Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Video Message from Dr. Amy Morrison, April 7, 2020

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Hello Lake Washington Tech students, I am Amy Morrison, your president.

Welcome to Spring quarter I know it's been a rough few weeks as we have

navigated through this COVID-19 pandemic, together. First. I want to say thank you.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we moved Spring quarter

classes and college operations, online. For your safety and that of our faculty.

Today I'd like to share with you some information for Spring quarter, which

officially starts today and beyond. I've included specific information in the

email that accompanies this video, about technology distribution later this week

and how you can get your textbooks from the bookstore. I would also like to give

a huge thank you to our student government leaders for their exceptional

leadership. They have been working hard to allocate funds for technology. They

also reached out to their fellow students after our winter pizza with the

president was cancelled in March and sent out a survey to gather questions

from all of you for me to answer. You can find the Q&A, and the student

questions and my answers, in the accompanying email. We will be scheduling

a Zoom Student Forum during Spring quarter, where we'll be able to talk

together, online of course, and I will be able to answer any questions that you

have. We'll have more information about the student forum to you, soon.

So, here's where we are for Spring quarter. For some classes that normally

require significant face-to-face instruction, the lecture component will

take place online during Spring quarter, and the lab time will be offered Summer

quarter. It is important that we created an equitable way for you, our students, to

stay on your educational path, with as little disruption as possible during

this pandemic. That includes making sure you are able

to receive financial aid, and only pay for the instruction that you receive.

Since we could not guarantee our ability to provide in-person instruction in

Spring quarter, we made the decision to move all classes online.

This means we divided some classes into two parts; with the online lecture in

Spring quarter and face to face in Summer quarter. This prevents a situation where

you could not finish the class you started and helps you preserve your

financial aid eligibility for the future. I know and recognize, that this is not an

easy time for you, especially for those of you in classes that require

face-to-face time. I also realize that burden it puts on our students who do

not have technology or internet access at home. With that in mind, we will once

again make available a limited number of basic tablets this Thursday, April 9th

from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for those who qualify. For specifics please see the

accompanying email.l I continue to be so proud of the creative and innovative

ways our faculty in teams and Instruction and Student Services are

serving our students. Faculty will be delivering online lectures and providing

video demonstrations. Our teams in Instruction and Student Services will

continue to provide the same incredible support to students, online as they have

in person. Thank you to my incredible colleagues who are working so hard to

deliver the same outstanding student support services to our students online.

Now I'd like to talk about Commencement. Some of you have asked about our plans

this year for Commencement, as well as other milestone events, like pinning

ceremonies and the Phi Theta Kappa celebrations, for Winter and Spring

quarters. I am pleased to share with you that we have made the decision to move

meant from June to August. Commencement will now be Friday, August 21st 2 p.m. at

the Maydenbauer Center in Bellevue. It is so important to all of us that you,

along with our faculty and staff and your family and friends, are able to

celebrate your great accomplishments. In addition to holding Commencement in

August, we are also planning LWTech's Lions Celebration Week. This week will include

a number of celebrations around Commencement, including but certainly not

limited to our Nursing and Physical Therapist Assistant Pinning Ceremonies,

Phi Theta Kappa recognitions for Spring and Summer quarters. And we are working

with faculty and staff to build this week of celebration, so that we don't

lose sight of the many important accomplishments that have occurred

during this pandemic. We will be sharing more about this celebration week with

you soon. Finally, I want you to know that I know

these are very uncertain times for all of us. I am 100% certain of our resolve

and strength as a college community. I have seen it time and time again this

past month. I also know that you are strong, and dedicated, creative, and

innovative. You will persevere through these uncertain times and achieve your

educational goals. I have no doubt. I look forward to the time when I see you walk

across that stage, and I shake your hand at your commencement

Thank you for hanging in there with us. We will get through this together. Please

feel free to reach out to me anytime. Stay well. Take care of yourselves and

each other. Thank you again.

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