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>> In terms of some of the preferential treatment lawsuit charges that Democratic

heavy counties violated the law by identifying Mail in ballots before

Election Day that had defects such as lacking an inner secrecy envelope,

or lacking a voter signature on the outside envelope. So that the voter could fix it and

ensure that the vote would count called curing, the lawsuit says that Republican heavy counties

followed the law did not provide a notice and cure process disenfranchising many.

Okay but you get what's happening here. So they made the process for Mail in ballots. So obstacle

prone, and complicated that some people just trying to do their best could make mistakes.

Some election officials thought well if their vote doesn't count, that's a bad thing because

we live in a democracy. So we're gonna give them an opportunity to make their ballot count.

Their ballot that was cast before Election Day and all of that. It just said some sort

of technicality that needed to be fixed. The Republican heavy counties decided we don't want

that to happen because screw Mail in ballots and they've decided so. They disenfranchised some,

which I guess hurts them. And they're saying that allowing the curing benefits Democrats,

because presumably Democrats are more likely to vote by Mail.

But again, that's only result we got because you guys demonized Mail in ballots.

If you cared about your voters, and indeed all voters voting in a democracy,

none of this would be a problem. And none of it is going to be a problem for the results,

because this isn't gonna result in votes being thrown out.

But think about this. If you weren't so focused on ringing the neck of democracy,

you might have had a chance to get a few more votes. Maybe the 15018, Georgia, for instance,

to lead to you winning at least that state. If not the Electoral College.

>> Yeah, I mean, this is at the heart of all of these lawsuits is you can't have it both ways.

You just can't have it both ways. You can't say stop the count, start the count. Okay,

we need actual observers on this count. There were observers will I don't know, burn ballots

like what do you, and you can't have a party that has been 'cause of course, let's be real.

It's beyond trump. It is on down the line on all the the Republican state legislatures that

have fallen in line and obeyed orders to try and suppress as much of the vote as possible.

Including Mail in ballots and including their own voters,

and then suddenly be like we're voters are suppressed like you did that dummy.

So yes, this is the whole thing. You can't have it both ways, and I just can, we just say.

It is so perfect that Trump lost by the not the exact but close margins

to the way that Hillary Clinton lost. I think that is so wonderful because. The

Democrats in 2016, if they could have mounted any kind of challenge, they probably wouldn't,

right? Let's let me know God, let's hope it would have mounted a challenge if it had come

down to a certain state or that something looked really fishy. And sadly, and maybe in a good way.

Good for our democracy. It didn't. Nothing was fishy, she lost and she lost pretty handily,

right? She won the popular vote, but Trump is losing on both of those counts. And it is just so,

sit in that loss buddy. Look at it. Exactly what happened to Hillary for years ago.

>> Yeah, and while he's doing that, and while he's dragging it out

again, it's not that he's not doing that for some purpose, it's benefiting him.

He is. He's raising money, and whatever is setting up Trump TV or running out of blah,

whatever other nightmare will someday have to cover and deal with.

But also the dragging it out in the first story talked about the constant declaring we actually

won. He's also drawing out how insane he looks. How sad. And pathetic, he looks. And it's not just

us that things say it's not just us. It's not just lefties that are laughing at him. Judges

are laughing at him. So let's go through this. We have when Republican lawyers in Nevada complained

their observers weren't close enough if they could not hear everything that poll workers were saying

U.S District Judge Andrew Gordon pushed back, saying at what point does this get ridiculous?

And then ruled against the Republicans. Obviously because again it isn't about them saying

our poll workers were 23 feet away rather than 18. Because if they'd been 18,

they've been saying they would be saying they should have been 12. It's not about that.

It's not about this succeeding and getting rid of those ballots.

They know they don't have a Trump chance in hell of winning that,

but it's about dragging it out. And as long as there are these court cases going,

Kayleigh Mcenany can go on Fox News and Trump can tweet about it. And Fox News can run segments

about it that they will immediately have to either attract or ignore going forward when the claims

are thrown out in the people admit that Project Vera TOS pay them to lie and all that. It just

seems like something is happening and that's what the Cuban people need.

That's what the really dejected Trump cultists need. They need to feel like something is

happening like there's still a chance and they're all again. It's like we said a week ago they're

just riding that high and just trying to stretch out the little bit of their supply they got left.

>> No, you're absolutely right. I mean, you mentioned Trump TV and I think that's

a very real possibility. But if you're going to grift, and if your whole life has been a grift,

you need this. You need to maintain that lie so that your followers, look,

he would have followers no matter what.

He could say we lost we're coming back. He could take it like a man and whatever

masculinity is a prison and made up. But you know what I'm saying, take it like an adult,

right? But he doesn't and you're absolutely right, because his base is so far gone.

It's so fringe, and actually pretty stupidly, because we know that those 7000,

70million people I wish it was 7000, 70 million people voted

for him. They're not crazy. Sadly, a lot of them might just be racist. A lot of

them might just think that it's okay for a president to behave in the way Trump does.

But I don't believe that 70 million people are Q followers. So there absolutely is a reason to say

you can continue this brand and still concede. But no, he wants it to be the craziest and

most dangerous version of his brand, which just says we were wronged airgo pretty much anything

is justified, whether violence, whatever is to come, all that is justified.

And especially is justified for me to build my like

probably let's be real YouTube Empire cuz they're gonna take that money.

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