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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tom Hanks Does An Amazing British Accent | The Graham Norton Show CLASSIC CLIP

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You went to the dinner with the Queen I was with the Queen and the president just last week

Yes for an American I kept trying to figure out why why am I here what how did this?

Why did this not did I win a ticket?

We were offered and there's my white tie and Tails, you're very sure that is not a rental by the way

They had a powder-blue when I said

Turned out it's a very

Surprisingly informal they get it

You know everybody who works there just kind of smiles and points you in the direction and everybody says hello. I'm Julie. I'm Simon. Hello

Well, I run British intelligence, how are you

Everybody so kind of like on a first-name basis. Did you meet her? Oh, yes


indeed a chitty-chat or I talked about doing Shakespeare when I was that was how I got my

Start in the United States doing Shakespeare and we compared notes on that. She did say this

We'd love to go to the theatre invitation of the Queen

I said she said she said we loved going to the theater my sister

My sister could go to the theater to hear a song once and then come home and

I said play it on the piano and she said yes

Majesty who used to call the Majesty first and then you called ma'am

But now weirdly there's been a lot of it because you've met the Queen Simon haven't you I did I met her recently. Yeah

Yeah. Yeah. I met at the Narnia premiere and she I thought I broke her to be honest

The Queen has never had to worry about the awkwardness of starting a conversation

She's never had an embarrassing pause because she always must speak first

So she takes as much time as she wants to do that so she came up to me

I was standing next to young Joe McElderry the X Factor winner, and she said you're the musician to him

Well, someone whispered that he was in hurry

She went

And I was just waiting for her to speak and I swear it was like 30 seconds and my eye started to bead sweat

Because I know you're still with us and

The brilliant one was Philip came by and he because I played a mass in Narnia to the voice of a mad and

Someone told him what I was doing and he said when did you realize you had the voice of a mouse?

You think I was cast because I have a naturally massy voice I have some sort of disability that

I made her cry I have on good authority that at the end of Narnia

there's a very sweet moment with Reepicheep the mass he he does this very moving thing and

The Queen was I swear to God sitting maybe five seats down for me wearing 3d glasses

which is

To see the monarch in 3d glasses weren't even gold on a stick. They were just plastic

Polly style 3d glasses and and she she dabbed her her eye with a tissue. You actually thought the Queen was gonna have gold

You haven't met the Queen but you did you EULA Biss guitars performed for Prince Philip and Camilla you shot one a picture

Yes, what song did you choose to perform in oh, that's a good question I think we performed I hate this part

No, really? No


Prince Charles and Camilla and sang don't you wish your girlfriend was call

They're powering songs, we're just giving


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