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[music playing]

[piano music playing]

BRETT WINN: Why don't you tell us who you are and,

and why you're here on camera


JON GUNN: Why are we here?

Why are you guys sitting here with me?

All right, uh, hi, I'm Brian Herzlinger.

And we're here [laughs] to help me

get a date with Drew Barrymore.

JON GUNN: Why Drew Barrymore?

Because it's Drew Barrymore.

I mean this is, uh--

because I've had a crush on Drew since I was six years old.

And I was always hoping that I'd be able to like

get one chance to meet her.

You know, maybe, one day, I would

get to meet Drew Barrymore.

BRETT WINN: Why now?

At this point in my life, right now, not too much

is happening.

I've been looking for jobs and, and taking

these, these entry-level jobs to make ends meet.

And, um-- but it's not furthering me.

And I just--

I'm coming off of a huge win at a game show,

where I won the amount totaling $1,100.

But the reason why I think it's appropriate to begin

this journey now is that the winning answer, in this game

show that allowed me to walk away with that money,

was the name "Drew Barrymore." - Go

OK, this is America's sweetheart.

She's amazing. - Katy Perry

Blonde hair. Um, no.

She had a huge hit.

She went into drugs for a while, but then she got back.

- Ahh, Betty Ford. - Drew Barrymore.

Yes, you did it! [cheering, applause, bells]

You got it. You got it!

All right.

The money I won on that game show

could get me through another month, right?

But when it's said and done, 30 days from now,

I could be wondering what I'm going to do next

and still feeling in the dumps.

Or 30 days from now, I could have

a date with Drew Barrymore.

That would be cool.

[polaroid camera sounds]

[upbeat music playing]

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): Drew was born into a Hollywood

dynasty on February 22, 1975.

A year later, I was born into a middle-class family,

who watched "Dynasty" on television.

That's me at one.

Those were my reading glasses.

The first time I ever saw Drew was in "ET."

I was 6 years old, and I fell for her, immediately.

But what were the chances I would ever meet her?

I mean, this is me in 10th grade, and this is her.

Years later, I finally moved to LA.

And when I was 24, a friend invited me to the "Charlie's

Angels" premiere.

This was my big break.

I was in the same room as Drew, not two feet away.

[film ratcheting effect]

And I froze.

So now I'm 27 years old.

And I finally realized it's time for me to face my fears

and try to get a date with Drew.

Now I'll admit, this is a huge risk.

But I quote Drew Barrymore, "If you don't take risks,

you'll have a wasted soul."

Luckily, my two buddies, Brett and Jon agreed

to help me document my quest.

The only problem is I don't own a video camera.

And to buy one would use up all my prize money.

But as it turns out, you don't even need any money

to buy a camera these days thanks to Circuit

City's 30-day return policy.

So I picked out the most expensive camera in the store.

And my credit card was rejected.

So I applied for Circuit City card.

And I was rejected again.

Finally, I tried Brett's credit card, and it worked.

So now, I have 30 days and $1,100

to get one date with Drew Barrymore.

[upbeat music playing]

OK, so I was ready to get started.

I got together with Jon and Brett.

And we ran out to buy a bunch of blank videotapes,

bringing my total down to $881.

Then we grabbed my new video camera and hit the streets.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: You guys know who Drew Barrymore is?

WOMAN: Yeah.

I have 30 days to get a date with Drew Barrymore.

That's what I got to-- - That's so cool.

That is so cool.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Do you think she'd go out

with a nice Jewish boy like me?

Quick question for you.

Um, I'm shooting a little movie, a fun movie about me.

You don't want to do it?

Even if I just asked you a few questions?

BRETT WINN: Just don't run up and accost them

and say, we're doing a movie, be in it.

I think you should say--

Tell me what to say.

BRETT WINN: I think you should say,

would you mind answering a few questions for me

about Drew Barrymore? - Excuse me.

BRETT WINN: I'm making a documentary.

Guys would you mind answering a few questions

about Drew Barrymore? We're doing a documentary.

WOMAN: About who?


All right, so what do you think?

Do you think I got a shot at this or what?



BRETT WINN: Does his hair bother you,

I mean the fact that he's a little hairy.

No, no. It's, it's--

- Wait, wait, wait, wait. - No, I think it's very sexy.

- All right, seriously. - Nah.

BRETT WINN: That's sexy? - I think it's sexy, yeah.

This is good.

I tell you, if I get the date with her, this gets waxed.

- Yes, yes. - Waxed.

Serenaded me.

- They serenaded you? - Yeah.


[guitar music playing]

(SINGING) When I was a young lad,

I wanted this girl really, really bad.


Seriously, I think you have a shot.

Here's why.

You're in Hollywood.

It's the land where dreams come true and not just on film.

I've had a thing for her since I was 10.

JOHN MANN: Ahh. - I mean, I was in her fan club.

[snorting laugh] [cackling laugh] Oh, my god.

All right, well, I was in the "Star Wars" fan club,

so I can't, uh-- - Yeah.

Oh, we got to get a shot of his "Star Wars" room.

[making lightsaber sounds] [patoo]


(DEEP VOICE) Search your feelings, Luke.

You know it to be--


[guitar playing]

(SINGING) I look at her, and I feel woozy.

And that would not happen with just any floozy.

It's Drew, true blue, and me.


OK, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I really appreciate it.

BRETT WINN: Thank you for your help.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Thank you very much, Nadine.

BRETT WINN: Have a great day.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): First thing the next day,

I called Brett and Jon and set up a brainstorming session

to create a plan of attack.


Wait, hang on a sec, OK?



Uh, who's calling?

Uh, he's not, actually, so can I take a message?



It was Wells Fargo calling me.

They want my money.

Hello? Hello?

BRETT WINN: First of all, let's figure out what

your first step needs to be.

JON GUNN: What we need to do right

now is figure out every possible way and hit all of them

at once. So, you know--

Well, I'd rather do the--

JON GUNN: --leaving a package on her doorstep.

Oh, no, that's not good.

BRETT WINN: Why not? That's a great idea.

JON GUNN: You know, mail something to her at home.

WOMAN: A lot of attacks. - I just don't--

I don't want this-- I want to be a stalker.

If I come off as a stalker at all--

BRETT WINN: No, no, no, you're not going to be a stalker

--they're not going to even take the call.

JON GUNN: It's worth a try calling her agent and saying,

I'm making a documentary film.

I think we should definitely do that.

JON GUNN: I'm, I'm, I'm just a guy--

We're making a documentary.

JON GUNN: --who has, has had a crush

on her since the fourth grade.

Stalker, that's what I'm saying.


BRETT WINN: Shouldn't you call the production

company before the publicist? JON GUNN: Yes.

I think-- I think trying--

BRETT WINN: Yeah, I think trying to get right to her first--

I know Nancy Juvenan--

Ju-Juvonen is over there with her.

BRETT WINN: There you go.

She's, she's her producing partner.


June 27 is when "Charlie's Angels" opens.

However, the premiere premiere--


--is going to be at least a week before.

You have got to get to that premiere

by any means necessary.

That may be your chance.

You might be face to face with her at that point.



Face to face with Drew at the "Charlie's Angels 2" premiere.

This was my worst nightmare.

I had humiliated myself at the first "Charlie's Angels"


And I sure wasn't looking for a sequel to that.

Now, fortunately, I have more than three

weeks to think of another way.

(SINGING) She comes to me when I'm feeling down,

inspires me, without a sound.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): It was clear I needed help.

So I went to my friend and mentor, Bill D'Elia.

I figured if anybody could give me guidance, it would be him.

See, Bill has been a successful director for many years.

And I respect the guy a lot.

So it really mattered to me what he thought of my quest.

I'll just tell you what I think.

Tell me what you think.

First of all, I think it's a bad idea.

Second of all, when I was 27, I dreamed-- my dream?

World peace not Drew Barrymore.


You're embarrassing yourself.


Do you think I'm going to be able to do it?

Do you think I'm going to be able to get the date with her?

- No. - Why?

[laughs] - I don't know why.

It's just what I think.

Give me one-- give me one reason why?

Well, why should she?

Why shouldn't she?

What does she have to lose?

What does she have to gain?

I'm not one of those people that you just met on the street.

I'm a guy that knows you and cares about you.

And I'm telling you this is a big mistake.

This-- oh, [laughs].

It's now a mistake?

That's what the project--

That's the second time I heard this thing was a mistake.

When was the first time you heard it?

I said it, then you did.


Could I be wrong?

Yes. - OK.

Because it take a-- it takes a big, big man

to admit if he could be wrong.

I could be wrong.

You're not even admitting that you could be wrong.

You think this is a great idea.

You think this is "Gone with the Wind" for 2003.


A date with Drew Barrymore?

You know this is?

The dumbing of America is complete.



I hope, for your sake, it's successful.

Thank you.

I hope for America's sake, it's a failure.

Oh, ho ho.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): I had hoped that Bill would make

some calls for me, hook me up with someone

in the industry who knows Drew.

But that obviously wasn't happening.

And meanwhile, I had to head back to Jersey

for my annual family reunion, courtesy of mom

and dad's MasterCard.

But at least I knew I could count on my family for support.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Why you laughing?

What do you think? Do you think it's stupid?

No, not at all. Go for it.


If he's not successful, I want to give it a shot.


Can I say what I think about that?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I want you to say whatever you want.

You know what I think about her.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: What? What-- how--

She's a slut.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Who have I had a crush on since I

was like in fourth grade?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I've got 30 days to get a date with Drew.



BRIAN HERZLINGER: You can't believe everything

you read in that thing.



You're not accepting substitutes?


Who do you want me to get?

Who's the other Angel, besides Lucy Liu?


Cameron Diaz.

What about Gwyneth Paltrow?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Why can't I just go for Drew?

Do you, do you think I'm going to come off as a stalker?


As a second runner-up, Jennifer.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Feed her a taco.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I met her at Taco Bell.

It was a great thing.

If you could get to her, then you have a chance.


Because when she sees this dynamic personality,

how could she resist?

However, you know my feelings about her,

so don't make it long term.

Well, why don't you not judge her till you meet her?

And then after that, you find a real person?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: She is a real person.



in search of inspiration, I decided

to go back through the most precious artifacts of my youth.

And I knew just where to start.

This is what I called the "secret drawer," right here.

Notice, there are no handles.

And I have it hidden behind my "Superman" standee.

The secret to getting in here is doing this and this.

Spielberg doesn't have a director's Oscar yet.



[plastic cocking] [pop-eee]

All right, fourth grade, I joined the fan club

for Drew Barrymore.

These are the letters.

I have not looked at these in like 10 years.

Oh, my god.

All right, now to everybody at home,

I was her age when I got this picture.

I had a crush on her back then.

This is such a bad idea.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): As soon as I got back to LA,

I went to visit a friend of Jon's named Kerry David.

Kerry used to work for Nicole Kidman,

so I figured she might know someone

who could lead me to Drew.

Before I worked for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman,

I had the biggest crush on Tom Cruise.

It turns out, actually, I had a crush on Maverick.

I had seen "Top Gun" in every single state in Australia.


And then I'd want to cry, because I

knew I'd never have him.

And I was just like, he's so beautiful.

So then, when I got the job with him, I was just beside myself.

I know the excitement that I felt and just thinking,

this is my dream.

How could it be happening to me, you know?

And that's what you're going through.

And so I definitely responded to that.

And I also know that everyone else who ever had a crush

is going to respond in the same way.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): Because she could relate

to my quest, so well, Kerry said she wanted to join our team

and do anything she could to help me out.

So she sent me to her friend, Allison

Burnett, who makes a good living writing big studio movies.


Oh, actually, I have met Drew Barrymore.

Have you?

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): You can imagine my excitement.

It was only day five and here I was sitting next to someone

who has actually met Drew.

Now let's figure this out using the six degrees of separation.

I know Jon.

Jon knows Kerry.

Kerry knows Allison.

Allison has met Drew.

Four degrees-- not bad.

I'm at a party, and Drew Barrymore is there.

And let me just tell you, you know, as you may know,

she's beautiful.

And she has gorgeous skin and very friendly and very


And she's sitting in the backyard.

And somebody shook her hand and said, wow, cold hands.

And I, because I'm very, very clever

and really good with language, I said, cold hands, warm heart.

- Ahh. - And she said, yeah.



And having met you now, for a full four minutes--

Yeah. [laughs]

--and met her, I can say that it, it's-- that

she's really going like you.

You guys are going to get along great.

I know you're going to get the date.

Now listen, I have something that can help you.


A friend of mine knows a limo driver.

And this limo driver claims that he knows lots of secrets

about Drew Barrymore.

And that could give you insight into who she is, for you,

when you finally meet her.

And, um, I'm trying to get you the phone

number for John August, who wrote "Charlie's Angels."


And he knows her really well.

And I'm trying-- I'm going to work on that for you.


And see if I can get it for you.

Thank you very much.


thanked him for that?

This is me playing it really cool.

Because, inside, I'm freaking out.

John August?

He wrote "Charlie's Angels."

Of course I know who he is.

So if I can work that out for you, I will.

Thank you.



WOMAN (ON PHONE): Please hold, and your call will be answered

by the next available agent.


(SINGING) Where life's river flows,

no one really knows 'til someone's

there to show the way to lasting love.

Real love will last forever.

Real love will last--


MAN (ON PHONE): Dispatch? - Hi.

My name is Brian.

And I'm trying to get in touch with one

of your drivers named Dylan. MAN (ON PHONE): OK.

If I can get a message to him, what's your number?

JON GUNN: According to Allison, Dylan the limo driver

is our best shot to get into the premier, the "Charlie's Angels"

premiere. - How?

JON GUNN: Because he drives all the celebrities.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: He drives any celebrities.

JON GUNN: And he could-- he could get Brian in.

I guess he can get tickets to these events.

Or maybe Brian could just go with him.

All right, look, as a last resort, I, um--


The premier-- great, I'm ecstatic about it, OK?

But I-- I'd rather-- there's got to be other options for me

before we have to get to that, you know?

BRETT WINN: All right, but if he calls back--

I know.

BRETT WINN: --and says, yes, you're going.

But check this out. Listen to this.


So, I was thinking about today.

I don't know if I told you this.

I was thinking about, um, why don't I

just write a letter to her?

Do you know what I mean?

Like just a letter introducing myself, personally, to Drew

and send it off to Flower Films.

BRETT WINN: What's going to separate your letter

from everyone else's letter?

JON GUNN: What you should do is, like,

you know you should shoot like a video, where you're saying,

hi, my name's Brian.

Because I think the thing is-- - That's a good idea.

JON GUNN: --once she sees your personality,

it wouldn't be threatening.

Or, you know, we take it another step further,

and we'll cut it like a movie trailer.

So we'll have Brian--

BRIAN HERZLINGER: That's awesome.

--on camera.

He'll be introducing himself, be saying

everything that's going on.

But we'll also show stuff we shot already.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: That is a great idea.

You on the game show. JON GUNN: Circuit City.

Circuit City.


I headed over to Brett's editing suite

to make a movie trailer for Drew.

And when I say, editing suite, what I mean

is an empty guest bedroom with a Mac laptop.

JON GUNN: Maybe we play with the idea of the 30 days thing.

You know, you set it up as a false open about 30 days.

30 days, hours-- days, hours, minutes.

BRETT WINN: Right. - You know what I mean?

It has to be 30.

And it starts clicking down.

And then we could do more-- something like that.

Maybe it doesn't need to click down.

I think-- I like the idea of summing

up what 30 days is, you know?

30 days, so-and-so hours, so-and-so minutes--


--so-and-so seconds.



720 hours, 43,200 minutes, 2,592,000 seconds for one

man's dream to come true.

Hi, my name is Brian, and this is my quest.

I have 30 days and $1,100 to get one date with Drew Barrymore.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): Since Brett's day job is

editing movie trailers, we were able to get

a professional voiceover talent or, as I like to call him,

the "Movie Trailer Guy."

30 days, 720 hours for one man's dream to come true.

All right, so OK, so this is what I was going to ask you,

the big favor. - Yeah.

Uh, to prevent the possibility of me freezing,

I may need you to speak for me on the date, OK?

Right, right, sure.

And, and the first line that I--

I've been practicing what I'm going to say--


--just in the hopes that she says yes.

And the first-- first thing I want to say

is, uh, Drew, I've liked you since I was 10 years old when I

was a member of your fan club.

Can we do that again? I'll mouth it.

Sure. Sure.

So, so, so I'll just get behind--

Oh, are you?

[laughs] Wait, wait, wait.

(AS BRIAN) Drew, I've liked you

since I was 10 years old when I was a member of your fan club.


Was that right?


BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): George had so much fun with me,

that he didn't even charge us to use his voice, which

is a good thing, because that voice cost

more than my entire budget.

(AS BRIAN) Drew, give me a shot, just one shot.

All right, this is the trailer.

This could be it.

We're waiting for a yes because of this envelope.

I'm giving it to our man, Victor.

Uh. JON GUNN: Thank you.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Thank you, Victor.

OK, thank you.

All right, he says he's going to be able to get

to Flower Films in 20 minutes, provided that, you know,

traffic's OK.

Uh, he was from that messenger company, right?


BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): We spent the rest of the day

on the phone calling everyone we could think of who

could possibly lead us to Drew.

Jon had worked with Eric Roberts in the past.

And Eric is currently on a TV show with Andy Dick.

Well, Andy was in a movie with Drew in 1997.

And I heard they are still good friends.

I was thinking, of course, of Eric.

And I know that Eric is on the show.


Is Eric-- with Andy, and Andy knows Drew.

And so I thought it'd be cool to talk to both Andy and to Eric.

Do you want Corey Feldman?

He's like, yeah, totally, Eric would be up for it.

Do you want Corey Feldman?

And I was like--

BRIAN HERZLINGER: But does he want to--

--yeah, of course I want Corey Feldman.


Who doesn't?

There's no cuff involved in this, it's so off-the-cuff.

It's nuts. - Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

JON GUNN: [glass cleaning squeaks]

I got it. [laughter]

I'm sitting on a bench with Eric Roberts.

It's cool.

Now, I've had a crush on Drew Barrymore since I was 10--

like a harmless crush, not stalker crush, harmless crush.

And, uh--

All the stalkers say that. BRIAN HERZLINGER: Yeah, right.


Well, well, first of all, Drew's

in really good shape now, because she's

in "Charlie's Angels."

She's all hip and cool and cut up.

And, uh--


--I think, I think the first thing is you

have to get a body to die for.

Well, you know, the thing that everybody

always thinks you're in shape if you have is a stomach.



And that has come first and foremost, every workout.


And, uh-- and it's all about diet, too.

You have to eat high protein, low carb.

And if you eat right, that can happen for.


Anybody-- wait, get a shot of that.

JON GUNN: I got it.

Wait, you want his next to mine?

JON GUNN: Yeah, let's take a look.

- All right. - Here we go.

All right, go low. Look at this.

This is just not good.

I'm hurting myself here.

It's hurting my neck.

Drew, do yourself a favor.

Give the guy a break.

And if it doesn't work, don't blame me.



Eric called to say he had talked to Andy Dick.

And Andy had agreed to meet with me.

He gave us Andy's number and told us to call right away.


BRIAN HERZLINGER: Hey, Andy Dick, this

is John Gunn calling.

I'm a friend of Eric Roberts.

And, uh, I was so excited to hear

that you'd be willing to do an interview with us.

Or, at least, I'm hoping you will.

I wanted to just get in touch with you

to see if you're available in the next couple of days.

Give me a call whenever it's convenient for you, 818--

And from the footage I've seen on that, I, I look fat.

I feel fat.

So, all right, there you have it.





[panting] I got to do 30.

[panting] 30.

[gasping] [thud] Jesus Christ. (LAUGHING)

I can't do 31 push-ups.


that I needed help if I was going to get

a body to die for in 30 days.

So I called my friend, Andrea, who is a personal trainer.

She took pity on me and agreed to whip me into shape for free.

This is Andrea, my new personal trainer,

my very first personal trainer.

So what-- what are you thinking for me?

What are you thinking for a beginner?

I don't want to break anything especially in my body.

So-- - [laughs]

--what's the way to start off with this?

- Um. - What do you think?

Well, we'll start off with, with abs.

I feel pretty good.

This is cool.

Should I take my watch off?

[upbeat music playing]




[thud] - Ooh!


See what I've done?

[upbeat music playing]

You want to stretch for a second?

Go ahead.

Yeah, aren't you supposed to stretch

before you start working out?

You didn't stretch?

[upbeat music playing]

Am I the most pathetic person you've ever trained?

Not at all.

Can you think of somebody who's more pathetic right now?

Just give me a first name, so I know you're not lying to me.

Because I'm feeling pretty self-conscious right now.

- Uhh. - Taking too long.

It's me. I'm the worst.

[upbeat music playing]


Brett called, because his friend Shawn

has a connection to McG, the director of "Charlie's Angels."

BRETT WINN (ON PHONE): OK, so I'm here with Shawn.

And he talked to Bill, his hairdresser.

So Bill doesn't want to be in this thing.

However, he said he was going to talk to Steven,

who is Jonathon's assistant.

Jonathon is the owner of this hair

salon, who knows everybody.

He's doing Demi's hair.

Jonathon's sister, the owner of this hair salon,

is engaged to McG--

LISA FURST: Oh, no way.

BRETT WINN (ON PHONE): --and is good friends with Cameron

and the rest of the girls.

That's like eight degrees of separation.


So I'm going to call Steven, who's

the assistant to Jonathon--


--whose sister is Robin, who's dating McG.


Got it.

Yes, may I speak with Steven, please?


Hi, my name is John Gunn.

Did Shawn mention to you that we're working on a documentary?

It's going really well.

And we would just love to know if they could hook us up,

in any way, with anyone else.


They can call me anytime.

Thanks so much.



it turned out to be a dead end.

We never heard from McG.

However, Brett called right back with another lead.

JON GUNN: I was going to ask, actually, not myself

so much as you, who is Stephanie Bedell?

JON GUNN: Brian will interview Drew Barrymore's cousin?

BRETT WINN (ON PHONE): Yeah. - Ah, that's awesome.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): This was great news.

This woman is a blood relative, someone who could actually

put a call in to Drew directly.

You guys know that I don't know her at all.


I don't know her.

I heard she's a lovely, lovely woman.


Lovely, from so many people.

Let me just say, you know, the biggest issue, obviously,

in my life is my body hair.

So, do you think this is going to offend her?

Do you think this is something that she

wouldn't want to be around?

Should I-- this is what I'm planning on,

because I'm thinking I'm going to get this waxed.

We like to call it hirsute.

[laugh] - What?

- Hirsute. - What?

You don't know the word, hirsute?

You're sort of swarthy.


Swathy and hirsute--

you should learn other words for hairy--


--since you are so.

As she caresses my hair, like a Teddy bear.

It's [laughs] sort of--

You were petting me.

You were just petting me.

Well, it's-- there's a lot there.

I know. I-- this is what I'm saying.

I'm insecure about it. Be ready to zoom out.

- You're a handsome man. - Look at this.

Is this OK?

It's-- it's very, um--

- You can't even look at it. - It's--

Get her, she can't even look at it.

Her eyes are closed.

Brett, what do you think of his hair?

BRETT WINN: Personally?


BRETT WINN: It does-- - Watch it.

BRETT WINN: --matter to me. - It does matter to you?


JON GUNN: I'll be honest, it creeps me out.



Am I really in trouble?


Oh, my-- - Ow!

- I'm sorry. - Ow!


Why did you just do that?

Can I explain this to you?

They're going to put wax on your arms, OK?

Then they're going to put tape.

Then she's going to go one, two, and before she says three,

she's going to sneak attack and pull, OK?

Then she's going to take a tweezer.


Oh, yeah, I have some tweezers in my bag.

BRETT WINN: It won't take long.

Should we do a little test on you?

No. I'm not-- I'm not--

No, what are you doing?

OK, here we go.


Do it from his chest.

Let's see what that feels like.

Wait a minute, how many are you doing?

Shh, shh. - Just one.




but, after that night, I realized being a swarthy guy

is really not that bad.

All right, so, um, well, what-- what do I need to pay

to get me up to date on it?

Oh, I could do $65, yeah.

Um, yeah, I don't have my checkbook with me.

Is there anyway I could, um-- all right.

It's not going to take too long, right, because I'm--

I'm about to walk into a meeting.

I don't understand hos--

you know, I have a credit card that goes to my bank account.

Now they're saying I used too much.

It went over the limit.

I don't understand how that can happen.

So I don't know.

So I was using that, because I didn't have any money.

I was using the card to pay the bills.

And I went over the limit on that, so I have

to make the payment for that. - So where are we now?

Day 12? - Day 12.

What do we have?

JON GUNN: We have $857.


That's-- that's quite good.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: That's excellent.

BRETT WINN: Money-wise, for the movie, you're good.

Money-wise at home is not so good.

Right, money-wise for the movie, we're totally set.


Look, if, if it's a problem, we have $857 in the budget.

Why don't you just take $200 out of the budget

and then pay it back? - No, no, no.

I'm not taking it out. JON GUNN: Why not?

I'm not going to take money out of the budget for the--

You can pay it back.

I-- I'm totally keeping the personal stuff separate

from the budget for the movie.

I'm not taking money out of the budget.

I appreciate that.

Thank you.

If you-- if you, um--

as much as it would've been great working with you,

if you hear of any other jobs, that would be awesome.

All right, man. Thank you very much, Michael.

And good luck with the show.

All right, man.


No job.

[laughs] He went with someone else.

Hey, are there any jobs at Dreamworks by the way?

All right, I need a job.

I am ridiculously screwed in terms of money.

And I just got off two phone calls for leads,

and there's nothing out there.

That nobody can-- there's no jobs.


my parents had overnighted me a check for $100.

But since I had been on the phone all day,

it was almost 5 o'clock, and I had

to pick up the check from the post office

and deposit it before the bank closed.

[ambient post office sounds]

We did the best we could with the trailer.

We did the best we could with the letter.

We did everything we could to make

this as creative a presentation as is possible.

And if they say, yes, great.

If they say, no, then we do something

else to get them to say yes.

[ambient post office sounds]

They're redelivering it.

It doesn't say anywhere on here that it's

going to be redelivered.

Now we just-- we wasted a half an hour here.

And the guy-- my mailman's got it.

And he's probably trying to redeliver it right now.

And I'm not there, so which means he's going to bring it

back here, and I'm going to have to come back

here tomorrow and get it, which means I'm another day out of my


Even if it's a no, if we can know by the 30th.

KERRY DAVID: Even if it's a no, yeah.

And just, even to clarify that we're not

trying get this date how-- you see, it's in the letter.

We're working with her schedule. - Yeah.

MAN (ON PHONE): Flower Films. - Yeah, hi.

Gwen Stroman, please?

MAN (ON PHONE): She's not available.

May I take a message?

We messengered something over to here.

We're making sure that it arrived.

MAN (ON PHONE): And what was it?

It was a DVD and a VHS.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: "My Date with Drew."

"My Date with Drew." MAN (ON PHONE): Yes, it's here.

Has she had a chance to look at it, do you know?

MAN (ON PHONE): Uh, not yet. - She hasn't?


Well, um, we'll call back. MAN (ON PHONE): OK.

Thanks a lot.


I would love to have known that at least

Drew's people had seen the video that we put together.

Ideally, I would love for them to say, wow, that was cool.

We like this idea.

Let's call Drew and tell her about it and let--

let's show it to her and see what she says.

I, I don't mind, if Drew says, no, then she says no.

But if it's her people that are saying no,

and Drew doesn't get a chance to even see the video

that we made, that would hurt.


DYLAN (ON PHONE): Brian, it's Dylan

returning your phone call.

It's about 6:30 in the evening.



MAN (ON PHONE): Dispatch. - Hey, man, how you doing?

I'm trying to reach Dylan.

I know he's driving around.

MAN (ON PHONE): Uh, is this is a friend?

Um, I'm a friend of a friend.

Uh, I've been trying to reach him for the last week.

MAN (ON PHONE): Give me your name,

and I'll have him call you. - OK.

It's Brian.

MAN (ON PHONE): OK, Brian.

Uh, Herzlinger.

BRETT WINN: Hey, buddy.

How you doing, man?

So, OK.

John August.

What about him?



Look at him.

Look at him smiling.


BRETT WINN: That's a-- that's a money smile.

What the hell is he saying?

- John August said yes. - John August said yes.


Does anyone have anything to take down a phone number

or can you-- - I can remember it.


I'll do-- remember the first three,

you remember the last four.

BRETT WINN: We're going to have it on tape, too.

- Oh, yeah, good point. - What's the number?



I got a meeting with John August, the writer

of "Charlie's Angels."


Congratulations on all your success, man.

Thank you very much.


Jon knows Kerry.

Kerry knows Allison.

Allison is dating Dana.

Dana knows John August.

And John August knows Drew.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: You officially, now,

in this documentary-- - Yeah.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: --are the one who knows Drew best.

All right.

Out of all the characters she's done--


--which character do you think she's most like in, in reality?

Um, I think she's sort of cross between Dylan,

in "Charlie's Angels" and the character she

plays in "Never Been Kissed."

I think she definitely has the dorky-geeky aspect inside her.

But she also has this sort of tough, ball-kicking chick

that Dylan is.

She loves music.

She's dated musicians.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I know, she's dating this guy.


BRIAN HERZLINGER: How serious are they?

I don't know.

I've not talked to her about that at all.

Now, the premiere, the premiere, you're going.

I'm going to go.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: You're the man.

Yeah. BRIAN HERZLINGER: All right.

Is it at Mann's Chinese Theatre?

It's at Mann's Chinese Theatre.

I don't know what time it is, actually.

I haven't got my tickets for it yet.


It's probably 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock.

There'll be a zillion people there.

Ah, you want to take me to the after-party?

- I, uh, sorry, I can't-- - [laughs]

--take you.

I don't even know where the after-party is.

I haven't got my stuff yet. - Oh, really?

- So. - OK.

So, I think, last time, it was at Hollywood Athletic Club.

Hollywood Athletic Club, that's where it was, yeah.

And, um--

Do you think there's a chance it would be there again?

There's a very good chance it's going to be there again.

How do you think I should approach the whole situation

in terms of trying to get her to say,

sure, I'll go hang out with you for two hours?

Drew, more than anything else, wants to have a good time

and have, you know, people around her

who are positive, sort of excited

about life and the challenges and the opportunities

with which it brings.

So I think you have a shot.

John August went very well.

And if you think--

John August thinks I have a shot to actually

get the date with her, which is unbelievable to me.

But the-- on the flip side of it, now,

is like, let's say I actually do get the date, right?


What the hell am I supposed to say to Drew Barrymore?

What do you say?

I don't want to be sitting there like,

I love doing this and this and this and start going

through my resum , you know?

I just-- I want to be cool.

And I'm-- I was worried about that.

I mean, you guys--

I'm not that cool.

I'm not cool.

And I-- I'm a--

I'm scared to death that I'm going to look like an idiot.

So I, I wanted to, um--

I was thinking about it.

I was actually thinking about it, like I--

I'd love to be able to practice.

I'd love to be able to practice for the date.

And, and, and do like a test date, you know?

I think I'd feel more comfortable knowing that I

messed up on the test date than if I

did messing up with the actual Drew on a real date.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): So I posted an ad on the internet

for actresses who looked like Drew.

And we brought in a bunch of girls.

WOMAN: Hey. - Hi, I'm Brett.

- Hi, Brett. - Nice to meet you.

Are you ready? - Yeah.



it is absolutely amazing how many women think

they look like Drew Barrymore.

How are you?

Oh, my god, you're not married?

Oh, my god.


I feel-- I just want to jump on the desk and dance for you,

like I did when I did David Letterman.

[laughs] BRIAN HERZLINGER: Oh, god.

Did you see that? I'm sure you did.

I did.


BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): It was a long night.

It's hard to find someone like Drew.

But in the end, we finally found a girl

who at least had her essence.

And after a quick makeover, by John's wife, Lisa,

she even looked kind of like Drew.

[polaroid camera sounds]

I was all read for my date.

All I had left to do was find a restaurant.

So I called the owner of Geoffrey's, one

of the fanciest restaurants in Malibu,

and explained my situation to him.

After hearing about my quest, he agreed to let

me use Geoffrey's for free.

Why the hell do I get nervous about it?

It's, it's an actress playing Drew,

and I'm feeling nervous already.

It's-- not majorly nervous.

I'll be fine, but you know.

JON GUNN: You got money for a tip?

Oh, we're going to have to--

I got to tip that guy.

I might have to--

Am I going to have to tip the waiter?

Am I going to have to tip-- JON GUNN: Just the waiter.

--the manager? JON GUNN: No, just the waiter.

What, is $10 a good tip or no?

I, I got-- what kind of meal is this going to be?

If it's a big meal, if it's like $100 for, for the meal,

I can't stiff the guy.

We're going have to do major tipping.

I can't look-- I don't want to look cheap in front of Drew,

either, if we get this date.

Dude, this is fancy.

I got to get the-- my suit out.

I got to get changed in the middle of this frickin' parking

lot in front of everybody. I'm not feeling good.

I don't like doing valet. I'm rushed.

I feel rushed.

Do I look OK?

Is this OK? - You look wonderful.

- Seriously? - Seriously.

Oh, a mirror.

I got to follow her to the bar, but my t-shirt is crooked.

JON GUNN: She's here, dude. It's time to go.

All right, let's go.


How you doing?

Oh, good, how are you?

Oh, good to be here.

So nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

We got a table over there. - OK.

You look great, by the way.

Thank you.

So do you. - Thanks.

- OK. - I'm--

- Oh, no. - Sorry.

That's OK, you don't need to do that.

Well, you know, uh, I don't know what I'm doing.

Well, thank you.

You're welcome.

So, thank you for coming.

- You're welcome. - This is awesome.

How you guys doing? How you doing?

DREW LOOK-ALIKE: Hi. - That is for you, my dear.

DREW LOOK-ALIKE: Thank you. - That's for you, sir.

Thanks, man.

Like to see a wine list this evening?

Sure. Yeah.

Something I can get you to start with?

- You want wine? - Yeah, sure.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: You do? - Do you?

All right, so, you know, what do you got there?

That's not the wine thing. This is the wine thing.

No, I don't. OK.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: What kind do you want here?

Oh, I'm-- I'm really good with any kind.


Oh, yeah.

You're going to make me pick, huh?


What's your favorite?

Uh, sparkling apple cider, actually.

But that's a different story.


Um, OK, OK.

Hey, if you want sparkling apple cider--

- No, no, no. - --I'm sure they have it.

I don't think they have it in this place.

- Should we ask? - No, nah.

I'm fine. I'm totally fine.

I just-- it's good.

Uh, Merlot is the red wine, right?

- Yep. - I'm going to get a Merlot.

I like that. - OK.

- Do you want Merlot? - Yes, please.

Is that good?


I got together with the gang to get their critique

of my performance.

I think that you should plan to have one bottle of red

and one bottle of white in mind.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Gee. - No, in your--


--yeah but in your head already.

And then, depending on which she would like,

you'd be able to suggest a white or a red.

PAM LEVIN: [laughs] I mean don't cut your bread like that.


What did I do?

You were stabbing it.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: What was wrong with it?

I was cutting it.

That's the way I always cut my rolls.

Did you cut like this? BRIAN HERZLINGER: No.

It was--

Right, you went like this.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: It was an awkward roll.

- What do you do for fun? - --wonderful life.

Uh, bowl, I love bowling.

You love bowling. Do you like "Grease 2?"


The "you're going to score tonight" kind of thing?

(SINGING) You're going to score tonight.

I love that movie.

The other day I went and saw a double feature of "The Lost

Boys" and "The Goonies." - Ahh.

I'm, I'm so Muppety.

I'm a Muppet.

That's what's charming about you.

- That's who you are. - Yeah.



BRIAN HERZLINGER: That's the perfect bite, right here.

Look at that.

That's a beautiful piece of steak I just cut.

The way I'm holding my fork, is that bad?

Yes. It's a little odd.

It's incorrect, shall we say?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: How the hell do you hold a fork?

Seriously, that's how I cut my steak.

And I've always had a problem with it.

OK, this is what I do.


LISA FURST: That's wrong.

(LAUGHING) Oh, my god.

But this is stup--

LISA FURST: Yeah, that's-- that's how you do it.

That's exactly how you do it.

My method of cutting a steak works.

I mean, it may not look good on camera.

And, obviously, I haven't worried about it, this far.

I don't think it does work, actually.

She asked--

I don't think it does work, either.

--if she should cut your--

But now I look like I can't even eat a meal for 27 years.

Well, look at you.

[laughter] - Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

This has been fun.

Take care. I will.

You, too. [smooch]

All right. Oh, no.

OK. - OK.

Talk to you later.


The whole idea of the test date was

to make me feel better about the whole thing,

about me actually, possibly getting this date with Drew.

But I feel more nervous now than I

did before I did the test date.

Because when I was watching, with you guys, I,

I couldn't believe that it was the same person.

Because when I was doing the test date,

I felt like I was doing a great job.

I thought I was doing great.

But I was watching with you guys, and I look like--

I look like an idiot.

And I am scared to death that if I

actually get the day with Drew, I'm going to be screwed.

Because-- I, I am going to be screwed.

Hey, so I got the email back from Drew's--

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Drew's partner.

And she said, no go. "I'm so sorry.

I tried and got as close as I could.

Let me know how the whole thing turns out."

Well, who-- she first said that she was sending

a, a message to Drew's--

to a guy friend.


And now it's saying she got a message back from Drew's

partner, and she said, no go?

KERRY DAVID: I'm going to find out--

Well, if Nancy is saying-- if, if Drew's partner

is indeed Nancy, and Nancy's saying,

no, then that's not good.

Kerry put out a mass email, right?

And one of her friends wrote her back

saying, I have a friend, um, a guy friend

that maybe could help out.

I'll ask him if he can help us out, OK?

So then she emails Kerry back and says,

we talked to Drew's partner, and she said it's a no go.

What does that mean?

Does that mean they went to Nancy,

you know, and it's already no?

Is that-- is that it? Is that the end of our movie?

Is it done? What do you think?

Seriously, now, what do you think about it?

JON GUNN: I don't know.

I mean, my feeling is somebody went with very

little information and said, hey,

you think Drew can do this thing?

And probably, they got a no, because she's out of town.


But why are people going to the-- with not

all of the information?

JON GUNN: That's the price you pay

for trying to go through six degrees of separation.

[cell phone ringing]

I just want just to get screwed up,

because somebody is not using-- saying the right information.

JON GUNN: I know.

But, you know, unfortunately, we don't have

a lot of control over that.

Because these are the people who are closest to Drew.

And it's because we're not close to them

that we have to go through friends.


I don't know.

The first email we sent out about it, and we get a no.

All right, I've got eight minutes

to get to the post office to pick up that check from my dad.

If I don't get there, I'm not eating tonight.

[ambient post office sounds]

Thank you.


had some money in the bank.

But things with my quest were looking pretty grim.

It was clear that I needed guidance.

And I knew just where to find it.


I'm freaked out.

I don't want her to tell me that I'm going to die or anything,

you know?

You know?

I'm going to ask her, why the last time I was here

they said me and my ex-girlfriend were

going to be together forever.

We done? JON GUNN: Yeah.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: Why are we whispering?

JON GUNN: I don't know.

Um, OK, so your birthday is February 19.

You are a child at heart, which is great.

That's where all of your playfulness comes from.

So you want to know if, um--

how did you word it?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: If the quest that I'm on

will end successfully.


Pull five cards and put them face down.

You've not gotten a good response so far?

Not what I was hoping for, but--


They're, they're weird about it or they're leery about it.

My feeling is the timing's off on the getting together.


Travel something.

Now is she currently involved with someone, because it's

showing that she is. - Yes.

But I'm not trying to get into a relationship.

It's just-- - Right.

So I would say that you will eventually have a, a date.

But I don't feel like it's the timing that you

want as far as the deadline.


She said I'm going to get the date.

I mean, not right away, but I'm going to get the date!

(SINGING) I'm walking on sunshine, whoa-o-o.

TOGETHER (SINGING): I'm walking on sunshine.

Take it Jon.


I'm walking on sunshine, whoa-o-o.

And it's time to feel good.


yeah, and don't it feel good?

Oh, don't it feel good, don't it feel good?

Now, don't it feel good.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

KERRY DAVID: Do you want a drink?


KERRY DAVID: Do you want to shave?


Do I want to shave?


You told me to rush over her, so I rushed over here.

- OK. - What?

We just-- we just got a call back from Flower Films.

We had a long conversation with Gwen.

She had a couple of concerns.

She explained just how insanely busy

that Drew is right now, with all-- she's in Europe tomorrow.


KERRY DAVID: She's in Japan, then she's everywhere.

Then, she said another thing that she really

is concerned about is the fact that she's in a very

committed relationship.

And she stressed that over and over again.

So we said, look--


KERRY DAVID: No, no, no, we said, look,

Brian doesn't expect to have a relationship with Drew.

BRETT WINN: And she said, when I call her and pitch this to her,

I'm going to play down the date part of it.

Is she calling-- is she going to call her?

BRETT WINN: Well-- - No.

She's going to send the video on to her.

Again, she needs [inaudible] because--

That's good.

--without they're feeling that we're stalkers.

See, I knew that boy-- that boyfriend thing

was going to come into it.

I knew it.

I was like, ahh, god.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): I couldn't believe it.

Just like the psychic said, scheduling and her boyfriend

were going to be the two problems.

Later that day, I got an unexpected phone call

from my ex-girlfriend.

We hadn't spoken in months, so, while I had her on the phone,

I decided to ask for her opinion.

Do you mind if I tell you about my new project?

EX-GIRLFRIEND (ON PHONE): Are you taping this?

Would you mind if I was?


Come on, say you're OK with me taping, and then we'll--


No, come on, I can't tell you that.



Sorry. [laughs]

Ah, sorry, say-- come on.


Fine. - I have 30 days--


--to get one date--


--with Drew Barrymore.



What do you think of the idea?




I think it's kind of stupid.

Why is it stupid?

EX-GIRLFRIEND (ON PHONE): Like, am I supposed to watch this?

You don't think you'd go see it?


OK, first impressions.

What was your first impression of me?

EX-GIRLFRIEND (ON PHONE): [laughs] Are you sure?

Tell me-- tell the truth.

It's totally cool.

It's fine.


I felt sorry for you, like poor, you know, sad, little Brian.

You asked me out.


I did.


Why did you ask me out?

EX-GIRLFRIEND (ON PHONE): Because after we started

talking, then you were funny.

And I liked you.

Well, what do you think was the problem, on my end,

in our relationship as to why we didn't work?

EX-GIRLFRIEND (ON PHONE): How you didn't

trust me at any little point.

I could go out for coffee, and you wouldn't

trust anything that I said.

Right? - Yeah.


[laughs] She's telling me the things that I did.

The thing that, that she feels that I did that ruined

the relationship was that I wasn't trustworthy--

that I didn't trust her.

I didn't trust her.

The reason why I did not trust her

was because she was fooling around.

[cell phone ringing]

I did-- I didn't mean to hurt your feelings

by asking you questions about what you thought of the movie.

I didn't think that was going to upset you.

I didn't. JON GUNN: Yeah.

Yeah, he's talking to his girlfriend.

And now they're fighting. - What upset you about it?

JON GUNN: And I'm taping it, so let me call you back.

You sounded fine at the end of the call.

You sounded fine during the call.

If at any point during the call, you were upset,

I would not have continued with it.

I, uh-- when I'm done with the movie?

I'll call you when I'm done with the movie.

All right, bye.


[cell phone ringing]

OK, calm down.

I'm not going to be--

I'm not asking your advice to help me get another girl.

Do you realistically think I'm going

to able to get into-- into a relationship

with Drew Barrymore?

She's in a seriously committed relationship.

It's one-- it's, it's not even--

I'm probably not going to even be

able to get a dinner with her. It's not even about that.

It's just about a guy trying to get a--

a meeting, to meet somebody is totally out of his reach.

OK, what's the point of the date?

Have I or have I not had a crush on her since I was 10?

I've worked in the industry for six years,

and I can't afford to pay my rent I don't know anybody.

I don't know anybody.

And that's another thing, I can't believe you didn't even--

and the first time I talk to you in god

knows how long, you didn't even ask me how I was.

I don't know what's going to happen.

There's a good chance I'm not going to get the date.



Hey, it's Jon Gunn calling you about the Drew Barry--

Drew Barrymore project.

Oh, you don't?

Are you sure?

It-- is it, uh, is it just that you're too busy for it,

you think, or are you just feeling like it's not

something you need to be in?

He said, you know, it sounds like a lot of fun.

I really hope you get to her.

And it's just not something I think I should be doing.

I'm so busy right now.

And I'm trying not to water down my value by showing up in too

much stuff before my movie.

So no luck on this one.


Move on.

Oh, well.

Hey, Scott Carlson, how you doing, buddy?

Tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.

Shall we go to Corey's place?

That sounds perfect.

Corey Feldman, 8:00 PM, at his house, tomorrow night.


I wanted to be Corey Feldman when I was growing up?

Do you know why?

Because I thought I'd be able to get a date with Drew

if I were Corey Feldman.

I'm going to quote back to him the line from "The Goonies"

when they're in the wishing well.

And Martha Plimpton says, no, you can't take these coins.

These are other people's dreams, other people's wishes.

And Corey Feldman goes, yeah?

And he takes one out of the water.

And he goes, this one, this one, right here, this was my dream,

my wish.

And it didn't come true.

So I'm taking it back.

I'm taking them all back.

See, I think Drew will go out with you.

What do you think of that?

Oh, no, [clapping] stay with it.

Thank you. Thank you.

You are on the inner circle.

You're a celebrity.

You know what it's like.

And I'm not.

So, what is my best approach for this whole situation,

like trying to get to her?

I mean, do you think I'm freaking her out?

I mean, you saw the preview.

You saw what it's like.

Um, yeah, I think that you were a little weird.

Actually, I met Drew the first time, I was about, I think,

10 years old. And, uh--

Was this "Gremlins" or "Goonies?"

What time?

It's after "Gremlins," during "Goonies."


I get a call from Steven Spielberg's office--


--who says, Drew Barrymore is, you know,

the cutest little thing.

She's got an enormous crush on you.

So she wants to, you know, get together with you.

Do you mind if we give her your phone number?

I was like, no, sure.

Go ahead.

So she was you, with me, at one point.

So what happened?

We actually started dating and dated for probably about,

I don't know, I think maybe two months or something.

I did not know that.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: This was fantastic.

Drew had a crush on Corey, just like I had a crush on Drew.

And he granted her wish.

So this gave me hope that maybe she would grant me mine.

But I still had to find a way to ask her.

And with less than a week until the dreaded premiere,

I was getting desperate.

Fortunately, that day Kerry found

out that her friend, Bubbles, uses

the same facialist as Drew.

I immediately made an appointment.

OK. Hi.

What is that?

A hairnet?


I know Kerry.

Kerry knows Bubbles.

Bubbles knows Sonya the facialist.

And Sonya knows Drew.

Is that what--

We do a lot of these for Drew or for celebrities.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: You do this for Drew?

Yeah, we customize, basically, what it is.

OK. - Ahh.

Make me work for it. I have the work for it, right?

I got to-- I got to see the damage I've done to myself.


To justify my--

Now, you see the blackhead here Do you want use--

- Agh, what are you doing? - --bring the photo here?

Look at this.

The blackhead, they-- and they have like inflammation

around the nostril. - Oh, great.

OK. No pain, no gain.

Go ahead. - Yeah.

So, OK.

So we going here to get rid of all the blackhead.


Here you go, baby.

Oh, my god. Jeez.

I'm going to give you a break, because you're

really going to die here.

OK, now we're going here, the green tea mask.

Drew loves it.

You know, she likes--

She loves the green, the green mask?

She has the green tea, one of her favorite.

Here you go.

Now, this is kind of like the treatment.

You want, we going to leave it alone for--

Oh, is that a cucumber?

Thank you.

Oh, my god.

If I go like this, like I can feel the, the air.

You feel a breeze. And you feel like--

Like you can feel it in your pores.

--it really is that working, isn't it?


But that-- I'm dead-serious about that.

You can really feel it on your face.

Now, you're going to be a real client.

I know. [smack]


I met with Drew's facialist today.

Very nice lady, but I was really hoping

that, that Sonya would like ask Drew out for me, you know?

But apparently that would be unprofessional.

And she can't do that.

And to top it all off, now I feel really self-conscious

about my broken capillaries.

Katie, this is John Gunn, Nina's friend.

KATIE (ON PHONE): What's going on?

Well, I'm, I'm working on a documentary

about Drew Barrymore.

KATIE (ON PHONE): Oh, cool.

Anyway, Nina said, my friend Katie knows everybody there.

She's bound to know somebody who knows somebody who knows Drew.

KATIE (ON PHONE): Hell, yeah, I went to her birthday party.

Do you know Drew?


Well, I know a lot of people at her company.

And I know Nancy.

And I know Linda, who used to be there for a long time.

Oh, great.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: So Katie gave me Nancy Juvonen's

personal email address.

This was huge.

Nancy is Drew's best friend and business

partner at Flower Films.

I immediately sent her an email introducing myself

and asking her to call me back.

But she never did.

We're-- we're within the week, last week.

And the only response, at all, we've gotten

is from a person who knows a person

who knows Drew's partner.

And that is a no.

As of right now, it's, it's like tearing me apart here.

Because, if this doesn't happen, then I

feel like I've dragged you and Brendon away for no reason.

So I'm headed over to Brian's now.

We've got to get him into this premier.

And the chances of that are seeming very slim.

My hope is that, if Brian can get face to face with her,

that'll help set the stage for her company

telling her about the project and encouraging it.

And then she'll have some recognition

that, Oh, yeah, I met that guy.

He seems nice.

But then I'm actually a little nervous about when

he gets into the premiere.

What's the right thing to say, in a circumstance

like that, that isn't going to turn her off

or freak her out or something?

So I don't know.

Maybe it'll be better if he doesn't get in.

But I kind of feel like, right now, it's our best shot.

So tomorrow's the premiere.

I'm going to the premiere tomorrow.

I'm out of options.

And I'm going to go for it.

I'll be fine.

It'll be-- it'll be fine.

It's actually kind of poetic if you think about it.

Because-- because I did screw up at the first "Charlie's Angels"

premiere, so now I have a chance to redeem

myself with the sequel.

Getting into the after-party is going to be really hard.

This is not an easy thing to get into, especially when you--

you're not invited.

So if, if Dylan, the limo driver, doesn't come through,

I don't know how the heck I'm getting in that thing.

MAN (ON PHONE): Dispatch.

Hey, is Dylan available?

MAN (ON PHONE): If Dylan is one of our drivers,

I can get him a message.

Um, yeah, this is Brian.

I'm returning his call.


We'll give the message that Brian's returning his call.

Thank you very much. MAN (ON PHONE): Thank you.

OK, bye.


I don't know if we're going to get him.

I don't know if we're going to be able to get him.


Hey, Brad, it's Brian.

Um, listen, I just talked to my friend, Ricky,

and he told me that the after-party is in the parking

lot across the street.

They're having probably-- I think it's

going to be a big tented area.

Because I think we drove by there yesterday,

and I saw tents set up.

I think you should get to Mann's Chinese around 6:30.

OK. Where are you?

I'll get there.

I'll go right from work, here. - OK, well--

It's right over here.

And we'll try to get as close to the action as possible.

If that's as close as we can get,

I'd rather be right in front of the theater.

JON GUNN: It's going to be hard.

And then we'll sneak up, as close as we can,

to the red carpet.


that restaurant, we had a plan.

And I was actually excited about the premiere.

(SINGING) I keep working my way back to you,

babe, uhn, with a burning love inside.

I'm so hot, I'm burning.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): This was my big chance.

If Drew was going to be at that after-party,

then I had to get in, too.

That way, I could ask her out in person.

But how does a guy like me get into one of the biggest

Hollywood parties of the year?

Fake passes, that's how.

Brett had a friend who was a graphic artist.

So we put him to work designing realistic looking badges,

while I got ready for the big night.

She's not going to see me, dude.

I don't even know why I'm even doing this.


Now my nights are long and lonely,

and I ain't too strong, babe.

I just miss you so.

Girl, but you're too proud.


Am I bulging anywhere?

Do I look all right?

JON GUNN: Turn around.



keep working my way back to you, babe,

with a burning love inside.

Hey, I'm working my way back to you, babe,

and the happiness that died.

I let it get away.

So many people, man.

I'm not going to get near her.

I'm not going to get near the theater.


(SINGING) Where have all the good men gone

and where are all the gods?

Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?


Go back.

You see that?

This was going to be a problem.

Our passes look nothing like that.

My chances of getting in weren't looking good.

But then Jon had an idea.

He rewound the tape, froze on this image

and called Brett, who was still at work.

He described the pass to Brett, in detail,

and Brett went back to his graphic artist friend

to make a new pass in time to laminate it and get

it to us within the hour.

We were back on track.


I'm holding on for a hero till the morning light.

He's got to be sure.

And it's got to be soon.

And he's got to be larger than life, larger than life.

Do do do doo, do do do doo, do do do

doo, ahh, ahh, I need a hero.

I'm holding on for a hero till the end of the night.

He's got to be strong.

And he's got to be fast.

And he's got to be fresh from the fight.

I need a hero.

MAN (ON PHONE): While Drew and all the celebrities

were watching the movie, Jon, Brett,

and I went across the street to Hamburger Hamlet to strategize.

BRETT WINN: You look nervous, Brian.

You all right?

I look nervous?

Look at that hand shaking.

You have to understand that I was in that situation before.

I was standing next to her, as close as I am to you,

and I really wanted to just say, hi, I'm a fan.

Or, hi, I really loved the movie.

I could not physically do it.

JON GUNN: I know we're going to have this little tape recorder,

uh, hidden away in your coat.


JON GUNN: But just in case they either confiscate--

[inaudible] JON GUNN: --that.

Or I'm not sure that we'll hear any of it.

They're going to-- you think they're going to confiscate it?

Are they going to be searching me?

JON GUNN: I don't know. They might.

Well, we may have to watch first.


So let's watch a couple other people get it.

JON GUNN: See how much they care.

Because security is heightened, I know for a fact.

They have bulletproof vests.

They-- there are people there with bulletproof vests.

BRETT WINN: OK, well, maybe you won't be

able to do the tape recorder.

Or maybe you'll be bailing me out of jail tonight.

BRETT WINN: They're not going to put you in jail

for having a tape recorder. - No.

But you know what they may put me in jail for?


Fake passes.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): Just before the movie let out,

I walked down to the party entrance

to scout out the security situation.

It wasn't good.

I don't know if it's-- look, I don't know

if it's going to work.

I really don't know if it's going to work, dude.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): As the minutes tick by,

I was starting to freak out.

It was clear I needed backup.

So Brett and Jon's wives made copies of the passes

and met us at the restaurant.

That way, in case I actually got into the party,

Pam and Lisa could go with me for support.

JON GUNN: I still think you should talk.

I've had-- I can't--

I, I free-- I, I no--


But you can still mention that--

JON GUNN: What we might be able to do is get one of the girls

to go over to her and say, see that guy, over there,

I just want to let you know, he's

had the biggest crush on you.

And he-- his, his, his lifelong dream

is to get a date with you.

And, um--

What are you talking about?

Can you believe this?

Can you believe this?

That's awesome.

Just, just have it in your jacket like that.

It looks great. JON GUNN: You're good.

You're good.

[ambient street sounds]

[street performer music playing]

[ambient crowd sounds]

Helicopters, limousine.

JON GUNN: What are you, nervous?

I'm freaking out, dude.

JON GUNN: Dude, you're going to be fine.

You're going to do it. - Good.

All right. JON GUNN: Just be natural.

You wouldn't be nervous if you were just going in there.

I wouldn't be nervous. JON GUNN: So just relax.

All right, I'm fine.

[ambient crowd sounds]

JON GUNN: Oh, my god.

Oh my god.


That was cake. JON GUNN: That was--

Totally cake.

That was too easy.

Are you kidding me?

JON GUNN: That was dangerously easy.

I know.

Well, you know, I think there's other guards.

JON GUNN: Oh, no.

Brett, they're stopping him.


Ha ha!

I cannot believe that.

You walked right in.

Hey, Andy Dick. - What's up?

How you doing, man?

BRETT WINN: Hey, Andy Dick.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): Look at that, Andy Dick.

We got Andy Dick after all.



--can you hear me?


Hold on. BRETT WINN: I can't--

I can't hear. - Right.

Can you hear me, Brian.




BRETT WINN: Totally. Totally.

I got the footage of you just walking

right in there, both times.

We're not going to leave.

We're going to hang out at Hamburger Hamlet, OK?

JON GUNN (ON PHONE): I hope you're getting this shot.

I hope you're getting it.

Have you talked to Drew yet?

What do you mean you couldn't do it?

You-- dude, dude, you have to do it.

BRETT WINN: He's not leaving.

Hey, Brian--

BRETT WINN: Don't let him leave.

Brian, can you hear me Brian?


He's talking, but he's not listening.



Br-- Brian!

He says he's going to try one more time to talk.


BRETT WINN: I can't hear anything.

He said he stood one foot away from her,

and he couldn't do it.

And then he said, I'm going to try.

Maybe, I'll try one more time. I'll call you back in a minute.

But then we're going to meet you at Hamburger Hamlet, he said.

Hey, Brian, can you hear me?

Do not leave without talking to Drew.

OK, go talk to your.

[distant party sounds]

The moon landing.


I don't know.

BRETT WINN: Don't you bail now.


Did you hear it?

Let's go back.

DREW BARRYMORE (ON PHONE): It's nice to meet you.


And if you listen really carefully,

you can actually hear Drew's voice.

DREW BARRYMORE (ON PHONE): And there it was, nice to meet you.

The first sentence ever spoken to me by Drew Barrymore.

[ambient crowd sounds]

Thank you.

JON GUNN: Brian. - Hey, Jon.


JON GUNN: You got to talk to me, buddy.

I cannot believe we just did that.


JON GUNN: Dude, it sounded like-- you sounded like you

were doing the moon landing.

You're like, she's four feet away,

[chh-shh] she's four feet away.

I-- let me just tell you something.

These passes not only got us in to the event,

but you needed to have this pass to get into the main--

The VIP area.

--the VIP section, where they were.

And they just waved us in.

These passes got us not only into the event

but into the VIP--

It's like they were saying "no" to people.

--couch section.

And then we just went like this.

Are you-- - That's where they were.

We just walked right in.

He wasn't going to do it.

So it was very important.

Just, just-- I, I think, if this is how he's acting in a crowd,

if he actually gets a date with here--

PAM LEVIN: There's no way.

So this is my point of view, OK?

I'm Drew.

You be Pam.

Demi Moore is right here. Demi Moore--

Can I be Pam? OK.

Lisa, come here. You be Demi Moore.

- I'll be Demi. - You're, you're sitting.

And I'm like that.

Demi-- D-Drew is like this.

I'm Drew.

Drew's like this, talking.

And I bent down like this, and I went, excuse me.



I just wanted to introduce myself to you.

- Right. - I'm Pam.

Nice to meet you.

My husband just edited the trailer for "Duplex."

Oh, my god. Wow.

Tell him I said, thank you so much.

- Absolutely. - OK.

Thank you.

And now I'll run over here.


And Brian is right here.

You be Demi, Pam. Come here.

Look at me. - I'll be Demi.

OK. Just--

And I said, excuse me, I'm sorry to bother

you for a minute, but my friend over here is real shy.

And he really wants to meet you.

But, um, can I just introduce you?

And so, I said, this is Brian.

And then Brian went--

OK, and then she--

she shakes my hand, like--

I, I, I, I had the cell phone in my hand.

Right, so you could all hear it.

And then I go.

I gave the weakest handshake of my life.

I just remembered it, right now. I went like this.



Oh, my god, why did you let me do--

I cannot believe I just did that.

Jon, I totally forgot.

I did-- I did this.

17 years, and I--


I had faced my greatest fear and come through.

Unfortunately, although I'll never forget it,

it certainly wasn't memorable for Drew.

And I still hadn't managed to ask her out.

So with only four days left, I was back to square one.

And to make matters worse, the next day, I got a call from E!

Entertainment to come in for a job interview.

Although I needed the work, I also

needed all my time free, since I had less than a week left.

And it was a very low-paying, entry-level position.

But as my mom says, it's better to have something coming

in then nothing coming in.

JON GUNN: We're at 8530.

You need 5750.

And you have--

One minute.

JON GUNN: --one minute.

That's not good. - Nope.


BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): I was feeling pretty down as I

showed up to the interview.

I mean, when Drew's name appeared on that game show,

I never imagined my quest would end with me

applying for a dead-end job.

If this was a risk I was supposed to take,

then why did I feel like I was wasting my soul?

I just needed something to reassure

me that I was doing the right thing, you know, like a sign.

And then, right as I walked up to the reception desk,

can you believe it?

Right in front of me.

It was a sign.

I mean, literally, it was a sign.

20 minutes late for the interview.

BRETT WINN: 20 minutes.

MAN: Brian? - Matthew.

MAN: How are you?

[laughs] How are you?

BRIAN HERZLINGER: I went in for that job interview.


BRIAN HERZLINGER: But I was up front with the guy.


And I told him, like, look, we're kind of

on the verge of doing something pretty big

here with the documentary.

I don't want you to hire me and then

me come two weeks in and tell you that I can't do it.


We'll see, you know?

I don't know if I'm--

I don't know.

I'm going to be making barely more than unemployment.



Yeah, I know.

I know.

I'm, I'm-- I know.

OK, it's the guy for me.

All right, he's, uh--

he's saying, I think, I think I want you to start

working for me on Monday.

So he's offering me the job on voicemail.

It won't piss you an Jon off, right, if I do it?

BRETT WINN (ON PHONE): Oh, Brian, of course not.

You need money.

You're not mad that I'm working, are you?


If you weren't working, pal, this wouldn't be--

we wouldn't have the camera.


So, you know, you need to work.

I know. All right.

BRETT WINN (ON PHONE): You know what I mean?

You need to make more money.


We have three days left.

And I still have no word from Flower Films.

And, uh, the six degrees of separation

have obviously not gotten to Drew fast enough.

So we put our heads together, and we decided

to broaden our scope and, um, take

the six degrees of separation concept

and apply it to the whole world.

So we decided the best way to do that was the internet.

All right, If we do this website,

OK, then everything else we've been talking about,

articles in the paper, radio interviews,

it's to get people to go to the website.

To the website.

JON GUNN: And the website has a simple goal, one single goal.

Six degrees of separation.

JON GUNN: Help us reach--

Help us get a date with Drew.


This website that we're talking about,

it's got all this stuff. It's got the trailer on it.

It's got us saying, help us get the date with Drew, right?

How long is it going to take for us to get that up and running

and how much is it going-- JON GUNN: The website?

BRETT WINN: It's really easy to get it up, to buy the site,

get it up and going.

Simply, My date with Drew, put the synopsis we already wrote,

show the trailer. JON GUNN: It's really simple.

It's the simplest website you've ever seen.

It's one page with a contact us here.

BRIAN HERZLINGER (VOICEOVER): So with the help of a few friends,

I had a website up and running in less than 24 hours.

All I needed now was some publicity.

But I don't mind telling you, it's

not easy reaching a large number of people

with this kind of budget.

[truck horn blaring]

LARA SCOTT (ON RADIO): Now, Brian has called in to hear

"Tainted Love," from Soft Cell.

What are you doing today?

Are you working?

BRIAN HERZLINGER (ON RADIO): I am actually working, uh, making

a documentary, right now.

And it's basically, I'm trying to get, uh, a date

with Drew Barrymore in 30 days.

LARA SCOTT (ON RADIO): That's the whole movie?


BRIAN HERZLINGER (ON RADIO): Yeah, it's really short.

No, no, actually, we're just, um--

we have 30 days to get one date with Drew, with $1,100

that I won in game show.

And it's basically, how does an ordinary guy

get to somebody like Drew.

And we're, we're running out of time.

LARA SCOTT (ON RADIO): Well, is there any way, like, uh,

can I take a number or something, where people,

if they want to help you?

BRIAN HERZLINGER (ON RADIO): Uh, no, actually,

what we've just got up is a website.

We just got a website,

LARA SCOTT (ON RADIO): Well, Brian, good luck to you.


BRIAN HERZLINGER (ON RADIO): Thank you so much.

LARA SCOTT (ON RADIO): And, uh, keep me posted, OK?

BRIAN HERZLINGER (ON RADIO): Thank you so much, Lara.

I appreciate it.

JON GUNN: That, that was amazing!

Yeah! JON GUNN: That was amazing!

That was awesome. JON GUNN: First radio interview.

[laughs] Oh, my god.

That sounded great.

BRETT WINN: That was awesome.

That was everything we needed to say.

BRETT WINN: That was everything.

Now let's see what happens.

JON GUNN: Dude, the server's down.

John Mann just checked it, and he said,

it cannot be found or server site not

active or something like that.

It cannot-- it can't open up.

It was just up like a half an hour ago.

BRIAN HERZLINGER: How long do you think it will

take for it to come back on?

JON GUNN: It goes down 10 minutes before the interview.

10 minutes before?

I have no idea. I don't know what happened.


JON GUNN: So now, we've just got this great interview,

with everyone out there, in the world,

trying to check out My Date with Drew.

And there's nothing there.


and the website still wasn't working.

There was nothing else I could do.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse--


Believe this?

JON GUNN: What does it say, she's going to marry him?

She's getting married. JON GUNN: It's "The Star."

According to my mom, they know everything first.

She's using Steven Spielberg's house.

She's crazy in love with Fabrizio,

and she can't wait to be his wife.

I'm asking for a date, and she's getting-- she's engaged?

That's not good.

All right, so we're on day 30.

We're at our deadline.

And, um, we're not exactly where I thought we were going to be

when we started the project.

I was hoping we were going to have

a yes from Drew or even a no.

But, as of right now, we don't have an answer yet, either way.

So, the thing that sucks is that we

still have to return the camera today,

because our 30 days are up.

And I can't believe I'm getting emotional about returning