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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today is March the 9th 2019 strong hand be a

unique beast uncompensated bull bitcoin is the next bitcoin personal

responsibility is the new counterculture deferral of gratification conviction all

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show I hope I said that I mean you know if that's somebody's show names I don't

know what I'm saying at the time alright let's talk quickly before we go beyond

Bitcoin I think crypto currencies they can be the innovation that will create

wealth that will perhaps prevent delay lessen the upcoming economic turmoil

that the United States and perhaps a lot of other Western countries are expecting

because of debt obligations and all these social programs you know we were

bailed out by the internet in the 90s and 2000's I think that made things a

lot better innovation thank God for

innovation and for the people who do strive for greater things and they are

rewarded with great salaries and great financial reward so we we would never

want to create a situation where no you can't be a billionaire any more than

some great minds probably would stop striving for greatness and all of these

awesome technical discoveries and innovations that bail out the masses so

I really think and I think I'll start to talk about this more my show is just

ideas that I have that you know go beyond Bitcoin get in the crypt of

dividends and getting them into regular people's hands and you know I don't like

to use the word empower I think it's just a cake it's part of a catchphrase

that sjw's use but cryptocurrencies could give people some freedom they

don't realize that they don't have now and that could make things better and

that could get people less dependent on the government make them more

independent again I really do think this is cryptocurrency thing that we're all

involved in is is such a earth-shattering awesome

endeavor and it's so great to be alive during this time it it really it was

there all these doom and gloom errs out there yeah definitely we're heading for

a terrible recession it's going to be worse than 2008 and mathematically yeah

in 2024 there gonna be some government programs we're not gonna be able to fund

anymore but you never know with these crypto currencies couldn't bring it out

again I talked about private universal basic income not the government paying

for it but somehow cryptocurrency is paying for it you never know where hey

let's think beyond Bitcoin here let's think this is space is about innovation

it's about it's not and I want to talk Andreas has a video about that I'm going

to talk about it tomorrow actually so there'll be more about this on

tomorrow's the one Bitcoin show okay moving on life is not a zero-sum game

now it's so funny I heard that I don't know where I heard that recently but

then I heard it on Andreas his video today when he was talking about

that the Bitcoin space the cryptocurrency space is not a zero-sum

game but life is not a zero-sum game either you know people are like well

there's either gonna be a winner you're gonna be a loser

no no they everyone can win everyone can win you shouldn't think that because

someone's a billionaire you're a loser that you're not you're not a winner you

know there's there's a lot of ideas out there we can call that the the world's

creative commons there are a lot of ideas that we were exposed to okay

they're free they're out there and we can adopt some of those ideas change

some of those ideas if someone is is some if someone you think out there is a

winner and you think you're a loser and you're not you're not a loser

I mean you can I mean if you just live it if you've got that attitude then yeah

you will you will not succeed you will not be happy and I think if you're not

happy then you can have a loser mentality but if you are if you're if

you're trying to strive for happiness emulate and you think someone's happier

than you someone's a winner try to emulate what they're doing don't be

jealous don't be a hater don't be envious because their creative ideas are

out there they three do we know what again we have all these people that are

like oh it's it's unfair that this sob this social media platform is so

dominant okay well then start your own start your own

start it's out there you there's nothing stopping you there's nothing stopping

you from doing that you shouldn't like being so sad and let

it get you down and again some someone you say what YouTube is censoring me I

can't make money this way well find a way around it find a way around it start

go to another platform or you know innovate and try to get into another

another line of work if rules of the game if you're getting

into their game okay but but again make your own game and be a winner in that

game there's a lot of games out there there's a lot of games out there so you

know when you fit when you when you think you've hit a dead end you have

there are opportunities out there just just keep them that keep that in mind

and life is not a zero-sum game it is

everyone can be successful every there so keep on making new pies new pies my

buddy said that in the comment section the other day whether Marber alright so

moving on Dave Rubin on his show what is this would he have here oh yeah he had

some and ran and I ran people in there Objectivist and it's the last ten

minutes are good at this show um and on it the lady says only you can make

yourself happy baking things does not change things that's so true that's so

true only you can make yourself you can't live through other people there's

so many people through social media who try to they see the adventures of one

person and then and they're living through them and but they're not living

their own lives and that doesn't make you happy and you know they're seeing

people argue for them you know attack their political enemy you see your

political enemy get attacked by your your social media hero and then you're

like living vicariously through them but now you've got a you got to make

yourself happy okay now maybe that's I mean III could see how that could bring

you well I don't know I don't know if that could be totally fulfilling but no

don't seek out the approval of others how about that how about that right

there there's a lot of people that want female validation you need to validate

yourself you need you don't let anyone else validate you or validate validate

your ear opinions you you got to be yourself you got to look internally am I

happy with the direction I'm going I am I happy that I'm able to say what I want

to say or am I have to be that I can't say what I want to say man I don't think

people are happy when they when they can't say what they want to say so only

you can make yourself only you or the judge of your own happiness okay but no

one else is going to come the politicians aren't going to make you

happy by giving you things okay you you've got to do it your

own personal responsibility is the new new counterculture so you know think you

think about that for a second second I mean I think I've there a lot of people

are happy a lot of people are going their own way and doing what they want

to do and some of it is very traditional stuff but it brings them joy it brings

them happiness they had a kid a family that brings them happiness but are you

are you just trying to have a family to make your mom happy make your

grandmother happy who ever are you doing things a certain way to make another

person happy is that really making you happy only you can make yourself happy

all right pound that like button so in interests when you're striving for this

internal happiness the ultimate thing that you should keep in mind and you'll

never really attain this I am the perfect version of me I saw a tweet that

said that I am the perfect version of me strive to be the perfect version of

yourself not the perfect version of some Dave Rubin Andreas Antonopoulos Adam

Meister no you yourself yourself and then you will attain happiness now

you're never having a perfect version of you but you know don't try to be other

people now I said you can emulate other people take their ideas and make better

ideas out of them make get your own twist on them but they're in the in the

end they're yours you've you've borrowed from the Creative Commons of life and

you've made a new innovation which is you and in the end of the day you're

trying to be the best you that you could possibly be the perfect version of me I

am the perfect and you'll never be no one is perfect no one's the perfect

version of themselves but they are but if you're on the road to being a unique

beast if you are your own unique Beast that's awesome that's tough that's

totally awesome but if you're trying to like again I say

fitting in is overrated if you're just trying to be part of it if you're not in

if you just try not to speak up be quiet just move along get along to get along

or go along to get along whatever it is I don't think that's striving for the

perfect version of you maybe maybe that if the perfect version of you is just

being part of the Machine then god I don't know and I don't think that I

don't know I think thinking for thinking people that that's impossible if you are

a real thinking person if you've if you've gotten to this point where you're

thinking for yourself and you realize what's going on around you and you see

that your situation isn't perfect that you can improve then you you know that

you want to be yourself but a perfect version of me a perfect version of

yourself so strive for that keep that little

saying in mind I am the perfect version of me I'd like that

all right follow me on Twitter at Tech ball tch blt now if you're a person and

you find yourself talking about they a lot well they did this and it's because

they did that that I am in the situation take a few because I noticed a lot of

semi prominent people on YouTube and Twitter always saying what they did this

they they they it's always they and you take a few steps back and just see are

you taking personal responsibility are you blaming issues on somebody man out

there because usually the day that they're talking about the Veda there the

day that these individuals that I am alerting to on Twitter or talking about

they can't even identify who they are and I think you get my point if you're

if you're scapegoating a mysterious is vague and take a few steps back and see

if they is really you and and I think most of time it is that it whatever they

are holding you back from you're holding yourself back that no one is stopped and

you know no sinister group is stopping you you as an individual or stopping

yourself from from from progressing or from attaining whatever you wanted to

attain from being happy happiness is not determined by by other people remember

you make yourself happy and so there they mysterious they are not making you

unhappy they are not taking away your happiness

it's it's you who are not being happy just get away from that blaming day get

internal and you will improve internally now what do we have out here so it take

you sometimes you got to take a few steps back where we're all going we're

all going you know 100 miles per hour sometimes and we don't realize that

we're starting to make excuses and instead of looking inwards were going

outwards and blaming others for for what's going on in our lives personal

responsibility is near counterculture as I say and again in it so I mean most the

people you encounter are going to blame day oh it's the Republicans fault is the

Democrats fault let them do what they're gonna do you do what you're gonna do so

the center I mentioned this in another video the center comm is by gab it

allows you to and I haven't tried hit it out hit but it seems so cool it's one of

those innovations and I think is gonna make a big difference on the internet

you using the center you type in a site's URL and then you can see the

comments people left about that site so there's a lot of news articles now you

kick there's no comment section anymore this provides a comment section for

every news article on earth so there's some controversial news article out

there I want to leave a comment now again sometimes is a completely waste of

time to do such a thing but if you mean again sometimes it is it's interesting

this tear it is interesting to read other people's opinions on comment on on

controversial issues and so you just type it into the center and you'll see

other people have left the comments on there and and you know the more people

that hear about this that's not I'm spreading the word because I think it'll

be awesome one day when they'll be this alternative universe of comment sections

on top of every article out there you'll just go to the center then you'll see

but but then what it actually might just call some of these sites just to

reinstate their comment sections again - we shall see it is it is a it's an

interesting innovation that that's out there so good job the people at gab and

again for all the people who are like Oh Facebook and Twitter dominate well here

these are guys a gab who are competing with those two platforms who have come

up with something it's that's it definitely it's a big innovation it's a

big change is something different that will attract people who their platform

so speaking of YouTube your own Brooke I mentioned him before he's got a lot of

videos on there he's an object Objectivist and i9r and

fan Objectivist objectiveness right yeah yeah and he's got a uh he's got a long

video out there but he you know since I'm in Israel I'm only in Israel now

until I've been here for almost three months and I'm leaving on Tuesday

morning and then I'm gonna be Los Angeles for two weeks and that Baltimore

for all of April and from there who knows I'll be wherever makes me happy

how about that town that like button but no you're wrong Brooke has this in the

video that I linked below from the 20 minute mark to the 32 minute mark

now again he lived in his he was in his he was born in Israel but he's an

American citizen now and he comments on Israeli politics from the 20 minute to

the 32 minute mark he mentions this is a hoot party which I

have mentioned before and it's very interesting was he is young Brooke does

not believe in God at all and he believes in free markets and he likes to

say who party cuz he says is the closest thing to a free-market party out there

and he his end like the number 5 person on the list is an Objectivist and I I

really hadn't heard like a pure secular take on the say who party because their

leader he doesn't believe in God and their there are some religious views

definitely in their in their platform and so I was very surprised to hear your

own even it endorsed them he endorsed them so I would say I endorse them too I

endorsed them I think if you're an Israel vote for them vote for them their

free market there they're the one party that I think would promote

cryptocurrency and and be very friendly toward

cryptocurrency you know again there's you know when in Israel and the parties

deal with a lot of different issues a lot of it and then some are some ignore

certain things some are very focused on other things

they just aspect the also the you know there's so there's a communist party oh

god there's a they're very minor they're they're very mind the Communist Party is

uh what's forgot their name they always may get it in there

it's very interesting the way the Israel does it because they they have many

parties in their Parliament so I it's kind of cool they do it the way they do

everyone's gonna do a live there anyway the point is check out his video from

twenty minutes to thirty two minutes I don't agree with everything the dude

says all the time but I did find it fascinating and you know when I first

heard about this party I thought it was like a fringe little party it seems like

they're gaining momentum here you know a secular guy like him is talking about it

and you know I saw signs when I was in Samaria I saw the hoot signs there and

some people were secular there but some art all right moving on oh talking about

religious talking about Israel let's talk about well first of all hang on

mention me tell sent a five-dollar super chat thank you they he says in quotes

print money and impoverished the world I blame bad for that and that's why I buy

bitcoins well that's it you know again in talking III wouldn't work again you

don't have anything to worry about about the the central bank's and that sort I

would not I really wouldn't worry about them because we do have you have the

option to totally opt out into the Bitcoin overlay yeah and so a lot of

people who start to start talking about that stuff they think it's low as me the

world is o ending the central bank's control everything control everything

they don't control I mean again you opt in it just like you said they get you

getting the big coin you don't have to worry about your dollars being inflated

away and then there are other ways that there were more complicated ways in the

past to avoid inflation also but we want

house you could say certain housings land

but this is much easier this is anybody anybody can avoid the inflation caused

by money printing by just getting in the Bitcoin or probably a lot of a but I

said this is another video I'd rather a life coin then be stuck in Malawi and

owning whatever their currency is you know there's there's gonna be in the

future world many top tier all coins will be much better to hold then a lot

of regular currencies of developing world countries I mean some of these

leaders are just very unpredictable you don't know when they're gonna start

printing money in some of these countries all right so yeah that that

shows you that focus on you got me talking about all coins now it's the

beyond Bitcoin show that's why okay so yeah we're gonna talk about the Israel

here and everybody knows who I'm about to talk about because she's been in the

news lately it's a lovely congresswoman from the

Minneapolis area Ilhan Omar so yet you couldn't avoid

that name recently and you know she did say what she wants to say you know you

can you can judge you can agree with that if you want you can agree with that

stuff but again you know there's certain people out there blindly in a vote for

me voting is whatever but if you really think you're making a difference for

voting that and I know if if you are but there's so many people that just blindly

vote for the the Democrats and it's amazing I I would say so many Jewish

people on Jewish they just blindly vote for the Democrats blood don't even think

these are supposed to be high IQ individuals don't even think about who

in their whatever they don't check out the platform they don't they don't know

again a lot of Jewish people have owned high incomes and they don't realize well

I'm voting for someone that's going to tax me I mean it makes complete it makes

its no sense it makes no sense at all so all these people say Jewish people have

such high IQs I don't know how you can see they don't really demo

way they vote I think 70% some again so a lot of people would still all Jews

only vote for Democrats no it's something like 70% which is awfully it

is awfully high but that's not all so again this is where we get into these

these radical generalizations that just deteriorate into conspiracy theories so

I would say if you're if you're Jewish and you know you like how the Democrats

handled this thing okay that's whatever hey see how you can light like like this

situation but yeah you can do what you do what you're gonna do you know take

personal responsibility and so um she said what she said and somehow it's not

being turned you know she's been turned into the victim here and I have anything

it just goes to show you no one can take personal responsibility

you say what you say about Jews or Israel or whatever you know take it take

it don't turn yourself into the victim you said it you said it you could take

it I mean that and I've been in this world then you got people out there

making extra is the big them she's from Somalia you know you can't no she said

it and again so maybe you like what she said then you know publicly to say

probably agree with her say you know you like you like what she said I want to

talk about political influence in this country that says it's okay to push for

allegiance to a foreign country

allegiance to a foreign car this is what we've heard for generations

over this mysterious people they're dating they're not loyal to your country

they're loyal to another country they its they they are loyal to someone else

and they are bribing everyone to be loyal to just like that into you know I

don't like them but they're not loyal to us they're not loyal to this current get

we get into these it's amazing these situations of Allegiance and these

accusations that they're through the centuries that the Jews have always had

no no those because they stick together they they're they're they're not people

of this they don't belong here don't belong here they have no

allegiance to us they have a legion somewhere else some mr. so again she's

you know bringing out this the age-old trope of you know the juicer we have an

allegiance a mysterious allegiance somewhere else so this is and that was

her quote what I read there before and so this is uh by suggesting that

pro-israel lobbying constituents constituents push for an allegiance to a

foreign country while suggesting suggesting that an activity

disproportionately conducted by Jews is essentially disloyal making a

fundamental Lee anti-semitic idea more acceptable to voice on the left so yeah

yeah that's what she's doing um so maybe she I mean she doesn't like his room we

all know she doesn't like Israel I mean but she's stating you know that there's

this people the allegiance upstairs uh there's a group out there pushing for an

allegiance to somewhere else you know is Rea that they Israel first that the

United States is a Zionist occupied government it's the same the same thing

and again you could believe that if you want to believe that believe it if you

want to believe it I mean if you want to get obsessed with that type of thing and

worried about that type of thing you don't be with Johann do you be with Elon

be with you know she learned I guess this is what they talk about in Somalia

and smile yeah she go check out Somalia go check it out see where see where she

learned it but you know to to make again but she's saying it so she should accept

the criticism she should accept that she's gonna be called an anti-semite for

what she said because she's again it's just the same thing from the centuries

now again Jews we're not we're not victims do say your stuff say whatever

you want to say say it all say it oh I don't care but you the people out there

should realize who accepts it who who who's and they don't do business with

them you don't do business if you don't like what they're saying about the Jews

if you don't like the tone she's setting it's for

obvious where she's coming from here she's not hiding it she's not hiding it

give her credit she's not hiding it she's straight-out said would she would

she believe so again you could be with her keep voting for I mean them if hurt

theirs she's from a highly somali area they'd like this obviously they voted

for her good good I mean so and if you if you like what she said give to her

campaign if you don't you know give this the campaign of people that are running

against her but again you can't waste you can't waste too much time on this

stuff but again if you're into the party politics you can see what party mix the

excuses says that she's that she's the victim she's you know she started she

says these things she's the victim all of a sudden I mean again no one could

take personal responsibility for what they said anymore

she should notice it said well she's no victim trust me she's no victim you come

to the country this country from that hole over there in Africa and you become

a congresswoman to say that you're a victim you've attained wealth beyond

compare compared to where you came from and you get to say things like this

about your your fellow countrymen I mean it what would would us in Somalia if you

said something that was against the local warlord what would happen to you

what would happen in Somalia if you said something against your local warlord you

know that they defended him what would happen no but so I mean to say she's if

you were living there and you got you know your hand chopped off for that yeah

then you would be a victim you would be a victim of getting your hand chopped

off for freedom of speech but here no you your freedom of speech you say what

you want to say you take it you take the repercussions your hand isn't getting

cut off here or any other part you what are you getting cut off here for for

such things but here from the Federalists they say and this is just

great representative James Clybourn of a Democrat of South Carolina said he said

he once also share the stage with Farrakhan just like Omar has noted Omar

should be given a free pass because she fled Somalia there okay she can't say

that that was a paraphrase oh I should be given a free pass because she fled

mahlia there are people who tell me well my parents are Holocaust survivors my

parents did this it's more personal with her

he explained it's perfect and then the author goes on it's personal hey Jews

when you fled some I think the number of people defending Omar on the risible

grounds that Muslims should be immune from criticism isn't surprising when you

realize that identity politics demands strict adherence to the hierarchy of

victimhood so never to the hierarchy of victimhood identity politics is the

hierarchy of victimhood it's it's really not worth it to play around but as you

can see if you're if you're in that hierarchy of victimhood then people are

going to make it people going to make excuses from you so if you're a female

Muslim that's pretty high up there in the United States that's pretty high

up there in the hierarchy and victim why anyone we're going to be part of this

hierarchy of victimhood and use it for their benefit is beyond is beyond me but

again that is the culture that we live in today

that everybody wants to be a victim and everybody wants to be the highest one up

on the hierarchy so that they can you know they can gain power that way and

you know rip on other people and gain support I don't know it seems like a

sickness to me it seems like a real sickness to me but again you don't you

don't have to get caught up in it but it is in the news I wanted to give

my my thoughts on the situation and I think it is up and for Jewish people

let me just realize I mean this is it's good that someone like to think there's

there's a lot of cowards out on the internet that say it like in their

faceless people they just hide they leave it in the comments section they

leave it on Twitter you know they don't they don't connect their real cells to

these than the various oh my god you know the Jews controlled the world the

Jews control this country that country the other country the Jews are cause of

all my problems except the Jews because of all the problems on earth they bail

at you you got to give her credit she's not a coward about it she stretched

she's straight up singing so for all night you know for all the Jews out

there United States of America or wherever you know it's personal

responsibility you can live in a country like that which I mean it's a great you

know it's a great country um but I think more so now there'll be

more and more people like her that it is straight up saying it to your face so

let them shout I mean you can you take that as a positive you can take that as

very positive like well you know who you're at you know who doesn't like you

I think that's a good thing you know who doesn't like you but at the

same time there's many people that are like her that are just you know they

think that and they're they're just waiting for a even more comfortable time

for them to to shout out their opinions and so live where you want to live you

can live in the United States you can you can live in Israel I will say and so

yeah that's the thing if you if you don't want to deal with stuff like that

you just move to Israel yeah all I have to deal with that here

I'll tell you that they don't even I don't think are you talking about this

woman I mean she's a complete joke to people here I mean they got their oh

they got their own issues here to deal with it's very funny I mean you you've

got so many people these reels this major power in the world and then when

you're in Israel you see local I mean this they had probably hardly control

themselves here there's a lot of internal issues they don't have the they

got other concerns I mean how could they control the whole world it's a joke when

we need when you're when you're walking around here you see and when you see

what you got going on here it's they're not it's not some mysterious entity the

long-awaited world world government control based in Israel it's it's it's

it's hilarious you know the seat took the walk around here to think oh my god

these these politicians can control the world it's a joke it's hilarious and you

know a little country with no resources I mean but everybody worries about it

every you know there's a people gotta playing somebody so you know but again

you know here the cool thing about being here if you're Jewish you know whatever

there's no there's no scapegoating if you're bothered by scapegoating if

you're bothered by you know being the scapegoat you if you're here it's fine

you're the majority here and uh it's but yes I'm an American

citizen I'm going back to America and everything like that and for me as you

can tell I'm just like let them say what they're gonna say let them say what

they're gonna say but you know in the past it's uh it's usually degenerating

into you know physical attacks it always has it always has except to

the United States so why should the United States be different we shall see

we shall see if it is different if it will degenerate to uh as it has in all

countries in the past but uh whatever one day if the United States kicks us

all out well that's whatever we got a place to

go to it's pretty cool um so I mean that's at the end of the world it's at

the end of the world it's not the end of the world if we get K is that is that

right T in the United States a country that's supposed to be free for everyone

to kick out people because they're of a different religion yeah it doesn't it

doesn't go with us values but it can degenerating to that one day it could

and so I guess that's why this is a little newsworthy because you can see

you can see the spark coming out there and it's not just uh and the excuses

that come out there but whatever I think but for I mean for all you Jews that

hate Israel maybe you'll think twice now all right found that like button so

let's talk about there's a lot of people out there well they don't like the rich

people they the rich they it's it's the billionaires air-con well the thing you

gotta remember of rich people if someone is wealthy already they can spend on

nonsense stuff because they're wealthy they can spend on cars to impress women

or press partners and press their neighbors okay and and this is a big big

ahead at the same time they can invest they they've got a lot of disposable

income okay they thought they got a lot of wealth they can distribute in many

different ways they can waste some of their wealth but at the same time

they're still investing some of their well which is producing them even more

wealth now so if you're a regular Joe Sixpack out there you can see the rich

and you see them spending and then you're gonna try to spend - that's the

mistake don't be like the rich in that way be like the rich in the other way in

the unseen way you don't see Rick you don't actually see them physically

investing in businesses physically buying Bitcoin or buying real estate you

don't see them doing you see them driving around Lamborghini so you want a

Lamborghini and so you you go down there there's two best you can either the

bridge can do both they can spend they can wastefully spend and they can invest

at the same time when you're a regular Joe you've got to pick one or the other

okay and if you want to end up like that now if you don't want to end up rich if

you're satisfied if you're just happy with frivolous things all the time

constantly and being broke and being in debt maybe that makes you happy maybe

you're not jealous of the rich and you just like having nice things for a while

and you're living the high life and you don't want to live beyond 40 ok that's

your choice and you know life in the fast lane if you want to do life in the

fast lane to you but realize that if you want to do the life in the fast lane for

a while but then you want to be rich well you just wasted a lot of darn time

because you're gonna have to invest eventually you're going to have to save

eventually and you have to realize they're not doing something magical over

there okay they at one time had to build up the wealth - or their ancestor data

at least before they passed on the wealth to them but again there's some

people there so other things pass them about to their kids and their kids spend

a lot of their kids also invest a lot so again don't hate the rich slave late

safely simply take into consideration your

financial situation now okay and try to save and invest as much as possible so

then eventually you will be rich and you will be able to continue to invest and

save and at the same time you will be able to spend and get your cars and

impress your women or impress your kids or impress your neighbor or whatever you

know but you again now again you can never go fee spent you can never

go full spend if you go a hundred percents then and you stop investing

okay it's it'll it you can waste it all away look at the NFL stars okay look at

the NFL stars they're given millions of dollars millions of dollars they go full

spend and by the time they're 38 years old they are broke was they didn't do

any investment and if they did do something they thought was investment

like oh I'm gonna learn my buddy $100,000 so we can start his shoe

business no that's not real investing that's just throwing your money away

we're talking about real investment here so again you look at the look at the

rich realize there's two sides to the story there are two sides of story there

they are living the high life they got a mansion out there that really Hills or

whatever but at the same time they are still maintaining that wealth by saving

and investing so you have to also do that to get to that level in the first

place so don't be a hater get it and again bitcoin is a thing that is an

investment right there that's what I talk you know buy and hold there and

again people are always glad when you're gonna spend the Bitcoin money this I

just gave you the reason why why it's it's I don't worry about when I'm gonna

spend the day I have been saying since freakin 2016 I'm not spending one darn

Bitcoin I'm not turning any Bitcoin into fiat

until after the 2020 having and now we're mean time flies dudes now we're

getting close to there I still don't see a time

I'm not comfortable yet with spending any my Bitcoin not at all

no no but again I I'm so I'm still maintaining my investment I'm still

getting more Bitcoin building my investment but I'm still living a happy

life oh no I I don't need four listings this

you gotta get your mindset out of that you've got to stop looking at the rich

for all the frivolous things that they have but looking at the behind the

scenes smart things that they have done which will you know it's all abuse all

about patience and deferral of gratification people eventually if you

if you save enough if you defer gratification enough you are going to

have a lot of a lot of wealth to prefer to do frivolous things with but

you might not want to then like I again I don't think I'll feel I don't think

I'll have the need when it comes time to spend the Bitcoin I don't think I'll

have the need to get insanely big things I'm not gonna I'm not gonna want it it's

gonna be what makes me happy I'm not gonna try and impress the

neighbor I'm not gonna try to impress the women I'm not again I value my

wealth and big I'm gonna try to make me happy and that's tying it back to the

the top of the show okay finally Oh an intervention said he said a notified box

thank you do it thanks to everyone who sent support and just you know social

media retweets that support to one will tech ball tch BLT on Twitter when I'm

Bitcoin retired I plan to only cash in 38,000 a year that way I will pay always

give that way I will pay zero income tax according to IRS long-term capital gains

rules well mention and I are both not tax advisers but they're and this show

is not tax advice but thank you for that information there and he is in the state

of Washington - so that might I mean again it depends what he's taught about

federal there too so it doesn't anyway um I plan the cash in 38 year that way I

would pay zero income okay I'm not giving tax advice here I

like that Ben she has a plan though he has a plan I love that and have a plan

have a plan what's gonna make you happy what's gonna what's gonna be give you

the ability to save the most and to have the most happiness do the least work

time is money people to give what will give you the most free time or the most

happy time okay so here for all you traditional people who value your wealth

in dollars or who complain about the top 1% or complain about the top 10% I have

linked to two links below they are calculators they are net worth

calculators and they're pretty funny they're pretty fun you can fit you can

type in your net worth and see where you would be in the United States I think

you could do this in other countries also I mean it's it's linked to below

have fun with it you can see by age what percent you percentile you were in

by networth like if you're if you're between 20 and 30 and you have $50,000

of net worth what what percent how are you in now it's funny the percentiles

start in the negatives because there are people many people have are worth

negative they're worth nothing they're in great debt so it's time you know

that's like the first that's the first 10% right there maybe that's even the

first quintile I don't even know if it's the first 20% but it's it's fun to play

around with so uh hey hey it might also it might also help you set some goals

there you can say you know Adams always talking about the top 10% what would it

take for me to be in the top 10% in terms of net worth how many how many

Bitcoin am I going to need to be in the top 10% now again this is not Bitcoin

base but you can make your own assumptions like well how much does

Bitcoin gonna be worth and fiat in the year 2021 so how many Bitcoin do I need

now so that I'll be in the top 1% of net worth individuals in the United States

by then again I think there are a lot of people you know I made my long ago 2015

I said guys get 10 Bitcoin now pay $4,000 and I think eventually well yeah

we'll see eventually those people will definitely be in the top top 20% if they

only did that who knows we shall see they maybe they'll be in the top ten I

don't wanna make you know that people gonna say oh you just made a prediction

on how much Bitcoin is gonna be worth and Fiat I don't want to do it I know I

don't make predictions about how much Bitcoin people ask no is it gonna be

worth a million dollars I don't know I think all I know is gonna be very darn

good to have it in the 2020s baby 2020s person responsibility is a new

counterculture well people are going to be speaking their minds and yeah it'll

be good to have a crypto currency crypto cursor is gonna be bailing out the

American citizens maybe who knows it's gonna be exciting time these this

upcoming decade all right be happy you're alive I sure AM pound that like

button bang that Bell button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt

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