Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Halloween 2020: "The Too-Scary Story"

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Hello! Welcome to our Halloween storytime in ASL American Sign Language.

My name is Sarah Faber.

I'm a Program & Event Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

Hello! My name is Tim Owens and I'm the Special Recreation Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

This is Jen Longberg and she also works for the Special Rec Department.

The story that we'll be reading today is titled, "The Too Scary Story" and it's written by a woman named Bethanie Deeney Murguia.

Before we start our story the three of us have characters.

I'm Papa, Jen is Walter and Tim is Grace.

One dark night in a house on the hill...

How about a bedtime story?

Yes! Makeit a scary story, I have my wand.

All right.

One night two brave explorers and their dogs were walking home

through the forest. It was very very dark.

Yes! The spookiest creepiest kind of dark

Too scary!

While they ran out of the woods hundreds of tiny twinkling lights appeared.


Papa, fireflies are not scary. I want to see bears.

Just a minute beyond the firefights deep in thebushes creep all kind of creatures

I can hear them breathing.

Too scary!

Don'tworry. Those creatures were just settling down to bed for the night.

Sleep tight.

I hope that'snot the end of the story.

Oh, there's more. Not everyone is ready for bed.

Faintly at first andthen louder the children heard the footsteps

Don't worry Walter, I have my wand.

Their dog growled a long, low growl

Just behind them on the path was a shadow.

Does your wand work with shadows?

I'm not sure

The children, they dashed home, up the stairs andinto the room.

Slammed in the door behind them.

Papa, nothing in the closet please.

Or under the bed. Papa, are you there?

Be gone shadow monsters.

It worked! It turned the shadow monsters into P.apa

I wasn't scared at all.

Ummm... Papa, can we sleepwith the lights on?

I have a better idea

Good night my brave explorers!


The Description of Halloween 2020: "The Too-Scary Story"