Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 無論煎什麼魚,一定不要直接下鍋,多加兩步,不粘鍋不破皮

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Hello everyone

I am Ajian

Today I will use Striped bass to share with you a delicacy

First of all

We cut Striped bass with a flower knife

Cut it a bit deeper


This fish is handled by the boss for me



Let's add some ginger


Marinate it

Add some cooking wine to remove the smell

Add some salt to give it a bottom taste

Massage it for two minutes

This step

We must not be too troublesome, after wiping it, stuff it into the fish belly

Marinate for ten minutes

Next we cut some ingredients

Cut ginger garlic into small pieces

Cut a few more millet peppers

Cut it into circles

Marinated fish

We use dry cotton towels

Wipe it off

If not, you can also use dry gauze

Dry towel

Let's heat the pot first

Burn to slightly smoke


Add cooking oil

Slide the pan

After the oil is completely boiled

We turn off the fire

Pour out the oil

In another pot, add a little oil

In doing so

When frying fish, it wont peel off

The fried fish is more complete

After the oil is hot

We add fish and fry it

Remember, dont rush

Turn the pot slightly to let it heat evenly

The pan moves but the fish does not move

Must be fried slowly

Fry until the bottom is set

Let's turn it over

Fried fish like this, the scales on it wont fall off

Very complete

Fry until golden on both sides

We present it


Like this, it's fragrant

The oil for frying fish, we heat it up

Add ginger, garlic and millet for spicy. Saute it

After sautéing, add a spoonful of bean paste to stir-fry it with red oil

Then add some pure water

After boiling

We start to season

Add oyster sauce

Add some soy sauce

Moderate sugar

Add some cooking wine

More pepper


Add some old vinegar

add Striped bass

After boiling, turn to low heat and close the lid

Simmer for ten minutes

Cook until tasty

During firing

We pour the fish soup onto the fish


Make it more delicious

And then fire again, let it dry the soup

Boil until the soup is not long

We get it out of the pot

Wow it smells so good

We turn off the fire

We cook it and serve it

Pour in the remaining soup

Have you all remembered this little trick of frying fish?

Sprinkle with chopped green onion

It's done

The delicious braised fish is ready

The fish is also very soft.

I like it, you must try it

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