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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DOES IT WORK? Testing a Straightening BRUSH on CURLY hair!

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- [Narrator] Raven Elyse T.V.

- Hey guys, what's up?

It's Raven and today I'm here with my natural hair,

because today we are going to straighten this hair.

It's frizzy and all over the place

'cause I literally just washed my hair and

then just let it air dry as I was doing my makeup.

So this is what my hair looks like when

I literally do absolutely nothing to it.

This is how it's looking lately.

It's been a while since I straightened my hair.

I don't really go too harsh when it comes to the,

"you can only straighten your hair every so often"

or however.

I know some people with curly hair,

they try to only straighten their hair

once every six months or something like that

to reduce heat damage and stuff.

But me, I don't really care.

I pretty much straighten my hair whenever I feel like it.

It's just that I usually don't feel like it.

The whole process of straightening my hair

usually takes a very long time

and it's a whole ordeal and it's tiring

and just I don't know, I just don't love doing it.

But, today, I have a new tool to try.

So this video is sponsored by Dafni.

I have the Dafni Go, which is a hair straightening brush.

The Dafni hair straightening brush is the

first and only patented hair straightening brush

and what's cool about this one is that

it heats up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit,

which is found to be the ideal heat setting

for straightening hair.

Pretty much anything above that, higher than that,

is just going to damage your hair

and be basically just too hot.

So, this one goes up to 365

so that it can still straighten your hair,

but it's not gonna add extra heat damage to your hair.

So, yeah, I just wanted to try this out.

I'm really excited to try it.

It's something totally different

that I've never tried on my hair before.

I've seen other people use it before.

I've actually seen other people with curly hair

use it before.

'Cause I know that's kinda the main thing when it comes

to stuff like this is you're wondering if

it's really gonna work for textured hair,

or very curly hair or very thick hair.

So we're about to find out today.

So, like I said, this is the Dafni Go.

It's their portable one.

So really good for busy moms, busy people, people on the go.

Really good for traveling.

It has the cord that you use it with

and then the actual brush

has a little protective cover on it,

so that's good for traveling.

These bristles right here actually have a bounce to it.

They spring back, which will protect your scalp.

Yeah, the Dafni Go was just made for people on the go.

It's duel voltage, so it's good for international travel.

It has a little case, it's nice and small and compact,

it has a little cover, so you're good to go.

Basically from the instructions,

it looks really simple.

It just says to start with dry, tangle free hair

and then, in less than a minute after turning it on

it should be heated up and ready to use.

So right now,

the light is flashing red and then it should turn green.

Oh and there it goes.

Turned green.

That did not take long at all.

Definitely took less than a minute.

Okay, so I know what you guys are thinking.

You're thinking how is this brush actually going

to brush through my hair and get my hair bone straight?

I've never tried it,

this is my first impressions reviews,

so I don't even know myself.

But from seeing other curly girls try it,

I think what I'm gonna be able to use it for

is basically kinda the blow-drying step

of straightening my hair.

Typically when I straighten my hair,

I take a blow dryer and I actually switch

between two different types of hairbrushes

and I'm blowing my hair out straight

before I can then get my actual flatiron

and flatiron my hair completely straight after that.

I hate blow drying my hair, honestly really do.

It's the hardest part of the hair straightening process

for me.

It's the most tedious, time consuming part

and I'm just not very good at the coordination

of holding the blow dryer and holding the brush

at the same time.

It's a hassle.

So I feel like this brush could be

a good alternative for that step.

Just kinda get my hair initially straight.

Kinda like to that blow-dried straight state.

So I'm just going to section my hair

and tie up the top part.

Again, this is just air-dried hair

from me washing it earlier.

It has no product in it,

so I am going to spritz it with some leave-in conditioner.


I am going to put some of this

Argon oil heat protectant serum in it.

Just because I always put heat protectant in my hair,

no matter what type of heat I'm gonna be using.

It says to do it on detangled hair,

so I'm going to brush through it with my Denman brush first

just to make sure it is completely detangled.

In the picture,

she's going from underneath like this

and it says to dig your hair down

deep into the brush like this.

And then just go down.

So it's sliding through pretty easily.


It does not make any claims as to

how many times it's gonna take through each swipe

and that's probably just because

everyone's hair is different.

Different textures, different densities

so it's gonna depend on your hair

how many times you actually have to brush through it.

I mean, it definitely straightened it out right there.

This pretty much looks how it looks like

when I said whenever I'm blow-drying my hair

and just blowing it out straight,

this is how it would look,

so it got the job done.

It's definitely a lot easier,

a lot more natural feeling

to just brush through your hair like this.

Rather than trying to section off your hair

and then have the blow dryer

and then have the hairbrush

and trying to be using two hands at once.

That's just so hard for me to do.

This is definitely a lot easier.

I'm not even trying to section it anymore.

I'm just randomly running through

the whole section like this.




Oh my gosh guys, I'm kinda shook.

I'm kinda shook.

Obviously, is it getting my hair silky straight?


But it's getting it pretty straight.

I feel like if I keep going,

I might be able to fully straighten it.


You can put it against your scalp like this.

If you just lightly graze it,

because it has those protective bristles,

it does not burn for me to go like this at all.

Of course, don't just press it up against your scalp

or anything but if you go next to your scalp like this,

it does not burn.

Again, this is only heating up to 365.

It's not like the same type of heat

as when you're doing your flat iron,

so I don't feel like I would get a lot of

heat damage from brushing through it like this.

Also, 'cause I'm brushing through so fast, you know?

I'm impressed.

I'm genuinely impressed.

First impressions, I am impressed.

Honestly, I should have brushed through my hair

a little more before I let it air dry.

But I didn't really detangle it before I let it dry,

so that's why I'm brushing through it now.

If I would've actually detangled it

when I was washing my hair,

that would've saved time as well.

This is a pretty big section but it still fits.

This is cool.

I like this.

It matches my aesthetic.

I know a lot of girls with curly hair,

they don't like to get their hair bone straight,

'cause they don't wanna put that much heat on it,

so they'll just wear it like this

or they'll do it like this before they do

Flexi Rods or some other kind of style,

but they just kinda wanted to blow their hair out first

before they do whatever style they were gonna do.

So this would be really good for that too.


That is a good chunk of my hair done

just that fast.

(upbeat music)

Okay guys,

so I'm on my last few little swipes through my hair.

I feel like I could keep going even more

and just take it even slower

and get my hair even straighter,

especially towards the roots.

But for the purpose that I'm using it for right now,

this is actually very good.

This is good enough.

I definitely would consider this to be

blown-out, blow-dried straight level of straightness.

This is pretty much how my hair would look

if I were to be blowing it out straight.

So, yeah,

this only took me about 20 minutes to do my whole head,

which is really good in comparison

to how long it takes me to actually blow-dry my hair out.

This actually does have an automatic turn off feature.

It turns off automatically after 15 minutes,

which is good for me because I always,

always leave my stuff, like flatirons and stuff

plugged in and turned on.

Really, really bad, I know,

but I always forget to turn them off

because it takes me so long to do my hair

that by the time I'm ready to go,

I'm rushing out the door and I always forget

to turn my stuff off.

So things that have an automatic turn off thing

is good for me.

So this automatically turns off after 15 minutes

and so I know that this only took me about 20 minutes to do

because I only had to turn this back on once

for a few minutes.

So it took 15 minutes, it turned off,

I turned it back on.

It was instantly,

I didn't even have to wait for it to heat back up,

I turned it back on and I used it for probably another

five minutes to finish the top of my hair.

So probably 20 minutes in total.

But yeah, you guys,

the fact that this only took 20 minutes

is really good for me,

'cause y'all know I'm a mom,

I'm a busy mom.

I don't have time to just sit back and pamper myself

all the time and take hours and hours to style my hair.

So, anything like this that can help speed up the process

is really, really good.

Any busy moms out there or people who just do not

want to take the time or have the time to sit there

and section your hair, and blow dry your hair

and straighten your hair,

I really feel like this will speed up the process for you.

I really feel like it is worth it.

Okay so I went ahead and finished off my hair

with my flatiron as I normally would

and then the next day,

I woke up and I really needed to just touch up my hair,

so I wanted to test it out and basically,

it was really simple.

I just used the Dafni brush to kinda do a two-in-one

of brushing through my hair and re-straightening it.

Just to make it look a little bit more sleek,

since it kinda got messed up overnight.

It worked really well.

It was very, very fast.

It probably took me less than five minutes.

It worked really well for this purpose.

It was very fast.

I feel like this is great for, like I said,

busy moms or just busy people on the go.

If you're getting ready in the morning

and you just want to brush your hair

and touch up your hair very quickly,

I think it works great for that purpose.

So, if you guys are interested in this brush,

I do have a discount code for you guys.

The first 100 people to use the code RAVEN20

will receive 20% off of their order.

Yeah, you guys that's everything I have for this video.

Make sure you give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it

and I will see you guys in my next one.


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