Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Custom LEGO Trebuchet

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Hey everyone, Jason here, today I'm going to show you my

latest LEGO creation, which as you probably figured out from the introduction

is a working replica of perhaps one of the

most destructive weapons in the Middle Ages: the mighty trebuchet.

So mechanically a trebuchet is actually quite simple.

It has an arm that pivots at the top of the frame.

On one end of the arm is this counterweight.

It typically has a mechanism for lowering the arm

and raising the counterweight, which in this case I have a winch that

can be operated and of course

there's a sling which contains a projectile. So to prepare for firing

we'll basically lower the arm as much

as it will go, then we'll slide the sling through the frame

and we'll load up a projectile.

So when the trebuchet is launched we'll basically release the arm,

which will cause the counterweight to fall,

the arm will swing up, the sling will come out

and then back over the top of the trebuchet and

the projectile will be released. And your enemies will be destroyed.

Something like this.

Hopefully I can find that later.

I've created step-by-step building instructions for this model if you'd like to see how it's built,

or try and build one yourself. You can find them on my website.

I'll put a link in the description, or at the end of the video. Some notes about

the instructions. For the counterweight I'm using these

weighted bricks. Unfortunately the last sets they were released in

were produced in 2006, so they may be a bit hard to come by.

But if you don't happen to have any of those floating around,

really, you can pretty much use anything as a counterweight.

You could just build a hollow box out of LEGO and fill it with coins

or nuts and bolts, or magnets, or anything heavy.

I'm also using some string obviously. Ah, one for the winch

and a couple pieces for the sling. One end of the sling is tied

to the end of the arm, whereas the other end of the sling

just has a loop around the end, which slides

over top of the arm. And that way, as the trebuchet is launched

and the sling comes whipping around and above, basically this end of the sling

slides off the arm and that's how the projectile gets released.

As for the performance of the trebuchet, it's very dependent on

the weight of the projectile and the weight of the counterweight. In this particular case I'm launching

these Zamor spheres, which weigh about 2 grams each

and in the counterweight I'm using

4 of these weight bricks, which puts it a bit over 200 grams.

You may have noticed in the introduction I was firing these LEGO die pieces

which weigh about 8 grams each, and in that case

I was actually 12 of these weighted bricks in the counterweight.

In both of those cases the projectile gets launched about twenty feet

but obviously that will vary depending on

your relative weights. So that's about it. If you have any questions,

or if you have any other ideas for cool mechanical creations I can build out of LEGO,

feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for watching, keep on building,

and we'll see you next time.

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