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that kind of blows kind of sounds like what the pilots are

probably saying the flight deck right now

viral debrief episode 2 coming up

hey 74 crew welcome back if you don't know me my name is Kelsey i'm a 747

pilot my channel 74 gear is all about

aviation after the original viral debrief i had a

lot of videos sent to my instagram so i want to thank you all for that some

of those videos are going to be in this series

and if you have any videos that you want me to break down just go ahead and send

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no way talk about a float right

how are you not going around right now


that kind of blows kind of sounds like what the pilots are

probably saying the flight deck right now

obviously the pilots in this situation should have gone around they're either

carrying too much speed as they're coming in or they left the power in too

long as they're floating down the runway but they did do a great job maintaining

the center line with the wind swirling so

that's a very positive thing that they did well also i have never done this

approach i've seen it a bunch of times i realized it's very steep

i've never tried it but the new microsoft flight sim game is coming out

soon and i will probably try that on the 747 i'm just kind of curious to see if i

can do it or not but anyway the this approach coming in is a

very steep approach it's not that easy to do

so i'm not being critical of these pilots except for the fact that

they went way too far down the runway and should have went up and tried it

again here is the biggest issue these markers

right here on the runway are the thousand foot markers

that actually what the airline pilots are shooting for when we're trying to

land we're trying to get on that that gives

us a little bit of protection behind us and this pilot actually lands on the

thousand foot markers but they're going the wrong direction and seeing

those they would know they only have a thousand feet left to stop

which isn't going to be enough room when you're going downhill and fast which is

what they're doing and if you're wondering if they had their brakes on

notice these skid marks here when i rewind this you're going to see they

aren't there so he's slamming on the brakes to try to

get it to stop he's just going way too fast the other thing i notice

here is i don't know if he's contemplating going off to the side but

you see him drift to the side of the runway you see this little jet off here

it looks like he's about to shoot off that but then he decides that he should

just go off the end of the runway into the sand

which is the best choice instead of going off what looks like it might be

some type of a cliff i know that i had this experience

sometimes when i was a newer pilot is that

you just want to land the plane especially if you're uncomfortable

this is just poor decision making they got the plane lined up and things like

that and they were going down the middle the runway which is good but they should

have seen how much runway they've chewed up

and realized there's no way for them to stop in time with a plane of this size

and that speed so they should have gone around

how fun would that be to do on one of your planes

that's so cool

i know that some of the upper management at the airline that i work for watch my

channel sometime so if you're watching this

and you can figure out a way to safely attach rockets to a 747

i say next year i go to the air show with one of our planes we attach some

rockets on the plane and we show the blue angels what's up

genius all right so that's obviously never going to happen but here's what's

actually happening in this video here i know some of you are thinking this is

an airshow stunt but there's actually some practicality of what they're doing

here in the 80s there was a secret mission that was organized flying c-130s

and they were going to use rockets as a way to extract hostages from iran

here's some video of that plane that they were actually using what they were

planning to do is use these rockets to actually slow down and stop

and then they were going to use rockets to actually vertically take off

from a soccer stadium as you can imagine that was going to be very tricky

obviously they had some very skilled pilots if they think that they're going

to land a plane inside a soccer stadium being overweight and heavy and then fill

it with a bunch of passengers and then blast off basically vertically taking

off a c-130 like this so i think that's where all the actual

original design started and now the government has that research that they

did for that mission i guess they're using it on the air

shows so when my offer does stand to fly 747 for my airline at an airshow with

rockets attached i will not be doing it into a soccer

stadium he's so lame

that is so close

they must be heavy

if you ever go into long haul flying or flying heavier jets like a

747 or a triple seven or an a330 there will be times that you're going to

use a lot of runway however you usually won't be going to the very end of the

runway like these pilots do they would barely clear the fence at a

lot of airports there are several possible causes for using this much

runway which is probably too much runway but

here's what i think is going on i think they're overweight the first thing i

want you to note here is that it's a cargo plane

note this big door here for freight to go in and out and there's no windows for

people to look out the window so this is obviously a freighter

next you see how shallow the pitch angle is on rotation

the pilot clearly needs to get off the ground because they have no other

choices but it isn't climbing so they need to

get the plane off the ground so it can gain

more speed so they can continue their climb you see the pitch angle even as

they're continuing to fly is very very shallow

they're even blowing dirt on the ground below them a long way past where they've

actually taken off so my guess is that they're overweight

airlines that haul freight get paid by the tonnage by the way that they're

actually transporting so in some countries they will convince

the pilots to take on more weight than the plane is actually supposed to take

on for obvious reasons that's very

dangerous there's a lot of risk and there are many accidents that have

happened as a result of taking too much weight thinking

the plane can do it the reality is you could probably fly a plane that's

overweight that's happened people have done it people have gotten away with it

but if you ever do that and someone finds out that you did that there's a

good chance that you could lose your license

so doing something like that for the risk of your life and your license is

usually not worth it oh yeah somebody sent me this asking me

how dangerous this actually was obviously that's a

rain cloud or a rain shower that's happening there and it's

obviously pretty intense and some i know sometimes people that

watch these videos who are scared of flying see something like this and they

wonder how safe is this

now every plane has its own noise though obviously i'm not sure exactly what the

noise is for this particular plane so i don't know what that noise exactly was

minimums minimums minimums call basically lets you know

that you're at the mims and you have to see

the runway or the approach lighting or things like that to be able to continue

to land


the real risk of this actual flight here isn't necessarily the rain

the planes are built and the engines are built to be able to fly through rain

that's not the problem what the real risk is something called a

micro burst a micro burst is basically a bunch of air getting pushed down from

the cloud it's a bunch of air getting pushed down

and what it can do is it can push down so heavily that it can actually slam a

plane into the ground on modern aircraft there's actually technology where the

computer is processing all the different information that it's getting from

outside so let the pilots know if they were

encountering something like a microburst with the crashes that happened in the

80s they wanted to create a technology to prevent that from happening again in

the future so in this situation they're flying into

what would probably be a pretty poor decision

sometimes it's hard to tell from just watching the video just how strong

is that rain i personally would wait five or ten minutes because something

that's that heavy of a downpour is gonna probably move off the

field within five to ten minutes so there's no reason to

put yourself in a risk situation of being

going down and hitting a microburst but again i don't know what the radar looked

like or any of the other things and sometimes

with a video it's a little hard to determine

exactly how heavy the rain is i don't know how low they were on gas but i

would have waited five or ten minutes before i shot that approach

and just let that cloud move off of the field

oh this went viral for sure back when this first came out i know

some friends that sent it to me and asked what was going on

man if you're in the back of that plane you are just getting rocked back there

they actually did a good job recovering it once they got

straightened that could have ended a lot worse for sure

you can see here the plane isn't lined up with the runway and that starts

actually a little bit earlier you can see the upwind wing here is up

and the plane is getting pushed off the center line one of the strange

things about flying a jumbo jet is that when you're on the flight deck and

you're flying into land you yourself are not supposed to be

lined up with the runway you're supposed to have your mains lined up with the

runway so in some cases you're actually feel

like you're at the very far side of the runway depending on how much

your plane is at an angle as you're coming in to land

and that's something you need to learn when you start flying large heavy jets

like this you need to just think about overall the

big picture and you need to have your mains the main tires in the middle of

the runway which is often if you're in a very heavy

crab like this is going to put you to the side of the runway

you see here on the nose wheel it's lined up which means the pilot is lining

himself up with the center of the runway which on a smaller plane works but on a

big plane like an a380 that's not going to work

and you can see the mains here off to the downwind side another issue you see

is the pilot flares too early you can see that initial flare

right here typically on a larger jet you want to

get a flare in about 30 feet now it's possible the plane was starting

to sink on them too fast with high winds it can be a bit of a wrestling match to

get planes onto the ground on these larger planes you have a

countdown system a cadence it will go 50 40

30 20 10. if that cadence is going too fast in some cases pilots will pull back

a little bit add some power or do something to reduce

that sink rate into the ground to prevent the plane from slamming

has to be a very quick reaction though you have to add power and pull it back

so it just gives a little burst of power which changes from the plane's thinking

to going forward so it decreases that descent rate into the ground

and prevents your plane from bouncing but it's very calculated you have to be

very smart about how fast and how much power you add and

how fast you pull it back it takes some practice to get good at it

but it'd be maybe what could be happening here i'm not 100 sure because

i can't see the flight deck video all right they flared too early and

they're off their center line as they come into land

naturally you're trying to get the aircraft back on the center line he

drops his upwind wing down here to get the plane

back on the center line the problem is with the larger aircraft

you can't get momentum moving left and right too fast because momentum

of this type of weight wants to keep going that direction

and with the flare too high it causes the plane to bounce

so you have momentum going to the right you have the plane bouncing and look at

the rudder here it's out from when he kicked out to go

straight but now that the plane is up in the air again

it's going to help swing the tail around even more

so between the momentum the rudder and the wheels being off the ground

it causes the whole back of the plane to jump to the side

now it's basically just a wrestling match to get it going back down the

runway you can see the pilots dancing on the rudder

to get it from going back and forth because you have a lot of momentum

that's moving around back there obviously everything is deployed so

they're not going to be able to do a go around once they touch the ground like

this they're not going to be able to do a go around

whoever is flying is doing a good job now that it's on the ground to keep it

from actually shooting off the side of the runway

because with how much momentum that's going there could have easily been an

over-correction from one side of the runway or the other

and that over-correction would have thrown them into the grass as someone

who's had more than their fair share of bad

landings there's someone up here right now that's feeling very embarrassed

however something very important to remember is that not many people can say

they've disappointed 18 flight attendants

at the exact same time speaking about disappointing flight attendants if you

haven't seen my series cockpit confessionals i talk about all the crazy

things that pilots and flight attendants do

while on a layover if you haven't seen that series i'll put a link to it

right here i look forward to hearing from you until then

keep the blue side up

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