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My role in helping the students is getting them through the technical detail side of

coaching, so it brings it down to those small things.

Going through if they've made a mistake with their explanation, can we push them through

and point them in the right direction. A really good thing about this programme is

it gets you socialising with other people going through and its helping the young ones

progressing their footballing ability and so on.

So we've got coaching CPD, for the first year degree students to get some experience of

coaching, setting up sessions with feedback from other more experienced coaches and degree

students who have been here for 2 or 3 years. It just helps us see where we can improve

and also take advice from other coaches to help our coaching improve.

The start of next year we go to the Uni of South Wales to deliver some sessions for our

assessments and also we have some placements throughout the year with the Wolves Foundation.

The Soccer Schools and schools programme, so it helps us just gain a bit more experience

from people who've been there and done it before so we know what to expect and how to set up

and deliver our sessions.

It's good to work with other coaches from the Foundation because they can give us their

feedback so we can learn a lot from them because obviously they have a bit more experience

than us so there's a lot to learn there. Getting that feedback, it helps us go into

schools and stuff like that and gain more experience with children.

Obviously we're on our first year so we don't really know that much at the minute, so we're

just learning so its really good to have someone to sort of hold our hand for the start of

it and then soon obviously we can progress and be a bit more independent with it.

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