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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Idioms from HELL! ?

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I only ever teach idioms that you will really hear and actually want to use so

in today's lesson you are going to-






You will do what I say!

No no that's not how this work-



okay fine

the blank from hell first when we say that something is the worst thing the

worst of the worst we say it's the something from hell the noun from hell

for example you have an awful friend sure yeah he's a friend but he always

does annoying things like he eats your pizza

that's your pizza you can say that he is oh my god he is the friend from hell

again noun from hell it's the worst thing ever try this in the comments try

your own examples now when you want to talk to someone about something bad that

they did which may be upset you you have a bone to pick with them and actually

you would say this expression to their face yes it sounds direct but you want

to be direct with them um hey I have a bone to pick with you

you ate all of my pizza and you didn't even buy me another one your friend

wants to say that pizza it wasn't special he can save this why are you

angry that pizza wasn't anything to write home about when something isn't

anything to write home about alternatively you can say it was nothing

to write home about this just means this thing that's not special I don't wanted

to phone my family hey I just had the best pizza no it's not special you can

say this about a person but it is quite insulting so just remember that for

example the other day I asked a mate how her date went with a guy and she

said meh he was nice but nothing to write home about again it sounds

insulting it kind of is you're saying that someone isn't

special now if you want to compare two things and you want to say this is

nothing compared to this we have an expression for that we say that this has

got nothing on this this one is the best and this one is rubbish so he could say

me that pizza it's got nothing on Domino's not a sponsor by the way I just

like him again you can also say this about a person when you compare two

people for example this footballer has got nothing on this guy

I don't know football stuff now you're Italian understandably you are very very

angry when he compared your pizza your darling pizza to Domino's Pizza so in

front of everyone you want to reprimand discipline

chastise this guy basically shout at him because he did something bad for this we

say that you have a go at him I only ate his pizza why is he having a

massive go at me in front of everyone notice we modified this with the word

massive you can modify the size I told her that a friend was prettier than she

was and she had a huge go of me let me know in the comments when was the last

time someone had a massive go at you when was the last time that you had a

massive go at someone what happened why did you have a go at them now when you

think that someone has done something wrong and you make them feel bad about

it usually for a very long time or repeatedly and you constantly tell them

or shout at them or you just generally make them feel bad you give someone a

hard time more informally you might here give

someone shit so he might be thinking still can't believe you ate my Pisa

he's always given me a hard time about the pizza so more informally he might be

thinking it's always giving me shit about the pizza not necessarily because

you actually did something bad maybe your boss or your teacher complains

about your clothes they don't like them they think they are wrong so you might

say my boss always gives me a hard time about my clothes it's very annoying

they're just normal ok question for you in the comments it's a very hot day and

you decide to go to work or to your classes wearing shorts not long trousers

or long pants does your boss does your teacher give you a hard time for it let

me know you think that someone really really doesn't like you every time you

see each other every opportunity they give you a hard time they give you shit

this expression means that you know he's had it in for me since last year now we

can change this verb someone has it in for you or someone has got it in for you

both are fine of course hmm they fell out last year over a girl

called Maria it's always Maria to fall out with someone this means you were

friends and now you're not friends something happened and you don't like

each other anymore you're not friends anymore so fall out

that's a phrasal verb but also we use this preposition over to give the reason

they fell out over a girl they fell out over a pizza

can you imagine they used to be best friends but now they're always at each

other's throats this means every time they see each other they want to fight

they're always at each other's throats so the idiom to be at each other's

throats every time they see each other they're at each other's-


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