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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Viscount Legend '70 by MeX (Subtitles)

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Hi guys! Today, for a series of coincidences, I'm here with Legend '70.

The new product of the Viscount which will be available soon and that will play pianos and

similar. There is so much to say. First of all let me say that I am very happy to prove it

preview. This is one of the first models that were built

assembled. Now I will briefly to explain what we mean.

I once played the piano, the keyboard will display various models

and in the future they will be able to enter new ones,

Also to quell some rumors that were spreading.

Many were associating this StagePiano Crumar. There was talk of the Crumar Seven makeover.

When I sat down I first tried a piano sound because in reality

this is a 88-key model and keybed is extremely good at the piano.

So, I did not immediately dedicated himself to the EP sound.

I played the piano because it is beautiful, it sounds very good. This is one, there

are others, this for example ...

A little more aggressive, then there is also a Japanese piano.

But then we will come back on. The most important thing to say is that this

musical instrument is "complex" in the good sense of the term.

He will do many things, but its main feature is to

be "modular"! Modular because you can buy a 73

keys or 88 keys model with the modules that you choose.

In basic model you will have installed (mounted) a module, which will be that of the EP,

then Rhodes, and Wurlitzer Electric Grand.

And then there will be another module called "Sound Collection" which will contain various sounds,

by categories such as Pad, Brass, Strings, Synth, Organ, Synth Bass, Bass Acu

and so on. Even pianos that do not

will be those who have heard up to now, because if you want to have a

section dedicated to pianos, you can insert the module into

chassis physically I mean, hardware. Or buy it with the existing form. you will choose

which modules you want to use. Here I have, for example,

EP module, a module for acoustic piano, Clavinet module, the module

Sound Collection I mentioned, containing various sounds, there is here

External also a module that will allow me to have

MIDI implementation a bit more advanced, in order to manage iPad

or add any brand of sound generation modules.

Then we have two modules dedicated to effects, effects

they can be arranged in series or in parallel. Both modules have inside

the same amount of effects, so you can, for example, have two

Phaser Overdrive or two superimposed, parallel compression. In short, many

possibility. The Piano and Rhodes Piano, the musical world, is an area where I become a bit demanding.

why instill are the most difficult sounds to imitate.

As well as the thing you use most on stage. So, we know, you're never 100% happy, you do not

is never the ultimate solution. What I liked was

first of all sit down and hear, for example, (let's play a little)

such an EP. This is with the Rotary, something a bit unusual, even so, Vintage sounds.

Feel how it moves, I would not be wrong, but I believe that the EP

are in phyisical Modeling, and pianos that we have heard before

were the Sample Library. In the case of these sounds that take advantage phyisical Modeling technology,

you're hearing one of the many editing possible, in the sense that just because

are sounds phyisical Modeling, as happens with all reproductions phyisical Modeling technology

we have an editor with which to customize the sound and make

nearest keypad can to our needs. So you do not think that this sound is definitive,

because for what concerns the sounds

generated from the calculations of this technology, the possibilities are very large. I have

had the feeling, more than anything else, as you can tell ... This EP is the first, what

you just heard was a little more Dyno (Campanelloso), but ... this feeling?

There is a certain aggressiveness! (Badness)

This keybed, the answer is really killer! Let's say that the thing that

impressed me, personally, is the fact that this StagePiano, put together some all

you could wish for. Sometimes there is the beautiful sound but the keybed is ugly,

other times the opposite, in fact there is always a "dark side", in this case I have not

found this "dark side." So we hope that everything remains at this level, or

best further. So the Rhodes Piano you heard. I must say it

beautiful, then clearly the effects ... Now, here I see a

Phaser, let's see if I can add ... So, here is the choice of

which of the two effects you want to act. You can decide whether to connect in series or King

Parallel effects, this is important, very important. However I here

I want to put the Phaser on the EP, it enables the effects module

and then I tell him to act on the EP. There! They also light up the

lights !! I can not explain how many there are, but it is very

intuitive, for each panel, for each module, there are the drawings.

They need to understand what you are using, if the effects are both

in function or not. However I entered the Phaser, I have the controls

the effect. I'm exaggerating, but ...

I can put together the Phaser something else ... what I want.

In addition to these external effects among which there are also

amp simulator, for each module there are effects

dedicated to the section, for example in the case of EP

there is the Tremolo, Tremolo and there are various models ...

For the various EP

There are the "Tremolo" that simulate their models,

Now, for example, here I take off the effect

this is the Tremolo present on the module.

In short words, in the case of the EP, for example, we have the dedicated effects

in addition to standard effects.

Then we have the Clavinet with its form where we have all the possible options, it seems

really going to be facing a real Clavinet. This is also a phyisical Modeling

Also in this case, as often it happens

Modeling tools for phyisical

the interaction is immediately organic, soft, warm, so it feels

faced with something realistic.

This is a Preset where the Wah-Wah is controlled by the Foot Control. You may have even

an Auto-Wah, but with an Expression Pedal, as in this case, it is definately more comfortable and musical.

Now I try, I try to create sound that I could use.

For example...

Also, I in this situation, can change the sound.

Now I've gone from a Clavinet using a Wurlitzer

Setting the same effect, a Wah and Fuzz and I can decide how

pair them and what to get him to do, the possibilities are enormous.

We have not considered the CP (Electric Grand) which I must say,

It's really


Sounds really good, they are very beautiful all sounds.

How can you say, they are smiling, are bright.

So they make me think even a good effectiveness on stage ...

This Punch and this emphasis on high frequencies, in short, is important. I do feel a bit of

sounds. Here are presets that created Gianluca Tagliavini

you're safe with him

This is his Legend 70, Gianluca and "Legend" team are trying to

improve it step by step to achieve the most from this StagePiano.

Of course I have with this Setting

the opportunity to change quickly EP model.

If you want it a bit 'darker, you can change the Rhodes Piano models.

They sounds good all I have to say. This is a Wurlitzer.

Anyway back to the Presets, this is a Rhodes with Phaser, this with Rotary.

This you have heard it before, very nice, I like it so much. Then there's this

piano that is the first one I played when I turned 70 this Legend.

It has this very powerful feature ...

I seem aggressive at the right point. Again, if I wanted to keep the Setting

and browse through the templates I could do it.

This is the first model.

In short, there are some, but we have already heard them.

There are also these sounds.

Feel their quality, although these sounds are in

a module that is used to do a bit of everything! You have available many sounds.

There is the possibility, for each of these sounds, you service the filter, Cutoff, the

Resonance and attack. For example...

This can be done on all these sounds. This collection of sounds that we can

considered in the category "Others" category that now is often found in keyboards

using this system for sections. The difference between this keyboard and the other is that

these sounds belong to the modules that you can choose to buy or not.

If you want an EP that only do this, you can buy a model

to 73 keys with this module installed. It will cost less, weigh less, you'll have what I need.

I'll buy what I want and that's it. If you do not want the module dedicated to the Clavinet sound because I do not hardly ever,

do not mount the chassis. The system changes the issue of spending, probably the weight ...

although in this case the weight of the StagePiano is minimal. However, in a few words I can the

set the table as you will want to ... say so!

I find it effective to have the Brilliance "Brilliantezza" as

we say.

In situations where you need a "cut through the mix" sound may help. My feeling

It is that the cut is


In short, an extremely intelligent instrument. Besides this

"Brillantezza" to say the Italian, we

provide a three-band EQ and inside

architecture, on which you can intervene

editing, we have five kinds of EQ. So it is

an extremely comprehensive StagePiano. As I was saying, you can

choose to settle it as we see fit.

In addition to this, for example, if we were to have the module dedicated to

acoustic piano, if tomorrow were to be developed a new piano sound,

you can upload it to this form. And if in the future

this form was no longer adequate to accommodate the sounds that Viscount develop,

it will be possible to replace only that module. That part of the Hardware.

This is what I wanted to say and that's interesting, I'll have to buy the

new generation of keyboard. The part of the idea that makes it even smarter is that,

most likely in the future,

if any of us will have this tool and feel the desire to have,

for example, a FM synthesis module that allows to have a little

DX sounds true, it will not be the only one with this desire and there was a bit 'of the public concerned,

Viscount could decide to please customers by developing a module that is dealing with this

kind of synthesis! Then I would remove the Clavinet or Sound Collection, I do not know, the

Rhodes and mount the module with the plan of the '80 Now, I made a silly example,

I could tell you other things, a virtual analog form or whatever.

All this is very interesting to me! I said this, I will play a

little, hoping it will help you feel a little stamp of

This StagePiano, which is a musical instrument with a heart.

Hoping to be available as soon as possible, because it is making me want to take it home.

In short, if you like what I do subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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I thank you and greet you, sound a bit, and I send you a hug!

The sound it doesn't stop!

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