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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR Mukbang|장독대 성복점에는 맛있는 반찬이 가득! 좋아하는 반찬들로 집밥 먹방!

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Today I came to Banchan store "Jang dok dae"

Banchan means side dishes for the rice.

Staffs in the store make banchan and pack them.

We can buy various banchan at reasonable cost.



Soybean paste


Green chili


Soybean paste stew (Doenjang jjigae) done!

Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*)



I was craving for home meal. So I bought some banchan at the store.

And I cooked soybean paste stew myself.

I will eat well. (^^*)

I try Gamja jorim first.

It is soy sauce braised potato.

This is Doraji muchim.

Doraji is the root of balloon flower.

How does my doenjang jjigae look?(^^*)

Koreans eat Doenjang jjigae very often.

But you may think its smell is not good at first,

because doenjang is a lump of fermented soy.

This is gyeran mari that means egg roll.

It is a bit soft and tastes rather plain.

Chong-gak kimchi is my favorite out of various kimchi.

I like its crunchy texture.

And the taste of radish is very refreshing.

This is steamed spinach.

Actually I don't like spinach very much.

but I chose it for my health (^^*)

This is fish cutlet.

We call it "Seng seon katsu"

Fish cutlet is a good choice for the children

who don't want to eat fish.

I think today's meal is almost for the vegetarians. (^^*)

But I wonder if vegetarians eat fish or not.

Anyone of you know what this is? (^^*)

This is salted pencil squid.

Salted seafood is called "Jeot gal" and there are various in Korea.

Jeot gal usually tastes very salty but perfect for the rice.

What I just ate is "Moo Mal reng-ee"

It is dried radish mixed with spicy sauce.

Some of you might wonder why my rice is black.

It is because I mixed the black rice.

Koreans usually think the rice made of various grain is

much better for health.

And I also agree (^^*)

When reading comments,

some of my viewers seem to think I got fatter recently.

And some seem to think I lost weight. (^^*)

To be honest, I got some weight recently.

After moving to a new house,

I couldn't continue work out.

So far I kept doing exercise called "Spinning"

It is like dancing on a bicycle.

But after I moved here, I couldn't find any gym.

I hope I can find one very soon (^^*)

A fortunate thing is that there are several walking trails

along the mountain near my house.

I think I need to run along the trail to control my weight.

Do you know 70% of Korean land consists of mountain?

If you come to Korea,

you will see small mountains everywhere.

There are many small mountains even in Seoul.

So hiking is very popular hobby among Koreans.

Now it is time for me to start hiking (^^*)

I will let you know if hiking is effective for losing weight.

This is fire chicken mayonnaise sauce.

It tastes like spicy mayonnaise.

Since my viewer had requested me to try this,

I got to enjoy eating it (^^*)

After I moved here,

I have hard time setting my home mukbang.

Recording condition is quite different from former house.

I know many viewers got disappointed

because of relatively lowered video quality.

But I keep trying to improve my videos now.

I will do my best to show you better contents (^^*)

And thank you very much for supporting me despite the recent trial and error (^^*)

Have a good day!!(^^*)

Chan! Today I had Korean home meal.

Although I didn't make all these, they were so yummy.

Soybean paste was very nice too.

It was a good meal today~(^^*) See you again!

The Description of ASMR Mukbang|장독대 성복점에는 맛있는 반찬이 가득! 좋아하는 반찬들로 집밥 먹방!