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Sorry. Is it too late now to say sorry?

Juan exerted all his efforts to win Happy's forgiveness.

Henry, maybe you can help me.

I just want to talk to Happy.

Is it true Juan?

You're buying my shares out in the company?

My relationship with Happy will not be fixed

if she knows we are together.

Sister Happy, please give him a chance.

So you won't be sad anymore.

Yes Sister Happy.

Please forgive Brother Juan.

The best thing you should have done is talk to him first.

But no, you punched him right away.

If that was me, you would be visiting your two-timer

grandson in the hospital.

- Take back what you said. - Oh no.

Why are you fighting?

You have to know something.

Happy and I reconciled.


Beach please.

The shout out of girls who are stressed and depressed.

If pronounced incorrectly, can end with a catfight.

You better think twice of your decision.

You're getting back with your husband?

Oh my.

Juan's been cheating on you for so many times.

Can you not trust him again?

- Mother, Father... - Yes?

We had a serious talk.

And before I agreed to reconcile with him,

I gave him my conditions.

And what are those conditions?

Babe, you don't have to worry about Agatha.

Kyle and I talked to her to buy out her investments

so we won't have to be together in the office.


I just have some conditions before we get back together.


Okay what are those?

I want you to report to me where you are.


I don't want a text but calls with video.

Then if you're going to the office,

I want to know who you're with,

what's your meeting about,

what's the topic of your meeting

and what is the meeting for.

I also want you to go home after work.

I don't want you to hang out.

If you want to go out with your friends,

I should be there.

You have a lot of conditions.

You want us to get back together or not?

I want to.

Okay, I'll do anything.

Are you serious, Happy?

He just said it but he won't do it.

You believe Juan's promises?

Believe me your husband will never change.

Because once a philanderer

will always be a philanderer.

Those men will say anything

to get what they want from you.

And then after giving everything,

what do they do?

They'll leave you.

They're all like that?


What are you saying?

No, I read it somewhere and

I want to share it to our daughter.

- Oh. - Mother, Father,

please let me be.

I made a promise to the Lord

that I will love my husband

no matter what happens.

I want to fix it.

Really now?

Isay, let Happy be.

That's her decision.

Just a reminder,

the moment you want to come home, don't hesitate.

This room is always open for you.

And the moment Juan cheats on you again,

you have to tell me right away, okay?

I will give him many black-eye.

Thanks, Father.

Mother, please. It's alright.

Alright, I can't do anything if

that's what you want to do.

Mamu, Papi,

I'll just get you snacks.


Are the two of you really okay?

Don't you think your wife is

just trying to be nice to us.

Do you think Happy will poison us?

I am not thinking of that.

Mamu, Papi,

Happy and I are okay now.

And I promised her that

I will follow all her conditions.

Wait. What are these conditions?

Just let it be.

You know I can't blame if Happy is like that.

I also have few shortcomings

but as the days will pass

and I have proven myself to her,

everything will be okay again.

She will forget all those conditions.

You may eat now.

Thank you.


I want you to know that

we never tolerate Juan's philandering ways.

It's wrong to be a two-timer

especially now that he is married.

It doesn't work for me.

As for me, you know me,

just Y.O.L.O.

You Only Live Once so enjoy it, right?

Hi Babe.

What took you so long?

Your work ends at 5 PM, right?

Babe, Kyle and I had a meeting

with possible business clients.

- Oh, business meeting? - Yes.

It's kinda late?

Why didn't you just video called me

so I can see who you're with,

where you are?

Babe, I can't do it.

First, there was no signal

where we were and secondly,

it's a bit embarrassing to our clients

if I prioritize that, right?

So now I am making it difficult for you

because you now have so many problem?

Isn't you who is at fault here?

I gave some conditions and

now I have to worry about them.

Am I right?

Okay, Babe,

I'll do it next time. Promise.

He's only saying that but he won't do it.

You believe Juan's promises?

Believe me your husband will never change.

Because once a philanderer

will always be a philanderer.

Did you really go to a business meeting?

Yes of course.

Where else will I go?

Take off your shirt.

Take it off.

I'll take it off?

I'll help you.

It's good your mood changed.

Because I wasn't really doing anything wrong.

Hey, I missed this.

- Hey! - Hmmmn...

What are you doing?

I want to make sure that

you don't reek of a woman.

- Who's that? Who texted you? - I have to check first.

It's late already?

Doesn't that person sleep? Can I see it?

It's only Kyle.

Let me see that.

Okay, go and check it.

You're still thinking about it?

- It's Kyle, right? - So, what's your problem?

- Do you have a problem? - Nothing.

Tell him it's already late to be texting.

It's irritating. He should sleep now.

He texts as if he has no wife.

This brown-out is so irritating.

So hot.

Juan, here's your lunch.

Don't forget to video call me during lunch break

and come home before dinner

and not hang around somewhere.

Babe, doesn't that make me a child?

Are you complaining?

I caught you and Agatha, right?

It's your fault why I am like this

so don't blame me if I am guarding you, okay?

But I am not doing anything wrong.

Juan, just tell me if you are having a hard time

because if you are,

then I'll go back to my mother and father.

Are you ready Juan?

Are you ready to pay for

all the sins you did to me?



Happy, no!


Enough, Happy!

Ouch Happy, it's painful.

Hey, why are you shouting?

Oh, nothing.

You are always changing the topic.

Just remember.

Lunch break. Video call, not a normal call.


Really? Happy's treating you that way?

Yes, Kyle.

She is so demanding and when you complain,

she will lecture me with all my wrongdoings.

Juan, the issue is still hot, that's why.

But don't give up in earning her trust again, okay?

I don't know if Happy will still trust me.

Of course Juan.

If she sees that you are making all efforts to make up,

she will soften on you.

Trust me.

I hope so.

Hi Babe.

I have something for you.

This is delicious.

What is that?

A take-out present or a bribe?

You did something wrong again?


Then why are you giving me a present?

Can't it be that because I know

steamed bun is your favorite.

Oh steamed bun?


You remember Agatha that's

why you brought me steamed bun?

Look Babe.

I know a lot has happen and

we are both under a lot of stress

that's why I was thinking that

we need a break for now.


You want a break?

You want us to separate again?

No, no, no.

Why did you think of that?

What I meant was,

let's go out of town.

Let's bring along our friends

and just enjoy the weekend.

Forget all the problems.

So we can start fresh.

So are you game for that?

I don't know Juan.

Come on now.

Think of it as our second honeymoon.


This is so beautiful.

Let's take a picture.


It's so beautiful.

Good thing you thought of this

get-away with your husband.

I agree friend.

Who knows this second honeymoon

will make your feelings

for each other even hotter.

Juan is right, actually.

We really have to go to a place

such as this so we can make amends.

And one more thing,

so that I will trust him again.


I feel sorry for Agatha.

Please can you do me a favor?

Let's not mention her name.

Instead, let's just enjoy this weekend

because Agatha is so far from us.


Let's just enjoy this.

Let's take a group picture.

Check in.


- It's beautiful. - One more.


Here's the complimentary drinks.


Here you go.

Thank you.

Can you please extend our thanks?

By the way,

who owns this resort?

It's so beautiful.

It's big.

The owner is rich.

It's so wide and it's so private, right?

Well, well, well, welcome to my resort.

Actually to one of my resorts.

Please excuse its size.

It's not that big.

Do you see that island?

I am still trying to buy it.

The Malaysians and I are still arguing over it

but we'll soon smooth out the transaction.

Wait, so you're saying you own this resort?

Don't be so loud,

they might say I am so arrogant.

Henry, what happened?

Why are we booked here?

I am sorry Happy.

My brother-in-law boss asked me to find a resort.

I asked Bob and he referred this.

I didn't know he is a part-owner here.

Guys. Don't worry.

You have privacy here.

Do you see all that people?

They are all rich so they just can't enter here.

Actually, I have a guest that you know.

Juan, I think you know this guest?

I know one of your guest?

Yes, you're close to that guest.


She's over there.

Sometimes, in your effort to avoid bad luck and temptation,

they will make a move to hunt you down.

The outing hasn't started yet

but looks like someone is about to interrupt it.

Hold on Juan and Happy, don't stress over a woman

who's bouncing her way between the two of you.

This is crazy, Happy.

Bob, what is that woman doing here?

Wait, I am wearing a lifevest because I might get drown.

What are you saying?

What is that woman doing here?

Guys, Agatha is my regular customer here.

She's here every weekend.

So there.

You're really doing this on purpose, Agatha?

You're following us.

Are you implying that I am a stalker?

I am too beautiful to be a stalker, Happy.

You are not only a stalker

but also always on the look out, a husband snatcher.

In short, you are the villain in our lives.

Well, I can't do anything if

that's what you think of me.

I am not surprised that you're here

because we both have the same taste.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

It's your fault, Love.

I really don't know.

You really did this on purpose.

You planned this?

You made Agatha go here

so you can just transfer rooms.

Babe, no. I don't know that

she's here right now.

If I knew, we won't go here.

You know, my weekend is ruined.

I want to go home now.

Don't be like this.

This will be a waste.

The beach is so beautiful,

its nice to swim in the pool.

Then go ahead.

Go to Agatha and swim together.

I don't want to swim

because I don't want her dirt to rub off me.

You don't have to meet.

Look, this resort is so big.

And I won't meet up with her.

I am just yours Babe.

Why does that Agatha have to be here?


Just look at the situation as a

test that even if she's there,

I won't look at her.

Come on Babe.

You promised to give us a chance, right?

But if you really don't want to stay here,

I understand you.

Let's just go home.

Our new clothes will be such a waste.

Maybe I will just give our reserved spa date to Henry.

And I'll let Kyle use the big room I reserved for us.

Such a waste, that room is very expensive.

Come on, let's go home.




Alright then. Let's not go home.

Are you sure?


I am just thinking about you.

It's okay.

Your watermelon is so delicious.

Especially if you suck it.

- May I have a taste, Chief? - Later.

Have you seen Juan earlier?

He was so surprised when he saw you.

He looks dizzy.

Happy is wrong if she thinks

she will enjoy her weekend.

I am going to make sure that

I will go home as the winner this weekend.

Just tell me what I can do to help you.

All I want is for you to get Juan.

So when you finally get him,

I am sure Happy will go to me.

It's enough that you told me that

they'll stay here for a vacation.

It's fine.

Hey, where are you going?

Where else but to start

Operation Not Happy Weekend.

Wait, be careful okay?

Happy's with a big crowd.

She brought the whole entourage with her.

Don't worry,

I also have two companions.

Good. They're huge companions.

If Agatha thinks that

she can ruin my weekend,

she is wrong.

The girls are fierce.

We can't blame Happy if she is defensive.

Especially if there's a third party.

Go, Happy!

Fight for Juan!

Fight for Ju-appy!

Coming soon.

Is there really a chance to save

the marriage of Juan and Happy?

Or will the look-outs continue to be

a hindrance to the two of them?

What will happen to Katkat

and the couples plan to adopt?

I hope the break-up scene of Juan and Happy

is just an imagination.

This cannot be the end of our show!

Isn't it happy?

It's like a party.

Not all party are happy.

Especially when there's a third party!

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