newspaper's common knowledge.

You wasn't prying, you just reading, that's all.

But you lost your job because of the monster.

Yeah, well.

Losing my job I guess was tolerable enough.

What I lost later...

broke my heart.

Well if they didn't believe you,

why didn't you just call it

like you did yesterday?

Because that dang thing...

it'll never show itself to anybody except me.

That's why.

I know you saw it too, son.

Why do you suppose I was so surprised, so excited about it?

All these years I was the only one.

I even tried to convince my own flesh and blood of it.

And they wouldn't believe me.

So I started thinking maybe I am going crazy.

But you're not!

Other people have heard it.

You said it yourself.


Hearing's one thing. Seeing's another.

Folks around here,

they always wanna come up with some practical explanation,

you know, like, "Oh, no, it's a truck horn or a howling wolf."

Nonsense like that.

I promise you... that Nessie is there.

( splash )

( roaring )

Is that...?

( laughing )

As if on cue!

Hey I brought my dad's camera.

Maybe we can get a picture?

Well I don't think so, little fella.

Unless you got infra-red photography.


What time is it?

Janelle: Oh, my gosh, Jamie!

It's 5:30!

And that means?

It'd be getting dark.

Oh, no.

My parents are gonna kill me.

Well, now, don't fret there, Lassie.

Captain Jack will see you both home safely.

But what about Nessie?

Hmm, well, uh, what say we chart that course

sometime in the near future?

Like tomorrow?

Girl, why don't you let me sleep on it, alright?


we best get you home, alright?

Jamie: Aye aye, captain.

( suspenseful music )




( keys jingling )

( fire crackling )

( glass breaking )

( groaning ) Ahh.

( soft music )





Alright, grab your lanterns.

Watch your step.

Ready to get going?

Of course.

Captain Jack?

Why are you and your son estra--


That's it.

Well, that's a long story, missy.

And since we don't have all night

I guess I'll give you the short version.

First time I saw Nessie, nobody believed me.

And no one has since.

So overnight I went from being Mayor O'Grady

to... Captain Crazy.

That's mean.


You know, my son, James, was gonna open up

his own law firm in town.

But then he... started thinking

maybe the locals would feel that lunacy ran in the family.

I remember him in the recovery room begging me.

Dad, just tell them it was a bad joke.

Did you?

I couldn't.

That'd be lyin' to him.

It'd be lyin' to myself.

That's not right.

My pappy taught me one thing...

that the truth will set you free.

And I tried to pass that on to my own son

when he was growing up.

So, what happened?

Well he graduated college,

so it was time for him to make his mark in the world

and without nary a word with me...

packed up his fancy law books

and moved himself to Shelbyville.


That's like 50 mi away.

Yeah, well it may has well been

50 million mi when you consider...

how little I see him now.

That's terrible.

Don't you ever hear from him, at all?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Yeah, my birthday... Christmas.

Always sends a card.

I keep them in a shoebox.

Makes me sad.

I'm sorry, captain.

Me too.

( sniffs )

Pay no mind.

( whispering ) Pay no mind.

Larry: Izzy!


Izzy, look!

Look at this, man!

I think... I think this is a pirate treasure map!

Where did you find this?

Oh, it was behind uh-- one of my grampa's old pictures.

Check this out!

X marks the spot.

You think this is real?

Well, of course it's real.

Why else would Skipper have hidden it?

Alright, but check it out.

- This cove here... - Uh-huh.

It matches that cove over there perfectly.

What should we do?

Well we're gonna go find it, duh.

( insects chirping )

Alfie: ( humming )

( soft music )

Well, thankfully, nothing's broken.

Dad, I, I--

Jamie, please.

You had your chance for remorse.

Now let me say what I've got to say.

When I was a kid about your age

my father had this expensive fiberglass fishing rod

that he kept in the closet.

It was his pride and joy.

And I dearly wanted it.

I thought it would make me

the greatest fisherman in the world.

Many afternoon's I thought I'd just grab it

and go straight down to the lake with it.

And you know what?


I never did.

Because I had too much respect for my father's rules.

Then one day he surprised everybody and he gave it to me

for my 16th birthday.

The green one in the hallway?


And I still use it today.

Now I know you're not much of a fisherman,

but you're heck of an artist,

and I'm thinking when-- when you're old enough,

I'm-- I'm gonna give you this camera.

And that'll be my way of saying "Carry on, buddy."

You understand?

( melancholy music )

Dad, I'm sorry.

I was just trying to--

I know. I know.

You just wanted to prove you saw a sea monster, right?

You're my son.

So I believe you.

Let's put this behind us and get on with normal, okay?


Oh, I almost forgot.

You know, your mother and I

were having a conversation last night after dinner

about your math skills.

She was saying how good you are in school with numbers.


I've got a list of 10 numbers

I want you to commit to memory.



I don't understand.

( gasps ) For me?

You alone.

The new iPhone 8 with all the new cool apps?

Thank you so much.

But, you know, you gotta thank your mother.

She gave up a big portion of her mad money so we could buy that.

Thank you so much, mom.

Yeah well now if you see any more monsters,

snap away and just put it right up on Facebook.

Hey, where's mine?

Good morning, Maxwell.

What do you think?

What's with the yellow tape?

Well this is where the statue of me is going to be.


make that 50 ft of pure marble.

What about the tree?

It's been here for 100 years.

I'm gonna cut it down.

What do you think?

Pretentious, obnoxious and over indulgent.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Woman: Hello, Mr. Gordon.

Amy Skelt, Channel 3 News.

Pleasure to meet you. Are you ready for your interview?

I'm like lunchmeat.

Always ready.

Jamie, make it snappy.

You're gonna be late for the bus.

I'll be right there, mom.

Alright, I'm in no mood to drive you there myself.

I'm coming! I'm coming!

First call. Better be a lucky one.

( phone ringing )

Law office.

Hi. May I speak to James Grady?

May I ask who's calling?

Jamie Williams.

Woman on phone: Okay, one moment.

I'll put you through.

Hello, this is James Grady.

Uh, hello.

Um, hello there, son.

What can I do for you?

( birds chirping )


Amy Skelp here with Maxwell Gordon,

who over the years has bought up 99%

of the property around Lake Apple Log.

Tell us, Mr. Gordon, what can the local community

expect at Lake Apple Log?

Well, being of native American descent...

( comic drum sound )

I have a spiritual bond with the sacred lands around the lake.

For this reason the natural habitats

and ecology come first.

Native American?


I have papers pending at the bureau of Indian affairs.

I see, Mr. Gordon, but if the lake and ecology come first,

why has the county assessor recently approved plans

for some kind of mega casino?

Well, being an Indian, I felt I had a duty to my people.

It's an age old tradition.

Indians have been building casinos

ever since the first pioneers

rolled across the prairies with that extra cash.

What do you say to the locals

who are afraid the introduction of gambling

will bring an unwanted element to our community?

Oh, I've curtailed that possibility by eliminating

the penny slots and the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Here, let me show you my statue.


Maxwell: Did I kill or what?

You killed something.

I don't know what it was, but you killed it.

I don't like the looks of this one bit.

I thought I told you to keep an eye on them.

I'm sorry, boss.

Yeah, well, sorry don't get my money back.

Come on. Let's see if he's at his house.

He's upstairs, boss.

Think it's this way, boss.

Number two.

- What a dump-- - Kinda reminds me of home.

Take a look around.

Okay, boss.

Hey, look what I found.

Seems old Larry has inherited a boat down at the lake.

The lake with the monster?

You afraid of monsters?

Uh... I guess not, boss.

Well you better make sure.

'Cause we're gonna pay old Larry a visit.

( soft music )

This is it, Iz.

This is gonna fix my whole life.

I mean the Jezebel, the Movie Shed, Tony Caput.

Well, alright, captain, but uh-- which way do we go?


According to this, we go north at the fork.


Fork's right there, man.

I think it means this one, bro.

Oh, yeah.

Larry: Here we go, bud. This way.


Man, you know what we can use right now?

Some sun tan lotion?

That'd be fantastic.

It's more than hot.

- Look at the sun. - Supernova.

Seen this much foliage before?

Yeah, but I was a kid.

When were you ever a kid?

You're gigantic.

The better question is when am I not like a kid?

Both: ( laughing )

Hey, hey. Hold up. Hold up.


See that path over there?

- Yeah. - That's right here.

That means we're here.

And the treasure's right there.

It's only 1 in away!

Stands for miles, bro.

Ah, cool.

Treasure hunting is easy.

( action music )

Are you sure this is the right place?

Well there's no other place around the place,

so this must be the place.

Where do you want to start digging?

I know exactly where. Come on.

( action music )

Larry: ( tired ) Ah!


Come on!

Dude, you think the golf course

is gonna be ticked off about this?

- Izzy... - Yeah?

It's an 18 hole golf course, right?


Well, way I see it... we just gave them 18 more to play on.

Both: ( laughing )

( metal clangs )

- What was that? - Pipe?

Should I keep digging?

Yeah, keep going!




Izzy, look! This is it!

Both: ( laughing )

No, no not right now.

You got your-- look at that!

Come on!

Alright. Come on.

Here, help me lift it.

Hold on!

Lift this, Izzy!

Both: ( laughing )

Izzy, we found it!

I can't believe we found it!

Get the shovel!

Hurry, come on!

( metal clanging )

Ah what do you think's in here?

- I don't know. - Gold? Silver? Jewels?



( ecstatic ) Yes!


Wait, what?

Rocks, Izzy.


You mean like the pet?

Yes, like the pet.

Captain Noggin's a bad pirate!

This is somebody's idea of a joke.

Come on.

Are you kidding?

No, I am not.

That's cray cray.

I don't believe a word of it.

He's telling the truth, guys.

So you mean to say that if we go down to the lake after school,

Nessie will definitely appear?

If my prediction's right, 99% sure.

How do you know?

Well, every time the monster appears, um, Captain Jack gets--

Gets how?

- Um-- - Emotional!

Yes, emotional.

What Janelle said.

You mean like angry or sad?

Yeah, that's it.

Well, how do you even know that crazy old coot's gonna be angry or sad

this afternoon?


He's gonna be the best emotion of all time:


And you know this because...?

I arranged it.

I'm gonna have to go and think about this.

Okay, Bobbo.

Go and think about it.

But don't think too long.

Or you're going to miss out on a picture of a lifetime.

The new iPhone?

When did you get that?

Yesterday. My parents got it for me.

It's beautiful.

Guys, we definitely need upgrades.

That's for sure.

Hey, I got full bars.

Ready to get to school?

Hey, I got nothing here.



18 holes, Iz.


Well, maybe the journey was the treasure.

Get real, dude.

There is no treasure and there are no lake--

( suspenseful music )


( suspenseful music )

Dude, dude! He's coming!

Go! Go!

Come on!

Let's go talk to Tony.


Tony: I went by the Movie Shed earlier, Larry.

For some reason, you weren't there.

Tony, that's because we've been here trying to get your money.


Trying's for attorneys.

Trying doesn't get me my money!

I told you not to skip out on me!

I know. I know. Or else, right?

Or else!

And it's finally time for or else.

Alphonse, do it!

Izzy, or else!

( clang )

( action music )

What kind of thug are you?

Get 'em!

( groans )

( screaming )

( action music )

I think we lost them.

Dude, we found them!

There they are, boss!

Larry: Get in, Izzy! Come on!

Get 'em!

Go, go , go, go!

Boss, get in!

( tires screeching )

Oh, Izzy, they're getting closer!

Do something, come on, man!

( engine revving )

Come on! Let's go! Let's go!

It won't go any faster!

Make it go faster!

( engine revving )

( tires screeching )

- Izzy, do something! - What?

I don't care!

Go, go!

Come back here, you little freaks.

( tires screeching )

Gimme the bag!

( engine revving )

You'll pay for that!

( screams )

Wait, wait.

Both: ( laughing )

Get 'em, boss!

I have an idea!

Don't throw that four iron!

Don't throw that four iron!

Tony: Give me your shoe!

My shoe?

Give me your shoe! Your shoe!

My shoe?

Hey, Larry!

( tires screeching )

( crying )

Gimme your shoe now.

Your shoe.

Give me your shoe!

Give me your shoe!

Give me, give me!


( overlapping chatter )

Both: ( screams )

( splash )

Both: ( laughing )

This'll get that Ogo Pogo once and for all.

Give me the lighter.

I want to light it this time.

You got to light it last time.

It's got a short fuse.

I'll show you who's got a short fuse.

Now give it to me.

( explosion )

( clears throat )

What is it, Larry?

It hurts me. Deep.

Way down in my wallet, but the answer is no.

I won't sell.

Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry.

Have you thought this through?

When you lose everything to the bank, I'll just scoop it up.

Why not line your pockets while the opportunity is presenting itself.

I'll find a way.


Larry Krupnick.

Do you really think you can go up against me and win?

I'm not trying to win.

I'm just trying.

Well, try this.


Sorry, Mr. Gordon.


Krupnick, you're a fool!

Like your grandfather and his father before him!

Lake Apple Log belongs to the Gordons!

And I will have it all!

Do you hear me?

( door shuts )

( grunts )

( cellphone ringing )

Hello. You got Iz.

Hey, Iz, it's Lar. Uh, can you hold down the fort for a bit, bro?

- We have a fort? - Jezebel, dude.

Oh, yeah, I can watch it.

Alright I'll see you in a few hours.

( soft music )

( engine starts )

( engine revving )

( splash )

Oh, hey, Ariel.

Hello, one that is called Izzy.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm holding down the fort.

( laughs ) That's an honorable thing to do.

Thank you.

You know, Ariel, I always see you

popping in and out of the water.

Where are you from?

I'm from... down under.

Well that's funny, you don't sound Australian.

Oh, I'm not Australian.

What are you?

What is your word?


( chuckles )

I think the word is "mermaid."


No, wait... What?


I must go, Izzy.

Take care holding down the fort.

No, no, no, wait!

Wait, no!

( soft music )

( splash )


( action music )

( keys jingling )

( action music )

( groaning )

( action music )

That'd be all?

That is all.

Thank you so much.

You come back and see us.


( annoyed ) So, Mr. Krupnick.

What are you here to terminate my lease?


I turned him down.

You what?

I turned down Gordon.

I sold my car and...

paid my way out of my former life.

I even have enough money to pay this month's mortgage.

( laughing ) Great.

But what happens in thirty days?

I was kinda hoping we could figure that out together.

There's no way he'll come up

with that $2,000 mortgage payment by Monday.

One way or another

we'll have it all wrapped up

by this time next week.

( evil laughter )

So what now?

Bring the car around.

I've got a meeting in town with the bank president

to seal all the deals.

( birds chirping )

Hey, Iz, hey!

Huh, nautical terms!

( laughing ) Relax, buddy.

Ah, sleep okay?

Yeah, I slept pretty good.

How about you?

- Not too bad. - ( laughing )

Hey, enough about that. Check this out.

What is that?

Oh, but there's not one, there's not one!

( excited ) It's like magic!

Where did you get it?

- Well, do you see the car? - No.

- Got rid of it. - What?

And I got rid of the Movie Shed,

Tony and his steroid pumping Neanderthal.

Both: ( laughing )

Hey, get up, man.

Let's go get the girls and get some lunch.

- Wicked. - Alright.

( Ariel ) Yes, wicked.

( soft music )

Ah, dang it lad I, I told you before.

You just can't count on that Nessie

to ever show up when you want him.

My parents say to never argue with adults.

But... this time I gotta.

Nessie's coming today, I'm certain of it.


How you figure that?

Do you remember the first time you saw the monster?

Mmm, sure I do.

Like it was yesterday.

How were you feeling on that day?


Son, that was a long time ago.

I read in the newspaper

that your son James was in the hospital.

Captain Jack: Oh, yeah, he was.

Thankfully he got himself better and got out.

But you didn't know that at the time.

You were sad.


That's why Nessie came.

It could feel your pain.

Somehow, you guys are connected.

Nessie can sense your feelings.

Why, you might just have something there youngin'.

I do.

Well, at least I think I do.

( laughing )

How are you gonna take a picture of it

when I really feeling any kinda strong emotions

one way or another?

( James ) Hey, dad.

( soft music )


Well, your friend Jamie there arranged everything.

He's got a real future as a lawyer

if he decides to pursue that kind of thing.

Anyway, he called me

and he really broke down some walls.

Thank you, lad.

You're welcome, sir.

( laughing )

We gotta a lot of time to make up for, son.

Sure do, pop.

We sure do.

( soft music )

( car approaching )

Keep the car running. I'll be back in a jiffy.

No worries.

Okay, but hurry up, I'm hungry.

Maxwell: And I'll need another 20,000

transferred from my business account for the statue.

I just need the proper forms, so excuse me.

I'll be right back.

Always takes forever when we come here.

Oh, relax, Maxwell.

Hi, I need to speak to somebody

about making a loan payment.

( whispering ) He's here.

Kitty, I'm adding. Please!

Maxwell, Krupnick is here.

No, no... no, no.

We can not let him make that payment.

If he makes this one,

anything could happen in the next month.

And another, and another.

These are the kinds of moments

that need to be nipped in the bud!

Well, what do we do?

I'll steal it.


Larry's cash!

Go out there. Cause a diversion.

I'll grab the cash and meet you at the car.

Are you serious?

Do you like the nice clothes the car, the jewelry, the--?

I'll do it!

( grunting )

( suspenseful music )

Oh, fiddly dee.

( sighing )

( suspenseful music )

( action music )


- Check it for-- - No time!

Here, get in here!

( action music )

( car engine starts )

( tires screeching )


Where you going with my car?

Izzy: Hey, here he comes now.

He looks angry.

( tires screeching )


Sure does.

- Oh, Larry, what's going--? - Get in the car!

I'm driving!

Hey, dude, what's going on?

( tires screeching )

What are you doing?


( tires screeching )

Gordon stole the money!


( tires screeching )

Larry: I can't believe he would do something like that.

Izzy: That guy is a panda lover!

His actions are very inappropriate.

Very inappropriate.

Extremely inappropriate.

What were you thinking?

I've got it. I've got it, baby!

( tires screeching )

( screaming )

( tires screeching )

( action music )

Don't, don't.

I don't wanna get squashed as much as you.

( tires screeching )

Whoa, my goodness!

( action music )

Hold down right there!

Between the lines!

Do you have to drive your car so fast--

Slow down!

Guys! Guys! I've got this!

If you want me to drive safe, I need to focus!

( action music )

We're going to jail!

You know that! You know that!

( engine accelerating )

( action music )

There's the dock!

You just keep going! Go! Go!

( tires screeching )

Go! Go! Go! Go!

( action music )

Come here, Maxwell!

( action music )

Go! Go!

( boat engine starts ) Maxwell: Go! Go! Go!

( evil laughter )

( action music )

( cell phone ringing )


Hey, Krupnick!

Guess the better man wins again, eh?

( evil laughter )

It's not over, Gordon!

Maxwell: Oh, I beg to differ with you, Larry!

If you don't get that payment in by 5

closing time for the bank

is foreclosing time for you!

( evil laughter )

( screaming )

( suspenseful music )

( metal clang )

( creaking )

Izzy: Whoa.

Do you see what I see?

It's gold!

( sparkling chime )

Children: Whoa!

The treasure's the boat.

He found it. Gramps actually found it.

( cheering )


- Tamara and Izzy: ( cheering ) - Stop the boat!

( boat engine stops )

It's so beautiful!

You see it, Ariel?


It's gold!


That crazy old sailor had the treasure all the time!

( splash )

It's not over yet, Krupnick!

A Gordon never gives up!

( singing like a whale )


I'll find a way to get you back under my thumb!

( singing like a whale )


Oh, what was that?

- ( screaming ) - What was that?

Both: ( screaming )

( loud noise )

There it is!


( camera shutter clicking )

( splash )

You did it.

You're wonderful.

Tamara: There's a lot of things about this lake

that would surprise you.

I like those kinds of surprises.

( splash )

Well, I'll be darned, dad.

Looks like you were right all along.

( laughing )

( comedic music )

If it's all the same to you...

I am through with monster hunting

for the rest of my life.


What about all the money I sunk into this?

That is not my problem.

What do you mean it's not your problem?

I sunk 10 grand into this.

How am I gonna get that money back?


We can apply for loans.

We can apply for grants.

No matter how many loans or grants we get,

( splash ) we're never gonna find a monster.

Just shut the door and let's go.


( rock music )

Well, at least we'll have a pleasant ride home.

( car engine starts )

( tires screeching )

Both: ( screaming )

( upbeat synthesizer music )

( upbeat synthesizer music )

( upbeat synthesizer music )

( upbeat synthesizer music )

The Description of Nessie & Me