Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Persian M98/29 Mausers & 1969 Sneak M39 Mosin Nagants

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Hey everybody, Ben with classic firearms here.

Today is Thursday, October the 20th and today we're going to continue with our surplus firearms,

particularly our Persian Mauser's.

We have ran Persian Mauser's a couple of times over the past month.

We started with an excellent grade and then we ran our very goods.

Today we have some of the G-code, the good condition and then sometime over the next

two weeks we have some good cracked TC.

They're in good condition, basically the same as these but with a cracked stock.

Then I have a few fair ones, fair condition and then we'll be totally out of them.

I think you may like what we're showing you today, simply because we have a few more than

we've had in the past.

We have nine or 10 total on the table here, but I think we actually have 18 or 19 total

guns, so if you've tried to get one in the past and couldn't get your call in quickly

enough or couldn't get the order in with the amount of calling, the amount of calls never

get these things, please do it online.

If you couldn't get your order in quickly enough because we have a few more guns this

time, you should have a greater chance of getting one, so I'll encourage you if you

want one of these fine Persian Mauser's, come in and get your order in.

Jordan is going to go ahead and scan the table.

You've seen this before, the last time we ran them I said that the very goods were substantially

better than the goods as I have seen them.

Now that's before once again, before we clean them up.

They had a lot of cosmoline on them.

We've cleaned a lot of that off.

They look overall better than I thought they would.

You can probably classify these as in very good condition, but they did come to us under

the G-code.

Let me at, I don't know where you're at Jordan, I'll turn this one over.

We always like to show you the Persian seal with the lion inside the sunburst and the


Eight millimeter Mauser's, just beautiful rifles.

The bluing on them have all been very good.

The boards have been very nice.

Here's another nice example that cleaned up really good with a darker stock, but as you

scan this stock you will see the difference in a very good and a good.

The stocks will have a few more dents and dings, banged up a little more from storage,

but again, the bluing is close to 100%.

Many of them have their original cosmoline on them.

Very smooth actions and as I said, a few more available pieces.

I will hold up one more, let you see again the very good and the excellent did not have

these dings in the stock.

These do have a little more of that, but you still have your nice Persian markings.

You can still see it on the receivers.

There's a little cosmoline right there at the stock line, but overall beautiful rifles

and we are compensating for price.

These are going to be posted tomorrow at 12:00 noon, so Friday at 12:00, $799.99.

That's been a declining price as we went from the better ones to the lesser ones.

Anyway, $799.99, you have a really good chance at buying a nice Persian Mauser.

I hope you check these out tomorrow, and stay tuned.

We're going to come right back with some nice M s's.

All right folks, we're back with our M 39 selection today.

Today we have 1969 dated sneak rifles.

Now we ran the 1969 dated sneak once before, probably about two weeks ago.

We were very successful with them.

Those were the unissued condition, they were the very upper top tier edge line rifles that

we had.

These are going to fall just below that.

I'm not certain if we have any more sneaks in the warehouse.

We've still got some rifles left here.

You cannot say, never say never, but this will put us through, I'm absolutely certain

that the bulk of the sneak rifles that we have in the warehouse, particularly this 1969

date, which is one of the rarer dates.

The ones we have today are very good, excellent, somewhere in there.

We'll scan the rifles on the table.

Jordan is going to come in and we'll show these.

We'll just let the condition speak for itself.

As you can see, the wood stocks are very nice, I would not call these unissued condition.

You are going to see some dents and dings on these stocks, but it's very minor and all

of the bluing is in very good condition.

Jordan, I'll hold that one up if you want to get in on the receiver there.

Let me take a break in the middle of the table and just hold up a rifle and let you scan


This ones got a couple of dow repairs in it, certainly is a factory repair and does not

affect the value.

Beautiful rifles, very smooth bolts on them.

Once again, you can see the receiver and we'll show the other side also.

Again, not unissued, not claiming to be unissued, these are very good to excellent.

You see the bluing condition there.

We have a total of one, two, three, four, five, six rifles.

They're going to run at one cost.

The first six rifles on the table are going to be $649.99.

We did the unissued at $699.00 with a very good response on them.

People know what a collectable rifle this is, they know the value for the dollar.

These slightly less conditioned is still very nice, excellent condition rifles at $649.99,

saving $50 buck off of the other unissued price.

The only exceptions to those, we have those six at that price.

We also have one here, actually this one is closer to an unissued, beautiful rifle.

It has a hang tag, so this one will be at a custom option.

With a hang tag under sneak code, that will be an up charge for the hang tag.

Then we have three, we went ahead and put out all that we could find for today that

were the sneak 1969.

This one, another nice rifle, but we determined I think that it had a stock crack, that's


It does have a small stock crack here.

It does not go all the way through the stock.

You can see the opposite side.

We thought it was part of the toenail there, actually it is, but as you can see it branches

off of the teardrop toenail splice, just a little bit with a little crack.

There will be a cost reduction on this one under custom option.

Then we have two more that frankly aren't in the same condition.

Much lighter bluing on this rifle.

The stock is not quite as nice and the same for the last one.

Just not quite as good condition, it doesn't live up to the very good, excellent condition

like the others.

In fact this one, I remember now, this one actually has some rust on the bolt, so that

one is going to require a little clean up with a little surface rust on the bolt.

Again, a custom option at lower money for the one with the rusty bolt.

For the one in lesser condition, the very good condition and so forth and then we have

the one with the hang tag.

Folks, these will be posting up tomorrow at noon.

Again, starting at $649 with either a lower price or a higher price depending on the characteristic

under the custom option.

Go to the sneak tab for our M s's.

That is where you'll find these tomorrow at noon.

Thank you for watching, folks and thank you for joining us as always at

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