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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VINTAGE AIRSTREAM RENOVATION TOUR with DIY TIPS from TRAILER TRASHIN

Difficulty: 0

Denise: Hey Everybody, It's Kory and Denise with Does Size Matter, and I can't wait to show you what I have found today!

We are in College Station, Texas and watch this.....

(puffing sounds)

It is SO cold, I feel like I am back in Canada!

But, I saw this and I NEEDED to film it and show it to you guys

check this out!

(energizing music)

OK, I am SO cold, but we gotta go check this out

This is a Vintage Airstream, and I think it's a BIG one

But it has lots of the original features on it, right?

Like you know, YOU KNOW, this awning is going to be awesome

Come on!

(wet footsteps over music playing)

But it's had lots of upgrades, I'll tell you more about that

Come on, let's check out this side

I know all of you out there that love these vintage trailers as much as I do, can't wait to see the whole thing

So, let's go knock on the door...come on!

(knock, knock, knock, knock)

Will: Hi Guys!

Hey, look at who we found! This is Will from Trailer Trashin'

and he knows how to take a Vintage Airstream and turn it into your Dream Stream!

(dreamy music)

So, can you come out and tell us about your project here?

you've done so much!

Will: Absolutely, I'd love to!

W: So, this is our 1985 Airstream Sovereign

W: It's a 34 foot Triple Axle...lots of tires!

W: We acquired this from a gentleman in the Hill Country

W: and he had the idea of making it a project home for his teenage daughters

W: He got it shipped in from Pennsylvania,

W: and he took a look at it and said "Nope, no, this is too much work for me"

W: So, we got a really deal on it, but it was in dire need of repair on the inside

W: The reason why I was drawn to this particular trailer, is the outside was in amazing condition for a vintage trailer

W: We don't have many imperfections or dings, and the aluminum is actually in great shape

W: It hasn't really oxidized. There's a little on the roof, if you get up there, but the oxidation hasn't really worked it's way down yet

W: So the exterior was beautiful, and the interior was something we really know how to handle

W: So, we said this was a good project trailer

D: So, any of these kinds of imperfections, and changes that need to be made,

D: You, and Trailer Trashin, can fix up?

W: Yes

D: You've got the means to get to the people

W: Yes, we have all the riveting equipment to do the exterior work

W: any panel or door can be acquired online, there's a lot of great sites

W: Vintage Airstream Supply,,

W: So, you can get the parts

W: Now, they're a little pricey for vintage because they have to re-create them, and get 'em

W: But, yes, you know, everything you can't find...

W: ...the running lights we actually replaced with LED's

W: So we try to make even the outside brighter and more efficient on the power

D: So, you're trying to keep it "vintage", but still lift it up to today's level

W: Exactly!

D: Gotcha!

W: Exactly, No one wants the power draws of those vintage trailers

D: Right!

W: Everyone wants a really efficient, can run off Solar, if they need to, you know, modern trailer

W: and, so, it's the best of both worlds, really

W: Because, the infrastructure is there to bring them up to date

W: You just gotta kind of get your hands dirty

D: Right! You got some "Before" shots that we'll be able to show everybody, right?

W: yes, yes

D: But, when you got this, you did have to put work into the tires,

D: did you have to do anything to the frame?

W: Um, so underneath there was some slight bellypan sagging,

W: and it's just the rivets will wear down, or the aluminum will wear out, and kind of pop down, so you get a little bit of sagging

W: So we took some rivets and went back underneath the frame, and found those ribs, and we secured it back up

W: So, that was a minor job, it wasn't a lot

W: With any vintage trailer, especially with an owner who purchased it short-term,

W: you don't know the person who owned it longer before

D: right, right

W: You don't know the shape of the bearings, or the axles...

W: so, the axles were actually in good shape

W: But, the bearings I recommend always replacing them or repacking them

W: Um, they're what the tire will rotate on, and so if you get on the road and you blow one of those out, you're going to have a big problem

D: Right

W: So, we actually ordered all new bearings because we were about to do a trip to California

W: and we just wanted to kind of err on the side of "let's get that taken care of"

D: right!

W: Now, the tires for a Triple Axle, you have to get 6, plus a Spare

D: That's not cheap either, right?!

W: That was expensive, so we put about $1200 into tires

W: but that is also an investment in yourself, really

D: Yes

W: Making sure you are safe on the road

D: that's right

W: The only thing that I'd love to do, is I'd like to replace the shocks


W: Now, the shocks on these torsion axles for these Airstreams,

W: the way the torsion axles work, the shocks kinda help, but some people, I've heard, remove them

W: I don't recommend that , but they're not a "critical" component


W: So, I want to replace them, just so they look nicer, really, more than anything

D: Right

D: So, the windows on here are all original, is that right?

W: All original, and they were in great shape, we've seen them with shattered windows before...

W: ...we had no issue there and they are actually tempered and tinted

D: Ah!

W: So, for the sun, especially here in Texas, that helps out dramatically!

W: And as you will see when we go inside, it doesn't really effect the light coming in, it's really bright

W: It's going to be hard to see on THIS day, but

D: Right....this COOOOOOOLD day!! (laughs)

W: This COLD day!

W: the windows were another drawing point, EVERYTHING on the exterior was a drawing point for us!

D: Right, well, you can't beat Airstream windows!

W: Yes, yes! I'm glad we didn't have to replace them, cause the curves on them they're custom ordered

D: Right

W: It's always nice to avoid that

D: Your Awning then?

W: Yes, all original

D: All original awnings, how COOL is that?!

W: yes, and except for the front wrap-around windows, every window has an awning over it

W: So, this one covers the span of this side

W: and then, we have these smaller ones for the rear that pull out

D: oh!

W: And they're Super Easy, you just secure them on the latch

W: and're ready to roll, they just go right back in

W: so the back three have that

W: and then there's a smaller awning, it's about three feet wide that pulls out over the rear windows

D: Is this as big as Airstream goes?

W: Yes!

D: Wow!

W: In fact, so this is 34 foot, the modern ones we see, seem to max out at 33 feet

W: So, I don't know when they chopped that last foot off, but.....

D: right

W: Yeah, 34 foot is the longest they make

W: They intended these to be used more for Home instead of Travel

D: Uh huh, yeah

W: But, in the 80's they didn't put the Washer/Dryer in it so, it's still pretty much

D: And even today you still don't see an Airstream with a Slide on it, or anything like that.

D: They've really stayed True to their Style

W: Yah, they have!

D: Let's take a look around the front

W: Perfect!

D: So, I'm always interested in these window guards in the front pieces that they put on Airstreams

D: So, do they all have that?

W: Not all of them have that, they started putting them on most of them...

W: ....and thy're an amazing idea, because after every time we take it on the road, we'll find a chip, or something

W: THESE can be replaced easily, they just kinda snap out, and you're not losing a window in the process

W: Um, we had another 1985 Airstream where they didn't have these metal guards down below, but they did like a truck bedliner on the front

D: OK, just to protect it

W: Yah, so that's something the owner had put in as a guard for the aluminum

W: So, these are, yeah I think they're standard now....

D: Yeah

W: they should be (laughs)

D: and what about your Jack? You got an electric jack?

W: Yes!

D: So, that wasn't original?

W: No, no, yah, so you pull up to an RV Park late or you're boondocking, and the last thing you want to do is hand crank up your jack

D: Like they USED to, remember?! (laughs)

W: Yes, like you USED to!

W: I put an electric Jack on everything, these things are a lifesaver

W: I mean, just one button...Up and Down. It even has lights on the outside

W: We've never had a power drain on our battery...we keep them sufficiently charged

W: and so these things are amazing to have

D: Do you guys have Solar on this?

W: We don't have Solar

D: You could put it though

W: Yes, we can

(thumps fist on aluminum)

W: Also, I got new tanks on the propane system

D: OK, did you have to do any real work to the propane system?

W: I had to replace some stretches of copper tubing

W: around the fridge, and around the water heater on the outside

W: There was a leak...we kept draining our tank right away

W: and we were like "where is this coming from?"

W: and I took the spray bottle and went down every line

and then we found that there was a connection that there was a gas leak so that was a pretty easy switch

W: So, yeah, on these old Airstreams, especially ones any father than Texas, North....

W: So, Oklahoma, anywhere. They get those winter colds, and their copper pipes will crack

W: So you do see quite a bit of copper issues in the original trailers

D: So, you're on the lookout for those when you get one

W: Oh yes, Oh Yes! And especially this one came from Pennsylvania, so it's not TOO surprising that that happened

D: So, the good thing about working with Trailer Trash is that they're taking care of all those things

D: and looking for all those spots that could be problems for you into future

D: It's nice to have someone knowledgeable.....

W: Yes

D: I would have never thought......right?

W: Yes, on the intake of a trailer, the first thing, before you do ANYTHING on the inside

W: is make sure it is sealed, and your systems are working, and that's propane, electrical, water.

W: You've gotta take care of those before you can even THINK about making it look better!

D: This is the MESSY stuff!



D: But, it's all part of RVing, no matter whether in a new rig, or a vintage still gotta drain the POOP!

W: Yeeess

D: So, what did you have to do to make this system work?

W: So both the gray water and the black water had a leaking gate valve

W: and so we had to lift the rear end up, and I got in there and replaced the gate valve

W: I thought I had...this is a bad story....I thought I had sufficiently drained the black water

D: (laughs and cringes)

W: I was on my back, and when I popped that compression ring off, and I got a beard full of yesterday's......"food"

D: Eeeew, OH HO HO HO!

W: So, after I got done taking a nine hour shower, I got back to it and we replaced the valves

W: I like to put these Valterra valves on the end. So you get your two gate valves, then you get a third gate valve at the very end,

just to make sure that you're really containing everything!

Kory (Cameraman): So, by having that third valve, you could actually combine the capacity of your tanks in a boondocking situation

W: Absolutely, yah

K: because often you don't use your full black capacity

W: Oh yah, yah. You can pull your gray and your black water valves open, and leave that one shut and they will equalize the water in the tanks

W: That's a GREAT boondocking tip!

W: The other great thing about this Valterra cap, is that you can open up this cap here

W: and any sort of build-up that does make it past the last valve you can drain out in a controlled manner

W: before you open your valve. So that's nice

D: So, you did have to do some work to some of the systems, like the water heater, right?

W: Yes, I totally replaced the water heater

W: It's mainly because the starter on these wears out over time

W: and I was flipping the switch ten times before I'd get the spark to really catch on

W: And so, you know these are affordable at around $400,

and it's a Gas System item, so I like to replace those

W: So, I replaced this completely and it's a 6 gallon water heater

W: But, it's so efficient at heating up the water that we've never run out of water, taking back to back showers

D: WOW!!! (laughs) That's GREAT!

W: So, we've gone over the outside, but it's cold out here, and I'd love to show y'all what we've done on the inside

D: And I wanna be WARM!

W: So, come on IN!

D: You've got the heater going?

W: Oh yes, absolutely!

D: WOW! Look at this place!

W: Thank you

D: Oh my goodness, this is...just... a HOME!

W: yes, a Labor of Love, for sure

D: You guys have done a FANTASTIC job on this

W: Thank you so much

D: and look at those windows everybody, you gotta love an Airstream, right?

W: oh yeah, oh yeah. That's one of the things that drew me to it, was all the light that came in

W: Even when there was stuff everywhere on the floor, and everything was ripped out

W: it just had that beautiful light coming in

D: Right, Wow, I gotta sit down. This couch is amazing and I love the colours

W: Thank you

D: So, what else did you do in here?

W: So, behind the couch, we installed a Powermax 100 watt converter

W: to keep the batteries charged when we're hooked up to shore power


W: Um, and then to monitor the output of the battery, we put a battery monitor


W: And that just kind of gives us how many amps we're drawing is the main thing that I look at

W: Just to know if I'm putting a lot of stress on the batteries

D: Right

W: The other thing is we replaced the head unit up here. It had an 8 Track!

D: HA! Yes, of COURSE it had an 8 Track, how cool is that?! Hee Hee

W: Yes

D: So, these are original Airstream cabinets, right?

W: Umm Hmm, yes. Still work

W: We like 'em, they get stuck a little bit, sometimes

W: But, that's just kind of what you get with the vintage

D: right

D: And this is where you're looking at your tanks?

W: Yes. The Control Centre, or the Monitor System, and yah, it all still works

W: It tells you your battery condition, fresh water tank levels, auxiliary, main tank

W: But, we love the look. We try to keep things as original, but update what we can

D: Exactly, yeah. And when you're renovating an Airstream,

only so much of that original stuff is going to be good enough to use, right?

W: Yeah, yup

D: So, you guys put new curtains in?

W: Yes

D: These are beautiful!

W: Thank you very much. These are custom-made red oak valances, stained walnut

W: We routed the edges and I attached them to the skins

W: and they've held up great over time, even thought they're a little bit heavier

W: They've held up amazingly well, over time

D: So, I guess that's a good question, do you know what the trailer weighs?

W: The closest estimate we have is about 7500 pounds


W: So, even for being a 34 foot, fully loaded trailer, they're still super light

D: Right!

W: And really aerodynamic

W: And so, I'm actually pulling it- somebody's gonna laugh out there- but with a half ton Toyota Tundra

W: And we pulled it all the way to California and back, over mountains, and I never had any problems

D: Awesome!

W: With the 6 brakes on the tires, it's always slowed down before the truck feels it

W: These things are very Towable, when you get on the road

D: Right. And they are meant to be lighter weight, right?

W: Yeah, oh yeah.

D: So, you guys painted?

W: Yes. So, the interior skin condition was rough

W: So we had to go through, sand everything down, de-grease it,

W: and then we primed it with Kilz Bonding Primer

W: which we use on everything now

W: because it makes the most incredible bond with any surface

W: And then we go back over it with just a Behr Premium Ultra Paint

W: Brit will find the color she likes, and then I'll put it on!

D: Right! Brit is Will's wife, who isn't with us today, but she does a lot of the design components and sets it up....

W: ALL of it!!

D: to be this beautiful!!

W: (chuckling) Yes, Yeah, she tells me what to do, and I do it...but she's the Brain behind ALL if this!

D: Right, like so she picked out this gorgeous vintage couch?

W: yes, well, I say she's a great Designer, but she picked this vintage couch soley out the first time because the of it is "Brittany"!

D: Ooohhhhh! (laughing)

W: and its by the Novogratz Company, and she said "I want that!"

D: THAT'S the One!

W: these actually fit perfectly, and they roll out/fold out to a Futon

D: Oh, it does?

W: Yes, these backs will fold down

D: So, this is another bed?! Check that out everybody

W: Yes, mmm hmm, and it even has a leg that unzips from the back, and so, it's up against the battery box right now, but if we pull it out a little bit, it folds completely flat

D: Right, excellent! So, you've managed to maintain extra sleeping quarters in here

D: You clearly had to put in a whole new flooring material in here, right?

W: Yes, we put in vinyl plank from Shaw Floors, it's the Alto Plus Plank flooring

W: and we sourced it online for about $700 cheaper than our local decorating store quoted us

D: Wow!

W: These are amazing boards, you can just click them together, they're water and temperature resistant

D: Wow

W: So it's perfect for trailers. If you drag mud in here you don't have to worry about it.

W: We have 3 dogs and we don't have to worry about them scratching it, or really any damage happening to it

D: Excellent! And then what about, like, a subfloor or anything underneath?

W: So, these particular boards have a backing to them,

W: but since we've done flooring in our own home, and we had a lot of underlayment left over, we went ahead and used it

W: and we actually really like the underlayment under the boards themselves, between the subfloor

W: It gives it a little more moisture barrier and just comfort in the way they feel when you're walking on them

D: right

W: So, yeah, I recommend that, even if they have the backing themselves

D: Sure! So, just another good reason to have someone knowledgeable help you out with this kind of stuff,

D: I would have have never figured out how to save that much money on flooring, good job!

W: Thank you!

D: So, you were able to keep some of these cabinet doors, correct? And you did some - A LOT- of work!

W: Oh yes. They were a more Maple tone on the wood, and it was sealed.

W: And one of the styles Brittany really wanted in this Trailer, was Tropical, with contrasting woods

W: YES! this is the pattern we based the entire color scheme off of

D: It works REALLY well!

W: Thank you, thank you

D: So, you guys must have put in this TV too? Like, it wouldn't have originally had a TV?

W: No, it had a 12 volt power source, which is how they powered TVs back in the day, with those 12 volt plug-ins

D: Okay

W: if they did have them, but we ran co-axial. We ran exterior co-axial against the back here...

W: And the original antenna did have a drop point back there....

W: But, the antenna since has..... deteriorated

W: yes, we just suspended it with a mount, and we went with the white TV, just kind of blend in...

D: It works, yeah

W: they're kind of hard to find though

So, new sink, and new taps, just how much plumbing did you actually have to do on this?

W: Um, only a little bit actually. The plastic--- it wasn't Pex at the time, but it was what led into Pex,

is actually all intact and there were no leaks, so the plumbing situation was in good shape

W: We have previously, on another renovation, had to replace everything with Pex

D: Oh, ok

W: Just because the copper piping had ruptured from the freeze/thaws

D: right

W: So, we were really lucky with this trailer so the plumbing was in good shape

W: But, yes, the counters were original, we put new IKEA counters on top.

She found this on Amazon- the sink. I think its a 22 by 18 Top Mount Sink

She found the hardware on Amazon as well

We kept the original burner and oven combination,

we don't use the oven AT ALL, but we use the burner all the time!

And so I checked it for leaks,

we refinished the surface of it, and got it back into fighting shape, and it's been great

D: So, let's take a look at this, because probably in the original floor plan, this would have been a dinette?

W: Yes, it was. It was a single seat dinette with a table that dropped down into a little bed.....

D: Ok, yeah

W: ....for a very lucky dog, or some kids


W: Yeah, it was VERY small

W: It was actually...the decision was made prior to us even getting it, the dinette had been taken out

D: Oh, OK

W: So, this was an empty space, and it actually extended all the way past the fridge

W: and so, we decided once we had put these walls back in,

to put a desk because there's these big beautiful windows.

And we wanted to kinda be able to work on our computers and just see what we were being inspired by wherever we were

D: Even eating dinner, what a VIEW, right?

W: It's amazing! And, it doubles as just extra counter space

D: Yup!

W: So much extra table space, it's amazing

D: Excellent!

W: She got these chairs off of IKEA actually,

and the teal was the perfect color to match the decor she was going for

D: And the STYLE, too!

W: Yes, the dark wood...

D: It adds that modern kind of feel to this beautiful vintage trailer

D: And, again, you went with these curtains, and did you not put some special lighting in?

W: I DID! So, when we had to do this build-out for the fridge, I had access to the electrical behind

W: So I put in an LED light strip on this valance in particular, so we had desk lighting

W: and I put it on a dimmer, so that at night you could adjust your light

D: Hmmm, when you have the wine bottle out, and the lighting goes down...we never do that!

W: It's all about mood lighting, yes


D: OK, so now this looks like a brand-spankin' new fridge

W: Yes, as I mentioned the fridge, when we got it, the original was on the floor, on its side

W: And, we did not feel comfortable using that again. Even if it was in place, the original fridges, I think, should be replaced

W: I think they're the #1 source of RV fires

D: Actually, I've heard that

W: Yeah, and so we try to minimize risk on these vintage renovations

W: So we definitely got a new Dometic, it's 6 cubic feet so it's more than enough for us

W: I think the sticker price on this was $1150, shipped freight to our doorstep

D: They're not, I don't know...they're not......inexpensive

D: We put one in our houseboat, I don't know, 7-8 years ago, and it cost that much

D: Like, they just ARE expensive

W: Yeah, well they're ammonia based, and it's the way that the technology works with them that they can run off propane or electrical,

W: it just needs an enclosed system that makes it need to be reinforced and that's what bumps the price up on these

D: So, I guess you guys have done this enough times, you know where to source these kinds of things out and get the best price that you can, right?

W: Yes, we actually really like RV Parts Country for the big appliances

W: They're an online shop, I'm not sure if they're "sticks and bricks", there's not a shop around here,

W: but online they definitely have good prices for these, and variety, since pretty much every Airstream or RV has a different size and shape, so...

D: Right!

D: So, before we go down further, you've got a pretty spanky new air conditioner in here, too

W: Absolutely, yeah. So you can't tell today, but Texas gets pretty HOT!


D: I'm missing it!!

W: Since this is a 34 foot trailer, they had a 13.5 thousand BTU air conditioner that was struggling really bad,

W: so they put a 15 thousand K BTU unit in, and it does a pretty good job of keeping this front half cool

D: right

W: I have plans to install a second AC unit where our XXXX is in the back, so I would recommend a second one

W: But, yes, this thing is actually really powerful, and with any shorter Airstream, this could cool them down perfectly well

D: Is that a pretty expensive item, too?

W: I think we paid $663 on Amazon for it, shipped. Free shipping.

W: So, they go higher in price, but this was actually a very reasonably priced unit

D: And that's a Dometic as well? Right, OK

D: So, let's move back a bit. So, you've got a privacy curtain...

W: Yes, two of 'em!

D: Nice! OK, right so one of the bedroom

and one here

D: So, as we're moving down, I'm noticing this is really where all the kitchen storage would have been

D: What was here?

W: There was an original microwave here

and it was not working, so...

once we removed it and we saw that this space was actually framed out very nice

...we decided to keep it. Because we weren't going to use the microwave as a power-draw anyway

So, we left it open

And all I did was put a false bottom at the bottom of this cabinet here...

and ran electrical to put a light in here. So we put a light in

Yes, the other storage

This is the predominant storage area, it also has three drawers here,

(sound of drawers sliding open and closed)

W: Kind of a taller item, so for your cutting boards, and we actually keep our fire extinguisher in there as well

and that goes all the way back

And then we have some floor storage

D: Oh, wow!

W: And these aren't framed out, this goes all the way to the back of the fridge

And this, you can see the sub-flooring, goes all the way to the wheel-well

But, there's quite a bit of storage if you can get creative with it

In the kitchen we also have additional storage,

We have some smaller room under the oven

and then another one of these tall doors where I keep my....

my footballs! For the RV parks or when we're Boondocking

We have our silverware drawer, and our...everyone has a junk drawer...this is ours right here!

D: And those are original Airstream Drawers, aren't they?

W: Yeah, oh yeah. We kept them. They actually work great. There's not a flaw on 'em

D: Sure!

W: And so, we kept that as well

(sound of door closing solidly)

Ok, then under the sink here, we have kind of the rest of it spill over

We have our cleaning supplies, and my electric coffeemaker when we're hooked up to shore power

D: Nice, that's a lot of storage, really!

W: Yes, not bad!

D: So, what is this, Will?

W: I forgot to mention it. We actually didn't even see this for the first few weeks we owned it!

But, there is a cutting board that slides out in front of the microwave so you could have set it....

but now, we just have additional storage and cutting board, so this was very cool!

D: Nice!

W: And, the mechanisms that let it slide in and out are still perfect too

so, I guess the person before us didn't know it was there either!

(both laugh)

D: So, moving on down the hallway, there's a ton of storage here and a bathroom on this side

D: So take us through this storage

W: So this is a wardrobe. It's a three door wardrobe that's all open in here,

so there's actually quite a bit of room, as you can see

(door latching sounds)

W: . It has a top area for shoes or hats- that's what I use it for.

and then, down below, it has a false bottom that opens up

and shows the water pump and some of the electrical hookups

So, that's where we access all that

Kory: And that's a full three doors wide, right?

W: Yes, yes. Mmm Hmmm. So I get this one, and my wife gets these two!

Kory: Well, that's not bad!

W: Not a bad split! (laughs)

W: So, on this side of the Airstream, we have a 3 piece bathroom

It's got the shower, sink, and toilet

D: It matches perfectly!

W: Yes, you're in the Rainforest every night when you're in the shower!

D: This is a pretty big shower, really!

D: Right? It's got a seat, I can sit in here. This is pretty spacious

I mean, it's a small bathroom, but you can do a lot in a small space, right?

D: So, any new plumbing that you had to do in here?

W: Um, no actually! We just hooked up the vessel sink under the vanity

W: we just did an extra long drain to make up for the space

W: New faucet hardware,

The toilet and the blackwater tank were in great shape, the fixture that holds to the floor, the flange.

D: And this is an original Vanity?

W: yes, it is, yup

D: It looks it. So, there must have been some original Cabinetry in here?

W: Yes. There was an Upper with a glass panel that would swing out right into your face!

W: So, we took it out, wanting to fix it up

and once we removed it from the space, we actually liked the feel better in the bathroom.

So, we left it out and just wired in two little lights that brighten up the space very nicely

W: We left the Medicine Cabinet as our main storage area

D: Right

W: We frosted the window out

It was just a peel-and-stick frosting application that we got from Amazon

It was an amazing solution, because anything we put back into this space is just going to crowd the over all feel of it

D: Right!

W: So, we didn't want a window treatment, so the frosting-out was the next best option

W: where we were able to get that privacy without ruining the esthetic

D: Right! We still have the "vintage feel". You've got the vintage window, the cabinetry,

But yet, you've put in all these modern things,

including plug-ins for my hairdryer and all that kind of stuff, right?

W: Yes

D: So, this is a 30 Amp connection?

W: 30 Amp connection


W: Alright, so moving back into the bedroom, I want to go over a few things we did back here.

So, you can still kind of see there were rear twins that the space originally had

and you could walk all the way to a Nightstand in the middle

We framed over the two bed platforms and squeezed a King Size matress in here

At that point we framed-in, to square the bed off, so it's nested right in the middle of the space

You can put your phones, you can put your night glasses down, or whatever you have

So that's nice too. You're not going to lose everything on the extra space on the curves

We also installed, and you'll see it in a minute, a 32 inch TV

which we NEVER use (laughs) but it's there!

We took down one of the Uppers, we left these two

and we just put the red oak Valences back in their place

And then the last thing I did was install a fantastic vent

to kind of keep some airflow going in the back

Because as I mentioned, the A/C works great up at the front, but some of that air gets lost by the time it gets back here

So, it's harder to cool it down back here

But, I have plans to replace passage, this 14 x 14 inch space, with another A/C unit

D: I gotta test this out, Wow!


And you know that I'm not really big on TV's,

but, this is really comfortable and I could WORK back here,

I could watch TV. These windows give you so much light, I love it!

And we all know how I feel about having a Nightstand! I've got my water, I've got my book, I've got my phone. That's great

Yet, you've still got the original Cabinets up here, and here

These are actually built right INTO the Trailer itself. That's the way it was meant to be

I mean, we've never had a King bed, but this is great!

We could sleep diagonally, we could sleep sideways, we could do whatever we want in here

I love this bed...NICE!

And I see, Will, you've got a, is this a thermostat, a new thermostat here?

W: Yes, we have 2 furnaces, and the second furnace is under the bed

W: And so that one is controlled by that thermostat right there

D: Very cool

D: New plug-ins...

Like, this is a Vintage Trailer, with some modern flair style, and all upgraded systems

I don't know how you get any better!

(flowing music)

D: So, Will, I know you do this as your Business,

W: Yes

D: I need you to tell us a lot more about the numbers

W: Sure!

D: So, what's a Trailer like this going to cost if I want t buy it?

W: Yes, so we've had a range

This one cost us $10,500 to just get it home

The previous ones we bought, one just happened to be a friend-of-a-friend, so we got a really good deal on it

at about 3 or 4 thousand

D: Wow

W: For a 1971

So really, it depends on where you find it and what condition they're in

But, if you find one in decent shape, I would not be afraid to spend 10 to 15 for it

D: OK. If I wanted to buy this trailer off of you next week, how much would I pay you?

W: OK, we would probably list this around $50,000


W: Yes

D: So, there's various ways that you could do this. I could go find my own Airstream and bring it to you?

W: yes, Mmm Hmmm

D: Or, you could sell me one that you have already worked on?

W: Yes

D: Or, you would go find an Airstream and fix it up for me?

W: We absolutely could. Just through the experience of doing it ourselves so many times, we definitely know what to look for

W: Through all the repairs that we've done, we know what to avoid

D: Right

W: And so, yeah, we totally can help acquire the Airstream and then do the renovations

D: Does it have to be an Airstream?

W: No, No and that's a great point!

So, we're partial to Airstreams just 'cause what we love and what we decide to do with our own personal time and money

But, no, we do renovations on all RVs and Campers

D: OK, and you know so much about RV systems, and what needs to be done, or what can be done, right

D: So, talk a little more about tank sizes, what are those numbers?

W: So, in this particular Airstream, it came with the 50 gallon freshwater tank, 30 gallon graywater tank, and 20 gallon blackwater tank

D: What are the most important spots to spend the money?

W: The most important spots are getting it watertight, and making sure your systems are working

W: Without that, you really don't have a functional trailer to take out

W: So, we always recommend before we do any sort of esthetic upgrade,

let's make sure this is road ready, safe, and going to provide the services that you need on the road

D: In today's day!

W: yes, exactly, I always recommend-and my wife's gonna kill me- but I say upgrade the electrical,

W: get yourself some LED lights everywhere, update your batteries, make sure that you can monitor them,

W: She'll disagree with me, she'll say that the couch, the cozy, the nice stuff is more important...

D: the pretty stuff!

D: No, but I see the point.

D: For any of you out there I'll put in the description, links to Trailer Trashin's website, so that you guys could ask questions

W: Yes, that's perfect

D: Get in touch yourselves,

D: And we'll also put in the description any links to any products that you mentioned here

W: Perfect, yah

D: Or things that people might want to take a look at themselves, right?

W: Perfect, yeah

D: And otherwise, you know, I don't get enough of this vintage stuff

D: and this is like Vintage Gone Modern, that you could really use today

D: So, if you guys liked this video, please, hit the LIKE button, hit Subscribe, join us. I'm always on the search for another cool one to show you all

So, hit the Subscribe, and we'll see you out there!

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