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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: No Pavement: Overlanding Phoenix to Crown King to Payson! Part 2 - Ultimate Adventure 2017

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(driving rock music)

- [Trent McGee] Drivers! Phoenix!

(cheers and applause)

This is going to be one of our longer legs for gas,

so if you have gas cans, they should be full.

As far as what we're going to do, we're going to hop on

a two-lane highway, wheels up, rolling at 7:45.

- [Man On Radio] Trail tail is on 19.

- [Trent] Copy that.

It's bright and early on day two

of Ultimate Adventure,

and we're leaving the interstates behind for good.

We're going to escape the heat by heading to higher ground

in the old mining town of Crown King.

Of course, we're not going to be taking

the fastest or the easiest route.

There's less than 100 miles to cover today,

but it's going to be almost all dirt

with a few obstacles along the way.

- [Man On Radio] Check out the nice ass

across the road there.

- [Sam Gillis] It's 106, it's nine o'clock.

So I'm hoping it's going to cool off some.

All right, I'm going to get me a chain

so I can hang it around my neck.

- [Trent] When you take a bunch of rock crawlers

overlanding, especially 20 of them,

you know there's going to be a lot of dust.

The back way to Crown King involves a steady climb

out of the Valley of the Sun, and around 1100 feet

to an elevation of over 5700 feet.

Of course, there are a few fun challenges along the way.

- [Lonnie McCurry Jr.] Yeah, back there we was

coming up out of that wash, we heard a big psshh

and we figured out what it was.

It's that the ARB line on the front again.

But we got a good crew working on it,

I think we're going to get it taken care of

in about five minutes.

- (offscreen) Whose idea...

- [Man on Radio] About halfway up that area

next to the mine is a big bull,

and I'm talking he's got a lot of testosterone

running through his system.

- [Trent] Here we are on the way to Crown King.

So we left the hotel this morning about 7:30,

we've been on the road for about two and half hours.

Normally it's a road day for Ultimate Adventure,

but we're on the dirt and that's the whole plan.

That's actually the plan for the whole week.

We started down in the desert,

in the saguaros and stuff at Lake Pleasant,

and now we're making our way up to Crown King.

It's a really scenic, pretty trail,

we're in the Bradshaw Mountains.

There are some cool little side obstacles here

and everybody's having a good time, I think.

It's already noticeably cooler,

I think we're at 3800 feet now

and we're going to keep climbing.

So that's also a good thing.

Ultimate Adventure requires everyone

to be self-sufficient throughout the week,

so each participant must carry

all of their own food, camping gear,

tools, pare parts, and so on.

Absolutely no trailers are allowed.

Now this is the first day that everyone is wheeling

fully loaded, but it's not going to be the last.

You wouldn't be watching this video if we didn't have

our full camera crew along, and transporting a crew

plus all of their equipment is a huge logistical challenge.

This year, Sportsmobile stepped in with a

fully equipped 4x4 van

to haul all the gear, and UA alum Ken Smith volunteered

to be the wheel man, as well as gofer for the week.

Having a four-wheel drive van

support rig for UA is critical.

So yeah, just like that, we're in the pine trees.

Remember, guys, Arizona is nothing but deserts and cactus.

- [Randall Speir] All right, so here we are on the trail.

Got a little problem with the steering box.

So the problem seems to be inside the box,

but I think we can repair it.

- [Man In Gray T-Shirt] Let's open it up and get her fixed.

- Well, we just secured our campsite for Day 2.

We're heading down the mountain, we're going into Crown King

get some fudge,

a little general store, and maybe

some cool drinks, and then head on back up, make dinner.

Tomorrow's day three.

- [Trent] Crown King is named after the nearby goldmine,

where an estimated two million dollars in gold

was extracted over the years.

Founded in the 1880s, 15 goldmines dot the area around town,

which is situated high in the Bradshaw Mountains.

The mines have been closed since the 1950s,

but the saloon remains the center of town and a popular

attraction for off-roaders, hikers, and other travelers

seeking an escape from the Phoenix heat.

The saloon serves amazing burgers, while the general store

offers some of the best homemade fudge you can buy.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Randall Speir and John Mobily,

from Dana/Spicer, are busy fixing the steering box

on their JK, with the help of Reader Nick LeBlanc,

and Warren's Chris Durham.

- Had a problem wit the JK, the actual

spanner, that helps pre-labels on the input shaft

had worked itself loose, so took the box completely apart

so I can tighten this spanner up.

The input had 1/2 an inch of in-play in it,

so we had the steering issues.

So in order to fix it, we just got to

tighten this spanner up.

- [Trent] While the steering box repairs continued

on the Dana/Spicer JK, I had some repairs of my own to do

with a bent suspension link.

The improvised repair involved a log and some use of

sponsored products in a most unrecommended manner.

But it got the job done.

- [Man] Bet that's the last time I'll ever get that...

- [Trent] Those that weren't making repairs had the rare

opportunity to set up camp among the pine trees,

and even cook dinner...all in the daylight!

Most took the opportunity to rehash the day's events around

LED campfires, since the area was under fire restrictions

and real fires weren't allowed.

For some, repairs continued well into the night.

(country guitar music)

(offscreens) Drivers meeting! Let's go!

- [Man In Blue T-Shirt] Day three of the Ultimate Adventure!

(cheers, light clapping)

Today's going to be another long one in terms of beimg

behind the wheel, so be sure you top off your tanks

with your spare fuel this morning, before we head out.

Don't wait till you run out on the trail.

And for more on the trail, here's Trent.

(whoops and hollers)

- Crown King is one of my most favorite trails in all

of Arizona, so I'm glad that you guys...

...have all my friends come with me on it.

So, it's pretty rad.

Looks like everyone's pretty well packed up.

We've got one quick repair going, but I'm thinking

we're going to roll right at eight.

- As usual on Ultimate Adventure, our first camping night,

we had a repair last night.

The steering box on Dana's Jeep, the second shaft had

come loose, so had to take the box apart completely,

tighten the spanner up, to tighten the input shaft up,

and put the box back together.

Got them fixed last night, and then this morning,

Mark's Jeep, the lower control arm eccentrics had broke

loose, and one axle was moving back and 3/4 of an inch, so

I welded the tabs and the eccentrics on both sides.

So now both of them are ready to go, we're ready

to hit the road again. So welcome to UA.

- [Trent] All of the cronies and staff for

Ultimate Adventure are equipped with Magellan TRX7s

that are preloaded with the planned route for each day.

This is handy in the event of breakdowns or people

needing to catch up. - Woo!

Diesel brigade rolls out! - Which happens all the time.

- For everyone else, what was up ahead was

a complete surprise.

Now, the Magellan unit saved a lot of confusion and time.

Simply follow the tracks, and you'll eventually find

the rest of the group.

- [Mark Turner] I didn't have enough sunscreen,

so JR was nice enough to break his transmission cooler

so I could put this on my skin so I wouldn't get sunburned

out in Arizona.

Anyway, cooler broke, no big deal, Dillard's down there,

he's going to loop it back together.

We were able to save a lot of the tranny fluid that

came out of it in water bottles, so we're ready to go.

- [Sam Gillis] Well, we got the lines back off.

The cooler blowed apart (background chatter)

in the middle so we just took and looped the lines

back together, and run it back to transmission.

Hopefully it'll stay cool enough running this,

but we'll give it a whirl here.

- This thing's going to run cooler now, JR; watch.

- [Trent] We're heading deeper into the Bradshaw Mountains,

towards the DeSoto Mine Trail, which will loop us around

Crown King, and eventually back down

to the lower elevations near Mayer.

It will be another long, hot, dusty, and very fun day.

That's if everything goes perfectly.

But with over a hundred miles of dirt to cover today,

breakdowns are inevitable.

- [Driver] Ah, yeah! Ahhh, thanks for

back of the chowder head. Ooh!

- [Travis] The DeSoto Mine Trail is over ten miles long

and crosses several ridges. Which means

there's a lot of steep climbs and descents.

The terrain is rocky and very loose, and there's a lot

of tight turns that can be tricky for some of the

longer-wheelbase rigs.

There's quite a few rocky shelves

thrown in for good measure.

DeSoto Mine is not hardcore by any means, but it demands

a driver's constant attention, as one wrong move

can mean sliding down the hillside a very long way.

The constant climbing and descending also

isn't helping fuel economy.

None of these rigs have seen a gas stop

since yesterday morning.

- [Cooper] This fun video prob'ly won't do it justice,

but that was a steep climb with a big ledge at the top.

Lots of fun today on this road, trail day.

- [Trent] While longer wheelbases need to make multi-point

turns in some of the switchbacks, the extra length

was welcom on the rocky ledges.

Team Wayney Jack shows us how it's done.

Dan Struuvi's Bronco falls right in between

short and long wheelbase.

The solution that worked?

Going far right, away from the worst of the ledge.

(engine revs)

Wheelbase is one thing, but weight is also a factor.

Dave's Rugged Radio's Amigo is definitely

on the lighter end of the spectrum in this group.

It's all a matter of perspective;

what didn't seem like a big deal in one view,

now looks entirely different in another.

Thankfully, the tranny cooler on the Skyjacker rig

seems to be holding...

at least for the moment.

And the unique Voodoo Rope CJ10 didn't need to test out

what they sell on this one.

Four-door Jks can make things look easy; especially when

they're equipped with Dana 60s and an LS3.

(engine rumbles)

Just leaving a little gas for Keith; he's running low,

so rather than truck it on back to him, just going to leave it

here and he can get it.

We're a little bit over halfway through

the Desoto Mine Trail, and this is yet another gate

that we've gone through, and it's always important to

leave gates as you found them.

So in this case it was closed,

So once the group gets through, we will close it once again.

From here on out, it's going to get a little bit tougher for

the gang, but just challenging, not get-stuck type stuff.

But definitely need to pay attention

on some of these hills.

We're going to keep kind of headed off that way.

I believe we're two ridges from the end of the trail.

(engine sounds)

Notice that I never said Desoto Mine was a short trail.

First gas stop as a group.

- [Kyle Cunliffe] Yep. We Haven't Seen pavement in two days.

- [Keith Bailey] I planned on bringing seven extra gallons.

I used every one of those, and four more from my buddies,

so, barely made it.

- [Wayne Lambert] Good times, we did a pretty long run,

all off-pavement today, lot of nice scenery, real varied.

We were in the trees, and now we're back down in the cactus,

so we got to see a lot of the Arizona countryside.

It's been awesome.

- [Trent] After the much-needed gas stop, and crossing under

an interstate that maybe some people would be hoping

we would be getting on, it was back to the dirt

and some more overlanding.

(engines rumble)

All righty, we are on the Great Western Trail.

I believe it is the trail that runs from the Mexican border

all the way up the Western portion of the United States

to Canada.

Despite the long hours on the trail, the group was making

excellent progress, and breakdowns were minimal.

Periodic pit stops kept (background chatter)

the group together, and these were often used to check

things over on the rails.

(engine sounds)

After passing through some areas that could've been

mistaken for an African savanna, we passed through

the remote ranching town of McNellis and made our way

to Copper Canyon.

- [Fred Williams] I've been havin' fun in my little diesel,

My CJ with the diesel Cummins two eight,

so far on the trip I think I've only used

10 gallons of fuel. Rock crawling and everything.

The little two-eight really was good on the fuel,

and it also doesn't run hot. Rad!

Runs about 176, 180 degrees

- [Trent] Copper Canyon is a tiny little two-track that

meanders its way into Camp Verde.

It's cool to be picking our way down the canyon

in low range, while just a few hundred yards away,

18 wheelers are chugging up and down

the Camp Verde grade on I-17.

Our way is definitely better.

- Today's been a really long dusty road day,

but it's been pretty awesome.

We've bounced down a lot of cool dirt roads,

all over Northern Arizona.

Trent McGee and Vern Simons both live here and

they kind of mapped out this trip, and it's been awesome.

Hardly any asphalt, which is the best.

Asphalt's a total waste of tax dollars,

far as I'm concerned.

- [Trent] All right, we are at the tail end of day three

of the Ultimate Adventure.

We've been hard at it all day, going overlanding in

our rock crawlers.

- [Vern Simons] It's like the vast majority of the day,

over 100 miles, was a totally rad day, nothing really

challenging, but dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt dirt.

Tires aired down, goin' fast in the dirt, goin' around

corners, blast...wonderful day.

Everybody's dirty, but everybody's happy.

- [David Chappelle] That was awesome, like the Longest

dirt-road day we've ever done I think,

on Ultimate Adventure.

We've done dirt roads, but this trumps 'em all.

- [Dan Strubbe] So we just got off the mountain,

we've been on dirt for probably 60, 70 miles today,

So a lot of dirt. Beautiful country; it's cool to see

a lot of elevation change, had big trees in the morning,

cactus in the afternoon.

The group did good overall, pretty minimal,

considering the hard road,

the hard miles, in the trucks today.

I think we're all excited to be headin' back to the hotel

and get a shower.

- Three more to go, and then we're at the hotel.

- [Christian Hazel] So wrap on the Ultimate Adventure

2017. We were just over 100 miles in dirt, over 24 hours

since we last saw pavement.

We're going to air up the tires and go see civilzation

for the first time in a while.

(driving rock music

- [Trent] Day three wasn't a bad trail day as far as

road days go, but there's a whole lot more off-road action


And it turns out, day four will more than make up for

the lack of problems on day three.

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