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Guys how is it goin. My name's Tom Dyer and I come to SlickBartender channel

We are here at the nightclub of bar show

2019 I've got my tiki shakers and today here on Vlad channel. I'm going to show you

five show Flair moves which you can use

In an exhibition like this so you can use it behind the bar or you can use it anywhere

You're going to be performing a show

now this 5 moves craft moves that moves

Which people can understand and most of them are pretty easy to pick up

Some of them are quite difficult, but I'm going to show you different stages or how you can progress the hard level

Okay, so move number one is called the helicopter on it

Okay, so move number one is the helicopter on the tin

This is a very very big show-stopping move and I'm going to show you the three levels of getting this done. Okay!

First of all what you need to do is place the bottle on the shaker

Just here and just get used to balancing it

What's going to happen is that bottle is going to spin on the shaker like this

So the first thing what you need to do level 1

Holding the bottle there, and then you're going to push the neck of the bottle

Now you want the middle of the bottle would be there

But you don't want it on the shaker like that

you want it about there middle of the body of the bottle and you can start just by doing this and

If you're using one of these plastic bottles, it grips onto the shape as well

So it's easier to perform once you get better and doing it with the plastic one then move on to the glass

Because that's going to spin on the shaker a lot more

So you're going to spin it?

And then you've got to get used to balance in that bottle because as it spins it's going to move on top of the shaker

So the more you get better balance in that bottle on the shaker the rest of the moves become a lot easier after that

So that's how you start

Then you want to start this by pushing it so you're gonna hit it hit the neck of the bottom of your fingers

Okay, then the next step would be to throw it. So then there then you have to perfect what we call the helicopter

Throw which is basically throwing the bottle up doing a horizontal spin with the bottle

so it flies

Horizontally and then you're going to catch it on the shaker

Now the trick to this is not learning how to do that throws because you'll be able to get that pretty easy

It's catching the bottle onto the shaker

without it

smashing like this

So it's the same way as if he was going to do a hand Scoob you would cushion that catch. So you would

Generally land it on top of the shaker and not just let it hit the shaker. So as it goes up

You gently catch it and then you practice that balance. Okay, so it'd be a thrown

Catch and the balance and then once you get that you can move on to throwing it from behind your back

And whichever opposition that you can find to do it because I'm using today for this move for these moves

This is a plastic fly battle. I'm using it's unbreakable

It helps you be able to practice this move really easily and once you've perfected it with this plastic model you can move on to

A glass bottle, but don't be using a full bottle you no need to use a full bottle

You need to make sure there's just like one ounce or 25 mils of liquid in there

That means you can perform this move without doing any spillages


So make sure you're not using a full bottle

Only with a little bit on the bottom and make sure to pushin that catch so you're not going to smash the bottle either


the next move was made famous by guys with Nicolas and John and this move is what I call smart move because

Everybody looks saying goes

what nothing to do that because

How many times have you tried to catch the bottle on your arm? Oh god, whoa

Okay, and the bottle kind of loses balance and goes on the edge? Alright, that's what you want to do

You want to practice that balance on the edge and the way you do that you're going to it this way or you can do

It this way Nicolas does it this way?

I like to do it this way and I'll tell you why because

What you can do is you can just put your finger on the boss bar and find the sweet spot of the balance

And what you want to do is you want to look at the top of the bottle? Okay, turn your balance in it

You're looking at the top of the bottle

And you'll just slowly adjust in your arm

to adjust for the counterbalance of the bottle

And you get that balance there and you have to remember the most important things

you have to remember to breathe and not panic when you're doing this move is about keeping relaxed and keep him still and just

Okay, all right then the next level once you've nailed it with the bottle

You can try and do it with the shaker now

I find it easier to do for the shaker upside down you find the balance. Here we go

It's a lot more difficult and those moves have to be really really small to be able to get the move but with practice you'll

Be able to get it. Alright. Try it out. Let us know how you get on

Whack it in the comments box below

If you've got any questions the next move when you're performing this in front of a crowd

Which doesn't understand play it's a repetitive move so they can count with what you're doing

And they can see what's happened because it keeps repeating and their bumps, okay

Now I'm going to show you two variations going to show you the hand bump. Alright, which looks like this

Okay, and then you have the four run pump which looks like this

Okay hand bump is quite simple to perfect all you need to do is get your hands tool

You need to kind of perfect the hands still first and then you give it a flick and you flip it again

So you need to get used to doing that with the bottle and the better?

you become at this move and then becomes are just a

the routine like a Paxson where you just keep pushing it and you have to make sure that you're

Cushioning the catch each time and pushing it up and keeping the bottle moving you keep the bottle moving

And it's just about focusing on putting your hand in the right place now also what I'm doing is I'm slightly

Bending my knuckles a little bit to give it that extra push that extra flick

Okay, so try it out your hand may hurt a little bit at the beginning but take it slow

All right

And make sure you're using like a bottle which is only got like an ounce in it or an empty bottle to begin with

Even a plastic model to start with so that you're not going to hurt your hands. Of course

It's very important that when you're doing this move focus and not her in your hand

Okay, your dis sensitive around here and you may get a couple of bruises if you're not doing it correctly

Take your time go slower there and then the better you become at the move the quicker you're going to be able to get this

The more resilient your hand is going to get to perform in this move

So take your slow work on two or three at once first

one two and

then you work on building it after you can continue it moving and then you'll be able to do more and more and more and

More and the next step from that is what we call the forearm box

now the best way you start to learn this move is here to hold the bottle like this in the palm of your hand and

You're gonna just sort of grip it with your fingers

So just right here and then you're gonna throw it ever so gently up and then you're gonna just straighten your arm out

The bottle will spin like this don't worry about trying to catch it for now

You're just gonna bump it like that so you can understand how it works

We want to be hitting the bottle right here on your arm where the muscle is, okay

Okay, you could also start whilst holding the bottle with your other hand

So if you have your arm here, you'll hold the bottle if you want at a slight angle like this

And then you're going to go like this with your arm as if you're punching someone in the stomach again

And you want to get this motion right here

Okay, so as you drop the bottle you strain your arm and you'll see the bottle kind of start to spin


And as it spins and you get better you can then try and hit it twice

Keep going with the bottle. This is a repetitive movement is one with practice makes perfect

So the more you practice it the more perfect you get but again give your arm time to rest


Make sure you're not overdoing it take your time with the moves

Slowly baby steps before you start trying to hit twenty or thirty bumps in a row


the next move is but it's already moved, but it's

A theory which you can use when you're performing in front of other people

This is how you can get them involved in what you're doing now

I do a move where I catch the bottle on my chin, and there's

And then what you can do if you can do it from here as well, so if you wanted to start from this position

You learn to balance here

and then what you want to do is you want to give the guys to

Count down so they'll be like three two one and then you drop the bottle down and catch in another position

This gives them a chance to interact with what you're doing. And then it also gives them a bit of suspense as well

So the first simpler one would be from the reverse forearm right here

Okay, and you can do this with a full bottle as well

It's more impressive with a full bottle and if you get really good at it, you take the pour part out

So it has nothing on the top. It's quite difficult. So don't go too crazy with that one just yet

All right

Now if you want to go to the level of balancing out on your chin

What you want to do to start with is learn to balance it on your chin, so you're here

And what you're looking at you're looking at this part of the bottle when you're looking up, okay?

And the more you start to do that the more you're going to get those movements with your nap and your head to balance the

Bottle and then you can do that countdown again

Okay, so also when you are balancing something on your chin

or you can even if you start to try and do it on your head start off by having your hands sort of near the

Bottle, so if it starts to fall off you can catch it

Alright, this is a bottle which you would do with the bowl empty or bottle with the lid on top

Okay, but you just are just good again baby steps, okay

Okay, so if it starts to fall your hands

They're ready to catch it. Only when you become more advanced at the mood and you start taking your hands away

Okay, and then getting the crowd involved with that well

Okay, the fifth and final move it leads on to a signature move that I used to do on stage

And again, it's a super deluxe crowd

Please and move if you've got a bar, which you can stand on you can bill on the bar, but be careful though

Go standing on any wet bars or drip mats and slipping off and it's also a move where you will need to stretch a little


To make sure that you can perform this move

So I'm going to show you the end result and then we're going to backtrack so you can see where you how you get there

So the end result would look like this. I'm going to use two different one

so that

The end result would be like this

Okay, so when you're doing this move don't be disheartened if you can't get it I've got a really long arms

Okay, but I have seen people get this with enough practice with enough stretching

So don't worry

If you can't get it first go if it takes a bit of time it takes a little bit of time people can get it

it doesn't

Do need to have more arms sometimes but it will work. Okay

So where you start up with is get yourself a small shaker like this

it's Tom's dinky shaker and

You're going to do the hands tool right here and you want to start off by going to turn around quickly

Just by doing one shaker behind the back

You want to make sure your t-shirt is out the way

And then you bring up here, okay

It's important that you keep your hand flat and when you're starting to do this move

You can even just do it without anything on your hands just so you can practice the movement

Then you're breaking the shaker and turn around one more time

And get used to doing that

Like I said the beginning make sure you're doing some kind of stretching so you're not going to injure your back and into your muscles

But then when you get better at this

Then you move on to a bigger shaker, okay, and then you do the move one more time

And you can start flicking up and once that position so once you're there

You can start flicking it up and then when you get better

With the opposite hand so you can hold one. That's actually I do it the opposite way around alright?

The next step are for that will be to get to shakers going but put the two shaker and your second hand

I'll explain that a second and the small shaker in your right hand so you do

So you do the two shaker first?

And then the small shake could give us easier

There's more space

Flippin cash. Okay, so when you're going to be doing double hands only take one now

Pretend I've got one here for now

so when that one comes round

The hard part is moving this one around because you've already got one balance and then you need to put this one lower

So the weaker hand so I'm right-handed. My left hand goes first

All right. Well, then my stronger hand will go second

My left hand you can kind of use some more your back a little bit and then you'll come underneath

Your left hand with your right hand, okay

But find out what works for you. Try both ways

Try it with small items on your hand first. You can even try it with juggling bolls to begin with

We're going to see how you get at and then you move up to the different objects until you can get to doing two

Two objects last thing I will say is if you're going to put two items onto the backs of your hands as a school

There is an easy way to do this where you do one here

You to two your hands like this

And you separate like that? Okay, so you

Put your hand underneath and then just move them in simple

And then just move them into place

And then you can start balancing them or guys. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video

Thank you very much. Slick bartender for allowing me to come onto your channel. This is been awesome

I've also got a channel if you wanna go check it out. is Tom Dyer bartender

There'll be a link in the description below where you can go and find out about that

I'm teaching Flair moves cocktails Flair with cocktails. So try it out. Let me let me know what you think

with these moves

Practice them hard practice them smart. Okay, don't jump to the difficult moves straightaway

Make sure you start from the basic and work your way up

And if you've got any comments, put it in the comment box below. Alright

Because that's what it's bears for to ask those questions about what's going on

Don't forget to subscribe to the channels. And finally these boos. They are good for show moves. Okay, it gets the crowd going

Get some screaming get some intrigued into what you're doing behind these double stages these little bars

So I'm gonna go try some of them out now. Let's see how we go

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