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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adrien & Marinette | Enchanted.

Difficulty: 0

Hey, was that a pun I heard, my lady?


A little change is good, don't you think?

Could it have come from Ladybug?


Chat Noir, and you?


Huh, uh, hello.

As a thank you for choosing me.


Thank you for saving my life so many times, Adrien.

No wonder I fell in love with you.

You're supposed to be in love with Ladybug, and now you ditch Kagami to go after Marinette?

I wasn't thinking, I was following my heart.


Marinette couldn't possibly be in love with me.

'Cause, there's this boy I...

There's a boy? Who is...?

The girl you, you're, you're in love with?

You heard him, Adrien's in love with another girl, and me,

She's a very good friend.

I'm just a friend.

Hey, Marinette.

Pleased to meet you, Marinette.


Super nice to meet you too, Adrien.

I'm Chat Noir.

Chat Noir!


Thanks for cheering me up.

It was the least I could do.

I've never seen this sensitive side of Chat Noir before.


If he weren't here, would things be different between us?

Maybe I'd see Chat Noir different if there wasn't Adrien.

Maybe I was wrong about him.

tinkling sounds


I always carry the lucky charm you gave me wherever I go.

She's so awesome.

She's kind and means well.

The most important thing about a present, Tikki, is the person who's giving it.


Whoever she is beneath that mask... I love that girl.

I will always be here, to save Marinette!

I warned you once already, Lila, but you didn't listen.

You can always count on me, but not if you hurt the people I love.

Marinette is important to me.

You hurt my friend Marinette, and that's not okay.

It was our love that did this to the world, my lady.

I can't be in love with you, Chat Noir, you know that.


Yeah, yeah, I get it.

I love you.

It still hurts.

I'll always be there if you need me.

I'm afraid my heart belongs to someone else.

Even if she keeps rejecting me, even if she loves somebody else,

I'm in love with Ladybug.

For real?

I told you already,

I'm in love with someone else.

You... you've gotten your heart broken too?


Why don't you look for another girl to love?

I'm not changing my target, even if it means failing over and over again.

The heart wants what the heart wants, Plagg, you can't just change your feelings just like that.

Everything will be okay, I promise.

I realized that you're not just a friend to me,

I always felt like you were more than that.

And now I know why.

It means that I love you.

My favorite moments are when I'm with you, my lady,

and I would give up everything for just that.

I love you just the way you are, my lady.

Those two are made for each other.

The Description of Adrien & Marinette | Enchanted.