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-The older we get, the further we get from the truth

and the more we search for answers.

If only we could ask the real experts,

life would go a whole lot smoother.

This is "Little Kids, Big Questions."

Featuring is your host, Ingrid Michaelson

and the Austin Hartley-Leonard Quintet.

-Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Life and Death.

It doesn't get any more serious than that, right guys?


-Think of all the questions that we have --

How long will I live?

When will I die?

Do I have a soul?

What does death feel like?

So let's bring out our little experts.

Please welcome our guests for tonight,

Nikki, Emma, and Zachary.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Band playing ]

-Hi, guys!

-Hello. -Hello.

-Hey. How are you feeling?

-Good. -Good? Okay.

Are you ready to know what our topic is for tonight?


-Okay, our topic is...

[ Drumroll ]

Life and Death. Ughh...

All right. I have a special guest.

Please welcome to the stage my friend, Sarah.

[ Band playing ]

Hi, Sarah! Clap for Sarah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Song ends ]


Hi, Sarah. How are you doing?

You don't have a mike, so I'll talk for you.

Hi, how are you? -Good.

-She says, she's good everyone.

She's good. Okay.

Sarah is eight and a half months' pregnant.

-[ Gasps ] -Okay. Have you seen --

-I can see that!

-Yeah. Can you stand up for them for a second?

Profile, profile please.

Other profile, to the kids. See it? Okay.

-See it?! Can you see it?

-Yes. -Okay.

Okay you can sit down, sweetheart. Thank you.

Well, what's inside there?

-A baby! -A baby!

-Okay, you all know that. That's awesome.

-How did the baby get in there? Yes.

-God put it in there. -It just poofed into her body.

-It just poofed into her body. What do you think?

-Maybe a bean grew in there. -A bean?

-Or it could be a corn.

-But how does it get out? Yes.

-It comes through your private part,

and you have to force it out to get it out.

-How long do you think it takes?

-Probably about a few minutes.

-Just a few minutes?

-And you know, you're kind of naked,

you're kind of naked when you do it.

-You're kind of naked? Kind of?

-Yeah, you have your pants down.

-Well, like you get the head

out from your private part and you pull it out.

I bet there's a lot of pain.

-Have you had a baby before?

-No. -Oh! Awesome!

That's gonna be fun for her, yeah.

-It's probably gonna hurt.

-Wow, nice tip.

-Do you have any advice for Sarah?

-I think that, um, you should try

eating more liquid things,

so it sort of helps to nourish the baby.

-Liquid things? Like what kind of liquid things?

-Soup. -Just soup,

what about like chocolate milk and like milkshakes and...

-That might be too sweet for the baby

and it's not that healthy either.

Too much sugar. -Uh-huh.

I know, too much sugar. Yes?

-Besides, you can eat stuff that's not -- that's not liquid.

You chew it up

and wait and then it turns to mush.

-And how does the baby get fed? -Well...

-The baby doesn't chew stuff.

-It comes through the neck and it drops to your belly,

and then the baby opens his mouth

and he eats it. -He does?

He doesn't have teeth. -Yeah, he --

-Is that a boy or a girl? -It's mush.

-I think it's a boy. -What do you think?

-Girl. -Girl. -Girl.

-Girl, girl, boy.

Aww, she knows what it is!

-It's a boy. -It's a boy!

-It's a boy, everyone!

[ Cheers and applause ]

-What's the first thing Sarah should teach her baby

after she pushes it out?


-How to talk. -How to walk.

-How to potty train. -Potty train?

These are all really good things.

-And they contaminate the house.

-They contaminate the house?

-By your smell. -Ooh!

By their smell? From what?

-When they do their business. -What's their business?


-Aahhh! -Guilty. Guilty.


Secret word of the day. It was my own secret word.

I didn't tell you, so that's why it's a secret.

Kids, say goodbye to Sarah

and thank her for coming out and being our guest.

-Goodbye, Sarah. -Goodbye.

-Good luck having a baby.

[ Applause ]

[ Band playing ]

-!!musiC@! And we are done !!musiC@! [ Song ends ]

-Are you ready for some serious questions?

Okay. How did we get here?

-Well, I think, well, the first person

who was alive was God

and I think there was a girl with him.

-Ooh! -And the girl laid a baby

and I think it was a girl and -- no, it was a boy.

-Do you say she laid a baby?

Like a chicken? -I mean, like, birthed a baby.

-Birthed a baby? Okay. You're smart.

-And then there was another one, birthed a baby,

birthed a baby, until there were seven billion people

on the earth.

-Is that how many people there are in the earth?

-Yes. -I'm not good with numbers.

So who invented babies?

-Uh, I think...

-Yes. -Man?

-Man invented babies.

Okay, yes. -Ladies.

-Men and ladies because without one or the other,

then babies wouldn't be possible.

-What is a soul...

of a shoe? [ Laughs ]

-The sole of a shoe?

-No, what's a soul?

-Your life.

-Cool, that's -- I like that.

-Your attitude. -Your attitude?


That's interesting. What do you think a soul is?

-Your life and attitude.

-Okay. You guys work well together.

Have you, is this is like a panel? Do you do this often?

Do you travel to high schools and like...

-Probably no. -...uplift people?

-Probably no. -Probably no. No. Okay.

-What's the secret word of the day?

-Poop! -Poop! -Poop!

-All right.

Life, death and poop. What more do you need?

"Little Kids Big Questions."

Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

I want to thank our guests Nikki, Emma, and Zachary.

Please give it up for them and thank you for joining us.

See you next time!

[ Band playing ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

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