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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Women in Film | #CreativityForAll at Sundance

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What are ways we can help champion women

or other under represented groups in film?

Hire them.

There are so many avenues right now

for telling stories, there shouldn't be any reason

why a woman who is really inspired to tell a story

shouldn't be able to.

By opening those jobs to women that may have traditionally

not gone to them, that's how we can ensure

we can see ourselves in film.

There's so many great women directors out there

that just need a shot.

C'mon, give 'em a shot.

I grew up with films about men, it's very hard for me

when I think about making a film to think about

imagining a woman in that part,

but I think when you watch a film and it is male-centric,

picture seeing that movie from the female perspective

and perhaps remaking that film from that woman's perspective

and it might be a more interesting film.

If we're putting them in the writing room,

if we're putting them in the producing seat,

if we're empowering them, encouraging them to tell

their stories and then giving them the tools

that they need to make sure

that those stories are distributed widely.

Hire more women, not just one person,

I don't want to be the only woman in the room,

I want there to be a whole crew of women.

We can help them by giving them money, by introducing them

to other people like them and people who are in power.

We need more women executives,

we need more women producers, we need more women at the top

because that's how we're gonna have more women hired.

I am very concerned being a young actress

that I'm only going to be placed in a place of young romantic,

and I want to act till I'm 80

and that's not gonna be my role then necessarily.

Women are strong, women have a great point of view

and you want it to represent your world,

So the first thing you do is hire them

and make sure that you have a safe, healthy work space

where everyone can thrive.

We're going to have more interesting, diverse,

representations of women in front of the camera,

once we have more interesting and diverse representations

of women behind the camera.

I think women encounter many challenges making film.

We all need to believe in our abilities, our visions

and our voices.

By putting women's stories on a equal footing

with anyone else's story.

If we don't have diversity in film making

we'll just be hearing a single story and those stories start

to get really old and tired and we need new stories.

My favorite directors have been women

so we can hire them,

we can make sure that they are in charge

of their own stories, that we're not co-opting them

and especially women of color and trans women.

Continue encouraging people to tell their stories,

let them know how special they are, even though

there's a ton of stories out there

that have already been told, yours hasn't.

We can give them money to make movies

so they can tell their stories.

Hire more women.

Hire them.

Hire them.

Hire them, it's what you can do.

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