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- Me and Pete just hanging out.

Look at that face.

(upbeat music)

Hi, I'm Liam Payne and I'm here at Buzzfeed

and I am about to meet a lot of puppies.

Look at you!


Oh, you're lovely, aren't you?

Hello, come here you.

You're a rascal.

You're gonna be the rascal of the group

and you also want to join in.


This one really likes me.

I've got an attachment here.

All right then, let's do some questions.

I think I would collaborate best with Zayne

because we do really similar type of music.

And I would say that I would like our music videos

to be right here with these puppies

because this is just too much fun right now.

There's talk of maybe doing a collaboration.

Maybe I'm gonna collaborate with this guy right here.

But I can't tell you who it is yet

but she is an artist.

It's very open, isn't it?

Love the question bowl.

Do you wanna pick me a question?

What a question to follow up with that question!

I would collaborate with Nicky Minaj I think would be best.

My favorite part about touring with the boys

was when we were younger, we used to spend

a lot of time together on the tour bus.

And when we did that first American tour,

we had a really tiny small bus

and it was just a lot of fun and just hanging out

and it was like, I don't know.

That was the time when we got to

know each other best I think throughout the band.

No, I'm not at all.

I think honestly he's really really suited for the job

and I know that Harry's really good at what he does.

And I wanted to congratulate the man.

It's a massive moment, like being in a Christopher Nolan

action film, like how amazing, super cool.

I haven't seen it yet but I am planning on having

a little event with my team and some of my family

and going down and all of us watching it together

'cause I wanna make sure that it's in a night setting.

I wanna go, I haven't been to the cinema in ages

and I'd like to go to the cinema.

You haven't said hello very much, hello, hello!

The last text message I sent was "Check the vids aha"

to one of my friends 'cause I was doing

some silly videos on Instagram.

That was long and boring and I thought

it was gonna be up right and exciting.

You make sure you just stay there the whole time.

You're just quite chill.

What's your deal, Pete?

You're the naughty one of the bunch.

Come here, you.

Come on.

Yes I think we will reunite at some point in the future.

I'm sure, we have to.

I mean we've got an album that we haven't even toured yet

and I wanna write some more songs as well with the boys.

The songwriting process has been a lot different

'cause you have to look a lot

inside yourself for inspiration.

It was different when I was writing for the boys

because you have to have four people to please

so in a way, it's kinda easier as well

but it's hard because, it's very very,

it just relies on you I guess.

Which is nice and there's some really personal songs

that I've done on that album and there's some

that I do my other writers 'cause there are obviously

great writers in the world and I've got to work

with some great people like Farrell and Ryan Teller

and obviously Zedd at the moment which has been great

so I've been really lucky with the people

I got to work with.

Yes and no.

There's loads of different parts to the album

so I still can't believe you're sat here all the time.

You're so tamed.

Yeah, and there's some ballads,

there's some hip hop songs, there's some more dance music.

So I think there's a really varied mix

of different things that we have.

I don't know how I'm ever gonna separate

from you ever again; look at your eyes.

My go-to karaoke song would be

I know when that hotline bling

Hey, that can only mean one thing


There's actually a name for this

and it's a long something or other phobia

that they call it; I'm not sure.

But I'm no longer afraid of spoons.

My favorite songs.

That was quick.

I think I'd like to go in and play arenas.

I love a big stage and I like running around.

I actually measured it one time when we were on stage

and we used to do like six kilometers a night

every times on, so we're used to running around

a big stage so I don't know how I feel going back to small.

I do like the smaller venues as well.

It's nice and intimate but I love to do

really big shows and I want to put on a great show

for you guys with loads of different elements in it so.

Oh, I never thought about that.

I would wake up at around nine.

Go to the gym for a little bit,

I'd sit and watch, I'd have the new series

of Peaky Blinders out now; that'd be a good day.

I'm having to wait for ages.

I would have an in and out burger

'cause they are the best thing known to man.

And that would be quite the perfect day.

Oh, you're back again.


My favorite memory was when we first did

Madison Square Gardens.

We popped out the floor and the crowd is just--


Where are you going?

We popped out the floor and it was just

the most amazing feeling ever knowing that we were

in Madison Square Gardens and our album,

we just broke the record for debuting at number one

on the American charts so that was

a real fond memory of mine.

How are we doing Pete?

What's hanging?

I would say having my missus eye on me

is always a nice thing so I like to know

that she's always got her eye on me

and I've always got my eye on her which is nice.

I would say Pete at this moment in time.

He's just fulfilling life for me.

I want to say thank you to Buzzfeed for having me today

but I just wanted to let everybody know

that all these puppies are adoptable

from the North Shore Animal League in America

so please, if you have a good home,

and you want a nice lovely puppy like Pete,

go and get him.

Look at Pete.

Oh my God.

Pete man, you're killing me.

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