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I am Agapito Díaz

I'm glad because my cousin Chirimunga

I got a job here in the field

It is good to return to its roots JUELACIENMARACAS

the good thing is that I will take care of you little girl

how beautiful cow

Augustus ... brush the mare

what a beautiful mare that beautiful DAUGHTER

Good morning patron, Agapito Díaz

Very good days!

how are you ?

good thank God

How can I help you, how can I help you?

I'm looking for the employer, my cousin Chirimunga sent me

for a job

here I am the boss

I am the head of all the staff of the farm

but they sent me to talk to the employer

I explain, anything here I can solve

I understand it, I understand it

then solve the following

can you go call the employer

and tells him that here is Agapito Díaz

to serve her and her estate

Do you understand what I am saying?

I can solve here, tell me what you need?

And you understand me what I say?

who told me to look for the employer

directly that she already knows what I'm coming from

what position is it coming from?

to the post of speaking with the employer

what a foolish man, if you are a fool

He tells me that he will solve me and I tell him to solve me

and it doesn't solve it

i will tell you one thing

I'm not anyone's messenger

I'm the boss for a reason, I'm not anyone's messenger!

but he's in luck ...

there comes the boss

That's why you didn't want to call the employer

why is she beautiful

that's why your jealous attitude

a lot of respect please a lot of respect !!

for my person and for the employer

what a jealous man,

I'm not like that with my cousin Chirimunga

stop talking nonsense please

let's talk to the patron man


Hi, how are you, Gumercindo?

nice to meet you employer

How is everything going on the farm?

thank god very good very good

and who are you ?

Agapito Díaz to serve you and your farm

Cousin Chirimunga sends me

I told her employer not to bother her

but this man is foolish!

is upset, that upset, that upset

I had already talked to Cousin Chirimunga

about the internships he would do at the ranch

with the horses

you saw jealous

This is a conversation between the employer

and me...

so go please!

go there

don't be foolish, don't be foolish Agapo,

I will be your boss, in this hacienda

be careful

I'm kidding, I'm kidding

to like the patron

that's how Agapito is, calm down ..

Gumercindo will explain everything about you

of what he has to do

here with your internship

I have to go, because I'm already late

to a meeting

I'm going to the office

do well patron

What a scare!!

here !, here Agapito, here, here

there no, here, here

one is in transit and you ..

waking up from my wonder

No transe, no transe

it's here

seriously, how is the santeria

Oh Lord!

It's not santeria, that's something else

it's called internship

Agapito ...


but if I'm looking for work

to earn money

I will explain one thing to you

so you can work

first you have to see if you can do the job

And how much will I get paid for the internship job?

Agapo internships are not paid,

that's why nothing is paid

Oh, I get the Indian!

that is to say that I will work for free


we will give you food and transportation

what else do you want ?

On second thought ... free food, transportation

and see the patron

respect, respect first of all Agapito

One to work has to have respect!

of course!

respect for work

of course!

i will respect

so is!

it has to be respected

But will I see the employer every day?

that is, I will see her at work

of course!

to good ..

is your employer

Of course, the employer

is your employer

as I will not see her

is your employer


are we clear!!

Yes Yes! of course!

now something else,

you have experience with EQUINOS

and not that we would work with horses


we are starting badly

We are starting very badly! Agapo

you know what, come on I'll explain

what is this work about

of the horses

I just know horses

it's the same shit ...



don't be a horse

I'm going to take care of you little girl, I'll take you on a walk

what a beautiful beast

we are still bad ...

and now because if I'm just doing it like that ...

he is not her, he is

he is he is a horse !!!

and then because he has the horseman like that

the horses wear mane

the mares have no hair

I rightly looked at one that was shaved

forgive me horse !!

I'll take it for a walk

come small, let's go for a walk

good agapo

this is a trailer

and you must keep it very clean

well washed

we agree ?

take a peek

won't it be that the employer wants to adopt me?

I can make my room here

it has air conditioner

these horses sleep better than me

Get serious Agapo, get serious

i can polish it

of course!

you have to keep it clean

let's keep going!!!

it can't be there my room

how are we doing? all good ?

Agapito ...

come here

you still with the same..

you're going to brush it, but first you let go of your hair

you let go of your hair


you brush it

with love, treat it with love

you brush and fix her hair

what I order myself I do

I am a worker since childhood

Your induction is over

the way you are going to do the job

Now is the time to work

we are ready ?

that was what i wanted

you have to take those two horses to the stables

I get tired said the hook

come here

and the horses?

where will this man be !!!

Agapo !!!

We are alert pattern!

that alert or anything

what I ordered to you

Save the pattern horses!

I come from the stables and none of the horses are

what happens is that...

I saw the horses very serious

as stressed

with long faces

and I said these horses need to relax

they need recreation

I opened the gates and left them

they went to the open field

galloped beautiful

what a good trot those horses have

they looked very happy running across the field ...

they smiled like that

those horses were very happy

I gave the horses rest

what did you do Agapo?

they are going back

what did you do?

those horses are worth 50 thousand dollars each!

eternal father, holy, blessed

if you told me they are worth 50 thousand dollars each

I wouldn't have touched them even with my eyes

not even the ....

Augustus bring me the polaris that this man ..

I ruin everything

I need you to look for those animals ...

because those animals ...

come on! come on! come on!!

Gumercindo, I had a nightmare

I dreamed that I lost 2 horses

of 50 thousand dollars each

Well, if you lost them

we are looking for them

don't tell me that ... it's not a dream ...

what happened Augusto?

how nothing ...

keep looking for those animals



before you pass out

I have a good one

we already found the horses

How cheerful because not how poor Maria was going to pay

so will they hire me?

what ?



don't get mad if it was a test

In real life I will do my job well ... let's talk

Come on Gumercindo let's talk!

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