Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 皇上说服娴妃让出四阿哥永城抚养权,娴妃表面答应暗地里却用自残手段让皇上打消念头,成功把永城留在身边|延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace

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Is it fun? Is it?

His Majesty arrives.

Greetings to Your Majesty.

You may rise.

I came to see Yongcheng.

It's so late, how is it that nanny hasn't put him to sleep?

Yongcheng whined about playing with the link puzzle.

I ignored the rules. May Your Majesty forgive.

What fault is there?

Come. Let your royal father hold you.

Yongcheng is so fond of you

so he's so clingy to you.

It must be that you look after him so well.

Yongcheng is a very smart and good child.

He's been asking when you'd come to visit him again.

I know Your Majesty is busy with state affairs.

But if you ever have a break, don't forget Yongcheng misses you.

I understand.

Is that right?

Go. Go to sleep.


Did Your Majesty come to Chengqian Palace today to tell me something?

The Minister...


The Minister of Rites told me

that Yongcheng is very young

and already lost her birth mother. He's really pitiful.

He said Imperial Concubine Jia has a younger sister who

has reached the age to join the selection for palace consorts.

He plans to send her to the palace to take care of Yongcheng.

Your Majesty, Her Highness has exerted a lot of effort for Fourth Prince. How could you...

Zhen'er, don't be disrespectful.

I was talkative. May Your Majesty forgive me.

Yongcheng is, after all, just two years old.

If he can have his biological aunt to take care of him,

it surely will be better than an outsider like me.

The Jin family will also be more at ease.

But, I have one request.

Say it.

I hope that I can be allowed to frequently visit Yongcheng.

I will allow it.

Your Highness, how could you let His Majesty take away Fourth Prince?

I'm after all not his birth mother.

I would just be taking care of him for a period of time.

His Majesty has never said

to let Yongcheng acknowledge me as his mother.

This is that hateful Jin Family's fault.

They just took him away like that. Not giving any considerations to your painstaking efforts.

The Jin family is placing huge hopes on Fourth Prince.

How could they allow their grandson to acknowledge me as his mother?

If he stays here in Chengqian Palace,

would he still remember his birth mother,

remember the merits of his maternal family, the Jin clan?

Hence, they didn't mind sending in another woman

just to take back Fourth Prince.

Your Highness, why didn't you go beg His Majesty?

On the outside, His Majesty might be treating Fourth Prince with indifference, but in reality, he cares about him a lot.

Hence, he didn't let him stay in Chuxiu Palace.

He was afraid that he'll become a tool of Noble Consort Gao to struggle for power.

He didn't send him to Changchun Palace because he was afraid that once the Empress bears him a son,

the situation of Fourth Prince might become awkward.

On the outside, His Majesty might look as if he doesn't care,

but in reality, how many people truly know what he's thinking?

Blood is thicker than water. His Majesty trusts the Jin Family

more than he trusts me.

Zhen'er, go to the kitchen and see

if the milk tea for Fourth Prince is ready.


Don't be afraid...

Don't be afraid, Yongcheng. Mother is here.

It's just a nightmare...

It's going to fine... Don't be afraid...

Mother is here.

Your Highness.

Your Highness! Your foot!

I didn't know what I hit earlier. I'm fine.

I already told you not to panic.

You always run here without wearing your shoes.

The shoes are quite noisy.

What if Yongcheng gets awakened by it?

It's just a minor injury. No need to make a big fuss about it.

Li Yu.

I am here.

Tomorrow, tell Consort Xian to take good care of Yongcheng.

And then choose some nimble servants from the Imperial Household Department

and deploy them here too.

Your Majesty, you're not making Fourth Prince move to another palace anymore?

I was talkative. I admit my mistake.

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