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Yasang yet

Now open

hello Hello, everyone, I'm Yasang

If you are watching this video at this moment outdoors

So I ask you to return back

Because ah, maybe the aliens at the moment

Just behind you!

I just said that, I, ah, ah You also do not believe

We have time to Las Vegas to embark on lap

A look back

Perhaps you are just standing behind a human wearing clothes alien

Then you pass

Since then, leaving a story -

You might say ah

I Yasang is not a sci-fi film "Men in Black" see more

You said so a little green man walking down the street I would not see it?

Hey, you do not panic

We, ah, do a test first

Next you try to count

The following video inside it

All wearing white clothes of the girls they pass the ball a few times in total

You like to start count

You reckon yet?

The correct answer is 16 times

But more importantly, you have not found

Just inside the video, there is a gorilla got into go?

In the case without the knowledge of most of the people

We have not seen the gorilla

Even gorillas found

Then you might have ignored this color curtains

Change the color

There's even a black girl is gone

We did not see

As Mani

Because we're so focused on the number of times the number of passes

Scientists call this phenomenon

"I do not pay attention blindness" (Inattentional blindness)

Also say ah

If people focus on something children above when it

It will most likely ignore other very obvious things

So I want to ask

Is it possible ah

We are in the process of looking for aliens

Because too focused on looking for extraterrestrial radio signals like ah

Instead of ignoring the more obvious evidence of it?

According to the British Metro newspaper "Metro" reported ah

Former Air Force serviceman Charles Hall (Charles Hall) and he said it

Since the 1950s

The US military just like high white aliens have been in contact

But also playing mahjong together to work together Oh ~

You remember the Roswell incident shocked the world is what year it is?


Ah ~ just said 50's playing mahjong with aliens ah

With the 1947 Roswell incident, right

There are countless ties

He went on to say ah

Charles, is the old investigation, he said

In 1964, the year ah

He is also a meteorological observers Nevada's Nellis Air Force Base

He witnessed it on a group of mysterious

Tall white aliens like humans

What is referred to it?

High white

This group of aliens ah especially like the Earth culture

Wear a suit and a tie, wearing sunglasses, right

Do just that, "Men in Black" as

But, ah, they do in the company of the United States Secret

In particular, I like to go to Las Vegas casinos

Hey ~ to experience the Earth's life - improve my quality of their lives

But ah, you do not think they know to play a bunch of aliens

In fact, the US military, they are related to political cooperation

They use advanced technology

You either want to ah

From World War II, the United States weaponry is called a rapid ah

The other countries in the world have thrown far behind


According to the old investigation, wasCharles Hall said ah

High white fragile than the human body -

What is not suitable to participate in the Olympic Games, ah, what a boxing match


They could hear the sound frequency, higher than humans

Hearing least like a dog

Not only that

They can issue this vocal sound very high frequency

Ah, that is, the audio

That is what, talk to each other between a few high white

We are inaudible

It is to give us the time of the human heart have created a mind to communicate such an impression

I put it to you a video

You do have to test to see how your hearing

To feel alien between them speak a taste of what

Old Charles, Hall said, ah

High whites feel that we humans are the very amazing race

Because ah

We humans can actually control very harmonious animals

And close living together

For example, to squeeze a milk cow

Nothing stroll one might ride a horse ah

Nothing funny dog ​​also play etc.

This high white gang seem unthinkable

We humans naturally use our wisdom

The decision of each animal thoughts and behavior

This leads each of us naturally to control animals

This alien, said the high white

Only humans do that the Earth

In most of the planet above

Once people Wisdom

They do not want and that they are smarter than animals What is the connection of

In addition, humans eat almost anything

Flying in the sky, the ground running, water travel -

In all other planets above it

A wise man will only eat plants

You are now beginning to feel a little thin not think very afraid of?

Do not panic, then I'll listen to you speak

Canadians, Paul Heller

The Paul Heller, ah, we called the old Paul referred to

Old Paul did not sound good, ah, we called the old Hector, Hector old!

1963-1967 served as former Canadian defense minister

Very high very senior Guaner ah

Published the world's first high-order politicians the existence of aliens!

Hey, old Hector!

This man, ah, when he was defense minister when that hand there are too many sightings

What aliens, people inside the star, ufo, kitten hanging a tree, etc., etc.

But ah, after all, because he was defense minister

Very headlong to unite the armed forces into a unified Canadian defense forces

So he also did not have time to control these two sightings reported

But, ah, ten years after

A young man from Ottawa sent him an information, a book

Title Listen carefully, call

"Roswell postscript" "The day after roswell"

Oh, the old I got the idea

Ah yes he read this book in 2005

At that time I felt, oh!

This is a big thing, ah, a big thing, a big thing

People around the world have the right to know the truth

Thus, the old he retired general and the United States confirmed it after Roswell

And he had done a lot of investigation

I decided to uphold the hell who does not enter into the hell of this Bisizhixin

The truth will be made public

But his dual role Danzhao government cabinet members and leaders of the G8

This made it clear

So old it is very courageous

We want to point to praise him

Specifically how it happened

This had to start from 1960

In that year, ah, there was a UFO flotilla

NATO into the south field

At that time the NATO commander on the bodice

Oh, this is hell ah

This pinching ye fly so fast?

Implying that China's new aircraft?

Oh, I not want to dare to think

Fortunately, before making a second in command of the commander

UFO flotilla ah, fly away, fly north

Heck, the entire NATO disarray ah

I thought, and now China has so cattle X is equipped with?

Or that this is not something on Earth?

So, ah, they began the study of all relevant events

You guessed how?

Dude, this study can be incredible

At that time research papers ah, that is formally submitted to the leadership of file ah, write to say

Since a thousand years

At least there are at least four different races

He came to the earth

Then, ah, a variety of related research papers

Derived with two dozen alien race

Finally able to clearly down, there are five alien races

You listen to me slowly ah

There are: double star Zeta people


Orion person

Andromeda people

Altair person

About Zeta binary, ah there is a very mysterious action Zeta

That is, the United States 12 soldiers were sent to Zeta-Star

Let's go back to this special program to do a speaking slowly

He also went on to say this thing ah

The five alien races ah, though they are independent of race

But they both are organized ah

But Father it, ah, he is also the risk of their lives

In all he surveys the contents inside

And 5% of the content

He can not say that!

I can not tell!

Because he wants to live for two years

You know how it is, right!

However, the real truth may really beyond our imagination!

Have information that ah, there is an alien who is a half-breed reptiles

They are the eyes, the pupil will stand up like a cat

And our earth is round pupils

There are a lot of people pupil will turn in an instant reptiles, reptilian pupils upright,

And then change back to human pupil

This video ah it is made out of special effects

But you look around

Perhaps there is standing by your side pupil mestizo or perhaps aliens

Speaking of aliens upright pupil ah, I'm sure there is such a class of aliens

We all live with them every day

Their name is

Meow star people!

Meow star people from distant galaxies Meng Chong

Because it looks adorable obtained the trust of mankind on the planet

Few can become equal exchanges with people on earth friend

Their sworn enemy who is it? Wang Star who is

Favorite animal is a squeak star people (mice) also star fish man (fish)

But then, Wang Xing people with different

Meow Star who is self-domestication of aliens

Different from human beings, they are loners and have a fixed territory of aliens

And most of it live at night

You see Wang star who he is not

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