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Hello, my name is Vic Schumacher with HPE Financial Services. I'm an insurance broker

representing a variety of insurance companies in health insurance and life insurance and

annuities. Today we're going to answer the question what does an insurance agent do?

An insurance agent will try to market a product from an insurance company and sell that product

to consumers. The insurance agent shouldn't really sell the product, the insurance agent

should do nothing more than ask questions to the consumer as to what they want to accomplish.

In asking those questions the agent will find out a whole lot of things about that consumer

as to why they want the insurance policy, what type of premium they might want to be

able to pay, and in turn who the beneficiaries are of the plan. A good insurance agent will

try to therefore show the customer a policy or two or three that satisfy the needs of

what this consumer is trying to do. The insurance agency should never try to sell it, the insurance

agent should always try to be the consultant. That's what an insurance agent should do,

become a consultant. My name is Vic Schumacher, HPE Financial Services, helping people every


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