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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lẩu từ Thịt và Nấm Kim Châm ngon lạ miệng và bổ dưỡng | Cảnh hài hước khi ăn [123DT Phát hành]

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Hello! Hello friends

Today, welcome to 123 Dau Tri

Hello! Xin chào các bn

Then today I will guide you to cook a new dish that is hotpot

Fried fish ball

Here are the ingredients of today's meal

The main ingredient is the mushroom ball fish dish

Hello! Xin chào các bn

Why does it look like corona virus?

It is also a form of this dish

then today we are going to start cooking, so please watch me out

Well, first of all, to support us, we need to add oil to the pot

and then we'll boil the oil

Add the scallions

next we will add tomatoes

If it smells good, it smells good

Well we will make it until it is yellow and it is colored

Next, add the onion and then add the aroma

we sauteed

Well, welcome back, after a long wait

Well, the hot pot is already boiling, let's start enjoying it together

Um, pretty fragrant

Well first we will add the shrimp

fried fish balls

An integral part is corocona fish balls

It looks like cocacola

quite interesting

How to eat if you have been fed, how can you eat if you are infected with corona virus

Don't worry, this is a very safe dish

It was delicious to eat

Well, maybe a virus

Please try to do the same as I tried

I know everything looks like it's cooked 100 degrees Celsius, it will die, right?

that's right

How about eating and cooking if not cooked then what about it

I have to eat boiled and cooked, you can't eat it raw

Next we'll give some

This is corona virus

That cocacola virus, guys

next we are going to add some veggies

Put some cabbage in

A hotpot is very colorful

Very interesting

We will wait for a while for the water to boil and we will enjoy

ahh welcome back then finally the pot of hot pot boiled and let's start enjoying the cocacola mushroom hotpot

Hey, corona virus, not cocacola

Oh, this is a cocacola

This is hotpot, cocacola mushroom hotpot, corona

corona new, new version

by this hotpot, well ... let's start enjoying

Cocacola, let's start enjoying

Come on ... please eat with me

ah ... add some noodles


Let's enjoy this ... Corona virus

dip some fish sauce

put a lot on it, huuuuuu .....: D

Pretty good


these Corona virus dishes are great for you guys

The pot is pretty much today

Well ... I feel tired when you're filming, I'm going to invite you to have a checkered caramel with me today

Well ... please introduce to everyone, this is Mr. Caramen very handsome, HI ... hello everyone!

Well ... This is also information that he has not had a lover yet, so any of you who have information want to understand him

Then please comment and give me your number, I'm so embarrassed! : D


now her assistant is, on the other side, then she called to eat cacona virus, also experience ...: P

After eating, see or come to try you guys

Oh ... it's boiling

He enjoyed his new hot pot, the cocacona hotpot

Y, cocacona virus

The room is right next to this beauty, you can eat it too

Please enjoy and give a thought to this new dish, Hey, eat like this, you won't get sick

Uh ... not sick, so please rest assured eat and enjoy

Is it good?

Um .. this viris is delicious

Hmm ... that's good

Hmm ... this is hurt

forgot to greet you guys

Hey ... this virus is delicious

Is this cocacona virus?

That's right, the new hotpot cocacona virus

Oh! Forgot

sorry you were too busy eating, please eat together, oh oh ... that's really embarrassing

Could you please give your thoughts on this new dish, besides what is delicious, what else is there?

Eh ... I eat ...

it has this virus, smells like: Bui Bui, sweet and sweet

It has a little more water ... called north pepper

It seems that this virus is eating pepper or something

cough ... it's a little spicy, dead, cough ... cough ... cough ...

coughed ... coughed ..., but amazing, right?

Dead, infected virus

But this dish you feel great isn't it caramel


Oh, okay, guys, if I think, for example ...

Anyone who has friends or family or a group, the 7th or Sunday weekend making hot pot virus is delicious.

This virus is delicious

Hey, what the heck is this virus doing?

ahh ... this is made from meat, patties, oh, a little more onion

And ... I smell this beef smell, right there is some beef

And ... especially must have enoki mushrooms

Well ... these are images of melasma, this is not!


That's right, this virus seems to have ... lost ... lost legs or something.

Yes it is, it is shrinking after processing time

Hey this virus lives with shrimp

Hey ... female fish ball

And then add nè, tomatoes, attractive

Oh, there are 2 children who eat here

Well, invite you to eat hot pot virus ... her ... cocacona

I don't remember the name anymore, that's right, cocacona virus

eat, then just look at who they eat to dare to eat

So let the caramel enjoy first

very delicious

Looking at caramel eating seems to appeal to you

Oh forget, steaming hands, then there is fresh water

Caramel try some vegetables to try it out, so cool

Just finished eating, full stomach should now eat more viruses this time

Already there you

This is fine for the weekend

If this is crowded, it will make you happy

Uk ... this is, must be ... so fun, I can't wait to eat it

Hey ... eating like this with a little wine is good

But well, alcohol shouldn't be too much ...: P

Well it is best to stay awake at home: 3


Please enjoy a little more water, hot pot, I think the hot pot is quite attractive

This virus is really yours, I recommend all of you ... very good, this is called corona virus hotpot plus shrimp, it is different from Thai hotpot and what's more

Yes, Thai hotpot, the new version is the mushroom hotpot cocacola virus

There are mushrooms and shrimp

the one that adds a little more flavor is the sweetness of the corn

Hey, the virus is delicious

Delicious, remember to eat a lot

Hey, virus is great, guys. Hey hey

add another piece of corn, guys, it looks so delicious and interesting

this virus eats it, it's ugly, it's ... it's hard to describe in general, really try to eat delicious

Follow you .... Say it again, ingredients

The first ingredient, and the main ingredient is the cocacola virus is comprised of spring rolls and bulls

fried fish

Especially indispensable is the enoki mushroom

In addition, we can add more shrimp

ahh ... corn

Corn, well ... it will be sweet

and let's add some veggies like this one that I reintroduce them vermicelli noodles and veggies

spinach. Also, what kind of vegetables do you want to add?

This is good for eating noodles


This advice really do you guys love what the real shop doing .... just cook a hotpot .... like this is simple

What's up, family members, hey, there's more onions

Oops, delicious

It looks so attractive

Very interesting to eat, friends

You think this place eats .... This pot should be about 4 to 5 people eat

Why 4 to 5 people eat, a dozen people haven't eaten it all, it was really, really, really, really delicious. Today was.


I don't know what else to say

If only you could have some more to eat here



It's hot, it's hot, it's tingling with the smell .... Uh

sweet corn, lemongrass nè, plus this virus, it on it .... oh my god, it's 100 degrees all dead, no longer alive

Better than that, guys

Um .... sympathetic friends, don't tell me you're greedy, delicious, can't bear it

The attraction of this hotpot is that you can't resist caramel

It's really delicious, guys

It was really delicious

the virus I just added, I saw her say ..... making caramel for you ... well, I'm really surprised, surprised

Oops, delicious

It doesn't taste good, but it's delicious, isn't it?

At first I criticized ... making the dish

Doesn't it look like meat or not?

At first I also called it processing, but when you know it is delicious

hey sorry


You caramel

Hey, one pot, one pot, ui, virus

virus corona

Vietnamese virus

So many people, my friends

So heavenly, my friends

Unfortunately no of you here

adding more vegetables is so interesting with this hotpot

Hey shrimp, hey, I haven't eaten it all, so much

Unfortunately, the caramel is also very smart, you know that you have just finished eating at home,

Stomach all up, very smart

Please have a meal

Now I'm going to be embarrassed if I let you look at it

So our video has been quite long, so thank you for watching the channel, and if you guys find it interesting and hot with this hotpot

you can like, subcribes and have better ideas, you can comment below so I can find out.

and be able to follow your comments

Hello and see you again in the next videos, bye bye ....

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