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The RV industry is currently worth around 20 billion dollars

Which means there are loads of camper van and Motorhome options out there for lovers of the great outdoors

I'm Reacher all of these choices may make choosing the right one all the more difficult

So if you're looking for an RV to call your own why not start by taking a look at these camper vans and motorhomes

Suggested by you our viewers

Number 10

The Voyager x from polish company globe traveler RV is a fiat-based high-roof

Campervan that's been cleverly engineered to accommodate for people and comfort

The front has a dining area with a wall-mounted table behind

This is a centrally located kitchen having a 110 litre refrigerator a stainless steel sink and a dual burner cooker

Moving back finds an enclosed wet bath which has a folding sink and chemical toilet

Next to this is a full size bed with ample storage below

Additional sleeping arrangements can be had using the fold down bed above the cab

Number nine

This next entry hails from San Francisco's glamper van

Offered as an alternative to the ever increasing prices of the local housing market the Promaster muv has room for just two people

It's versatile design allows it to serve double duty as a run around while providing somewhere to rest your head at night

The interior amenities are minimal with the kitchen having a stainless steel sink and 65 litre refrigerator

But no cooktop

the fold-up table serves as a dining area or workspace between the two cab seats which swivel towards each other a

Murphy bed folds up against the back side wall and drops down to provide an almost queen sized sleeper

To 200 amp hour batteries and an optional solar array can provide all the power needed for lighting and those must-haves tech gadgets

Number eight

Another French classic the Shouse on

6:27 GA comes with a choice of either a Fiat or Ford chassis

the main feature of this motorhome is its large rear cargo hold having plenty of room for

bicycles chairs and other bulky items underneath

Inside are two single beds above the garage which can be modified to a bigger bed if needed

Moving forward finds a centrally located kitchen with an oven refrigerator

Three burner cooker and sink while opposite this is an enclosed wet bath up

Front is a dinette with an adjustable table an l-shaped bench seating

Number seven

This one from benomar is one of many camper vans currently offered by the spanish company

The benefi and one-one-nine is built on a fiat ducato

Chassis having a multifunctional layout with a stylish interior allowing for comfortable trips whether short or long

features include swivel seats an extendable table and a compact cooker with a slide-out work surface and sink alongside that

The bathroom features a toilet shower sink and extra storage

The rear of the van has two bench seats which convert into a double bed with another double bed that can be mounted above

I'm ali and it's mines I triviatime by looking at just these images. Do you know what this is and where it's from?

We'll leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below

Number six

The Challenger two-five-zero is big on comfort as well as size with all the panache that you would expect from a French design motor home

Including plush

Stylish finishes and carefully thought-out extra touches their swivel seats in the front with double benches and a folding table

Next to this is a compact kitchen area with a dual burner cooker sink and a refrigerator

The bathroom spans the entire width of the vehicle with a shower on one side and toilet on the other

The entire rear end of the motorhome consists of storage in the form of shelving

Retractable hanging racks and enough space for bicycles and other adventure gear

Sleeping arrangements come in the form of the double bed over the lounge area that lowers from the ceiling

Number five

Uk-based McLaren Sport. Ohm

specializes in building all-terrain campers specifically designed for dirt and mountain bike

Enthusiasts the main feature of the savage a name that sells itself is the reinforced garage with a power lift double bed

This allows the owner to adjust the bed according to the height of the cargo

Another design element is the pass-through aisle in the front of the van which provides a seamless space running from the cabin to the rear

Load doors the kitchenette has a dual burner cooktop a sink an oven and a mini fridge down below

There's also an enclosed wet bath hidden away in there somewhere

Exterior features include a driver's side awning and a 300 watt LED light bar

Number four

Canadian-based snow MADD vans builds these off-road vehicles with the whole family in mind including the family pet

The finishes are typical of the brand with colorful cushions to complement the light wood cabinets

The interior can accommodate four people with a double bed over a large rear storage

Area and a seating area that folds down into two single beds a dual burner cooker

Refrigerator and ample storage are standard features as well for those washing days

There's an exterior shower hookup with a door to door privacy screen

Number three

The heimer brand is known for its practical and innovative RVs with the flagship exes being no exception

A major feature of this motorhome is its very large anterior hold which has ample room for any outdoor gear?

inside twin beds rest on top of the storage area

Moving forward finds a centrally located wet bath with a large shower and bench toilet

Opposite this is the kitchen which has a three burner cooktop sink oven and refrigerator

Finishing off. The layout is a lounge area having a space-saving l-shaped design with a fold away table

Number two

Built on a volkswagen t6 chassis the australian-made track


80 features everything you could hope for from a 4x4 campervan with specialized off-road suspension

And upgraded shock absorbers the lounge area

dinette utilizes the captains chairs a sliding rear bench and a wall-mounted table a

Kitchenette runs along the passenger side having a dual burner induction cooktop a sink and a mini-fridge

Sleeping accommodations are provided by the previously mentioned rear bench which folds down flat to create a double bed

Up above is a pop top roof adding to the interior height as well as providing extra ventilation

For those of you with a furry traveling companion this conversion kit from Terror camper may be just the thing you need

The dogs camper makes traveling a lot easier as the package comes with crate walls dual doors and a ramp for easy access

Number one

Airstream is one of those classic camper brands that's become synonymous with RVs

The Tommy Bahama interstate lounge lives up to this fine reputation with its unique brand of island style sophistication

and fine American craftsmanship like

Cabinetry and tropical touches add a real sense of relaxation to the interiors of this supremely luxurious motor home

Which comes complete with a minibar onboard so, you know

They're serious about you taking some time out

While on the road has seating for up to nine people with swivel chairs and sofas as well as onboard entertainment

The kitchen includes a dual burner cooktop and sink with an oven and mini-fridge down below

When night falls the entire rear lounge area folds down into a large bed

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