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if you do not have a website yet so if you don't have a website and you want to

use Ecwid as your website then you can even if you have a free account which is

pretty amazing so we're going to go to things and then start our site right

here so a quick starter site is pretty much a website that you can use if you

don't have a site you get a free URL there is Ecwid com in it if you do not

want to have echoed com in your URL you're going to have to upgrade only

fifteen dollars a month which is pretty cheap to have a website and including a

store so you can change a URL and have my business com okay so we're going to

start by editing this starter site which currently looks like this this is a

Ecwid demo content before I uploaded my logo so we'll get rid of that after and

our our sample products were electronic if you want to learn how to set up your

sword just go back in my videos and I'll show you how to set up your products

there's a why choose us section this is probably like you're a little bit more

about your knee to your unique value proposition here you have testimonials

about us location map your contact info and then right down here you can also

have your social media accounts

so to set up your starter site hit edits our site and there you go now you have

it in your face which is easily editable just click and erase and write whatever

you need to in here this is where your unique value proposition would go and

again and portable not a very good unique value proposition but it's going

to work for now alright so to change your cover picture just click on change

cover image and then upload your photo so the foot was amazing great now work

from on splash if you want to use through photos their website is great

for incredibly beautiful photos they're actually located in my tree all which is

really cool so this is where you would just add a little paragraph I usually

have about two lines here so I'm really short it could be your slogan okay

access anything from anywhere that's it okay so we're going to go to my logo for

now but you can upload a logo if you had one this is your circle you can't edit

this here you'd have to go back and to your back in to be able to edit that or

you could click here and go right back to your catalog so the why choose our

section I'm going to hide this so if you want to hide the section you don't want

to have it here just hide section a testimonial I can lose out the way it is

but if you want you can edit it easily about a section let's just hide that for

now location let's imagine that we just sell online and then the contact so

phone number email website it's really easy to set up connect with us so you'd

add your facebook page or twitter page let's go for this

okay and then you two looking at my youtube link there we go it's as easy as

that it's super simple to set up there's nothing complicated and you can actually

use this as a website so if i wanted to share this link here I could that link

there of course it looks terrible right now but we're going to change it I'm

going to change my store name it's going to be called how about like worldwide

electronics okay

so I like to change the URL because it looks pretty terrible right now it's

store with probably the number of my store so if you want to not pay Ecwid

and keep this URL you will want to change it

if you want to have your own domain just upgrade you get a whole bunch of other

features with that so it's definitely worth it so now if we go to worldwide

electronics we come to the Starter Site that we

prepared that's it it's as easy as that to set up your server site if you do

have a website then stay tuned I'm going to be showing you how to add your store

to a website if you already have one

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