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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 胖妹想偷懒,老公无奈下厨露一手,炖道东北菜,胖妹吃的合不拢嘴!【陈说美食】

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hello , this is Pangmei

I am going to cook with the cabbage because it will grow old soon

I am going to stew the pork with the cabbage and potato noodles

the cabbage looks like me . lack of energy

it will go bad soon

it is good for the young hen

the outer leaves are bad but it is still fresh inside

so fresh

let's go home now

Dayang , you wash the cabbage

I cut the pork

it is hard to cut with the bone on

remove the bone

the perfect combination of lean meat and fat meat


normally , the dish is made of the fresh pork

but I am going to try the salted pork .

that is enough

soak the potato noodles

soak it in hot water

I have prepared the spring onion, ginger , garlic and dried chili

is it clean ?

do you want the opportunity to show your high cooking skill ?

look at your tummy . you look like you are pregnant

now you look strong

use the high heat ?

I can smell it

really ? yes

fry the spring onion , ginger , garlic and dried chili

be careful and dough get it burnt .

add salt

light soy sauce

a splash of water

place the potato noodles

cover for 10 minutes

use the high heat


take it out now

it smells good

enjoy it now

how is it ?

try it

I will give you the negative review in terms of the color

let me try it

it is not bad , though

it is not good-looking

the potato noodles stick together

eat it when hot

I know

the salted pork

the tofu and cabbage means safety

it is delicious

are you happy now ?

it is spicy . I like it

I want some soup . do you want some ?

look at the potato noodles

I can't break it

the cabbage shrinks after frying

try adding the sauce to the rice

it is good

there is still room for you to improve your cooking skill

cook more

the hot pot you make is good

it is not good-looking , though

it is delicious

try it if you like

I am full

that's why you are fat

that is it for today . see you next time

hello , this is Pangmei

I scare all the chicken away

I am here to check whether there is egg

some hens didn't lay egg in the nest

I need to check it

I guess there is egg in the grass stack

check it


enough for the lunch

here are the eggs

is it still alive ?


it is not dead

it is vigorous

I have washed it . how do you cook it ?

cook it separately or together


cook it separately

you won't like it if I cook it

I worry you may fail it

we usually cook the crucian separately

then see whose dish is better

here you are

I tend to cook it with the preserved meat

very fresh

and perfect with egg

the loach is good , too

yes . I like it

I don't like it

cut the preserved pork

cut the dried chili


cut the spring onion , ginger and garlic

two eggs for each person

that is fair


sear the fish

bring the water up to the boil

add salt to it

sear it till golden

turn it over when golden

take oil out

add hot water

add pork and ginger

cover the lid and cook it till white

add the fish to the boiling water

you use the hot water directly

that saves some trouble

it moves

add the loach

dried chili

spring onion and ginger

it is not spicy

remove the fishy smell

add lard

add pepper

it looks good

it is not fishy at all

cook it for 20 minutes

look at the white soup

I wonder how it tastes

very fresh

add chopped spring onion


your soup is not as white as mine

wait till I add the egg

not bad

it smells good


your soup is not so good

mine is better

I think mine is better and more fresh

try it

not fishy at all

so do I

try the pork


how is it ?

it is a little spicy

mine is more fresh

so many fine bones

be careful

don't choke yourself

take your time

only the head and tail left


forget about it

there must be bones in the soup

if you don't like the crucian because of the fine bones

you can use other fish without so many fine bones

it may be more expensive

are you full ?

I am not full yet

leave the rest . there is bone in it

it is perfect

that is it for today

see you next time . byebye

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