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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 學會嘻哈英語,黑人都屌不過你

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hey what's up guys it's Jeremy here

today we're gonna talk about hip hop

English now while many of you are trying

to learn textbook English a lot of young

people in America are speaking hip hop

English look at all the fashion trends

and music they are all influenced by hip

hop English yo man yo yo man yo yo man

yeah so if you want to be in that you

better learn some hip-hop English right

hip hop English is not so much about the

words it's about the attitude hi how are

you what's good slam what's good slam

you look great you fresh what's the plan

what's the move remember body language

is what makes it go so don't just say it

BX what's up what's up with that I don't

believe it either man

it fake I was so frustrated oh wow so

man mmm joint having heated join Jaime


you can't be serious you play it right

huh you're joking right

why are you always like wait what did

you say half can you repeat that

ha I didn't quite catch you can I borrow

your pen

I can actual pan where is the restroom I

got a leak

well your tie to that I got a leak boy

your tie to that don't repeat that

please say it again I dare you I don't

want to talk to you foo get on my face

yeah my face we've all bust yo lip down

my face get out my face down my face

before I bust your lip don't make me

call the cops don't make me take my

jacket off aren't you the guy who tried

to fight me last week didn't you see

these hands about a week ago

oh I'm sorry I'm mistaking you for the

wrong person oh my bad my bad

and you Terron trick you bet that is why

we dancing in the party to show slip is

she beautiful Sam she is Sam she is fun

Paula my heart stopped when she walked

by mmm Japan I heard you're the

prettiest girl and that's an


hmm mom has told me you were fine done

yeah whoo damn she is fine

hey you like Halle

using hip-hop English to pick up girls

can increase your chances up to 40% it

just sounds a lot cooler than you know

fairly P with a phone

can I be your sugar daddy you know what

Marvin with the double to make sure you

call me when you have time

hey boo I love me I all righty bye about

she hiring you the household she was it

so I quite so and blue what is a

Penzance is a PC Australian she hiding

you wasn't me mean he called you i'm

pimply audiences mr. yeah

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